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January 20, 2017

Monica Njie released from detention

Kibaaro news  can without an iota of doubt report that Monica Njie who was arrested by the Gambia’s spy agency has been released and is united with family and loved ones. Monica is Kibaaro’s Finance Manager and host of the Every Woman show was arrested at the ferry terminal in Banjul for taking photos and detained for over 48hrs before being released without any charges or whatsoever. Kibaaro was able to speak to her on the phone after her release and she confirmed to us that it was indeed the NIA that arrested her at the ferry terminal in Banjul for merely taking photos.

She is a breast feeding Mom and lamented to us that when she was held in detention she requested to breast feed her child but the officers on duty did not answer to her demand until after 38hrs that was when her child was brought to her for breast feeding. She also lamented on the deplorable detention cells at the NIA dungeon and people languishing there for flimsy charges or no charges at all.  Monica also went on to express her gratitude for all those who campaign for her release on social media and by extension to the efforts of the British government and journalists.

The Gambia under the brutal leadership of the former president Yahya Jammeh has been marked by numerous arrests, detention without trial and disappearances without trace and we hope that in the 3rd republic such acts would be a thing of the past. We hope that the prisons and detention centers would be emptied of those wrongfully detained or imprisoned.


January 1, 2017

Daba Muhammed Kuyateh in the hands of NIA arrested for exercising his constitutional right

Reports are feeding in that the Gambia’s spy agency NIA is going after innocent people harassing , intimidating and  in some cases arresting them for merely expressing their constitutional rights. People wearing T Shirts of Gambia has decided have not done anything wrong but only affirming  a decision they have made on December 1st 2016 for change of government. The ordinary people of the Gambia have every right to uphold the election result which is nothing but the will of the heroic people of our country. We gathered information earlier this week that arrest warrants where issued for the leaders of the Gambia has decided campaign but knowing the public outcry such a dumb decision would generate the coward NIA is now going after young innocent youth in the street corners wearing the Gambia has decided t shirts. The latest to fall victim to this cowardly sinister project is Daba Muhammed Kuyateh. Young Kuyateh was arrested yesterday in Bakoteh for just merely wearing  a t shirt that affirms the will of the Gambian people.

Kibaaro contacted family members of the younster and they have confirmed his arrest by the notorious NIA. They have tried to establish contact with their loved one but to no avail and as we write this story Muhammed is still in the hands of the NIA.  We are vehemently reminding who ever must have orchestrated the arrest of this youngster that the Gambian community is aware of the arrest  and if anything happend to him they would be held responsible. The NIA should desist from such cowardly acts of trying to silence  an awaken populace. The people of the Gambia have decided and the shackles of fear are already broken into pieces so there is no way they can cow an energized youth population. Be aware that all crimes and atrocities are being documented and surely justice will be divered sooner or later.


May 30, 2016


Modu Ndow at a demonstration in London


Can Jammeh be kicked out through the ballot box?

Can Jammeh be kicked out through the ballot box?

As Monster Jammeh is at his best in threatening to kill opposition members ahead of the December 2016 elections btagging no one can do anything about it, the Gambia’s chief opposition lawmaker in its parliament, Hon. Samba Jallow has advised the country’s electoral commission chief, Alieu Njie to prepare to address fairly without nepotism a potentially violent electoral period which is already marred by violence with eruptions of rare protests for electoral reforms. 

Ongoing crisis

During the parliamentary committee session, Minority Leader Jallow (NRP – Niamina Dankunku) said the Independent Electoral Commission cannot exempt itself from the ongoing crisis that has drawn international condemnation for the excessive use of force towards peaceful protesters by security forces. Political parties in The Gambia have sent electoral reform demands to the commission. They were largely ignored but an inter-party committee has been set up to address and mitigate political tension and to secure a free and fair poll ahead of the December presidential polls.

Violent crackdown on opposition protesters

Protests erupted last month in the West African nation leading to at least three deaths, said the United Nations. The EU, ECOWAS, and the African Union condemned the heavy-handedness of the paramilitary police force in quelling the protests. Opposition leader and human rights lawyer Ousainou Darboe, along with at least 50 others, mostly members of his UDP party are being prosecuted for conspiracy and inciting violence. The UN rights commission has demanded their release and for Gambian authorities to respect their international obligations towards freedom of peaceful assembly.


