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October 30, 2014
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Recently, the Upper River Region administrative area has been inundated with graphic rape cases of under aged girls as young as 10. Basse which was known for its hospitality, amazing landscape and cosy night clubs has meandered into a sinister dwelling for the Basse girl child. The outrageous rape on Sunday of a grade five pupil in the Upper River Region (URR) calls for concerted efforts to curb this increasing menace in it bud once and for all by all and sundry in the region particularly its authorities.

Kibaaro News informant disclosed that the unremorseful felon, Mr S.C, had been molesting the 10 year old girl, whose name has been withheld for legal reasons, for day after severing her tender and fragile virginity on Thursday before his luck extinguished. The 35 year old divorcee is currently helping the Basse Police in their investigation over the alleged rape case. The police remained tied lip by refraining from shedding any light on the case.

Unlike the police, the Regional Education Director for Region 6, Claudine Cole did not hesitate in registering her profound displeasure of the inhumane molestation of her pupil. Speaking to the press, she rebukes: “Such kinds of incidents are so sad and I am deeply frustrated to hear the raping of school children in the region”.  She went further to inform the press that her office is doing all it takes to ensure that students are protected from all forms of sexual abuses as her department continues its immense sensitisation campaign.

The educationist implored parents to be more vigilant and take proper care of their children particularly by monitoring their movements after school hours.  “We have a radio programme every week in Basse during which we talk to parents about the reoccurrence of rape cases and early marriage among others in the region,” she concluded.

Also reacting to this latest series of unsettling rapes cases in the region was Mr Kebba Susso, chairperson of the region’s Parent Teacher Association. Mr Susso urges the security and social services to wake up from their slumbers and tackle this monstrous crime head on. “Concerted efforts are urgently required from all stakeholders in the region to put their hands on deck in ushering out this scandalous crime from our midst. Parents must equally step up and execute their fundamental obligations and duties”, charged Mr Susso. He pressures severe action to be taken against the perpetrators to deter others from venturing into the despicable felony. “We are working very closely with the Police, Education and Social Welfare departments to foster awareness on the consequences of rape on both victims and perpetrators and its health implications”, he assured the press.

Basse is a closely-knitted society and its sons and daughters should not stand by and watch it fall in disarray. The youth force should start policing its community by reporting any suspected felon to the alkalo, chief and police. Basse belongs to us all and only us can develop and protect it.


October 28, 2014
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In traditional Africa, children are taught at an early age not to point at their father’s village with a left hand, despite all its underdevelopment and worrisome social cohesion. Perhaps that is what Minister Mahoney sets out to do as he stood at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva defending Gambia’s indefensible human rights records under President Jammeh’s watch. It is not only off-putting but also inexcusable for Minister Mahoney to unashamedly endeavour to white-wash Gambia’s human rights records which are an open secret for all and sundry.

“There is no detention without trial in the Gambia. Prisoners’ rights are well protected. Furthermore, Gambia supports the 72 hour law of detention and where it exceeds, people go to court and file habeas corpus”, Justice Minister Mahoney told the bemused UNHRC today.

Who is Basiru Mahoney trying to fool and/or achieve by coming up with such preposterous assertion? Certainly, not even China. Pa Samba Jow reminds Minister Mahoney, “If china is concerned about your human rights record, then you damn well know that you have a seriously rotten human rights record”.

Dr Amadou S Janneh who is one of the survivors of Gambia’s appalling human rights records forewarns, “Minister Mahoney will someday regret this: says government totally adheres to constitutional provision requiring detainees to be charged within 72 hours. Some of his predecessors and former colleagues (in jail) will disagree”.

Gambia’s prisoners are the most malnourished in the whole world, with no rights whatsoever, yet Justice Minister Mahoney has the audacity to tell the world that Mile II has been recently given a facelift and prisoners receive quality food. In support of his government’s muzzling of freedom of expression, he opined criminal laws are necessary in the Gambia to curb false information which devastates small Gambia. On the death penalty, Minister Mahoney said the moratorium was only lifted in 2012 due to the spate of crime.

