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September 1, 2014
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Dear Editor,

We have a very serious matter at the Department of Customs which we would like to expose and uncover by your respected medium. Veronic Carayol, Deputy Commissioner Enforcement, has been undermining the efforts of the current Customs Management by not only harassing and blackmailing businessmen and their agent but also staff members’ thus causing series of problems within the Department and outside of it.

Veronic is exercising personal loyalty to the jailed former Army Chief, Lang Tombong Tamba, who personally elevated and uplifted her. She is now a worry to everyone by destabilizing and undermining the Department of Customs and now GRA as a whole. Also she is not adding value towards the progress of the Departments and constantly having issues with numerous staff members with the sole intention of jeopardizing the smooth running of the institution.

Undoubtedly, we now notice that her intention is to get rid of Yankuba Darboe, the Head of the Department by undermining the entire Management. This is a serious issue which we like to address. Consequently with the view of extorting money from clients for her own personal gain and not that of the country, she engaged in all kinds of bullying thus causing confusion and mix-up all over the place.

It is now an open secret that her allegiance is directed to Lang Tombong Tamba who helped her up the ladder as she is the main sponsor of Tamba’s Family. She now bears all names here such as the ‘Iron Lady’ or ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ and everyone is wondering what this woman is looking for.

We feel that it is vital to give the devil his due. Putting aside personal interest, the Gambia Revenue Authority is performing very well under the leadership of Yankuba Darboe and his team. The institution under his leadership has met all its monthly and yearly targets with excellence and the records are there to speak for themselves. These achievements have enabled the government to meet the set criteria’s with regards to the Millennium development goals (MDG) as contain in the IMF and the World Bank reports. The GRA has been a source of revenue which has allowed the Government of the Gambia to uphold its financial obligations and our sovereignty as a self-sufficient and self-independent nation. This is good for everyone including those patriotic and devoted people in the diaspora who are using the Customs on a daily basis.

However despite everything, this woman keeps using her unethical behavior to justify her attack on others. Her problems are numerous and we would be happy that all responsible Gambians beware of her deeds taking into consideration that these important Department belongs to all and sundry. It doesn’t belong to one tribe, sect or party. We believe that despite our allegiances, every one of us should work along the lines of supporting our national and economic wellbeing and therefore this woman’s relentless effort to demoralize others be stopped once and for all. It must be dispelled and dismissed!

Thank you.


Concern Gambian.











August 31, 2014
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There is no misgiving that Ebola is a deadly virus which continues to wolf lives in affected West African states like a bush-fire in a windy summer day.  The “Back Way” exodus to Europe via turbulent seas and grilling deserts is equally devouring lives of many Gambian youths. In the recent past, over 96 youthful lives perished in the Atlantic oceans when their boat was engulfed by a tempestuous storm wiping out their precious lives and dreams within the blind of an eye. The graphic images of their bodies washed ashore send volcanic shock waves down viewers’ spines.  

Jammeh’s government approaches this national saga with the wrong foot. Firstly, the Libyan Head of Mission to the Gambia, Ibrahim Abusheriah lashes out at the West for their “unfair economic policies”. Very easy approach, passing the buck. What he and the Jammeh government failed to admit is they have not put in place realistic and just policies which will curb the wastage of Gambian youth resource. Instead of rushing into seminars with the rural youth telling them to “venture into the productive sectors of the country’s economy such as agriculture”, Jawara Cham-Personal Assistant to Commissioner on Irregular Migration, they should have researched and know the causes of the endemic to effect development, education and create a conducive and sustainable but realistic environment to avert the youths from daring this ominous venture into the unknown

The seminars should have engaged the youths by finding out what is actually driving them into such life wasting ventures and draw policies around their needs but no. What do we see in Basse and Farafenni? In Farafenni, the campaign was spearheaded by the Gambia Immigration Department. Just because it involves travelling, yes the immigration department should deal with it. This is what the Officer Commanding Farafenni Immigration Post, Kebba Jammeh said to the youth, “You can work and become successful here when you take ownership of the available resources in the country”. Nevertheless, OC Jammeh fails to tell the youth what those resources are and how to access them. In Basse, a group of 50 youth relived one Mori Conteh’ experience, “In 2001, I embarked on a terrible journey from The Gambia via Mali but was I forced to return to the country due to the hardship I faced on the way. I saw a mass grave of illegal migrants who died because of hunger. I urge other young people in the country to desist from the practice.” Experience helps us to make informed choices but one cannot make a choice without variables for goodness sake. Ig Jammeh’s government is really serious about averting Gambian youths from venturing the “back way to Europe in search of greener pasture, it should embark on a serious consultation with youths in each of the administrative regions to find out exactly what is driving out of the once “smiling coast of Africa” in the merciless laws of the unknown and create realistic policies on their needs and aspirations.

