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July 30, 2015
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Anti Drugs Team destroying confiscated drugs

Anti Drugs Team destroying confiscated drugs

A bilateral agreement for cooperation to combat drug trafficking has been inked. The agreement between the police force of the West African nation and the Russian Federal Drug Control Agency is geared towards fighting drug trafficking according to officials.

The signing ceremony held at the ongoing Moscow-Africa anti-drug dialogue conference, marking the 21st anniversary of the so – called 22nd July revolution.A revolution whose lifespan has witnessed the seizure of one million dollars worth of cocaine at a warehouse in Banjul. Critics doubt if bilateral cooperation with Russia would have any impact in combating drug trafficking in a country whose leader is accused of befriending drug kingpins like Bubo Na Tchuto of Guinea Bissau who is currently faces serious drug trafficking charges in the U.S.

The signing ceremony which was witnessed by Cabinet ministers and other government officials and representatives from Russia was agreed based on mutual understanding between the two countries. Speaking at the signing ceremony the Director of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, Viktor Ivanov, said “yes our agreement was based on mutual understanding and is aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two nations in the fight against illicit drug trafficking”.

Both parties affirmed that the cooperation agreement would be a firm legal basis in their fight against illicit drugs. “I am really impressed by the Gambia government for the steps they have taken to combat against drug trafficking, and I appreciate the work of the Gambia police force, for its contribution to drug seizures and combating drug trafficking” Russian envoy noted. On his part the Gambian minister for interior Mr. Ousman Sonko said fighting against drugs is a collective responsibility and therefore all efforts are needed to combat against the menace which is a worrisome. He buttressed that Gambia’s strong commitment to the fight against drug trafficking, adding that drug trafficking has negative impacts on the countries of origin, the transiting countries and the destinations, and has destroyed many youths in those countries. Drug trafficking leads to terrorism, he further stated.Sonko also said they are looking forward to the benefits of the signed bilateral agreement through mutually beneficial cooperation, and he commended Russia for taking the right path. It is expensive to fight against drug trafficking as it requires adequate and sophisticated logistics and capacity building, among others, Sonko added.

“African (countries) are the most affected, yet still we are not the cause and we are feeling it more,” he said, adding that they are looking forward to positively collaborate with Russia with extension to the level of the United Nations Security Council to make Africa’s voice heard, Sonko noted.

As the Gambia gradually faces alienation from its donor partners like the EU the regime in Banjul has been displacing desperate moves to partner with countries that don’t put too much emphasis on good governance and protecting fundamental freedoms of citizens. Countries like Russia that do not flood their partners in Africa with too much conditionalities are becoming the welcomes house for countries with brutal dictators like the Gambia. To what extend will such a bilateral agreement help in clamping down on drug trafficking in the tiny West African country is a wait and see situation.


July 22, 2015
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Jammeh said even Pa Nderry is pardoned to insult Asombie Bojang!! Do you believe it?

Jammeh said even Pa Nderry is pardoned to insult Asombie Bojang!! Do you believe him?

The Gambian Dictator Yahya Jammeh has declared his pardoning of murderers, coupists, rapists and ardent critics in a sinister amnesty, which did not include political prisoners and family members of 30 December 2014 coupists, who are still arbitrarily detained for seven months without charge.

The President declared the amnesty during an unscripted marathon address to a gathering in Banjul on Wednesday, July 22, marking the 21st anniversary celebrations of his coming to power, through a military coup, on 22 July 1994. The President, who bragged to have turned a new page in his life, claimed to have learnt forgiveness from the holy scriptures of the Koran and the Bible, and for that reason wished to forgive some but not all.

Political prisoners, such as UDP’s Amadou Sanneh were not included. This was the case, despite claiming to have forgiven murderers, military coupists, rapists, drug dealers, etc.

The Dictator, who reasoned that if he does not forgive; how will god forgive him; declared that his forgiveness has limits and he explained those limits as follows:

“All those convicted of treason from 2013 to 1994 and are in Death Row are hereby pardoned”……As from today all those convicted of murder and have served 10 years and above are hereby pardoned……. Except in 3 cases that I know of, the carnival, who chopped the woman and ate her body………….. will not be forgiven…………. the man who killed his wife ……….nicknamed Ayatollah, will not also be pardoned ……….. and the group of foreigners, who killed a British citizen, will not also be pardoned.” President Jammeh declared.