The world is neither asleep nor ignorant of what goes in the Gambia. This was punctuated in Ambassador Harper of the USA statement in response to Justice Minister Mahoney’s dismissible report, “The United State is deeply dismayed by the human rights situation in The Gambia. Among other things, we are concerned by government interference with the electoral process; and government harassment and abuse of critics, including restrictions of freedom of the press and speech of Gambian citizens and journalists, and reports of torture, arrest, detention, and sometimes enforced disappearances of citizens for exercising their human rights. We are also concerned about discrimination against Gambian citizens based on sexual orientation or gender identity, trafficking in persons, forced child marriage, child prostitution, and exploitative child labour.”

Pata PJ surmised, “Does look like every country rep out there have a chance to whip poor little Gambia. I’m sure they’re ‘deeply concerned’ for Gambians but quite aware that the country has a moron for a president and none of these concerns would mean anything to him. It’s best they start reconsidering their relationship with him to genuinely push the agenda for respecting rights. Yaya is mentally handicapped to comprehend all these”.


October 19, 2014
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President Jammeh’s longest serving Principal Protection Officer, Col Umpa Mendy, who received his matching orders after been humiliated with a callous demotion from colonel to private has swallowed what was left of his tattered pride to serve Dictator Jammeh to the chagrin of his colleagues, irrefutable source reaching Kibaaro News has intimated. Col Mendy has bitter encounters with his unpredictable boss several times in the past but their recent clash followed aftermath of the historic DC demonstrations by Gambian nonconformists in America resulting in his disgraceful exit from both the army and State House.

Some reports held that Col Umpa Mendy was met by an emissary of Jammeh shortly after he was demoted and dismissed soliciting him to resume duties for the Gambian Dictator which he flatly turned down without a second thought saying, “Over my dead body will I accept a job from Oga again”. Many of his colleagues and junior officers hailed his stand with gallantry and pride. However, that pride was curbed short by his unfathomable sudden U-turn from his position of never to work for dictator Jammeh. Our State House informant posited that Col Umpa was persuaded by the devil’s advocate, Imam fatty who pursued the destitute Col in Senegal.

Reader will recall that Imam fatty tried the same with Ba Kawsu Fofana but failed to convince the upright cleric to make peace with the person who wanted and ordered him killed. It is still unclear as to what fatty must have told Umpa to make him accept Jammeh’s offer of employment again but it is certain that he has his col rank back on his shoulders. “The man is a disgrace just like Samsudeen Sarr. Both men are not fit to be associated with the GNA”, a furious young officer of the State guard charged.  “I just don’t get it”, another angry officer added, “he was demoted three times…three times he got demoted over very silly little things. Firstly, he was late to escort Oga; the second was when he stopped a woman approaching Oga in one of the Meet the People Tour and his recent one after return from US with Oga. I only hope he will not be cleared next time round”.

Col Umpa Mendy is perceived as an officer who lacks personal protection expertise by President Jammeh who accuses him of security lapses. The DC experience was a humiliating one for both men which is believed by many as the reason for his kissing farewell to his job as PPO. “Perhaps, he will learn from his experience and do things better this time”, opined our source.


October 16, 2014
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Readers will recall that Gambians woke up on Wednesday 22 March 2006 to another doctored presidential communique of a foiled coup. However, what most Gambians were unaware was the coup had almost succeeded until Lang Tombong Tamba stepped in to safe President Jammeh by foiling the coup. At the time, panic-stricken President Jammeh was on an official visit to Mauritania. 

Gambians were told, “Security forces yesterday discovered that a group of army officers led by Colonel Ndure Cham, former Chief of Defence Staff, were at an advanced stage in their plot to overthrow the constitutional government of The Gambia”. The communique went on to assure Gambian “All those involved are presently in custody and helping the security forces in their investigation, except the leader who is still at large. The general public is hereby assured that there is no cause for alarm and the situation is firmly under control.”

Reliable sources have impeccably confirmed that the plotters comprised Lang Tombong Tamba, Ousman Sonko-Interior Minister, Ndure Cham and a handful of other officers. The plotters disagreed on leadership. Lang and Ousman vehemently opposed Ndure Cham leading the plot because they believed Cham was not only ill-educated but lacks charisma and leadership quality. According to Ousman Sonko, “Ndure has a shabby appearance and a ghetto personality.” Their argument was bitter and when it became obvious that none of the two camps was willing to compromise on who should lead, Lang embarked on foiling the coup.

