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April 18, 2014

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Dr Nobleman says! "Happy Easter to all those celebrating Easter today"

Dr Nobleman says! “Happy Easter to all those celebrating Easter today”

Due to the special occasion of the Good Friday today, 18 April 2014, Kibaaro Radio management wishes to inform all our listeners of the interruptions to our regular Friday Islamic Programs today. This is due to the special event of the Good Friday.

The Good Friday is a special date in the Christian Calendar, which recurs once annually.

Kibaaro Radio anticipates to interrupt its regular Christian programs of Sundays, if and when a special Muslim event falls on a Sunday. For that reason, it has interrupted today’s usual Friday Islamic programs to mark the special event of the Good Friday.

The regular islamic programs will resume next Friday, with the Kutbas (Islamic religious sermons) of Imam Seedy Ali Janneh of Gothenburg Gambian Mosque and Imam Muhammed Sarr of the London Gambian Mosque.

We thank you all for your understanding and wish all our Christians listeners a happy Easter!


April 15, 2014

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Pa Modou Ann - NRMG Secretary General

Pa Modou Ann – NRMG Secretary General

Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

The coward Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, has postponed his annual nationwide tour which was scheduled for Monday 14 April 2014 amid fear of Gambia’s National Resistance Movement (NRMG) threats to attack his government. The new itinerary is now slated for Thursday 17 April 2014. It is not yet certain whether the newly selected date will even materialise.

“We are all in doubts because he is a man who is unpredictable and undecided so we are all waiting to see what happens next”, one is the tour organizers told Kibaaro News. The tour is expected to end in fiasco as many farmers are angrily waiting for him due to the poor groundnut price pegged by his government.

“Farmers are not respected and treated fairly by President Jammeh. His government is playing tricks on us because they are telling us that they buy our groundnuts in accordance with market price which is a blatant lie”, a farmer lamented to our reporter.

“As am talking you now, all my farm produce are in my store and I will not sell them at any seccos but in the Lumo instead”, another concerned farmer revealed.

“Every year we are faced with the same problem and we end up selling our nuts to some NGOs or transport it to Senegal which they are discouraging us from.  According to a press release issued by the government, farmers will not be given fertilizers and other farm inputs. Furthermore, if they sell their nuts outside the Gambia and are caught in the process, they will be arrested and prosecuted”, complained another farmer.


April 14, 2014

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Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, has once again used his electronic broom to sweep his cabinet for the sixth time within 12 months. His cabinet reshuffle follows the order he received from the EU for him to step up or lose funding. An insider within State House ambit revealed to Kibaaro News that this cabinet reshuffle is aimed to augment his failed regime’s gloomy image. The insider went further to state “He is trying to blow life into a dead horse. His time is up and the soon he admits that the better for him”.

According to the Despot press release, President Jammeh acting under the provision of sections 71 (1) and 71 (3) of the constitution has reassigned Dr. Abubacarr Senghore as Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and appointed Mamour Alieu Jagne as Minister of Foreign Affairs with effect from 9th April 2014.

In the same vein, the release indicated the President acting under the provisions of sections 71 (a) (b) of the constitution, has relieved Teneng Mba Jaiteh of her Cabinet appointment as Minister of Energy and redeployed her to the Foreign Mission.

Acting under provision of section 80 of the constitution, the Dictator has appointed Dr. Edward Saja Manneh as Deputy Minister of Energy with effect from 9th April 2014.

“This is sixth time the Gambian Dictator is reshuffling his cabinet in 12 months. We are sick and tired of Jammeh’s cabinet reshuffle every other day. What type of constitution are we having in the Gambia?” a Senior Civil servant demanded angrily.

“I think it is high time for changes in government since Jammeh is playing with Gambians. Today many Gambians have lost faith in President Jammeh. He has betrayed many of us“, said another civil servant.


April 14, 2014

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Gmbian Dictator Jammeh

Gmbian Dictator Jammeh

The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, is expected to embark on a nationwide people tour starting today, Monday 14th April 2014, according to top senior civil servant. The annual tour was introduced by former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara as a platform in which he meets Gambian farmers to discuss and resolve their most pressing needs. However, under President Jammeh, the tour has been transformed into political court room in which perceived opposition communities are harassed, humiliated, isolated from development projects and condemned despite paying their taxes.

According to the tour itinerary, President Jammeh will hold meetings in all the major towns and selected villages in the provinces including Barra, Farafenni, Kaur, Jangjangbureh, Gambissara and Basse among others. The tour will end in Banjul at the end of April. Meanwhile, the Gambian President and his high power delegation will today cross over to Barra as day one of his Dialogue with the People tour gears into motion.