All those convicted of Cannabis related offences and served 3 years or more in prison are also pardoned. As well as those sentenced for hard drug offences, such as: Cocaine and Heroin; and have served 5 years or more are also pardoned, with the exception of repeated offenders.

Rapists who have also been in prison from 1994 to 2013 are also pardoned provided their victims were adults of over 20 years. No forgiveness for child rapists and those convicted of infanticide; as the president claimed to have no mercy for those who committed crimes against women and children.

All those pardoned, who are foreigners are to be deported.

As for his ardent critics, who he once labelled as the ill gotten sons and daughters of the Gambia, the Gambian Dictator claimed to have unconditionally forgiven them. “All those people mostly in the USA, UK who have fought against this country and said all lies against this country; whether you attempted a coup plot or lied and ran away, you are all pardoned”; the Gambian dictator declared.

But one thing that is not clear, is whether his forgiveness covers only the past deeds of his critics in the diaspora or whether it will continue to cover further criticism of his regime?

Although, he added that they must be warned to stay away from the wrong side of the law. Declaring that “murder, rape, drug will never be accepted in this country. But this is a country, where mere criticism of the President is deemed to be on the wrong side of the law. It therefore remained to be seen as to whether the Gambian Dictator has indeed “turned a new page”, as he claimed; and whether first person who stain that page will not be his critics.

He has however warned that the first person to stain the page will pay the “ultimate price”. This is from a man who claims to have a forgiving heart. Some people will never change and Yahya Jammeh is one of them.


July 15, 2015
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Sonko and Ben 2

Yahya Jammeh’s musical chair: Yankuba Sonko and Ben Wilson swap IGP post again!

Reports reaching Kibaaro News Desk have confirmed that the Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh’s electrical broom has visited the Gambia Police Force Headquarters, leaving a trail of devastating mass sackings and detentions of senior police officers, some of whom face questioning.

The electrical broom had swept away the Police Chief, IGP Ben Wilson, leaving vacancy for his predecessor, Yankuba Sonko to bounce back and cling on to his one time coveted post of Inspector General of Police, after losing the same in November 2014 to his now predecessor Ben Wilson.

Ben Wilson, who served at the post of IGP for less than a year, has been axed and detained for questioning, police source confirmed to Kibaaro News, on Wednesday.

It is not yet known the circumstances surrounding the termination of Ben’s service and detention” explained our police source.

Ben Wilson was the former Commissioner of Western Division, before being  appointed as the Inspector General of The Gambia Police Force, replacing his now successor, Yankuba Sonko, who is the longest serving IGP under the reign of Dictator Jammeh, after previously manning the post from March 2010 to November 2014.

IGP Sonko was then redeployed to the Ministry of Justice, where he served until his reinstatement as the country’s Police chief.

One officer who spoke to Kibaaro under the disguise of anonymity chided that the Gambian Dictator is very stupid! “He keeps firing and hiring like a headless chicken. Don’t be surprised if he reinstate Ben in few months time and dump Sonko into the ditch. This President of ours is seriously insane!

The Police Administrative Officer, Abdoulie Sanyang, is also reported to have been axed with no official reasons for his removal.

Many other top senior officers of the force may receive their marching orders very soon, but it is not yet clear and we don’t really know why?” added our police source.

Sudden hire and fire is common tradition in The Gambia for most civil servants and other public sector workers, since the emergence of Yahya Jammeh to the helm of the Gambian apex on 22 July 1994. Security of tenure for civil servants in the Gambia has since become historic and security of tenure only hangs on the mercy of Dictator Jammeh.

Civil servants are in constant fear of being fired, and in most cases  risk arbitrary arrest and detention by state security agents, after their dismissals, for reasons best known to the state, which are never disclosed to the affected persons.


July 3, 2015
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Migrants at Sea

Migrants at Sea

As the world witness the worst refugee crisis in modern times finding a solution or ameliorating this crisis rests squarely on the shoulders of the entire human race. Hundreds of thousands of youngsters from the African continent and other war-torn areas of the world are storming the european shores and thousands die in the high seas before reaching the shores of europe. Each and everyone one of us has a perception of what is responsible for this crisis and the possible solutions to it.

Some say the answer to this crisis lies in fixing the issue of governance in third world countries as Lakhdar Brahimi puts it “The crisis is not in the sea. The crises are in the countries where there are so many problems that people are willing to face almost certain death to leave their country. Conflicts, like in Syria; the absence of governance, like it is in Libya; and Myanmar, you have communities that are the victims of total injustice.” Others like Saul Njie say  “we need a plethora of things, including a serious overhaul of our structural, economic, monetary, financial, political, and most importantly – our societal edifice”.

