By Saul Saidykhan Just as he did on his famous two years (1324 to 1326)  hajj to Mecca, the man born Foamed Musa in Kankan (in present day Guinea Conakry,) grandson of the premier Manden Mansa, Sogolon Jata “Sunjata” Keita/Kaita, continues to make waves. Researchers that have done studies ofContinue Reading

‘’White Devils, House Negroes and Field Negroes’’ By Dodou Jawneh The venue was Harriet Tubman Development Centre at 27 – 29 Grove Lane, Birmingham and the date 18th May 2012, just a day before the 87th  anniversary of Malcolm X’s birth. The event, a discussion on Malcolm’s thoughts, was organisedContinue Reading

History Corner with Editor Bamba Mass The history of Foni and its great ruler had been long forgotten by historians even though this ruler was one of the most remarkable rulers of the Gambia. When the history of Foni or the name of Foni comes to mind today, it isContinue Reading

By Suntou Touray The original marabou or spiritual guidance among the Mandingo tribe were said to be composed of five clans: Ceesay (Nghana Manden Mori); Touray (Nghana Manden Mori); Janneh (Nghana Manden Mori); Bereteh (Nghana Manden Mori); Koma (Nghana Manden Mori). Among all the five Mori (marabou clans), there used to beContinue Reading