Lang Tombong then phoned President Jammeh in Mauritania and informed him about the coup plot. He further advised and convinced Jammeh to return to Banjul. A member of Jammeh’s entourage with him in Mauritania who wished to remain anonymous disclosed that Jammeh was reluctant to return to Banjul as he was seriously shaken by the plot. The source went on to add that Jammeh was determined never to return to Banjul as he was convinced that he will be arrested and killed the moment he lands in Banjul. To assure him, Lang went to see Asombie Bojang; Yahya’s mum for her to assure her son that it was safe for him to come home. Jammeh was scared to death. “I will wait here in Mauritania until all potters are behind bars and it is safe for me to return”, he told Lang Tombong and his mum in a shaky voice.

Finally, President Jammeh agree to returned to Banjul only after strong assurance of his safety and wellbeing from his mum and Lang Tombong. He then cut short his trip to Mauritania, returned to Banjul under cover of darkness with an escort of Mauritania military commandoes.

Ndure Cham remained in self-exile in Senegal until he was subsequently arrested in August 2013 near Numu Kunda. Cham started travelling to the Gambia in 2010 disguising as a ‘NARR’ all wrapped up and travelling by ‘SARET’-a donkey or horse cart. Another reliable source also disclosed Ndure “Cham was thoroughly interrogated after his arrest and then cleared”. When asked to shed light on what he meant by “cleared”, he laughed before saying “killed of course”.

General Saul Badjie was not in any way linked or associated with the 2006 coup plot. However, General Badjie is the one who saved Ousman Sonko because he still has the report of the coup plot but continues to keep Ousman’s involvement from Jammeh. President Jammeh also personally ordered the killing of Daba Marena and co.  Many Jammeh supporters felt that he has betrayed Lang Tombong who saved his life by foiling the 2006 coup that had otherwise succeeded already.


October 16, 2014
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“President Jammeh is a fraud and callously wears a chip of hatred and bitterness on his shoulder”, one of his siblings furiously disclosed. This is a trait of The Gambia’s President Yaya Jammeh that most Gambians are all too familiar with, for many are living witnesses to his vengeance.  But why has a man who supposedly came from a humble beginning turned into such a monster?   His upbringing detailed below might provide some clues.

Contrary to what the forged birth certificate has as his date of birth – President Jammeh was born neither in May nor 1965, his exact date of birth, like most of his generation in rural Gambia, remains disputable and unrecorded. This is due to the fact that before the 1980s, record keeping of child births in the rural areas was almost non-existent because most were delivered at home with no nurses present to keep records of any kind.  Consequently, most provincial Gambians are left with no option but make up their own dates of births around events and celebrations of their choices. President Jammeh settled for the month of May marking African Liberation Day and 1965 to coincide with Gambia’s independence to, as part of his self-mystification, present himself as a pure Pan-Africanist even through birth. “Jammeh is either born in 1962 or 1963 but definitely not in May 1965, the coincidence is way too good to be real”, the source added.

President Jammeh’s father, Junkung Jammeh, had three wives and was never a wrestler as some other reports portrayed. He was renowned drummer mostly during wrestling contests. However, many believed his late father never had a ‘Sulayman’ as a middle name. Perhaps, a possible explanation for Jammeh personally adding the Sulayman to his Dad’s name stems from a mandinka believe Junkung is synonymous to Sulayman. Junkung’s three wives are Yassin Jarju, Fanta Kolley and Asombie Bojang-who was the most beautiful of the three. Fanta had three boys: Araba Jammeh, Seneng Jammeh and Nyandorr Jammeh. Seneng who later baptised into Christianity, died of cancer in 1993 in Mayork after the family moved from Kanilai, as they believed the village was full of witches and blamed their father, Junkung’s death on witchcraft.  Perhaps this explains why Jammeh subjected many of the Foni in March 2009 to brutal witch-hunt rituals in which many old folks lost their lives.

