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May 5, 2016
Defiant crowd outside court house

Defiant crowd outside court house

Women with brooms poised to clean the rogue regime's mess

Women with brooms poised to clean the rogue regime’s mess

The leader of the opposition party United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer  Ousainou Darboe  who was arrested on  April 16th along with other peaceful protesters were denied bail today at the high Court in Banjul.  Many view the decision to deny the formal bail application tendered by defense team of illegally detained protesters as a traverse to justice which highlight President Jammeh’s hair splitting stratagem of weakening the morale of concerned Gambians who ply to Banjul to protest in front  of the Court house during every seating.  Such a strategy is likely to backfire on the rogue regime because the People do not show any sign of relent as their numbers continue to bulge at every Court hearing.

The momentum of civil disobedience is gaining ground as People continue to mobilize and demonstrate  in front of court house chanting anti- regime slogans and demanding the release of Solo Sandeng death or alive.  Yesterday during the hearing of the first batch of peaceful protesters arrested on April 14th, the state produce eight new people held in custody among them  3 female protesters who were feared death. Fatoumatta Jawara, Nokoi  Njie and Fatou Camara were arraigned before the high Court yesterday. Those who saw these 3 ladies yesterday at the Court house lamented traces of torture and inhuman treatment by their captors.  There are revelations underscoring that these decent ladies were subjected to all forms of torture and rape while in incommunicado. This is the reason why the state refused to tender them in Court initially and waited until their torture wounds heal a bit before producing them in Court.

The fear factor is gradually desecrated in the Gambia for people express themselves freely around the Court house and are ready for whatever consequences. The women today came with brooms which signifies that the Gambia is in a big mess and they are ready to clean the country of that mess. With Those brooms they shall clean the country of dictatorship , oppression, torture and killing of innocent Citizens. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, his UDP executive and other peaceful protesters plying the road between mile II Central prison and Banjul high court are in high spirit and resolved to face any consequences for the interest of the Gambian People. Next round of Court hearing is scheduled to take place next week Monday April 9th.

The United Democratric Party (UDP) Puts Forward Its Non Negotiable Demands

May 4, 2016
Aji Mariama Secka UDP Deputy Leader

Aji Mariama Secka UDP Deputy Leader

UDP Youth Secretary General Solo Sandeng

UDP Youth Secretary General Solo Sandeng











The woman managing the state-sponsored crisis of the Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party has issued a press statement listing the party’s uncompromising demands. Mariam Secka’s demands include unconditional release of all detainees, and that investigation be launched on the reported death of Solo Sandeng and brutal torture of detainees.

Read below the UDP’s Press Release in detail:



The Executive Committee of United Democratic Party (UDP) wishes to inform the general public and the International Community, of its total condemnation on the high handedness of peaceful marches on Thursday 14th and Saturday16th April 2016 at West field and Kairaba Avenue respectively by the state security officials. The party further condemns the subsequent arrest, detention and torture of some of the party officials, members and other peaceful marchers.


On the 14th April 2016, a group of concerned Gambians demanding genuine electoral reform to open up the country to conducting credible, free and fair elections, were arrested and whisked away to an unknown destination by the officials of the Gambia’s Police Intervention Unit. They were reportedly subjected to severe torture. As a result, one of them Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the UDP National Organizing Secretary was reported to have died from the torture inflicted on him.


News of Ebrima Solo Sandeng’s death was as shocking as it was unbearable, compelling the leadership of the UDP to a peaceful march demanding that the authorities release him dead or alive, as well as the unconditional release of all the other detainees. On Saturday April 16th 2016 the executive of the United Democratic Party were also arrested and have been in enforced state detention since.


On Wednesday 20th April 2016 after more than 72 hours in detention, eighteen people were brought before a judge and charged with varying trumped up offences including conspiracy to riot and conducting a march without a permit etc. However seven of those arrested are yet to be produced in court; In essence, they still remain unaccounted for. They include: Ebrima Solo Sandeng, Ndogoi Njie, Fatoumata Jawara, Fatou Camara, Modou Ngum, Kafu Bayo and Ebrima Jabang.


For those arrested on 16th April 2016 which include the UDP Leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and his executive, Nineteen (19) remain in custody while thirteen (13) have been released on bail. On Thursday 28th April 2016, the state produced one more person before the court who was also jointly charged alongside the UDP leader and his executive.


