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April 27, 2015
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The Leader of The Gambia’s main opposition party UDP, lawyer Ousainou Darboe has told waiting Journalists at his Pipeline resident that, “Gambians are more than ready to get rid of President Jammeh’s regime come 2016 presidential election”.

According to him, “the need to end Jammeh’s regime is long over due in order to revamp the decaying economy to a sound and vibrant one on which the country can be built and avail social services to all Gambians while ushering poverty to the exit point”.

“The entire country has rejected the Jammeh regime. This has been demonstrated by Alkalolus who previously never dared to welcome us, today boldly chaired our meetings and speak out their minds. Their open and total rejection of the regime amplifies the status quo has changed from fear to preparedness for positive change”.

The UDP Leader described the tour as very successful despite the stand-off that delayed his tour party for three days. “The tour was very impressive and the reception accorded to us is superb. It’s  very encouraging. In fact there are instances were we went to bed by 4:30am all of which shows how Gambians are ready for change”, Darboe disclosed.

He went on to underscore how the UDP has always abide by the dictates of the constitution. Most importantly,  he reaffirms its militants will continue to do so but will never allow anybody to trample on their rights. The stand-off, he noted has spoken clearly to Gambians and the world at large that power resides with the people and no amount of intimidation or thuggery will repress the thirst for change come 2016 presidential election.

“The UDP will continue to respect the laws but we will never be intimidated again by anybody”, Darboe emphasise

Furthermore, Darboe added, he hopes this type of stand-off between his party and the security force will not occur again not only with the UDP but all other political parties in the country.

“Its very sad that this stand-off occurred at a time when the African Commission is having its extra-ordinary meeting in Banjul thus sending the wrong signal to the world. It is very disgraceful”, The UDP Leader lamented.

“This tour”,  Lawyer Darboe intimated, “is a build-up to the 2016 presidential election. The issue of electoral reforms is not a matter of the UDP alone but all other political parties. As a result, I don’t want to make any comment as far as the electoral reforms are concern”, he concluded

The UDP Leader finally thank Gambians both home and abroad for sponsoring this tour, adding that they have shown their desire and passion for change.

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April 27, 2015
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Thousands of Gambians lined up the streets of the Kombos to welcome the return of the UDP Convoy, that was barricaded by President Jammeh’s security forces at Fass Njagga Choi for Three days. The Convoy set off on 16 April 2015, for a 10 days country wide sensitisation tour. On their return to the Kombos, the Convoy received a reception never seen in the country, since last elections of November 2011. Its the sort of reception that President Jammeh throws biscuits to attract in the streets of Kombos. Below are some of the pictures of the Convoy’s grand entry into the Kombos:UDPgrandentry3  UDPgrandentry9UDPgrandentry7


April 22, 2015
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Three days after three days of Jammeh’s desperate efforts to derail their countrywide tour; the UDP convoy – which included the party leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe – have finally reached many towns and villages of the rural Gambia, bringing with them messages, which the Gambian Dictator had visited darkest planets of the universe to starve Gambians from.

The Dictator had not only censored the state media from informing Gambians about his ineptitude, but also suppressed the private media into self-censorship of such information. He further tried same tactics against the Gambian online media in the diaspora.

He has further tried the same with the country’s opposition parties, denying them access to the state media and denying them permits, etc.; all with the aim of averting open public criticism of his maladministration.

The UDP convoy, which set off on April 16 for a 10 days countrywide sensitisation tour, quickly found itself stuck in the same trap; when they were barricaded for three days at Fass Njagga Choi by state security from continuing their tour.

They had to defy fear tactics of the authorities to prevail. The authorities caved in on Monday, April 20 – three days into the standoff – allowing them passage to proceed on their current tour with messages that Jammeh desperately tried to keep at bay.

Their messages, according to the party leader, Lawyer Darboe, were simply that of hope. Hope for a better Gambia that does not have Yahya Jammeh as it’s head of state. Darboe explained, in a message, to Kibaaro’s GM, Bamba Mass:

“We have told Gambians everywhere, we went that they should work for themselves at their own farms than working for President Jammeh, who receives Salary from them every month with free medication, welfare care and numerous incentives.

We told them that our country’s economic hardship is squarely the fault of the maladministration of the APRC government. The lack of hope for their future is also forcing a lot of our youth to embark on not only the dangerous journey to Europe through the back way, but also risk the deadly Mediterranean Sea and Sahara desert.

We are promising the Gambian people a better life than we have right now and if they should trust us with the management of this country, all kind of dignity Gambians deserve would be restored back to them.

We thank you all for your support especially, our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren in the diaspora. You shall never be forgotten in any UDP lead government.” 

Thank you the tour continues and we shall keep you updated.