Both Yassin and Asombie had a child each for Junkung. Yassin’s child, Ansumana Jammeh-Gambian Ambassador in Qatar, was born in Sintet and Yahya Jammeh; an only of Asombie was hailed from Kanilai.  Nyandorr also passed away shortly after the demise of his brother. It is reported that he collapsed at Serre Kunda. He was also suspected of having died of cancer. The Jammeh family has a history of cancer and mental illness. His cousins, Kunyaa and Ansu Pajero, all suffered some form of mental issues. His father died in Kunjunjorr, he moved there for treatment after he fell off and sustained a fracture while tying his goat, it was narrated. The old man was never a wrestler but a renowned drummer. He often played during wrestling matches.

In all, there are 3 notable Jammeh Kundas of close ties with the bitter Yaya Kanilai. They are Alkali Kunda, Junkung Jammeh and the one Jejaw hailed from. Jejaw’s family was the one healing fractures and not President Jammeh’s as he claims. Jejaw died in the 60s. President Jammeh had it rough with his father, Junkung. Those close to Asombie recalled that she wanted to abort her pregnancy when she discovered she was carrying Jammeh. It did not come as a surprise to them when she left for Bakau as soon as she gave birth to Jammeh leaving the baby behind.  Jammeh was never breastfed by Asombie but Fanta Kolley, his step mum as Asombie shuttled between Bakau and Bujinga.  She walked out of her marriage because Yahya’s father could hardly make ends meet at the time. She was very pretty and young; marrying Junkung was her biggest mistake, according to sources. Walking out of the marriage gave her the freedom and attention she was craving.  Albeit, she never remarried after walking away from Junkung, she enjoyed her freedom as a young woman.

Young Jammeh was brought up by Fanta Kolley who is a well-known and loved “Kaa-nyaleng”. Kaa-nyalengs are celebrated for manifesting varied and comical emotions sending their audience and spectators into hysteric laughter. Many associate Jammeh’s unpredictability to this gene he inherited from his foster-step mum. Jammeh will be dancing and smiling one minute and frowns the next, a characteristic of the Kaa-nyaleng.  A family insider has it that Jammeh always scolds his mother for abandoning him when he needed her most. Yahya moved to Alfonse Tamba in Banjul after his Common Entrance exams.

As a result of his unstable upbringing and the bad experiences of his childhood, Jammeh’s emotional wellbeing is always rocky, and this is easily manifested when he is reminded of that past.  He killed Harona Jammeh who was always telling him off and admonishing him to stop grabbing land in Kanilai because his family abandoned Kanilai and moved to Mayork. The late Harona Jammeh’s son Tamsir Jammeh works at Drug Squad. He knows Jammeh killed his dad, but he could not confront him lest he kills him too.  Even with Asombi’s intervention, Yaya still hasn’t had the guts to face the family.

So any time Gambians see Yaya lashing out or engaging in erratic behaviour, it mostly emanates from the mental and emotional instability that were caused by both his unstable upbringing and history of mental illness in his family.


October 15, 2014
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Besides Gambians are now fed up with lies of one coup conspiracy after another. Samsudeen Sarr and Mamat Cham, Sana Sabally, Sadibou Haidara and even the current vocal secretary of state for the Interior Ousman Badjie were all at one time accused of dubious coup conspiracies and incarcerated at Mile Two Central Prisons for months and years. But were some these people not eventually released and appointed to the highest and most sensitive security positions in Jammeh’s government? How Samsudeen Sarr and Ousman Badgie could accused coup plotters become Commander of the Gambia Army and Secretary of State for the Interior respectively? Furthermore didn’t they try everything in vain to deceive the whole world about what really happened to the late Koro Ceesay? So for God’s sake let the narrow-minded intellectual sycophants of Jammeh’s government give us a break about their dubious coup conspiracy theory. They have really made the APRC government synonymous with Lies, Lies and Lies.