The Gambia government continues to flout the high court orders for the detainees to be allowed family visits, food from the families, access to lawyers and other rights and privilege under the prison rule to change of clothes. The UDP condemns in strongest possible terms the inhumane manner in which the detainees are being treated.


The UDP still remains deeply concern about the whereabouts of one of its supporters, Dembo S. Darboe (Touray Darboe). He is from Kafuta village Kombo East and was picked up by plain cloth security officers on Saturday evening 16th April 2016 in the same village on his way from the mosque. His whereabouts are still not known.


The United Democratic Party noted with great concern, the actions and conduct of security forces for not only preventing and denying its members and other concern citizens from exercising their constitutional rights, but has gone to the extent of inflicting brutal and inhumane treatments on them.


The UDP expresses her total condemnation of the apparent bias of the security forces for breaking up its peaceful march while allowing the militants and members of the ruling APRC Party to conduct series of pro-government demonstrations in the past. The UDP recognizes the concerns of the International Community and is grateful to the solidarity from civil society groups, Gambians and friends of The Gambia at home and abroad in this difficult moment.


The UDP will continue to remain steadfast in demanding for freedom, justice, rule of law and democracy in The Gambia. We continue to stand firm in the collective efforts to liberate our beloved country from the clutches of this tyrannical regime.


We salute the uncompromised support and solidarity of the party’s militants, youths and women in particular.


The UDP unreservedly demand:


  1. That our party Leader and Secretary General Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and all other political detainees be immediately and unconditionally released;
  2. That the torture and reported death of Ebrima Solo Sandeng be fully investigated and the culprits are brought to book;
  3. That the severe torture of other detainees be also fully investigated and the culprits brought to book;
  4. That the security force put a total stop to the excessive use of force in denying and preventing the citizens from exercising their constitutional rights to peaceful demonstration;
  5. That the security of our party officials and members be guaranteed.


Mariam B. Secka

Deputy Secretary General and Deputy Party Leader


April 30, 2016
Gambians & Friends of The Gambia at the solidarity gathering in Oslo

Gambians & Friends of The Gambia at the solidarity gathering in Oslo

The wave of protest to show solidarity with victims of the recent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in Gambia has reached the shores of Scandinavia where the waves finally hit the city of Oslo yesterday evening Friday 29th April at 4:30pm. After attending the normal Friday prayers and listening to a strong sermon  from an eloquent Imam who touched on holding fast to the truth in this world come what may, concerned Gambians and friends of the Gambia marched out to the Younstorget open Plaza Downtown Oslo  to protest against recent happenings in the Gambia.

Despite the short notice given , attendance was unprecedented.  Previous protests on Gambia in Oslo hardly attracts a dozen participants but this time around the turnout was impressive. This shows the fear factor both in the Gambia and abroad is being gradually hack to pieces. Before the event started the crowd sang  revolutionary slogans depicting the appalling human rights situation in the Gambia. “Na dem” “na dem”  meaning «let him go» «let him go» freedom for Gambia, down to dictatorship the crowd chanted.

After warming up with revolutionary chants the event proper started with the singing of the national anthem of the Gambia.  After the roaring national anthem a host of speakers took to the podium and each and everyone of them lamented on the pressing need to release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in the Gambia. There was a representative from the Norwegian Council for Africa who spoke at the event. He echoed concerns of the UN repertoire on torture on the human rights situation in the  Gambia. He buttressed that the regime in Gambia should release all the detained peaceful protesters and drop all charges leveled against members of the opposition party UDP.

Prior to the gathering on Friday a delegation of the Oslo-Gambian affairs had a Meeting With the Norwegian Foreign affairs Department in which the Gambian delegation was given an opportunity to address the Foreign Department on the human rights situation and issues of concern in the Gambia. The Meeting took Place on Thursday 28th April . The delegation brought the following Points to the attention of the Foreign Department;

  1. Enhance efforts through the EU and other bodies to impose and strengthen a travel ban on Jammeh and his henchmen
  2. More pressure to facilitate access for the UN Special Rapporteur to investigate human rights violations in The Gambia.
  3. To closely follow Jammeh’s close collaboration with Turkey. Turkey is being gradually embraced by the EU and we tried to highlight the contradiction of a possible EU member state enhancing a dictatorial regime.
  4. Political asylum for Gambian dissidents in Senegal who had fled the country and urgently in need of protection.

