Breaking News: Kukoi Samba Sanyang Is Dead

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Kukoi Samba Sanyang

Kukoi Samba Sanyang

By Suntou Touray

Kibaaro News has confirmed the death of the man who led the Gambia’s 1981 failed coup attempt. Kukoi Samba Sanyang died in the Malian capital Bamako two hours ago, a dependable source told Kibaaro News.

Mr. Sanyang had recently dominated news headlines after he was expelled from Senegal after efforts to extradite him had boomeranged.  

“Kukoi’s death is confirmed,” our source who received a call from Mali told Kibaaro News. “He hasn’t been very well,” he said, adding that the death followed the former rebel leader’s long battle with an unknown illness.

Since he fled the Gambia after unleashing his efforts to dislodge former President Dawda Jawara from power had failed, Kukoi has been residing in many African countries.  He using different names in different countries.

Mr Sanyang, one of the Gambia’s most controversial and elusive characters, led the 12-man rebel group to wreak havoc on the Gambia in July 1981. The coup led to the massive loss of life and property. An estimated 1,500 people died in the failed coup which culminated in the intervention of Senegalese forces who flushed out Kukoi and his men. This left Kukoi with the only option of fleeing into safety.


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4 Comments to “Breaking News: Kukoi Samba Sanyang Is Dead”

  1. Dudu Lamin Barrow says:

    Thank you for sharing the news about the death of Kufing Samba sanyang. I just want to say that Kufing did not lead a revolution as you indicated. He led a rebellion against the government of the people. Please take note of that correction. His death marks the end of fears of another brutal rebellion against order in our country. We want change but we want peaceful change so that the weak and defenseless people such as our women, our children and the old people can be safe and not live like refugees in other sub regional countries. May Allha continue to bless our dear motherland – Gambia.

  2. nyancho says:

    Kukoi Samba Sanyang and Yaya jammeh are all the same. In 1981, Kukoi has no knowledge even to rule a compound much more than State.If he succeed,he will be like Yaya Jammeh if not worse.

  3. Fulanee Queen says:

    What’s the difference between this man and Yaya Jammeh ? Help me understand why Gambia should mourn Jammehs master! Overthrowing a government was Kukois idea! Jammeh just stole it and perfected ! His death doesn’t change anything but give closure to the families whose lives were forever changed by this coward!

  4. Peter Nyas says:

    What we are hearing from Mali regarding the death of Samba Sanyang should be a welcome development as far as peace and stability of our dear motherland is concerned. That man was a fall guy just like Yaya Jammeh. I always believed that both folks are obstacle to peace in Gambia.

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