The Gambian leader is expected to be engaged in a series of activities including the inauguration of projects in various parts of the country while also discussing with farmers of this year farming season and the coming rain season. Farmers in the poor West African nation are frustrated by their government’s inaptness to resolve the acute need for seeds, fertilizer and fix price for their produce. Furthermore, Agribusiness Services and Producers’ Association (ASPA), the inter-professional body vested with the management of The Gambia groundnut sub-sector, treats the vulnerable farmers with uncalled for red tapes and bureaucracy.

The officials has announced this year groundnut producer price pegged at GMD14, 500 (fourteen thousand, five hundred Dalasis) per metric ton. Consequently, all Cooperative Marketing Societies (CPMS), private traders and any agent wishing to participate in groundnut buying at primary (secco) have been ordered by the Jammeh government abide with the officially recognised producer price. ”This year’s price compares quite favourably with what pertains in the sub-region. Farmers are therefore urged to sell their produce through the existing marketing outlets. Once again, ASPA solicits the cooperation of all and sundry to make the marketing season a success,” a senior officer at ASPA to Kibaaro News.


April 10, 2014

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Hon. Jean Lambert MEP for London

Hon. Jean Lambert MEP for London

European Union delegations in the Gambia have ordered the Jammeh government to respect human rights,democracy and good governance. The EU delegation has also urged  the West African nation to step up its fight against illegal migration to the EU 

On Tuesday, the officials completed discussion with the government of the Gambia  at State House on keys areas with particular emphasis on human rights and good governance. The EU envoy which  represented more than five European countries dialogue with the government of the Gambia demanding it to comply with  International declarations such as the Cotonou Declaration amongst others.

European Union officials also briefed the Gambia government on the out come of just the just concluded EU-Africa Summit held in Brussels last week. “It was a fruitful discussion we had  with the offcials of the Gambia government. The discussion centred on keys areas including  cooperation between the Gambia and EU, Human rights, good governance  and Illegal migration. The Gambia government on her part promised to uphold its duties and responsibilities with accordance with its constitution,” Kibaaro News was informed by an EU Official.

The Gambia government and the European Union also discussed on the issue of consular affairs issues that will represent the EU in the West African nation on the area of visa section. “The European Union has also discussed with  the Gambia government  on the political dialogue under the Cotonou Agreement, which dictates regular meetings for member countries to discuss relationship in all its aspects including, economic, political and the security situations in the region,” another EU official noted.

The West African nation is often on the spotlight for its gross human rights violation and disregard for rule of law. Jammeh who is now under international isolation due to his poor governance and corruption, is forced to put his acts together and face reality no nation can run as an island state.

EU has proposed to cancell all its funding to the Gambia if the government fails to comply with the 17 point which was presented to the Gambia last year. “Gambia will concord with the EU because the government is currently desperate for funds to run its programmes. Our government is really bankrupt and it is short of funds for development projects. It needs more money to fund the upcoming  July 22 anniversary”, confided a  Senior Civil Servant.


April 10, 2014

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Dishonourable Member Seedy S.K Njie with the Million Reasons book!

Dishonourable Member Seedy S.K Njie with a Million Reasons book of Yahya Jammeh!

In a somewhat bizarre move, members of the Gambia’s National Assembly on Tuesday, 8 April 2014, debated two books of President Yahya Jammeh, about his Million reasons for withdrawing the country from the Commonwealth of Nations.

In most democratic nations, the people’s parliament would be expected to have debated such an important issue, before it takes effect. However, in the Gambia, it’s the other way round. Almost 6 months after the President exited the country from the Commonwealth, was the time the nation’s parliament deemed it appropriate to debate the subject. What a democracy!

The two books, claimed to have been authored by President Yahya Jammeh, were presented to the deputies by the APRC nominated mouth piece of President Yahya Jammeh in Parliament, Dishonourable Member Seedy S. K. Njie.

The books are entitled; ‘A million reasons to leave the Commonwealth’; and ‘How the tragic consequences of British looting and misrule in The Gambia inspired the founding of the United Nations and its drive for decolonisation in January 1943 and beyond’.

The APRC dominated parliament sided with the contents of the books to castigate the British colonialism of the country, despite that ending 50 years ago. They said the British had massively looted the West African nation of its natural resources during the colonial era, but failed short of specifying the natural resources looted.