A serious government of the people will be accountable and transparent. It will revisit it policies to ensure that reflect and meet the current realities of its people needs. Is the President Award Scheme or the National Youth Service Schemes is the answer to youth unemployment? Certainly not Mr President with many titles. The educational system should be such that it will not only teach students to pass exams but make them resourceful and equip to make the most out of their lives. How about the economic policies? What is it there for the youths in agriculture, fisheries and artisan trade? Stop chasing shadows with the youths and do the right thing, please.




August 26, 2014
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It is with regret and heavy heart that Kibaaro News announces the departure of Alhagie Ba Masireh Jabbie, Caliph General of Jarra Sutukung. The Caliph General answered to Allah’s call, surely to whom we belong and to Him shall we return, today at Sutukung Jabbie Kunda. He was son to the late Karang Sambou Lamin Jabbie. The departed took over from Alhagie Ba Gimbo who also inherited the Caliphate from Alhagie Karamba Sotokoi. Alhagie Karamba succeeded Alhagie Seedia who took over the Caliphate from Kang Dembo a successor of the great Sambou Lamin. Alhagie Ba Masireh will be inherited by Alhagie Wahab Jabbie, one of the sons of the late Grand Marabou, Kang Sambou Lamin. May the departed souls abode in eternal peace at Janna.

A recitation of the Holy Quran will be performed at Birmingham this afternoon for the departed Caliph General by his disciples, friends and family.


August 26, 2014
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State House shudders as seven unsuspecting soldiers received hot steps orders from their erratic Commander-in-Chief, President Jammeh late Monday afternoon. According to information reaching Faturadio from State House ambits, the abrupt termination of the service of Private Sanyang, Private Colley, Couple Masireh Gibba and Private Tamba was allegedly a result of a piece of “Jafo” a bark smoothly beaten and flattened into a “Kankurang costume suspected to be a juju was discovered inside the presidential aircraft. Jammeh, who heavily relies on black magic for his existence and survival, went volcanic and ordered for their immediate dismissal.

As the State House guards were recovering from their numbness at the outrageous dismissal of their several comrades, two other soldiers, lance Corporal Camara and Lance Corporal Spraka were also shown the exit point for allegedly smoking weed while on duty. It would be remembered that Jobarteh, Head of the Airport Security was forced to kiss his job good-bye couple of years ago when plates of coos were unearth at the tarmac shortly before the presidential plane landed.

Lance Corporal Sonko who was overheard lamenting, “I will never carry out an illegal order for I signed to protect Gambians” also bade farewell to his service after refusing to execute an order from a senior officer. A little bird has it that the allegations lack substance and their sacking is purely a result of contentious rivalry brewing among the guards.

General Saul Badjie, one of the five people captaining Gambia to unsafe shores, has prevailed over President Jammeh to reinstate State Guard Commander, Col. Ansumana Tamba who was transferred to the barracks to humble him shortly after returning from the US. Col. Tamba who served once as Jammeh’s ADC before ascending as State Guard Commander is saluted as one of the few excellent weapon experts in the GAF.

Col. Umpa Mendy, Jammeh’s Principal Protection Officer who was stripped off his Colonel to private, remained banished in Farafenni barracks. All this punctuates depots shy away from their shadows.

We are backward because we have chosen to wear borrowed clothes – Sidia Jatta at Oslo Meeting

August 23, 2014
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Mr. Sidia Jatta

Mr. Sidia Jatta

Lamenting on the development pattern of Africa in general Mr. Sidia Jatta said the development of the wealthiest continent on earth in terms of natural resources is stagnant because we have chosen to wear borrowed clothes. He made a comparison between Ghana and Korea that five decades ago Ghana was at the same level with Korea in terms of development but as at now, Korea is flying upwards while Ghana’s economy is in shambles. He exclaimed “what is wrong with us”? And why is it that when other continents are going upwards we are retrogressive? He said one of the fundamental reasons is that we are using a foreign tongue which we are struggling to understand.

Mr. Jatta who have been campaigning for the local languages to be used in Gambia’s national assembly deliberations said what is happening in the Gambia and many African countries is a similitude of the novel “Animal Farm”. The constitution of the Gambia stipulates that all Gambians are equal but it is the same constitution that stipulates that you can’t be a president or parliamentarian unless you can speak English. This is outright discrimination Mr. Jatta charged. He argued that a good junk of the Gambian population don’t understand English so what is the essence of using English as a language of communication in the national assembly.

It does not makes sense for parliamentarians to discuss national issues in a language the people they are representing find it difficult to understand he buttressed. This is the secret of Africa’s underdevelopment. It is because we are using borrowed clothes. Even our presidents don’t fully understand the official language he is using. The Politician cum Linguist said we would continue to falter until the end of the world unless we put off those borrowed clothes. “Language is rooted in culture and you have to master that culture in order to master that language. Therefore subjecting our 3 years old kids to learning English is counterproductive. The above remarks were made in a meeting with Gambians at the Mosque in Grønnland, Oslo on Friday August 22nd 2014. Other issues discussed at the said meeting are; P.D.O.I.S’s agenda 2016 and the political landscape.

