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December 11, 2014
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The Late Amie Joof may her soul RIP

The late Amie Joof may her soul RIP

The late Yandeh Njie may her soul RIP

The late Yandeh Njie may her soul RIP

The Gambian community in Norway is mourning the sudden demise in a fatal car accident of two women yesterday Wednesday 10th December 2014. Amie Joof and Yandeh Njie 55 and 49 years of age respectively met their untimely death in an automobile accident in Sweden. Many people woke up to the devastating news this morning and their reactions on social media were that of shock, sorrow and disbelieve at what happened. They were hailed by many as women of very outstanding personalities. The Chairman of the Gambian Association in Norway Mr. Omar Drammeh described them as formidable and phenomenal ladies. In a message posted on the Gambian Associations Facebook page Drammeh said “Both Amie and Yandeh were prominent figures in our community, giant pillars who selflessly served our community, worked and supported both the Gambian mosque and the Gambian Association committee through thick and thin for as long as I can remember; two decades and more! Heroines have fallen and our hearts are bleeding.”

Messages of condolence were pouring in from different directions in the Oslo Gambian community. Ndey Jobarteh described the fallen ladies as people who have been very central in the functioning of the mosque in Oslo. “Amie Joof has left a hole in me, a hole that am still struggling to accept that is there. A hole that I am afraid to look at! I saw you all over last night but if you are reading this Amie Joof, you have left me with so many questions than answers. I know that God decide but I still have questions Why you? Why now? Why so quick? Why when we need you so much? How can you be killed in the day of the Nobel Award when the issues that you love so much , that you fought for so much is getting the world attention that is children rights!” touchingly exclaimed Ndey. Neneh Bojang also described them as very influential women in the Gambia community and express sincere condolence to their close relatives and the entire Gambian community.

Ebrima Saye described this day of mourning as the day when the ink jar went dry and quoted a verse of the Qur’an which reads “Allah takes souls at the time of their death and [the souls] of those that do not die during their sleep. He retains those souls for which He has ordained death, whereas He releases the rest for an appointed term.” [Al-Qur’an 39:42]. A member of our editorial team based in Oslo said “I went to bed with this devastating news last night. I saw Aunty Amie at the Masjid last Friday and even took a bite of fish pie prepared by her. Death always come as a surprise. They are good women with very amazing personalities. May Allah shower mercy on their gentle souls and grant them the highest Jannat!”

We at Kibaaro  would like to express our sincere condolence to the immediate families of the fallen women. Our condolence goes to Awa Fofona Green, Hasan Njie and the entire Gambian Community in Oslo and the around the world. We pray that the Almighty God welcome to His mercy these ladies who lived a life of selfless sacrifice to humanity. May the most merciful forgive them all their faults and admit them in everlasting bliss.


December 10, 2014
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Remains of human skeletons believed to be toddlers were exhumed at the Serekunda General Hospital last Friday, Kibaaro has reliably learnt. According to the information reaching our news desk, the skeletons were dug up by Security Officers at the backyard of the Mortuary in Serekunda General Hospital after a tip-off.  A Mortuary attendant who is currently held at the Kanifing Police Station is allegedly said to be helping the police with their investigation. The exhumed skeletons remain kept at the Mortuary pending further investigation.

The Police PRO denied any knowledge of the unearthing when contacted to shed light on the alleged incident. His denial of the incident has created more unanswered questions and doubts especially when Monster Jammeh has been accused in many occasions of stealing new born babies and using them as sacrifice.

“I am absolutely gutted by this unimaginable evil”, one of the Nurses at the hospital was heard lamenting.

“The sight of the skeletons clinging together like sedimentary rocks was horrifying.  Whoever did this to these innocent angels must be very callous”, one teary officer said.

The remains exhumed at the backyard of the Serekunda General Hospital Mortuary suggest new born babies are at risk in the Greater Banjul hospitals and health centres. New security measures must be set in place at all health centres and hospitals to protect new born babies and their mothers from anyone intending them harm.


December 8, 2014
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Yusupha Bojang, Deputy Head of the Gambian Diplomatic Mission in Kensington Photo: Central News

Yusupha Bojang, former deputy diplomat of the Gambian Mission 


Yahya Jammeh is the boss of the Gambian diplomats

Deputy head of the Gambian Diplomatic Mission in Kensington, Yusupha Bojang, and his colleagues ordered 29 tonnes of rolling tobacco over three years. They imported more than half a million 50g pouches at tax-free rates for personal or High Commission use.