April 22, 2015
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Gambians in United Kingdom are set to stage an anti-dictator Yahya Jammeh protest in London on, Saturday 25 April 25th 2015, at Trafalgar square, London. The event is aim at commemorating “the 15th anniversary of one of the darkest days in Gambian history: the student massacre of April 2000.  On April 10 11 2000, the Jammeh regime opened fire on students who were peacefully protesting the rape of a 14-year-old student and the death of another at the hands of state security agents. By the 11th, a total of fourteen students were killed, including 6 young children. To this day, no one has been held accountable”, according to the press release issued by the organizers of the event. 

April 10th – 11th will be forever be etched into the consciousness of all peace loving Gambians. It is thus fitting that we commemorate the 25th to not only remember the April 2000 victims, but bring international attention to the worsening human rights situation in The Gambia following the attempted coup on December 30, 2014. Since that time, there has been spate of incommunicado detentions without charge, allegations of torture, and a clampdown on the press, causing an already beleaguered populace to live in fear.

This protest will also seek to highlight the longtime human rights abuses that have continued with impunity under the Yahya Jammeh regime, including a crackdown against the LGBT community, religious leaders, the political opposition, and independent journalists. We invite all of those who abhor injustice to stand with Gambians on April 25th in London, UK. We will be gathering in front of the Fountain at Trafalgar Square at 12:00hrs GMT. We will proceed to march to Westminster at 14:00hrs GMT. We genuinely hope to see you there.


Coalition for Change Gambia (CCG)

Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia (CORDEG)

Democratic Union of Gambians (DUGA-UK)

Democratic Union of Gambians (DUGA-US)

Gambia Consultative Council (GCC)

Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG)

Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development (GMDD)

National Resistance Movement of the Gambia (NRMG)

Save the Gambia Democracy Project (STGDP)

Date Time and Place

  • Meeting up and opening prayers will commence at Trafalgar Square at 12:00hrs GMT (midday)
  • Protestors will proceed to march towards Westminster from 13:30hrs GMT where speeches and a petition will be circulated


  1. The program will begin with brief prayers to start
  2. Protestors will then march to Westminster shouting slogans and chants
  3. At Westminster speeches will be made to highlight the current environment of repression in The Gambia
  4. Closing prayers

For more information please contact:

Yusef Taylor (London) – 07592 338875

Salifu Joof (Birmingham) – 07780 848026



April 19, 2015
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Cordeg Secretary General: AIB accused Jammeh of banditry

Cordeg Secretary General: AIB accused Jammeh of banditry

The Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia (Cordeg) has also issued a press release condemning Gambia government’s barricading of the UDP’s convoy at Fass Njaga Choi. The Cordeg press release described the actions of the Gambia government as sheer banditry and disregard for the rights of others. The Cordeg press release states:

“Cordeg is aware of the on-going standoff between UDP and Security forces in the North Bank Division of Gambia.

The UDP is a legitimate registered political party with a large support base among Gambians and a constituent member of CORDEG.

For 3 days running, Gambian security forces have blocked the UDP convoy on a countrywide tour to which they are legally and constitutionally entitled.

The Gambia constitution does not require a bona fide registered political party to obtain police permission before touring to hold rallies, unless where a public address system is to be used. The UDP was subjected to a politically- driven police delay tactics to refuse authorisation for use of a public address system.UDP ignored this and proceeded on their nationwide tour to hold rallies and were blocked on the roadside by Gambian security forces, undoubtedly under orders from the Gambian dictator yahya Jammeh,despite any denials.

We unequivocally condemn this act of blatant disregard for the Law, and equally condemn the Gambia government for this act of sheer banditry and disregard for the rights of others.

We hold Jammeh personally responsible for any unsavoury outcome in this on-going saga, and encourage all other political parties and civil society organisations in Gambia and in the diaspora to rally in support of the defiance, and courage showed by the UDP leadership in the party’s quest to proceed with their legitimate right of assembly.

Gambians the world over are following this unwarranted act of thuggery and lawlessness, perpetrated by none other than Yahya Jammeh and his security forces. We encourage every Gambian to lend support to the UDP and other political parties to confront tyranny and end dictatorship.

We will continue to monitor the standoff while lending support to the UDP and other Political parties to go about their legitimate business anywhere in Gambia, and exercise their right of assembly.”

Aib Jobe………. Secretary General CORDEG


April 18, 2015
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Sidia Bayo accused Jammeh of madness and he is not alone!!!

Sidia Bayo accused Jammeh of madness and he is not alone!!!

The NTCG calls on all Gambian opposition political parties and groups to join forces to stand in solidarity with the UDP but also join the UDP, being the largest opposition party, come 2016 Presidential election to bring an end to the tyranny of Yahya Jamus Junkung Wulubukay Jammeh. They wish to extend their calls to Honourable Ousainou Darboe and Kemeseng Jammeh of UDP, Honourable Omar Jallow of PPP, Honourable Mai Fatty – GMC; Honourable Halifa Sallah – PDOIS and opposition supporters to campaign for a coalition against Jammeh come 2016!

The NTCG is with you in solidarity. And congratulates you all for openly standing up to the Dictator at Fass Njaga Choi. You have all made us proud.