Mr.Jatta who is at the end of a two months European tour have had series of meetings with Gambians particularly in Scandinavia. Earlier on the veteran politician had seminars on youth mentorship and youth migration, the former organized by the Gambia Association in Oslo in collaboration with African Center for Information Development (ACID). He also had similar meetings and seminars in Sweden and Denmark.


August 23, 2014
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Vice President Dr Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy is perceived in many quarters as a vulnerable and innocent aging woman entrapped in Jammeh’s vicious web. Some narratives have it she repeatedly offered her resignation from the dictatorship regime but is blackmailed by President Jammeh to keep her appointment. The most common account is the one which holds President Jammeh phoned and threatened to send her to Mile II if she ever attempts to resign again and she was heard sobbing and begging Jammeh for mercy on the other line. Such tales illustrate her as angelic and innocent of all atrocities committed by the dictatorship.

However, it is now emerging beneath her angelic face is concealed a poisonous monster even more deadly than President Jammeh. Kibaaro News is reliably informed by a highly placed source at her office that she is behind Sabally’s dismissal contrary to what many initially thought. “It is not clear what transpired between her and Sabally but she is responsible for his dismissal and detention. She personally called Sabally to her office and handed him his dismissal letter as Secretary General, Head of the Civil Service and Minister of Presidential Affairs. After reading the letter, Sabally tore and threw it at her before storming out of her office”, the source disclosed. When challenged that handing Sabally his dismissal letter does not qualify her masterminding his sacking, the source retorted, “VP has never handed a termination letter to anyone sent on matching order by Jammeh. Why Sabally?”

Kibaaro could not reach VP Njie-Saidy to hear her own side of the story but it is the current talk of Banjul that she is behind Sabally’s termination. It is also reported that when dictator Jammeh learnt about Sabally’s reaction, he ordered his immediate transfer as Higher Education Minister before he was given his final matching orders by some NIA officials who later arrested him. Sabally was recently arraigned in court charged with laughable felony. He is denied bail on the basis that investigation on his case is incomplete.


August 18, 2014
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When all hope was ebbing as to who will take on Gambia’s incumbent Dictator in the 2016 Presidential Election, UDP’s altruistic, intrepid and unassuming Lawyer Ousainou Darboe rose to the occasion and enlivens the hope for an inexorable political change. Although some rogue parliamentarians on the paycheque of President Jammeh prostituted the constitution in an effort to bar Lawyer Darboe from contesting in the next election by virtue of his age, Gambians said “Darboe moko yorr”…”Jammeh sappi na nyu”.

Most of the UDP militants rubbished the constitutional provisional obliging age limit as a gambit to deter their leader from becoming Gambia’s next elected president. Abba Jobarteh who refused to mince his words insinuated, “It is a nonsense law. I have never heard or seen such a laughable law anywhere in the world. It is unjust and crafted to bar our leader from contesting the presidency”. While some top-notch youth wing leaders appreciated it was noble of Darboe to pave way for a more vibrant youth leadership, others underscored his standing for election or not rest entirely on the general body. Solo Sandeng, a rising youth wing leader who had his feathers ruffled routinely by the APRC intimidating machinery proclaimed, “Only progressive leaders realize that leadership is not a badge of honour to be worn for eternity. Such leaders know when it is time for them to go and give way to the younger people”.

Kemeseng Jammeh, another UDP brand name and former MP for Jarra West, informed his festive audience there is still light shining at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, the Quranic recitation marking their cherish leader’s 66th birthday is meant to wade off obstacles and smoothen his easy transition to the presidency. Dembo Bojang fondly referred to “Dembo by Force”-a name that sends tremors in hearts of APRC militants and leadership added his voice to that of his colleagues. The UDP national president observed, “Ousainou has expressed his personal opinion at this material time. Do we ascertain what will be in his mind on or before 2016? How many times have we as party executive, supporters and members tasted the bitter pills of persecutions, unlawful arrests and detentions yet we remained steadfast in our ideals of the struggle? This isn’t over yet”.

When the leader of the people, lawyer Ousainou Darboe, rose to speak a sombre atmosphere descended on the festive UDP militants, executive and supporters. In a soothing tone, he began “My standing for election is not a decision in my hands.” He paused to let his message sink before continuing “The party decides who to stand or not. I never chose myself as a leader of the party; you chose me. Therefore, no one should give up just yet. It is just a law that imposes age limit and such law is not sharia. A few men sat and made it. Consequently, it can be challenged and amended. I will advise you to remain true to the struggle and I must reiterate only you can redeem this country. We hate no one even though we detest the ways of our opponents. Even this alleged rumour of disunity among the opposition parties; we are not part of that. UDP remains unshaken and strong. If anyone doubts that, ask our rivals. They know better. That is precisely whenever we have a wrestling contest, they draw out swords instead of loin cloth”.

However, it remains gloomy how the UDP is going to side step the constitution provision imposing an age on its leader. Will the UDP incite a constitutional debate in the house to repeal the provision? Or…?

Sulayman Jeng, Birmingham, UK