A high court judge, Justice Ottaba who was presiding over the case has called the prosecution of the protesters, especially that of Mr. Darboe embarrassing. Hon Jallow presaged against partial addressing of electoral issues amid recent tensions. Jallow has been mounting pressure on the Gambia’s government to get an electoral chair after calling former commission chief Mustapha Carayol’s leadership ‘illegal.’ Critics, however, said new Chairperson Njie is a registered member of the ruling APRC Party and had pursued public office through the party. The opposition has, however, steered away from questioning his integrity.

New constituencies and registration fees may cause low voter turnout

Hon. Jallow has warned the new chair of some discrepancies in the electoral landscape, which may cause voters to stay home. Jallow said voters will be unable to renew their cards due to costs associated with the replacement of voter registration cards and the adverse effects of the demarcation of certain constituencies. At least four constituencies were further demarcated during the amendment of electoral regulations last summer; meaning those who were registered in the old constituencies and now fall under new ones will have to pay a GMD D100 fee for replacement. Jallow found that unacceptable after parliament approved GMD 33 million to the commission for elections.

New electoral laws

The Gambia’s new electoral laws have made it difficult for the polls to be free and fair, giving incumbent President Yahya Jammeh an edge over opposition candidates. In 2011, a group of six opposition parties boycotted parliamentary and local government elections saying that they were not free and fair. President Yahya Jammeh, who has ruled the country of 1.9 million people vowed to brutally deal with any opposition member who disturbs the peace during the election, threatening to kill them and make them disappear for millions of years.




May 5, 2016
Defiant crowd outside court house

Defiant crowd outside court house

Women with brooms poised to clean the rogue regime's mess

Women with brooms poised to clean the rogue regime’s mess

The leader of the opposition party United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer  Ousainou Darboe  who was arrested on  April 16th along with other peaceful protesters were denied bail today at the high Court in Banjul.  Many view the decision to deny the formal bail application tendered by defense team of illegally detained protesters as a traverse to justice which highlight President Jammeh’s hair splitting stratagem of weakening the morale of concerned Gambians who ply to Banjul to protest in front  of the Court house during every seating.  Such a strategy is likely to backfire on the rogue regime because the People do not show any sign of relent as their numbers continue to bulge at every Court hearing.

The momentum of civil disobedience is gaining ground as People continue to mobilize and demonstrate  in front of court house chanting anti- regime slogans and demanding the release of Solo Sandeng death or alive.  Yesterday during the hearing of the first batch of peaceful protesters arrested on April 14th, the state produce eight new people held in custody among them  3 female protesters who were feared death. Fatoumatta Jawara, Nokoi  Njie and Fatou Camara were arraigned before the high Court yesterday. Those who saw these 3 ladies yesterday at the Court house lamented traces of torture and inhuman treatment by their captors.  There are revelations underscoring that these decent ladies were subjected to all forms of torture and rape while in incommunicado. This is the reason why the state refused to tender them in Court initially and waited until their torture wounds heal a bit before producing them in Court.

The fear factor is gradually desecrated in the Gambia for people express themselves freely around the Court house and are ready for whatever consequences. The women today came with brooms which signifies that the Gambia is in a big mess and they are ready to clean the country of that mess. With Those brooms they shall clean the country of dictatorship , oppression, torture and killing of innocent Citizens. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, his UDP executive and other peaceful protesters plying the road between mile II Central prison and Banjul high court are in high spirit and resolved to face any consequences for the interest of the Gambian People. Next round of Court hearing is scheduled to take place next week Monday April 9th.


April 22, 2016
Power struggle at the Brikama chieftancy

Power struggle at the Brikama chieftaincy

By Pa Modou Bojang

The seat of the chieftaincy for Kombo Central district in the West Coast Region has been vacant since the demise of the late Chief, Alh. Dembo Keleng Bojang of Brikama Mansaringsu. This has not only left the people of Brikama in suspense as no one knows who will be the next chief of the constituency, but also in doubt if the position will be occupied by a female chief for the first time in the history of the town.

Sources closed to the chieftaincy have it that, Mrs Kaddy Faal Bojang has been in charge of the position since the death of the late chief and some political analysts suggest that she might remain in the position as far as APRC government is concerned. If Kaddy Faal is given the appointment, this will be the first time for a woman to man that position in Kombo Central.

Kibaaro News was reliably informed that the divisional governor, Ms Aminata Siffai Hydara, in collaboration with the infamous minister of information, also a native of Brikama Suma Kunda, Sheriff Bojang, have been advising president Jammeh not to allow chieftaincy by- elections in Brikama. It is feared that the position might fall in the hands of the opposition as manifested in the last parliamentary elections in the district.