By the way I am definitely left wondering why another notorious bafoon among Jammeh’s thugs survived the downfall of his partners. Musa Jammeh was the third person in the three-man bullies controlled by Yaya. Perhaps Musa was spared simply because he was a “Jola” and a closer relative and puppet to Jammeh. Yet Musa is shamelessly more dangerous than the other two. Before the coup in 1994 Musa was among Ex-President Jawara’s closest body guards. And it is evident that since then in order to clear that past image, he had turned into one of the worst tools of Yaya. Anyway he should be keenly watched as another Jammeh-created snake that could at any moment spit his venom to his boss. I cannot however conclude my observation without mentioning one of the most critical and disturbing aspect Jammeh’s coup consequences. How come every time Yaya Jammeh’s government snaps with a fake coup it is only the Mandingos, Wolofs Fulas who are killed in the process and buried in the most indecent manner? Check this list since 1994:

Name of Soldier Executed Ethnic Group Burial Site 1.Lt.Basiru Barrow Mandingo Behind Yundum Barracks toilets. 2. Lt.Gibril Saye Wolof Ditto

  1. Lt .Abdoulie Bah Fullah Ditto
  2. Lt. Abdoulie Faal (D O T) Wolof Ditto
  3. SSgt. Fafa Nyang Wolof Ditto
  4. Sgt.Basiru Camara Mandingo Ditto
  5. Sgt.E.M.Ceesay Wolof Ditto
  6. Lt.Almamo Manneh Mandingo Not yet known
  7. Cpl.Dumbuya Mandingo Not yet known

In the final analysis, it is clear that members of Jammeh’s ethnic group are always unaffected. Landing Sanneh was for instance Almamo Manneh’s Boss in every respect, then how come the former, a Jola, survived the so-called coup attempt and the latter, a Mandingo, died in the shoot-out? Why not just call it the execution of more Mandingos? But Jammeh should know that the day of reckoning is drawing near and he should also start marking his own spot behind the toilets at Yundum Barracks. What goes around comes around body!


Before dealing with my next subject, I would first like to extend my sincere appreciation to all those wonderful comments sent by various readers of my last issue. Your encouraging words were certainly morale boosters and have reinforced my determination and spirit to be more sharing with a candid approach. I cannot however ignore the few questions forwarded doubting the credibility of my information, because I sincerely believe that every sceptic deserve a satisfactory explanation of everything said about the Jammeh regime. Saying that I was a true serving member of the Gambia National Army (GNA) from its early inception in 1985 to its most recent past may not be sufficient consolidate the credibility I hope to project. If I also stopped at merely explaining my broad knowledge of military operations-orders ranging from the section, platoon, company or even battalion battle drills the highest operational capability of the present GNA my points may still not sink in well into the minds of those without proper military education.

However before elaborating on some more tangible lines, I would like to inform everybody that I am a well-trained infantry soldier with advanced skills of a combatant in field craft, the special ability of a sharp shooter but above all the discipline of a true soldier. A true soldier precisely means a good fighter for the right course without being unnecessarily bloodthirsty. It also means being professional and having less or nothing to do with politics. Soldiers with political aspirations are nothing but rebels or bandits in uniform. However let me now give a broader or additional proof of my assertion that Jammeh’s government always comes up with false coup plots merely to eliminate innocent Gambians. Take the case of Captain Yankuba Drammeh the current Commanding Officer(CO) of the largest fighting battalion in the GNA,1 Infantry Battalion. His office and cellular phone numbers are 4722121 and 990178 respectively. Call him and if he is honest with you should be able to tell you the harrowing experience he suffered at Mile Two Central prisons accused by Jammeh of a dubious coup plot against his government. Or you try Captain Cherno Jallow the present CO of the second largest battalion on his office number-497100-and he could also tell you the terrible days he was incarcerated at death row by Yaya for planning a coup he could not justify. Captain Alpha Kinteh at the Army Headquarters Banjul on 225772or225771 also suffered in the hands of Yaya on a coup conspiracy charge no one could enlighten for him. I could go on and on, but that would simply tie me down on this subject that I think I have now been adequately treated, at least for this forum. So I will move to my next subject deserving equal importance.