Dishonourable Njie added that “The books exposed the manner in which the descendants of the same colonial power winked Africa in the so-called name of democracy, human rights, and good governance. The books are well detailed and written and have exposed the looting of both the United States and Britain during the colonial era in the poor West African nation. The Gambian leader is determined to lead this country from colonialism and slavery with dignity by ensuring total control of the Gambia’s natural resources at any cost and by any means necessary”; the praise singing Dishonourable Njie explained to the members of parliament

The members also posited that the Gambia gained less than what it contributed to the Commonwealth organisation and that was one justifiable reason, why the Gambia ought to have pulled out of the Commonwealth of Nations. They said the Gambia, as a sovereign and independent state, should not be a party to any colonialism or neo-colonial institutions.

Honourable Neteh Baldeh, the National Assembly member for Tumana constituency, said Western Nations’ double standard had affected African countries and they have also looted the natural resources of the continent. He noted that Africa’s lack of a permanent seat at the UN Security Council shows extant signs of colonialism.

President Yahya Jammeh’s government had withdrawn the Gambia’s membership from the Commonwealth of Nations in October 2013, and vouched never to be a member of any neo-colonial institution or party to any institution that represents an extension of colonialism.

However, the ordinary Gambians who spoke to Kibaaro News begged to differ. “Gambia’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth have affected many development projects in the country; especially in the education sector”, one concerned citizen explained to Kibaaro.

“It was a terrible decision to withdraw the Gambia from the Commonwealth. This is why we need a matured and educated leader, who can lead the Gambia along the straight path and not into the bush”, said another citizen, who begged for anonymity.

We totally concur with the comments of the last citizen!


April 8, 2014

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Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay IMF Representative, Gambia.

Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay IMF Gambia Rep.

President Jammeh is happy to receive IMF handouts

Jammeh – happy to receive IMF handouts

Officials of the International Monetary Funds are currently in the Gambia to help boost the country’s economy and education. IMF will also contribute more than US$15 million to help the country’s educational sector. 

The IMF officials met with the Gambia’s Vice President and Minister for Women’s Affairs, Her Excellency Aja Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy at State House and discussed prospects of assisting the country’s ailing economy and dilapidated educational system.

IMF Chief in the country Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay said their discussions with the Vice President centred on economic development in the Gambia. The IMF officials further explained that the country’s economy remains right on track and expressed satisfaction with its exchange market. This he said is as a result of the government’s controlling of spending, couple with sound economic policies.

However, one insider who begged for anonymity derided that the Gambia government is excellent at presentation to the International bodies, whenever they visit the country. He said sound mind would praise the Gambia government for controlling its spending, when the President and wife are abusing the nation’s wealth as like their personal property.

In March 2014, IMF officials were in Banjul, during which they have agreed to spend US$ 25 Million on the Gambia’s education sector that enable quality and better education for all Gambians. The country’s educational policy, is still confusing to many parents and guardians, especially with regards to girls’ education, which the President had promised many a time that girls education will be gratuitous, but still parents continue to pay fees for their daughters.

“Free education is happening in the skies, but not in the Gambia. Although, we heard it many times, but it is not true for me, I just paid my daughter’s grade 10 school fees”, one parent told Kibaaro News.

In 2013 The Gambia Government also signed a €10 million Governance Support Programme with the European Union. The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, presided over by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Modou AK Secka, and the European Union Chargée d’Affaires a.i., Madame Agnès Guillaud.

The central ambition of the programme was to “strengthen Government institutions in order for them to be able to provide the services that Gambian citizens expect and deserve”.

EU Chargée d’Affaires, Madame Agnès Guillaud underlined that for this support to be sustainable in the long run, “the Gambian Government needs to take responsibility for a constructive dialogue with the Gambian people – for the success of development activities, the delivery of essential services, and the The 5-year Governance Programme, intended to strengthen political and economic governance in the country, focuses on improving access to justice and legal education (addressing limited capacity in justice-related institutions and making legal education available to more Gambians, supporting journalists and the media by seeking to improve governance of the media sector, with a particular emphasis on the legal and regulatory framework; and bolstering financial governance, through reform of the public expenditure, taxation and revenue administrative systems (public finance management), etc”.

However, the Gambia Government has refused to comply with the noble aims set out in the programme forcing the EU to the EU to suspend their funding for the same.


April 4, 2014

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Kanilai Bakery Farm

Kanilai Bakery Farm

Gambian Bakers have been on strike since Wednesday 2nd April 2014 to showcase their determination to increase the price of bread after the price of flour has been raised and the high taxation on bakers.

