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The Late Karang Mbemba
The Late Karang Mbemba

“INNA LILLAH WA INNA ELAIHI RADHIOUN” Kibaaro News hereby announced the sudden death of the Caliph General of Jarra Barrow Kunda; Suwareh Kunda. Grand Marabout Alagie Karang Mbemba Suwareh (Commonly known as Karangba Suwareh). This sad event took place on Thursday 6th March 2014 at Jarra Soma. The Grand Marabout died after a brief illness and was buried on Friday 7th March 2014. His burial was attended by thousands of his Talibeh, relatives and well-wishers.

Karang MBEMBA was the fifth son of late Islamist WALIEU Karang ALIEU SUWAREH who first settled in Jarra Barrow Kunda in the early 1900s with huge Talibeh following. He was blessed with 12 sons and many daughters. Since their settlement, the family prospered with huge Islamic Dawah and teachings of thousands of Talibeh throughout West Africa. After Karang Alieu’s demised, his eldest son Karang MADI HAWA SUWAREH (Called TAMFA) took over the Caliphate and it was during Karang Madi Hawa’s caliphate, the Town of Jarra Barrow Kunda really boomed with Talibeh everywhere. He died in the 1980s and Karang ALHAGIE SEEDIA SUWAREH succeeded him but he also died few years after in the early.  Even before Karang Seedia died, his young brother who was next to succeeding him, AlHAGIE SAIKOU SUWAREH (Called Saikou Jan-ngo “Tall Saikou”) died before him. That was why after Karang Sedia died, the Caliphate was taken over by Karang AlHAGIE SUWAREHBA SUWAREH, who was then inline. He died in 2000.

It was when the late Karang Mbemba took over from 2000 to 2014. Exactly 10 years as Caliph General. Karang Mbemba was known for his charismatic friendliness and everyone loves him. He welcomed even the kids into his chambers and people are always seen around him. He promoted the teachings of Islamic studies and respect for all. He would be greatly missed.

The next in line to become caliph is ALHAGIE KARANG NFANSUMANA SUWAREH a younger brother.

The sad news is extended to all Jahankahs in Gambia, Senegal Guinea Bissau, and entire Muslim Ummah, Talibehs and all who knew him around the world. May his gentle soul rest in the best of Jannahs. Amen!