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Dear Editor,

I did not witnessed nor did I ever accused anyone of taking the life of another person, but it is an open secret that Samsudeen Sarr had violated lots of Gambians especially soldiers. Therefore he has no point in the first place trying to defend or mock those he violated.
Firstly Sarr and many others like him should be very grateful to Senegal and the Senegalese people who did not only sheltered them but also fought hard for them to be reallocated to the United States, Europe or elsewhere.  As a Right activist we documented several appeals and attestations made by Senegalese in favour of Gambians just for humanitarian reason and nothing else. Essentially it is helping them to escape the Kanilai tyrant. But unfortunately Sarr has a very short memory or he is deliberately trying to mislead us for that matter. Some of us remember when Sarr running out of the country dressed as a ‘BY FAAL’ and sneaked into Senegal only to be supported by our neighbours to avoid his untimely death from the dictator. Therefore it is beyond belief for Sarr to be so ungrateful to Senegal.
Secondly, Gambians can still recalled with the assistance of Sarr who personally involved in the extraction of those men and the way and manner he treated them with impunity. As a senior Army official who was a friend to the dictator, Sarr equally committed the same amount of crime just like his Oga. Also the way in which Sarr was harassing and abusing fellow officers such as Alieu Bah on GRTS is an indication that he was capable of anything while in uniform. Sarr was so cruel that he cannot even allowed his captives to speak out and defended them selves. Maybe dictator Jammeh knows the reason why he chased Sarr out of the country.
Thirdly if the Gambian courts are fair and just as Sarr is trying to portray, then why should he ran for his life and finally seeked asylum elsewhere. We thought that Sarr by now will repent his deeds but instead his tone is very frightening and much similar to the dictator’s. Sarr including his likes are truly Jammeh enablers and deserve to be on trial for numerous violations. Let us remember that Senegal has compromised and sacrificed huge economic and political interest with Gambia just to make sure that Gambian dissents are safe and sound inline with international obligations.
Therefore in the contrary, Senegal who is relying on international law and the respect for humanity using its status to help and assist Gambians who fear for their lives with their families should be praised a million fold. We should be grateful to the Senegalese. Thank you for the space.
Sohna Jobe (Jobis)

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