The foreign department expressed gratitude for the visit and stressed the Norwegian government’s commitment to human rights, which they ensure is high on the agenda in international fora. They also mentioned that the Norwegian ambassador in Ghana is accredited to Gambia and that the ambassador while presenting his credentials to Jammeh, discussed both democracy and human rights. The embassy sends updates, but that they will appreciate more updates on the developments in The Gambia. The delegation promised to be sending more information.

The Foreign Department has promised to send an official response to address the issued raised by the Oslo-Gambian affairs delegation.

The nose is tightening for the rogue regime in Gambia. The Oslo-Gambian affairs has planned to take part in the 1st May procession in Oslo to further expose the deplorable human rights situation in the Gambia. The procession will begin at 11:30 am on Sunday 1st May at Youngstorget downtown Oslo.


April 29, 2016
Momodou Lamin Korta

Author: Momodou Lamin Korta

By Momodou Lamin Korta

The Gambia has experience the worst moment of its history in the past 22 years since the junta regime came in to power. President Yahya Jammeh came in to power through the barrel of the Gun some two decades ago. We where very young when this man and some few un educated in experience soldiers walk in to our lives claiming to change the direction of the country to not only suit the younger generation that’s the present generation but the entire Gambian population.

I Can vividly recall most of the promises this government gave to the citizens of our beloved Gambia, First of all Yahya Jammeh promise to fight corruption in to the country. HE Claimed the former regime of sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was corrupt to the core one thing which became a slogan of the mid 90s or early days of the coup de etat was the way the former government officials were living was to fight rampant corruption and flamboyant lifestyle of the PPP government. Mr editor I want to put this message across that president Jammehs government is one of the most corrupt governments in the modern 20th century first of all we all know how Kanilai was like prior to the coup de etat but he has transform Kanilai to a commercial capital .He used the money of donor agencies, tax payers monies to enrich himself from broad day light, he has bought a house in the united states to the tune of 3.5 million dollars when the average Gambian cannot afford two meal a day , his  daughter is going to a private school of tuition fee of $75000 per annum ,he has squandered the limited resources of Gambia rendering the country bankrupt. So we were better of in the former regime than the present government. Yahya Jammeh failed Gambians he needs to handover our country.

Secondly Mr Editor, The most important issue is Yahya Jammeh and his criminal government should released all political prisoners dead or alive especially the likes of Ebrima Solo Sandeng whose faith is still not clear to both people in the Gambia and in the international arena ,whether he is dead or alive, if its really true that Solo Sandeng has been tortured killed by your junglers then this is counted as among the series of atrocities you have committed since coming in to power, Ndogoi, Fatoumatta  Jawara, Fatou Camara The daughter of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe Fanta Darboe Jawara who is a dual American citizen ,Leader of the united Democratic party and all its executives should be released. We all know it’s not constitutionally right to detain anybody after 72 hours without being charged and some of them have not been seen or heard about for 12 days now.

In march 9th of 2009 This man claiming to be the president of the Gambia sent armed police officers to my village in Sintet saying he was hunting witches in that village about 300 people were rounded up arrested make to drink medicines what kind of madness is that some few people lost their lives by drinking that poisonous medicine, I  Think Gambians have been pushed so hard now and we all leaning by  the wall this government have done one of the most heinous atrocities  of our present generations, people disappearance have been a norm now a days in Gambia. Can someone tell Yahya Jammeh being the president this is not what you promised the Gambian people when you came in to power in 1994 of July. Mr President the message is clear release Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and we need Solo Sandeng Dead or alive.

Thirdly Mr President you know The Gambians don’t like your government anymore because they are living in abject poverty, there is absolute hunger and starvation in Gambia, the country is soon to be declared a famine state. And finally Gambians have been living in fear for a very long time for 22years none can express their feelings.

There is no  freedom of speech, freedom of assembly ,no freedom of protest ,none guarantee of a secured job you hire them sack them recycle them jail them recall them mix there heads up ,basically you run the country like a home .Gambians are saying enough is enough step down before its Late Long life Gambia Long life its people.




April 24, 2016


warramba jammehAljazeeraBy Gambiano

Al-Jazeera was already in The Gambia around August/September of 2015 about to film. But they were asked to stop filming because their permit was revoked. And the subject of their mission, in the direct words of Journalist Catherine Soi? Simple! “To objectively report on issues that affect Gambians: human rights; why thousands of young people are risking their lives to take the perilous journey across the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe; government measures to empower and protect these young people; and an interview with Jammeh on his vision of transforming Gambia into a self- sustaining agricultural hub by 2016.