It could be recalled that Kombo Central was the only constituency in The Gambia which went against the candidate of the ruling APRC party by voting for an independent candidate.

It is also revealed that Aminata Siffai Hydara advised the president to use his executive power to officially appoint her childhood and best friend, Kaddy Faal Bojang to the position. She emphasised “only that can boost our votes in Brikama for the presidential elections”. Since then, Mrs Faal Bojang has been in charge of the chieftaincy, which did not go well with some natives of Brikama who would also like to contest for the position.

Meanwhile, there is a serious disunion with the APRC (Brikama branch) as many ‘Brikamakas’ are looking for an election to fill the position. For those critics, President Jammeh has no executive power to appoint whom he wants.

Kebba Boajng of Brikama told our reporter that it would be hypocritical for the president to appoint the acting chief, Kaddy Faal, to the position.

It will be noted that the late chief Dembo Keleng Bojang was defeated by the former Bakary Santang Bojang in the 1992 chieftaincy elections. To the surprise of many, Bakary Satang was fired four years ago by the Jammeh administration without giving any reasons and was replaced by the man he defeated in the elections.

Meanwhile, our sources have also revealed that there are numerous candidates on standby and all of them are either from Brikama Suma Kunda or Mansaringsu. Historically, these are the two areas in Brikama to contest for the position, but since the coming of President Yahya Jammeh to power, all these norms have been undermined.


March 6, 2016


Jammeh has a Malicious Intention - Ebou Gaye


Colonel Ndure Cham, former Chief of Defence Staff and allegedly the mastermind of 21 March 2006 foiled coup, is a man of few words. Contrary to what most of us in the diaspora thought of our Gambian Army, there are a handful who conclude the Kanilai Monster is “not only a liability to the Gambia and her people but also a big problem for the West African sub region as well as an obstacle for the general progress of the African Continent”. As a consequent, the likes of Col. Cham held that “Jammeh had completely outlived his usefulness as a president and therefore had to leave power by all means necessary”, disclosed Lt. Gano. The Colonel lost his cool with young officer Gano who could not spot the bark from the tree after presenting him with a glossy verbal portray of Monster Jammeh’s inadequacies as a president. “Col Cham lost his temper on me and threw a few profanities at me before adding:

‘Gano, you are talking like a dirty civilian. You see somebody aiming a weapon at you and you are telling me that you will dive when he pulls the trigger. This man is going to kill all of us before the elections. You continue to sit there and wait, I am not waiting for any bloody elections’.

I did not understood what he meant by that remark until three weeks later on the 22 March when I came to work and found the Defence Headquarters under siege by personnel of the State Guards Battalion. When I got to my office, I was informed by a female Corporal that there was a coup attempt the previous night”, Lt Gano further buttressed.

Forlornly, the Kanilai monster continues to be a thorn in the flesh of every patriotic Gambian. As anticipated by the Colonel, many gallant soldiers and officers of the GNA had been killed and others forced into hibernation by Jammeh since 21 march 2006. Some continue to languish in appalling prison conditions. No one is safe today in Banjul, even his most loyal Gambian house negroes are more at risk of disappearing into thin air than the Gambian farm negroes under Gambia’s slave-master. What is worse than being a refugee in your own country?

It is only in the Gambia that a president can openly threatens to kill people and he is applauded. “The opposition”, he said “many of them will die before the election.” Are we taking his threat with a pinch of salt or we just waiting for him to carry it out? In the past, the Kanilai monster has lived true to his words by carrying out any threat he issued publicly; most notably Mile II 9 execution. Colonel Cham was spot on in his assertion that the Gambia’s most dangerous criminal in a presidential attire has not only outlived his tenure but an obnoxious liability that must be removed by any means available and affordable.

My hope was spiced up by the lady of substance, Fatoumatta Tambajang on freedom radio. Her peppered speech and enviable efforts to get the opposition leaders come together and present a single candidate to remove Jammeh’s sorry ass from office in the December 2016 election are humbling. I hope her efforts will shame any of the opposition leaders intending to go solo. Like she noted, removing Jammeh from office is a national duty for every Gambian. If another Ndure Cham did not get him before the election, we must vote him out come polling day December 2016.