“Yes we are on a sit down strike because we want to raise the price of bread from D6.00 to D7.00 or D8 since the price of flour has been increased to almost D2000. Secondly, there is high taxation on us which cannot make us any profit from a bag of flour”, retorted an angry barker.

“Things are getting more expensive every day in the Gambia including high taxation levy on business. The government doesn’t want business men to increase the prices of their commodities. This is absolutely ridiculous”, another baker told Kibaaro News.

“It is now more than 48 hours and some shops are still not selling bread and those selling it said they could not sell only bread unless you buy butter or mayonnaise with it”, complained a customer.

Gambia has no price control and business sectors increase commodity price every month while price of other goods skyrockets daily. Currently few local bakeries are operating in greater Banjul region while “Senfurr” the machine made bread bakeries have temporally close till further notice.

Gambia is hardly hit by serious economic crisis. Prices of both basic commodities and other goods are beyond the earning of civil servants and ordinary Gambians who could not afford to buy a bag of rice for D1225 out of a salary of D1500.

Farmers in West African nation are transporting their farm produce to Senegal for better price compare to the price of Gambia government that could not even enable farmers to buy food for their families.


March 27, 2014

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Critical Journalist Abubacarr Saidykhan

Critical Journalist Abubacarr Saidykhan

Pa Mboob, An Immigration Chief

Pa Mboob, An Immigration Chief


Ousman Saidykhan, the brother of an exile acclaimed journalist Abubacarr Saidykhan, has been bailed by one of his relatives in the Gambia at the immigration post of Banjul Station. The latest information we received from  the immigration information hub is that Ousman has attempted to renew his elder brother’s passport at the Immigration Department in Banjul last Tuesday as constituted by the Laws of the Gambia when he got arrested and detained for no other reason. It is his brother’s legal and a constitutional right like every citizen of the Republic of the Gambia to renew his or her passport when it expires.

The Immigration Department did not advance any reason pertaining to the sudden questioning and cross- examination of Ousman saidykhan in Banjul. According to a reliable source reaching Kibaaro News from the Immigration Department in Banjul, Abubacarr Saidykhan has legally paid all the passport fees at the Department before finally submitting the four different applications. The arrestee is currently reporting on bail on a daily basis to check- up his situation with the Immigration at the Baabunfatty Immigration Post. Their two passports are still awaiting approval at the Immigration Headquarters in Banjul after being duly paid for.

We respectfully called on the current Director of the Gambia Immigration Department Mr. Mboob to think of his legal responsibilities and act in accordance with the Gambian Constitution. Every Citizen of the Gambia is entitled to a legal passport provided that he/she met all the existing immigration criteria. We are hereby waiting for the respectful response of the Immigration Department with all due respect.

Stay tune for more reliable updates.




March 25, 2014

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Fire outbreak has left 20 families homeless without food and clothes in the Jimara District of Bakadaji village in The Gambian provincial region of Upper River Region. The fire has burnt to ashes farm produce, clothing, household utensils and cash amounting to D5000.

“The causes of the fire are yet to be confirmed”, officials in the region told Kibaaro News. The head of the affected families Alhagie Drammeh said “the fire has destroyed all their livelihoods and has made them homeless”.

Mr Drammeh made a personal appeal for relief assistant from government, NGOs, and other philanthropists. Similar appeal was also made by Basiru Krubally, the ward councillor, who visited the scene of the fire disaster. He also called on the people to be always careful of such disasters.

Meanwhile the Jimara District Tribunal has fine 5 people to a total sum US$400 in default to serve one year imprisonment. Musa Sankano, Jonkunda Sowe, Simbara Touray and Bubacarr Sowe of Sotuma village and Musa Jawara of Kossemarr were found guilty of violating Forest Act 1998.

They were arranged before the District Tribunal of Chief Alhagie Banta Tunkara accused of illegal clearing of forest land for convergent into farm land and orchard without following legal procedures through the forestry department.

After delivering his judgment Chief Tunkara warned people to reframe from such an illegal act, he underscored the important of forestation.

The Regional Forestry Officer, Kebba Jammeh, expressed concerns of destruction of valuable timber and forest pieces. According to Mr Jammeh, “village heads and their communities should do more efforts to fight against such acts that are destroying the country’s natural resources. The people of the area should do more to address such issues since herd men and shepherds are not making any efforts to save the forest”.