Much of it was sold from the embassy, the Crown Prosecution Service said. Because it was sold and not actually for personal use, VAT and excise duty should have been paid, the CPS added.

The trial was held at Southwark Crown Court in London.

Bojang, first secretary Gaston Sambou, welfare officer Georgina Gomez and finance attache Ebrima John, who all had diplomatic privileges, along with Veerahia Ramarajaha, Audrey Leeward and Hasaintu Noah, were found guilty of conspiracy to cheat the Inland Revenue .

Ramarajaha was also convicted of dealing, harbouring, concealing or carrying dutiable goods.

However, another defendant, Ida Jeng Njie, was found not guilty of conspiracy to cheat the revenue.

Immunity waived

Lisa Rose, specialist fraud prosecutor at the CPS, said the group’s deception involved a serious breach of the trust of their own government and of the British people.

“The scheme they designed and implemented not only resulted in the public purse being cheated of almost £4.8m in tax revenue, but it also abused their diplomatic status, taking advantage of the entire system of diplomatic privilege which is reliant on trust and responsibility,” she said.

“For all practical purposes, the scheme in operation was like running a business and the volume of tobacco was so large that to suggest it was for personal use, or for the use of the High Commission, is implausible.”

Ms Rose also thanked the government of The Gambia, which waived diplomatic immunity for four of the defendants.

“The public should have confidence that in cases where our tax systems have been exploited, all steps will be taken to ensure that diplomatic staff cannot commit offences and then hide behind diplomatic immunity,” she added.

Those found guilty were remanded in custody and will be sentenced on Wednesday.


December 4, 2014
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Illegal Migrants


United Nations migrants rights expert, Francois Crepeau, has faulted the idea that the cultural identity of British is under threat from migration as fantasy and bull****. The senior UN Aide has also unequivocally decried the UK Tory led coalition government’s stance on supporting search and rescue efforts to prevent refugees drowning in the Mediterranean.

“The fantasy is there is a core British culture that was created probably 2000 years ago and carried on, and now it is being threatened by all those barbarians that are coming to our gate. This is utter bull****. But who is going to say this?” charged the outspoken UN Aide.

He went on to add, “That is why I think we have problem with political conversation we can’t have.”

Concerned by the rise of anti-immigration sentiments across Europe, he warned, “If Britain is ruled by UKIP or with UKIP-type policies, it is not going to be cool”.

He also said it was wrong not to support rescue missions involving migrants. “Not supporting search and rescue operations means letting them die. If we accept that, I think we go well beyond the moral boundaries of our political system”.

In October the Foreign Office set out its opposition to search and rescue operations, claiming they simply encouraged more people to attempt the dangerous sea crossing. However, after facing criticism, ministers said Britain would offer further support on top of the simple debriefing expert already allocated.

Less the former colonial master forgot, they invaded, colonized and looted African resources for years. Those poor African had to pay with their sweat and blood to reclaim their independence and freedom. It can be rightly argued that they still implant their puppets as leaders who serve their interests only. As a consequent, supporting search and rescue operation for migrants is a moral duty for the West Powers.  It is hypocrital for the British to shun both economic and political migrants consideration their historical relation with them.

Courtesy of the METRO


December 4, 2014
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The National Assembly Member for Niamina Dankunku District and House minority leader, Samba Jallow, has accused the Public Accounts Committee and the Public Enterprise Committee (PAC/PEC) of the National Assembly of “selective justice”.

Jallow faulted the PAC/PEC for having blamed the Ministry of Finance for tabling reports before lawmakers which indicated some obscure payments being made without vouchers, noting that the approval of the recent supplementary appropriation bill tabled before lawmaker deserves similar scrutiny.

 “What the PAC/PEC committee is doing is not genuine because they are blaming the Ministry of Finance for giving out an account without payment vouchers. So, the parliament approving this bill means that we are doing the same thing that the Finance did. It was just recently when we put the Finance Ministry to task for paying over one billion dalasi without any supporting documents. I believe the best thing is to start scrutinising the Office of the President since we are seeing this sort of spending coming out of the highest office in the state. And I don’t believe that the Office of the President has lack of vehicles to justify spending an extra amount of over D112 million as was seen on the Supplementary Bill. We have also spent D86 million to open an embassy in Malaysia and I wonder what economic ties we have with Malaysia to justify opening an embassy there with such a huge amount.

“This is why I advocated for our spending to be reduced and prioritised. There is no way we can minimise spending if we have two state houses in this country – Banjul and Kaninlai. Imagine the fuel cost of the number of vehicles they use on the presidential convoy when going to Kanilai every week. This is very expensive even if it were to be [once] every month,” he said.