To Al-Jazeera: Why don’t you go to America and do the same for ordinary Americans groaning in credit card debt, losing their homes or already kicked out of them, and dying without healthcare? Aren’t there “issues that affect” Americans? Most Americans can’t go to college without paying a fortune to banks that control congress and politicians. Most students in America are in debt up to their neck. The gap between the rich and the poor is scary and continuously widening. If you fall sick in America, or have a small bruise, you pay a fortune to the hospital if you ever get care. The hospital will continue to send you bills with increment for the rest of your life.

Or here’s another one, Al-Jazeera, since you love to report “issues that affect” people: The so-called Arab Spring swept Arab countries, but not Saudi Arabia, the most corrupt and Zionist gulf state. Citizens of Saudi Arabia have no say, whatsoever, in the way they are governed. One family has been ruling Saudi forever! Why? Because it protects America’s interests! And if the House of Saud dares tell America “no” any day, they are gone! Before oil was discovered in Saudi in 1936, they were poorer than Gambia. Any imam that says a word against the royal family in Saudi today is thrown in Jail. There are many imams in jail in Saudi Arabia today. But you won’t see this on CNN or Al-Jazeera. Dissent is a sacrilege in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar (Al-Jazeera headquarters).

When the Arab Spring erupted, the Saudi Royal family was so rattled they started arresting innocent Saudis they feared would take to the streets. Also, the Saudis sent troops to Bahrain to make sure there is no protest there. Al-Jazeera, you know this more than I can ever relate! Here is another thing you know but won’t dare report: America’s Henry Kissinger forced the Saudis into an agreement in the 1970s that they would agree to sell oil only in U.S Dollars. Also, the Saudis will have to invest their profit in America. This is why the Saudi Tycoon Waleed Bin Talal owns shares in Citibank, ABC, Apple, and many more. Ordinary Saudis aren’t getting anything out of this Kissinger protocol. But America would make sure the Saudi Royal family keeps power.

Occupy Wall Street Arrests: Try any kind of protest in America against the 1% that enslaves the ordinary Americans with credit card and mortgage debt and see what happens. Tens of thousands of Occupy Wall street protesters were arrested. But CNN and Al-Jazeera said hundreds. And what do those protesters want? To end the enslavement of ordinary Americans by banks and Wall Street. But they are thrown in jail! Today, Wall Street, Banks, Pharmaceuticals and the top one-eight-of one percent is using Hillary Clinton against Bernie sanders. And educated fools can’t understand this! Al-Jazeera, why not report this like you have about your Gambia YouTube protests?

Yes, Jammeh must Quit, but…without bloodshed and serious injury to Gambians. Why do foreign press always want Africans to take to the streets for unrest, but never tell Americans or the British to do the same? You want us to destroy our nations by inciting ordinary citizens only to sit back and laugh at those same protesters. Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. know what I’m talking about.

To Yahya Jammeh: Yahya, please peacefully hand over power. You can do this! If not, you’re going against the very reasons for the 1994 coup. Overstaying is a very dangerous thing that has been destroying African countries. You know this very well, yet you’re doing it. Look, Prophet Muhammad did not overstay. As wonderful as he was, he was recalled by his Lord. And so were many exemplary leaders. You will never have a peace of mind as long as you hold onto power.

When one overstays in power, his family, friends, or inner circle associates are the ones that root their tentacles in many spheres of life. They consequently consolidate themselves in the areas of resource generation. This is why intelligent people came together in thought and brought about term limits. Today, one has to approach a key Yahya Jammeh associate to get a good position in the Gambia just like it was during PPPs tutelage.

The human nature gets fed up too quickly. Even if you pave Gambia’s roads with silver and gold, people still have that natural propensity to want a different leader. This is why many welcomed you when you ousted Jawara. Many asking you to step down today really marched for you in cheers when you first came to power. This is why wise men never seek power. But look at you today.

Those around you, Jammeh, are like the sycophants around Pharoah of Egypt. Pharoah surrounded himself with those who only told him what he loved to hear—even when he was killing babies. That’s sycophancy at its zenith! You can set a reconciliation committee upon relinquishing power. If South Africans could forget and forgive, Gambians can, I’m sure. If you refuse to heed, maybe you will wish you did, one day. Is power a poisonous dose to most Africans? When you came to power, I was in middle school. Now I consider myself an old man. That shows how time has flown and you’re still holding onto power, refusing to learn simple lessons.