The NTCG has always preached that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is a dumb trouble maker and a person of a bad mind for our dear country. The opposition has long been abused, insulted, humiliated and even beaten in some instances to further his hawkish agenda. But this time must be different and he cannot be allowed to pull off the opposition’s sense of security. Dictator Yahya Jammeh is a Killer and an evil person who deserves no respect. So you are speaking in the very language he understands.


We cannot afford to leave the UDP out in the cold and allow Dictator Yahya Jammeh to do anything he likes on them. When did the issuing of police or legal permits to political parties to conduct their activities become a crime in The Gambia? I am completely dismayed how this can be a big issue in the Gambia today. This is a complete bizarre and that’s definitely enough for this dictatorship to end now. It further shows that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is stricken with delusional paranoia disorder.

Honourable Lawyer Ousainou Darboe is a lawyer, who without any doubt has the greater understanding of the laws of the Gambia than Yahya Jammeh and his ignorant security officers. Therefore this is a nasty spat in our face and the moment has come for us to face-up to Yahya Jammeh.

Fellow Gambians in the Struggle

No matter how different we look, unity is the key. Invariably, let us join together and help the UDP prevent the Dictator from prevailing in this stand-off at Fass Njaga Choi in the North Bank Region. What we can tell our UDP men and women is that they should neither ‘retreat nor surrender’. This is because Dictator Yahya Jammeh is definitely fond of putting his foot squarely in the mouth of the opposition. For this reason, we should begin to tell him that we can no longer take any of his nonsense. We all have a choice to make about our country. Thus, let us avail the UDP with every support by hook or crook to continue to push on their present battle for our freedom. The nonsense in this permit issue itself is so depressing and proves miles that Dictator Yahya Jammeh must go.

Bravo to UDP for deciding to stand their grounds and right now you are the face of the opposition and until all in the opposition reclaim their acts and put them properly together and do something to grind the Dictator and his government of thugs to a halt in order to take back The Gambia, this will continue for worst.

UDP! The defiance must go on and we are doing everything to send in reinforcement as it is often said” if you wish for it, you can work for it”.


April 18, 2015
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Halifa Sallah of PDOIS admonishes Jammeh to stop his blockage of his brother, Lawyer Darboe!

The People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has issued a press release on Friday 17 April, urging the Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh to end his senseless blockage of the UDP’s convoy to continue on their 10 days sensitisation tour of the country. In the words of the PDOIS statement “the UDP caravan does not pose any security threat” to the authorities and for that reason they ought to be left  to go or provide them with a permit to have normal rallies“.

We publish the PDOIS press release below: 

“Issued By Halifa Sallah On Behalf Of The Central Committee, 17th April 2015

Political parties are instruments of leadership. They have to employ strategies and tactics which are dictated by times and circumstances to attain their aims and objectives.

Opposition parties have been criticised for waiting until the campaign period to go to the people. No one in the world would understand why a Caravan of few dozen political activists would be blocked from proceeding with a 10 day Nationwide tour when they have even forgone the use of a public address system.

The UDP leader considers the delay in issuing a permit a denial. This is his impression even if the police hold the contrary. It is equally clear that his decision to proceed with his tour is to avoid breaking the expectation of his supporters.

The point is made. There is now an impasse. The state could have allayed the fears of the UDP leader of foul play by simply allowing the Caravan to proceed while prevailing on them to leave someone behind to meet all the terms required by the police to prepare a permit. This would have restored confidence and thus prevent any obstruction in exercising their right to move about to propagate the policies of their party.

What is essential now is to look for swift remedies which will give assurance to the UDP membership that they are free to propagate the values, Policies and programmes of the party and the candidates of their choice without fear.

Our findings during the impasse experienced by the UDP in getting a permit to celebrate its 18th anniversary revealed that some members of the party were given the impression that they cannot go about and promote the interest of their party without being subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention. This notion needs to be obliterated since it is detrimental to the very survival of the party and the very existence of a genuine multi party system in this country.

Section 25(e) of the Constitution indicates among other things that “every person shall have the right to freedom of association including freedom to form and join associations and unions, including political parties and trade unions.”

Furthermore, Section 103A of the Elections Act states that: “Subject to the provisions of this part political parties may be established to –

  • participate in the shaping of the political will of the people;
  • disseminate information of political ideas and on political, economic and social programmes of national character; and
  • sponsor candidates for public elections.”

Section 104A subsection 3 adds that,

“The number of political parties shall not be limited by law and every citizen of The Gambia shall have the right freely to choose whether or not she becomes a member of a political party and which party he or she supports.”

        No political party could exercise the right enshrined in the constitution and amplified by the Elections Act unless the state provides an environment that is conducive for political parties to propagate their policies, programmes and candidates to enable the people to make a choice.

The obstacle which impedes and obstructs the exercise of rights and freedoms by the UDP to reach the electorate is the delay in the issuing of permits.

The task now is to take concerted action to ensure that the UDP gets a permit to continue its tour without any obstruction. PDOIS will contribute its quota in furthering the attainment of such an objective.

                                                     The End”