Blah, Blah, Blah … Part 1001(f) … Final Part

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By Dida Halake


 Well, Beloved Editor,

It is all your fault for asking the Dear Leader those little 10 questions a century ago! Your questions have not been answered and now we have all the storm-troopers on PDOIS payroll, like Modou Nyang, crawling all over the Gambian Diaspora websites looking for anyone disrespecting the Dear Leader – and trying to shoot them all down. These storm-troopers can teach President Jammeh’s NIA a thing or two!

The eloquent Nigerian writer Victor Ofuonye is dismissed as an “idle attention seeking busybody” and is described as somebody who has chosen to operate in the “Gambian media environment” because, according to Modou Nyang, the Gambian media “environment” is backward! Oh yes, that is precisely what you say Modou when you write that: “…Mr. Victor Ofuonye, since you came from Nigeria where by all standards its media is far ahead of those in the Gambia …The fact that you practice your trade in the tiny market of the Gambia is also telling”.

Then Modou Nyang gets xenophobic by telling Victor that the Nigerian media is also relatively backward – because it is behind that of Kenya, Ghana and South Africa!! Well Modou Nyang, that is talk out of total ignorance; or, more accurately, from xenophobic prejudice. Nigeria has, without a doubt, given us Africans the best writers and the best media on the continent during the last sixty years and anyone who disputes that is either an idiot – or xenophobic!

And to prove Victor’s point on xenophobia, Modou Nyang tells Victor to bugger off and eat his Nigerian food!! “ … I will suggest for your own good my brother, to relax and go eat Eba or Amalaa and enjoy the tolerance of the Gambian people, President Goodluck Jonathan is back in Aso Rock, Abuja”. Decoded, this is PDOIS/Forayaa for “shut your non-tolerant Nigerian face” – in typically obtuse Halifa-style using 34 words when 6 will do!

Then Modou Nyang comes up with a pretty silly statement: “… both Gambians and non-Gambians alike turn on to “soft targets” to impress other for some selfish interest”!! Foroyaa is a “soft target”!!! The Great Leader, Chairman and General Secretary Halifa Sallah is a “soft target”? Modou continues: “… those that they feel lack the power to act for selfish ends” … it is my humble opinion that PDOIS/Foroyaa is probably the most selfish and insidious organisation in The Gambia today and people will understand why when the curtain is lifted.

Finally, Modou Nyang, brings me into his piece against Victor – because I too have dared ask some questions of the Dear leader: “Many has gone this route before including Dida Halake but ended putting themselves in trouble”. “Many have…” should be the correct grammar Modou but I leave that to Victor.

Yes, Modou, many people did not follow the PDOIS code and, in your own words, “ended putting themselves in trouble”! Foroyaa’s Bai Mas Kah is the most recent. Musa Saidykhan, Chief Ebrima Manneh, Fatou Jaw-Manneh, Kemo Cham, Imam Baba Leigh, the GPU 6, the Great Leader himself, etc, etc, etc … all “ended putting themselves in trouble” by failing to follow The Great Leader’s Code. Victor might be next because he seems to have annoyed The Great Leader by not following The Code.

You mentioned the GPU in 2008. Was it not the GPU, Modou, who called on the Vice-President and asked for something to be done about that “foreigner” Dida Halake in 2008? Oh, yes, “foreigner” was used because Momodou Sanyang, who was with me in Kaur heard it from the GRTS reporter who covered the event. Didn’t Foroyaa write a piece in which there was a conjunctive linking Dida Halake and Mile 2? Oh, yes, Foroyaa always has an explanation and when I asked Sam Sarr about that later, he said I had taken it out of context. As far as your 2008 meeting with the Vice-President was concerned, I heard about it when my reporter called me while I was with the President in Kaur. The reporter said that he had a story from the Vice-President’s Office to run. I put my reporter on hold and spoke to the President – just like that because he was sitting right infront of me. The President said “You are the Editor-in-Chief”. I called my reporter back and banned the Vice-President/GPU story – which Today did carry for you (I have a copy). Momodou Sanyang followed my example and edited the GPU part out of GRTS News too (only the Vice-President with the National Security Council was shown).

Now, in your piece on Maafanta, you also threaten Victor, of all things with the infamous and insidious “False Information” law. Let us proceed carefully here Modou Nyang. You are a Gambian journalist and veteran of the Gambia Press Union. And yet, you cite “False Information” charges to a fellow journalist in The Gambia – because he is “rude”. This is from your piece on Maafanta today, 23 November 2013:

You are lucky you will not be charged for false publication or slander”.

Victor is “lucky” Mr. Nyang? Last week you were promising that “No one would be arrested … blah, blah” and this week you are threatening Victor. Victor Bro, be warned.

On a final note, Modou Nyang, there is a saying that “you should not dig a hole for others because you might fall into it yourself”. I was detained for 14 days, in the relative comfort of Banjul police HQ. What happened to the GPU officials who complained about me to the Vice-President? Oh, yes, a Minister very close to the President since the morning of 22nd July 2013 volunteered that information – and he said the President acted against me because the Vice-President complained to him (The Minister words were: “The President has nothing against you, it was the Vice-President”). What happened to my reporter who was working with the GPU and GRTS Director Momodou Sanyang to undermine Halake? Amadou Samba, Bai Mattar Drammeh and IGP Ben Jammeh met in in Momodou Sanyang’s office but Ben absolutely refused to arrest me. One of my wonderful editors walked into my office to warn me and I dismissed him, with an imperious wave of the hand like Caesar on his way to the Senate – and Brutus’ brutal knife!

I think you are the ones who will need the “luck” – I am sure Victor is intelligent enough to heed the warning and the danger.

Still, I wish The Great Leader no harm – because the last time he was arrested on Witchcraft matters I stay up all night chasing Amnesty’s West Africa Officer who was in Sierra Leone at the time. Within a week a report had been put together and Amnesty e-mailed it to me at midnight on the day it was published – and that day the report went global and The Great Leader was freed that afternoon. I wish the Great Leader the same “luck” next time – but then he now has The Great Code – which should keep him out of trouble because he would be respecting President Jammeh’s “sovereignty”.


Good day.