As a former member of the GNA I am now trying to find the right voice to speak for mainly those honest and good soldiers of the GNA who had nothing to do with Yaya’s coup and are ashamed of being associated with him or his government. Nevertheless the general civilian public often categorize all the soldiers in uniform as other Yaya Jammehs, Edward Singhatehs, Lamin Kaba Bajos, Yankuba Tourays or the few stupid ones blindly following them. Contrary to that stereotype concept, I can speak with confidence that 90% ormore of the GNA soldiers on active service are very good, honest and God fearing Gambians holding on to their jobs primarily to make a simple living.  But did you know that Lt.Gibril Saye was bayonetted all over his body including both his eyes before he was finally shot by Staff Sergeant Kanyi? Lt. Abdoulie Faal (DOT) had his back bone broken by bending him backwards until the bone snap at his waist before he was shot and killed with a 9mm pistol. All these stories were more or less known to the Gambian public, but because they were soldiers, the crimes were perfectly normal. So one could judge clearly the precarious message behind the whole episode. When Jammeh hits a civilian regardless of how friendly or close that person was to the tyrant, the action is condemned with the whole GNA sometimes blamed for it. Yet when a soldier attempts to even question the legitimacy of the idiot and is as a result maimed or killed the public says little or nothing about it.

Anyhow in actual fact, looking at Jammeh’s government since the coup in 1994, it has always been the civilians who supplied him with the right administrative ingredients that has sustained his government for so long. The soldiers could not and in reality would not if they could. Apparently even the most educated and best trained soldiers of the GNA had no clue of how to run a government much more Yaya one of the most under-educated and less-trained in the army. With his grade 11 high school education the idiot was not even a member of the GNA. He was a gendarmerie personnel with then worst record of professional or academic attainment. If the civilians worshipping him were aware of how mentally backward he was, and they decide to stop helping him today, within few hours his government would collapse altogether. But perhaps the civilians very well know the low mental level of the fool and enjoy exploiting it for their selfish interest What is only sad about it is the continuous denunciation of the ordinary common soldiers for keeping the Kanilai monster in power.

Gambians Furious over Dr Zakir Naik’s Partaking in Commemoration of an Illegal Event

October 12, 2014
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DrZakir Naik Gambia Tour

Dr.Zakir Naik’s Gambia Tour

Gambians in the diaspora have expressed shock and outrage over renowned Islamic orator Dr.Zakir Naik’s partaking in the 22nd July military coup celebration. An event organized by Gambia’s tyrant Yahya Jammeh. The event marks the illegal overthrow of the constitutional elected government of Sir Dawda Jawara 20 years ago. Jammeh who uses his ill-gotten wealth and military machinery to oppress ordinary Gambians is said to have invited Dr.Zakir Naik to bolster his image in a largely Muslim country where his popularity is crumbling. Gambians have been expressing their dissatisfaction on social media on Dr.Naik’s decision to wine and dine with a tyrant.

“Dr Zakir Naik seems to bask in his celebrity like status than deal with real ordinary issues faced by Gambian Muslims. I cannot imagine anyone with such a status as claimed by the admirers of this man to be oblivious of what has been happening in The Gambia under the evil dictator and thief  “President” Jammeh. Dr.Zakir Naik should have declined the invitation and refused to participate in ‘enabling’ a tyrant” posited a Gambian human rights activist  in Oslo. Another comment from a Gambian based in Atlanta reads “Am not impress by Dr.Naik…he is a hustler…paid to promote a dictators agenda….Charity starts at home glorified preacher”. Some have expressed disappointment over the fact that not any of Dr. Naik’s lectures in Gambian would address oppression and tyranny.

Even as the orator tours the country there is an Imam who is being prosecuted by the rogue regime for celebrating “Eidul fitr” on a day different from the one slated by Dictator Jammeh. Others also express the view that Dr.Zakir Naik who has earlier on shunned all forms of feasts and celebrations other than the two “Eids” has shot himself on the foot by joining the celebration of a military take over.

One thing is very clear Jammeh is an instrumentalist, he uses Islam as a tool to perpetuate  oppression and tyranny on ordinary  innocent Gambians and therefore any preacher he calls to grace an event should be very wary of him. As Ibn Qayyim Aljawziyya puts it “Islam is wisdom. If you see it going to foolishness and stupidity, then know that is not Islam.”