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Hon. Jean Lambert MEP for London

Hon. Jean Lambert MEP for London

As EU and African leaders prepare to meet next week in Brussels to discuss EU-Africa Partnership,  Jean Lambert Green Party, Member of European Parliament has backed calls for the EU to shine spotlight on the appalling human rights situation in The Gambia at the summit.

Her comments came as the former Vice President of the European Parliament David Martin, recently rebuked the Gambian authorities for appalling and flagrant human rights abuses taking place in the country. He further appealed to EU leaders to impose targeted sanctions against President Yahya Jammeh and his immediate inner circle.

In a statement issued ahead of the high level meeting between EU and African leaders, the Green Party MEP for London urged  EU leaders to ensure human rights is a key feature of their negotiations with the Gambia government at the upcoming summit in April 2014, where the next development tranche is expected to be discussed.

Last month Dr Amadou Janneh and Alieu Badara Ceesay of CCG and CHRG-UK respectively met with Honorable Jean Lambert and discussed the human rights situation in The Gambia with her. She pledged her support for their cause and promised to shed light on the issue at the European Parliament.

“The upcoming EU-Africa Summit begins on 2nd to 3rd April 2014 will mark an important opportunity to discuss areas  for cooperation between the two continents. It is also an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the human rights situation in The Gambia” she pointed out.

She added that the poor human rights situation in The Gambia is no longer a secret affair, as it has been constantly highlighted by the Amnesty International, the House of Commons of the UK Parliament and the European Parliament.

“Its concerning to hear reports on increasing restriction on media freedom, continuous reports of torture and disappearances, and the silencing of political opposition. I was shocked to hear the case of Dr Amadou Janneh, who was sentenced to life in jail for simply printing T-Shirts”

She applauded the EU for promoting human rights and fundamental freedom across the world. “EU is a leader in upholding the values of universal human rights,and now is a crucial time for the Gambia to improve its records in advance of its Universal Periodic Review later this year” she concluded.

Background information.
Hon Lambert joined the Ecology Party, which later became the Green Party of England and Wales in 1977.  She proceeded to hold a number of positions including Co-Chairperson of the Party, Chair of the Party Executive, Representatives to the Federation of European Green Parties and Political Liaison to the Green Group in the European Parliament, before being elected as the Green Party’s MEP for London in 1999.  She was re-elected several times up to date.

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