It is on this backdrop the African Centre for Information and Development (ACID) in Norway is organizing an international conference to create awareness on the crisis so as to brainstorm on possible solutions. The conference which is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation(NORAD) will take place on the 28th of July 2015 from 15 – 2100hrs  at Photels Grensen 19, Oslo Norway.The theme for the conference is deadly migration through the mediterranean by African migrants: what are the challenges for Africa and Europe  It is an open conference and the entire public is highly invited to attend. For more information on the conference contact; email:  or call: 4794572695/ 4791616055.


June 30, 2015
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Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang

Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang Picks bones with U.S report

Mr. Sheriff Bojang the Minister for Information and Communication Infrastructure said the human rights report issued by the United States on Gambia was meant to score political points and does not represent the reality on the ground. Mr Bojang a veteran journalist and proprietor of Standard  newspaper transformed into mouthpiece of Gambia’s autocratic leader lamented that it is very rich for the United States to preach to the Gambia about human rights issues and violence against women. He said a fitting response to such a report by the U.S is the biblical quotation “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Mathew 7.5″

In a press release issued by his ministry he stated that “It is true that every state has its incidental vulgarities and challenges and The Gambia is not an exception.But this blanket indictment by the self-appointed policeman of the world is inaccurate, grossly misleading and blatantly false.The United States is guilty by a hundred if not a thousand times of the litany of the very things they are accusing The Gambia of perpetrating. And not just in the United States but throughout the world wherever they have influence and sway.”

Responding to the U.S report on violence against women and children Sheriff said ” we all know that The Gambia Government under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency, the President, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, has empowered women and the girl-child more than any leader in the world.The president has used every opportunity to praise Gambian women and underscore the very high premium he puts on improving their welfare and their well-being.”

Despite the blatant disregard of human rights and fundamental freedoms which includes; recent sacking of 3 supreme court judges, the continuous detention of a minor Yusupha Lowe for a crime he has not committed  Mr. Bojang went on to defend the regime of his boss Yahya Jammeh  stating that ” “The Gambia has achieved significant progress in legal due process, press freedom and trafficking in persons.

In the midst of the Gambian leader’s interference with religious practices e.g the prosecution of a local imam for holding Eid prayers on a day different from the day stipulated by the rogue regime Minister Bojang went on the defensive by reiterating that Gambia is universally hailed  as a haven for religious tolerance and freedom. A Fair analysis of Mr.Sheriff Bojang’s stance would be like any other person working for dictator Jammeh he doesn’t own his mind and he is only dancing to the musical chair game in which he would be shown the exit door like his predecessors when he eventually becomes a loser in this game.

Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang

Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang


June 7, 2015
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Expelled EU Representative and Gambia's Foreign Minister

Expelled EU Representative and Gambia’s Foreign Minister

Gambia Dictator Yahya Jammeh

Gambia Dictator Yahya Jammeh

The European Union (EU) was on Saturday, June 6, rudely awakened to the realities of the Gambian plight under the dictatorship of President Yahya Jammeh; after its country representative to the Gambia was expelled without reason.

The news that came as a surprise, left the Union reeling for answers; as their French citizen country representative for 5 years, Ms Agnes Guillaud, was on Friday, June 5, given 72 hours notice to leave the Gambia or risk forceful removal. The Union had no prior notice or warning of it and had so far received no official reasons for it.

The only ramblings forwarded by the Gambian Dictator and his Ministers, which seems like their reasons, but explains no fault of Ms Guillaud were expounded in the following quotes of President Jammeh and his ministers.

“We will not accept chicken change just to be colonized again. We will not be colonized twice,”  explained President Jammeh.

The “Government of The Gambia (GOTG) will continue to adhere to and uphold international norms and values but will also protect the sanctity of its sovereignty and safeguard its religious beliefs, culture, customs and traditions of its people, which constitute the pillars of its society;” explained Ms Neneh Macdoull Gaye, the country’s Foreign Minister.

“As an independent Muslim country, we will not be tied to any bloc that promotes decadence and ungodly behavior. We are no longer going to entertain any dialogue with the European Union, either directly or through the sub-regional, regional and international blocs of which we are members;” explained Bala Garba Jahumpa, the country’s most useless and Worst Stupid Minister for nothing more than talking nonsense aka Minister for Works and Transport!

