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Spanish surgeons in action
Spanish surgeons in action

A team of Spanish medical surgeons, specialized in pathology, have arrived in the Gambia to provide free health care support to children. The team arrived on Monday, 10 March 2014 and have since embarked on humanitarian services to the Gambian populace.  

The free medical treatment started on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 and will last for a week. The event is facilitated by WASSU Gambian” Kafoo” in Spain and Gambia’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare officials.

The team had since embarked on nose and throat plastic surgery at Serekunda Hospital in the Greater Banjul Region of the Gambia. The head of the Spanish medical team, Pedro Clarence, said his team is part of a foundations of doctors and nurses that are in the Gambia to support the health care of children.

“The Clarence foundation is based in Spain and has over the years been rendering similar services to countries such as India, Senegal, Gabon, Cameron and others”, Dr Pedro Clarence informed Gambians.

Hospitals and major Health Centres in the Gambia are currently running out of drugs for treatment. Many patients diagnosed with illnesses have to buy their prescribed medicines from private pharmacies across the country.

“We arrived on Monday to give support to the Gambian populace in the area of pathology and we will treat high number of children in West African nation”, Dr Clarence told Xinhua.

Dr Carlos, also a member of the Spanish team called on parents to bring children with such problems for treatment. He thanked the Gambia government for putting every necessary thing in place for the smooth functioning of his team.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, Baba Njie, said “the initiative is a positive development and the gesture will greatly complement the government’s efforts to support Gambians and non-Gambians alike who are currently battling with such problems and are seeking for treatment”. He assured the team of his Hospital’s support towards the success of the initiative to wipe out diseases in Gambia.