March 3, 2016
 Sulayman Jeng

Sulayman Jeng



The equation in President Jammeh’s world is for the oppressed to reconcile with his oppressor, the oppressed must first apologise to his oppressor. As a consequent, the Gambian nonconformists in the diaspora must apologize to the Banjul spiteful monster for challenging his undesirable human rights record and bad policies. Well, some already had but the Wolof orated Jain nah boka judoo gauge why boo ku nyu chaffin. Therefore, if Dictator Jammeh and his house Gambian Negroes believe it is morally responsible for him to wrong Gambians anyhow and time he desires with impunity, he should not be resentful when he and his mum get dressed in shiny loutish outfits. To this I will equally enhance when peaceful change of a repressive regime becomes unattainable, the oppressed are left with no other prize but violence to liberate themselves from the shackles of coercion.

“If you run away from your history, your history will come knocking down your door. One should always remain humble and not show off where one belongs to, but if your history is about to disappear, you need to remind them of who you are, where you are from and what is at stake”, Momodou Njie desolately recollected on his Facebook page as the history of his ancestor is obliterated by Gambia’s most dangerous criminal dressed as a statesman. Mr Njie be reminded monster Jammeh is not a saa mutter nyoo. A people are identified by their language, custom, believe, locality and history. The absence of either one of these may assimilate and/or obliterate them. George Orwell was conscious of this irrefutable fact when he posited, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history”. It is thus pertinent to affirm Dictator Jammeh’s renaming of Sayerr Jobe Avenue is a calculated moved to destroy the Jobens of Serre Kunda and drag the Gambia into devouring flames of violence as his sorry ass makes it to the exit. However, what I find unnerving is why Vice President Isatou Njie-Saidy always executes Dictator Jammeh’s rotten and underworld deals. For instance, in 2000 when the poor students were murdered, she took the mic to exonerate Jammeh. Similarly, when Dayda Hydara was murdered, she led the devil’s delegation to his bereaved family. Again, when the Mile II 9 were executed, she pleasantly braved the mic while Jammeh flinched in the backstage; and now she has to preside over the renaming of Sayerr Jobe Avenue. A little bird has it she was teary as she renamed Sayerr Jobe Avenue. Oh, really? I do not know what was going on in her head at the time but what remains conclusive is she outperforms a drama queen. I cannot help but wonder why Jammeh is always delegating her for his dirty works. Perhaps, her continual readiness to clean her master’s mess explains why she is the longest serving member of the Dictator’s cabinet.

Forlornly, the likes of Vice President Isatou Njie-Saidy are plentiful in the Gambia. They cheerfully drench their hands in pools of blood for Jammeh without a second thought. These undetectable silent shadows habitually unleash demoralising horrors on vulnerable Gambians caged in dark chambers every day. The late night arrests and disappearances have escalated to an unbearable point that an air-conditioned room becomes useless in Banjul as you wake up every hour sinking in your sweat from nightmares of being bundled up under the duvet of darkness by these dancing flickers. When last I checked, development did not mean reclining in one’s pool of blood with flattened bones for standing up against injustice. Is that the ‘developed’ Gambia we want? Although it is public knowledge that the Gambian Dictator speaks from his shit hole-Oop my bad, all the dirty jobs, killings, arrests, detention and tortures are continually executed on his behave by the Isatou Njie-Saidys. For how long shall we continue matching on with the frivolity that these Isatou Njie-Saidys are non-Gambians or duck behind the lame excuse “I am not interested in politics”? Oh hello! Are we serious? It is sickening to hear Gambians who are privy of Dictator Jammeh’s scary atrocities celebrate him as a compassionate leader and a pan-Africanist. For them, in a nutshell, the Gambian ruthless tyrant personifies development, compassion, stability, peace and security. Conceivably, they are either under the spell of self-denial or greed.

Compassion is a sympathetic consciousness of other’s distress together with a desire to alleviate it-Merriam-Webster dictionary. If this is anything to go by, how can they explain Jammeh’s constant issuing of icy threats on Gambia’s national television? Certainly it cannot be compassion. Furthermore, the Gambia under Jammeh is neither stable no peaceful. How many times has the Jammeh regime survived armed attacks? No stable government experiences an iota of insurgence. Moreover, peace is not only the absence of war but the epitome of safety to person and life, freedom of speech, justice and equality of the unequal before the law, free and fair electoral process. These are essential vitamins that the Jammeh regime is highly in deficit. Let us stop incarnating the proverbial ostrich by re-entombing our heads from the sand and tackling our demon head on. Until we do, Jammeh will continue doing what he does best.

Sulayman Jeng
Birmingham, UK