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Long queue of Lorries at the Senegal-Gambia border

Long queue of Lorries at the Senegal-Gambia border

The leader of the Senegalese transport union Gora Khouma has vehemently dismissed reports circulated in the Senegalese media that Senegal-Gambia border has reopened today.  A defiant Gora made such refutations on RFM radio today. He said it has come to his attention that last night some media houses in Senegal carried stories of reopening of the border but as far as the transport union is concerned the border still remains closed.   News that a possible lasting deal is struck between Senegal and Gambia in the border standoff was feeding in and circulating  on social media which this paper also reported but as things stand at the moment the transport union of Senegal seem to have the final say on the prolonged border crises.

Mr. Gora Khouma and his union are not showing any signs of relenting in this long ride triggered by a unilateral decision  of tariff increment by the regime in Banjul.  The leader has expressed strong opposition to the way the Gambian leader  has been comporting himself with regards to transport route via Gambia. The way situation is unfolding at this hour , shows that the Union leader is not wavering from his initial stance that  for the border to open again it is either President Jammeh resigns from the presidency or he Mr. Khouma resigns as head of the transport union. There has not been any confirmed report this morning that the long border impasse is over.  Therefore as at now it is a wait and see situation. We would continue to keep our readers abreast as things unfold in the border crises.


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