He declared that the recent Supplementary Appropriation Bill tabled before them in the National Assembly was “the most serious fiscal abuse” that has ever happened in the history of The Gambia.

The independent NAM maintained: “Regarding the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, this is one of the most serious things that happened in this country. In 2012, there was an appropriation bill in parliament of D400 million and in 2013 we had it for D300 million which is reasonable. But looking at what happened this year, you cannot avoid the conclusion that this is one of the [biggest acts of] financial indiscipline in our history. There is no way one can justify it. Just imagine that by the first of December, we are tabling January 2015 to December 31st budget and barely two weeks to that, we are having this appropriation bill. This is serious especially under the Office of the President. Last time they were saying that the president was praising our Public Account Committee but for me, this praise is not genuine. You cannot praise the Public Accounts Committee avoiding yourself because the Office of the President is not accounted for because they are not reporting to that committee”.



December 3, 2014
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Prime Minister Cameron

Prime Minister Cameron

Illegal Migrants

Illegal Migrants

The United Kingdom, under the Tory led coalition government, has opted to cut off its annual financial contribution to the EU for rescue services granted to migrants fleeing persecution and seeking for greener pasture in Europe from across Africa.  The government stressed this policy allows migrants to die by drowning to deter others from trying to migrate to Europe using the catastrophic back way across the Atlantic Ocean.

The UK will no longer support the EU in the rescue operations in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea to save political and economic migrants who are sorting safe heaven and to make their European dream come true.  When this inhumane policy is implemented, the UK government which has abysmally failed in capping its migration net reckons the dead of more migrants daring the back way will not only safe more money for the EU but will deter others from embarking on the risky and suicidal journey.

Albeit some of those risking their lives through the turbulent and tempestuous waves of the Atlantic Ocean are economic dream chasers, most of them are fleeing from persecution from dictatorship in Africa.  Moreover, as a former colonial master and champion of human rights and good governance, the British government has a morale responsibility to rescue these vulnerable migrants. Many of the critics of this British stance believed the policy is racist and inhumane. Former BNP leader, Nick Griffins was quoted as saying “We should shoot them dead on those boats”.

“I am appalled by this irrational stand of our British government.  This international crisis requires concerted effort to curb it. United kingdom is a land of equalizers, taking such a racist attitude towards a modern genocide is beggars’ belief”, lamented another furious British.

This crisis of flocks of migrants seeking to set foot in Europe can be described as the brainchild of all former colonial master and current west powers. UK and all of her EU counterparts continue to milk African resources yet every migrant setting foot in their soil hurts like a torn in the backside. Furthermore, they still aid and abet dictatorship in Africa, fertilize imperialism and turn blind eyes in African dictators squandering and looting billions of pounds from their poor countries and stashing it in their EU bank accounts. In a nutshell, this accentuates Western Powers double standard stance when it comes to the less powerful nations by preaching one thing and acting the opposite.

Gambia’s Edward Snowden Rattles Cage of West Africa’s King of Impunity

November 29, 2014
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Photo: courtsy of MFWA

Gambia’s Edward Snowden Mr. Bamba Mass who is known for rattling the cage of Africa’s most brutal dictator has made yet another revelation of nasty economic practices of the rogue regime of Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Mass in his program of dialogue with the president on Kibaaro radio unveiled the nefarious activities of Gambia’s criminal president. In the program he highlighted that by the orders of Yahya Jammeh a special account was created at GT Bank for the deposit of taxes collected from parastatals like GIA. He cited that it was through the help of Fatou Mass Jobe former minister of tourism, a trained banker with years of experience that such a plan was hatched. This revelation of Mr. Bamba Mass is corroborated by the recent audit report by the Auditor General of the Gambia. In the Auditor General’s report he made mentioned of large stash of cash from national coffers  deposited in commercial banks around the country.

The economy of Gambia is on a freefall to abyss. The governor of central bank openly admitted that the central bank is running out of foreign currency reserve. He said that the amount of dollars used for paying of imports is dwindling at a fast rate. Despite all these warnings the newly crowned king of impunity for West Africa continues to live a very flamboyant lifestyle. His wife continues to shuttle between Banjul and U.S.A like a commuter between Banjul and Serekunda while majority of Gambians dwell in abject poverty. It is about time Gambians confront this thieve of a president who is stealing national wealth point blank before it is too late. Just recently the national assembly approved a supplementary budget of over one billion dalasis half of which is to go to the office of the president. Gambia’s Edward Snowden is determined to continue exposing the ill actions of a tyrant masquerading as a messiah.