However, if this was seriously their reasons for kicking out Ms Guillaud; one wonders why they never recalled their ambassador to the EU first. Instead, they still maintain their ambassador to the EU, who was summoned by the EU on Saturday, June 6, to explain what on earth is going on.

The Union’s spokeswoman, surprisingly, disclosed that the decision had simply left the Union astonished. But should the EU be surprised at all, despite the fact that they have been told, many a times, by Gambian activists that the Gambian Dictator is no more than a donkey in human flesh. A 21st  century Idi Amin Dada of Africa, who serves no interest of his people; but that of his own egoistic whims. A President, who lacks all disciplines of a school boy, much more a statesman or diplomat.

However, it seems the Union still has much to learn about the Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh. Asking questions never gets you answers in the Gambia, much more the correct answers. The Union should have consulted Ms Guillaud, who had been in the country for almost 5 years to explain what had happened; whether they should, in fact, be expecting any justifiable reasons for her expulsion from the country.

She would be in a much better position to offer reasonable explanations than the errand-boy Gambian ambassador to EU, whose knowledge is limited to what he is told to say!

The Union ought to have known that the Gambian Dictator never has reasons for his decisions, except to satisfy his egos. In fact, at most, speculations tend to present a much accurate picture than the reasons forwarded by the regime.

This is why the reasons forwarded by the Dictator that the EU wants to impose colonisation and homosexuality cannot be taken their words worth. In fact speculations had it that the expulsion may have been simply a ploy to divert attentions from the ongoing Thione Secka millions case in Dakar and his subsequent arbitrary arrests of the Mandinka boys: DJ Lamin Cham, Momodou Sabally and Yusupha Saidy, all of which happened in the last 7 days.

Therefore, it seems the EU still has much to learn about Yahya Jammeh. The British have learnt the best formula to deal with Yahya Jammeh. That formula is not  asking for answers, but reciprocating his actions full on.

In 2006, the Gambian Dictator expelled the British Deputy High Commissioner to the Gambia without any justifiable reason. The, then, British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, did not waste any time asking for answers, before reciprocating the same action by expelling the, then, Gambian Deputy High Commissioner to London on the same date.

Since that date, 12 years ago, Jammeh has learnt to live with the British diplomats in Banjul than kicking them out; despite, his claims that the British, in 400 years of colonising Gambia, did nothing except teach Gambians “how to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep”.

The EU needs to learn that the Devil is only appeased at the anger of God. Therefore, it is time for the Union to heed to the calls of the Gambian activists and rights groups, to start getting tougher on Jammeh with travel bans on him, his family, government officials, and party cronies.

Only such a language will get into the thick skull of the Gambian Dictator that Europe too has a moral duty to protect the sanctity of its sovereignties and safeguard its religious beliefs, culture, customs and traditions of its people, which constitute the pillars of its societies. And that does not allow them to permit leaders, who are dogmatic in their retarded beliefs that they are god’s prophets on earth sent to persecute Homosexuals, Right Groups, Journalists and political oppositions.

Trust Bank’s Deal with Someone on US -Anti-terror List Sparks Row with Western Union

June 2, 2015
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Western Union  terminate contract with Trust Bank Ltd

Western Union terminates contract with Trust Bank Ltd

Trust Bank Gambia Ltd is reported to have been doing business with someone on the US – anti-terrorism list which resulted to Western Union shivering ties with the bank as its Master Agent. Trust bank has been doing business with the international money transfer agency for over two decades. The bank has been western union’s established agent in the Gambia and the decision to shiver ties with the bank has come as a big surprise according to a press release issued by the bank management on Monday 1st June 2015.  The release went on to indicate that ” Western union stated that the proprietor of one of our point of sale shops was on the US -anti-terrorism list and therefore, our business link with the shop contravenes the law and the rules of our agreement”.

The bank however assures its customers and the general public that it would continue to negotiate with western union to restore the terminated contract they had with western union.  In the press release Trust Bank didn’t dispel charges made by western union and didn’t give any indication as to who might be the suspected terrorist the bank was having business with.  At the end of the press release the bank showed some remorse over what has happened and assured customers of a continuation of bank services  by closing with the following lines “We wish to apologize to all our numerous customers and well-wishers for the inconvenience this will cause in offering the complete bouquet of Trust Bank services to them.We look forward to continuing to offer you trusted and superior services in all other areas, even as we pursue discussions with Western Union.”