I’m writing this because I love my Gambia—our Gambia. I don’t want the country to sink into chaos. Al-Jazeera wants exactly that. BBC wants exactly that. People who don’t understand Goethe’s “I prefer injustice to disorder” want exactly that. December 30th 2014 coup didn’t go through not because you’re great. It didn’t go through because Allaah knows Gambia is too tiny for a dangerous power vacuum for ego gladiators. You may think they failed because you are great or your marabouts are. But Yahya, please listen. I expect only two things from this: 1. You either listen or 2. One day you regret not listening. Asalaamu Alaikum!


April 24, 2016
Sick President Jammeh. Is he dying?

Sick President Jammeh. Is he dying?

Unimpeachable reports emanating from close sources within State House in Banjul have reported that the Gambia’s brutal tyrant President Yahya AJJ Jammeh is seriously suffering from brain tumour and MUST either immediately go for an operation abroad or else he will die within a short span of time.

Our State House sources have indicated that the Gambian dictator has made all senior security officials swore to the Quran and Bible that in an event he leaves the country, they will remain loyal to him and never betray him. Each senior Army, NIA, Para Military and Police Official was called in and made to cleanse properly under the watchful eye of his trusted aides and made to swear that they will be ready to kill to defend him and his interest in an event he is out of the country and this was done in coded secrecy.

Many are wondering why some senior officials keep their allegiance to this tyrant despite they all knew he is not fit to rule the nation and these latest revelations have shown why. Gambians should not be surprised if the head of state leaves the country soon for abroad no matter what misinformation comes from his lying machine. What we know and which is an unimpeachable fact is he desperately needed operations on his brain tumour with great urgency. President Jammeh’s ill health has been circulating round town and outside the Gambia for years now and at one time he was on French capital Paris admitted in hospital for an undisclosed illness. This we at Kibaaronews would keep a watchful eye on to see what the government would come up with this time round.

Freedom for all political prisoners! Stay tuned.


April 23, 2016
Protesters demand the release of UDP leaders and illegally detained

France protesters demand the release of UDP leader and others illegally detained

Gambians and Friends of the Gambia clamoring for Justice under heavy rain in Germany

Gambians and friends of the Gambia clamoring for Justice under heavy rain in Germany

Gambians and non alike came out in their large numbers yesterday 22nd April and this afternoon 23rd April to protest against the brutalization of Citizens by the rogue regime in Banjul.  Ever since the Heavy handed response to peaceful protesters in Gambia on 14th and 16th April there has been an international outcry. Gambians in the different parts of  the world came out to Express their dissatisfaction and show solidarity to victims of protest.

In Paris the protest took Place in the form of a peaceful assembly punctuated with speeches and anti – government slogans. Sheikh Sidia Bayo who With his men earlier on invaded the Gambian Embassy in Paris was among the crowd displaying the slogan “wato sita” meaning time is up for the rogue regime in Gambia to pack and give way for Democracy and rule of Law. Speaker after speaker lamented on the injustice taking Place in the lining in the belly of Senegal.

In Germany over 200 Gambians turned up at the demonstration.  What happened in the Gambia on the 14th and 16th April is a very rare occurrence for the culture of fear have engulfed Gambians for a very long time. People hardly speak openly on the injustices taking Place in the Gambia for fear of reprisal  but the latest protests is an indication that the shackles of fear and intimidation are gradually being hacked to pieces. Despite the heavy rain  in Germany  Gambians and friends of the Gambia came out in their large numbers standing shoulder to shoulder to show solidarity with oppressed people of their homeland.

Yesterday 22nd of April there was a massive demonstration in the center of Dakar that gain wide media coverage across Senegal. Senegalese politicians, youth activists and civil society groups came out to show solidarity with citizens from the neighboring country. Killa Ace the Gambian revolutionary Artist whose single “Boka C geta G” went viral was at the demonstrations spreading the revolutionary lyrics.

Protest in Dakar denouncing tyranny in Gambia

Protesters in Dakar denouncing the tyranny in Gambia

Discussions are on the way in Scandinavia ; Sweden and Norway to stage  similar protests so as to draw more international attention on the situation in Gambia. Despite protests and international condemnation the Jammeh brutal regime has refused to release the leader of the UDP and dozens of protesters arrested on the 14th and 16th April. The Regime has paid deaf ears on the demands for the release of bodies of those tortured to death while in detention. Meanwhile the detained opposition leader is posed to appear in court again on Monday on the 25th of April to battle against flimsy charges leveled on him and other peaceful protesters.

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