Welcome to Kibaaro News

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By Editor Bamba Mass

Fellow Gambians, both at home and abroad; on behalf of the Kibaaro News management and my humble self seize this opportunity to welcome you all to Kibaaro News. The world has entered into advanced arena of technology that Gambians too deserve their fair share.

For this reason, Kibaaro News would like join the myriads of online Gambian newspapers spread across the world with the sole purpose of informing, educating and entertaining our people in the Gambia and around the world. 

We assure you that we shall endeavor to bring you fair, impartial and balanced news that would be accurate and non speculative. As a young newspaper and radio, your comments would be our greatest strength and therefore encourage you to send your comments to our pages and email contacts. However, we advise that in writing your comments, you try as much as you can to refrain from the use of profane languages. Any profane languages will not be published.

Our editors will be reading your letters and comments and would take no offense in their contents if they are critical of us; as we believe in respecting other peoples’ views when it comes to national and international issues.

Your support and cooperation for this medium is highly solicited in order to assist us to deliver you the best service that you deserve.

Thank you.