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August 23, 2014
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Vice President Dr Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy is perceived in many quarters as a vulnerable and innocent aging woman entrapped in Jammeh’s vicious web. Some narratives have it she repeatedly offered her resignation from the dictatorship regime but is blackmailed by President Jammeh to keep her appointment. The most common account is the one which holds President Jammeh phoned and threatened to send her to Mile II if she ever attempts to resign again and she was heard sobbing and begging Jammeh for mercy on the other line. Such tales illustrate her as angelic and innocent of all atrocities committed by the dictatorship.

However, it is now emerging beneath her angelic face is concealed a poisonous monster even more deadly than President Jammeh. Kibaaro News is reliably informed by a highly placed source at her office that she is behind Sabally’s dismissal contrary to what many initially thought. “It is not clear what transpired between her and Sabally but she is responsible for his dismissal and detention. She personally called Sabally to her office and handed him his dismissal letter as Secretary General, Head of the Civil Service and Minister of Presidential Affairs. After reading the letter, Sabally tore and threw it at her before storming out of her office”, the source disclosed. When challenged that handing Sabally his dismissal letter does not qualify her masterminding his sacking, the source retorted, “VP has never handed a termination letter to anyone sent on matching order by Jammeh. Why Sabally?”

Kibaaro could not reach VP Njie-Saidy to hear her own side of the story but it is the current talk of Banjul that she is behind Sabally’s termination. It is also reported that when dictator Jammeh learnt about Sabally’s reaction, he ordered his immediate transfer as Higher Education Minister before he was given his final matching orders by some NIA officials who later arrested him. Sabally was recently arraigned in court charged with laughable felony. He is denied bail on the basis that investigation on his case is incomplete.


August 18, 2014
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When all hope was ebbing as to who will take on Gambia’s incumbent Dictator in the 2016 Presidential Election, UDP’s altruistic, intrepid and unassuming Lawyer Ousainou Darboe rose to the occasion and enlivens the hope for an inexorable political change. Although some rogue parliamentarians on the paycheque of President Jammeh prostituted the constitution in an effort to bar Lawyer Darboe from contesting in the next election by virtue of his age, Gambians said “Darboe moko yorr”…”Jammeh sappi na nyu”.

Most of the UDP militants rubbished the constitutional provisional obliging age limit as a gambit to deter their leader from becoming Gambia’s next elected president. Abba Jobarteh who refused to mince his words insinuated, “It is a nonsense law. I have never heard or seen such a laughable law anywhere in the world. It is unjust and crafted to bar our leader from contesting the presidency”. While some top-notch youth wing leaders appreciated it was noble of Darboe to pave way for a more vibrant youth leadership, others underscored his standing for election or not rest entirely on the general body. Solo Sandeng, a rising youth wing leader who had his feathers ruffled routinely by the APRC intimidating machinery proclaimed, “Only progressive leaders realize that leadership is not a badge of honour to be worn for eternity. Such leaders know when it is time for them to go and give way to the younger people”.

Kemeseng Jammeh, another UDP brand name and former MP for Jarra West, informed his festive audience there is still light shining at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, the Quranic recitation marking their cherish leader’s 66th birthday is meant to wade off obstacles and smoothen his easy transition to the presidency. Dembo Bojang fondly referred to “Dembo by Force”-a name that sends tremors in hearts of APRC militants and leadership added his voice to that of his colleagues. The UDP national president observed, “Ousainou has expressed his personal opinion at this material time. Do we ascertain what will be in his mind on or before 2016? How many times have we as party executive, supporters and members tasted the bitter pills of persecutions, unlawful arrests and detentions yet we remained steadfast in our ideals of the struggle? This isn’t over yet”.

When the leader of the people, lawyer Ousainou Darboe, rose to speak a sombre atmosphere descended on the festive UDP militants, executive and supporters. In a soothing tone, he began “My standing for election is not a decision in my hands.” He paused to let his message sink before continuing “The party decides who to stand or not. I never chose myself as a leader of the party; you chose me. Therefore, no one should give up just yet. It is just a law that imposes age limit and such law is not sharia. A few men sat and made it. Consequently, it can be challenged and amended. I will advise you to remain true to the struggle and I must reiterate only you can redeem this country. We hate no one even though we detest the ways of our opponents. Even this alleged rumour of disunity among the opposition parties; we are not part of that. UDP remains unshaken and strong. If anyone doubts that, ask our rivals. They know better. That is precisely whenever we have a wrestling contest, they draw out swords instead of loin cloth”.

However, it remains gloomy how the UDP is going to side step the constitution provision imposing an age on its leader. Will the UDP incite a constitutional debate in the house to repeal the provision? Or…?

Sulayman Jeng, Birmingham, UK






August 17, 2014
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Matching in closed order with the aftermath of the recently concluded Washington DC protest which incited unprecedented publicity and bruised President Jammeh’s dispirited pride is Pa Bojang’s telling interview with Fatou Camara, a woman of substance. Pa Bojang, who admitted that he was not in any formal employment until 2009 when he was appointed by his cousin, President Jammeh, to manage KGI, was pronounced wanted by the rogue Jammeh government for theft with a bounty of D500, 000 on his head. Fatou Camara, an illustrious television presenter and beauty queen, elicited scandalous information which flings some light on Jammeh’s unexplained millions from the innocuous and susceptible Pa Bojang. His revealing interview is likened to a Hollywood blockbuster movie which captivated millions of Fatu Radio listeners as he vehicle them from his nightmarish Cassamance ordeal to how President Jammeh devours the marrow of the Gambian economy.

Pa Bojang is President Jammeh’s cousin not his nephew as many believed. His father, Asombi Bojang- Yahya’s mum and Kumba Bojang are of the same mother and father. He is brought up by his aunty-Asombi Bojang. According to Pa, he started his schooling in 1995, a year after Jammeh becoming head of state and government, in Bwiam Primary School and completed his Grade 12 in 2005. He then approached his cousin for assistance to travel overseas for further studies but Jammeh opined for Pa to wait.  Prior to his appointment as General Manager of KGI, Pa worked voluntarily for President Jammeh Kanilai Family Farms for three years. Pa gave poverty as one of the main reasons for his late enrolment in school. “Preceding Jammeh’s takeover in 1994, the Bojang family was engulfed in abject poverty living from hand to mouth mainly sustained by Asombi Bojang who was residing in Bakau at the time as a smoked fishmonger”, Pa Bojang to Fatou Camara.

President Jammeh who mastered the art of recycling, using and dumping Gambian intellectuals, technocrats and security officers often silence his accomplices by accusing them of economic crimes, abuse of office, neglect of duty, giving false information to a public officer and plotting to overthrow his regime. Many of his unfortunate victims are still languishing in the notorious Mile II Prison Bamba Dinka, while some disappeared without trace and few lucky ones live in self-exile after jumping bail. Most of these cases charged falsely under doctored crimes are subsequently thrown out of court for lack of evidence and perpetual absence of State Prosecutors. In exhibiting his innocence, Pa cited Lang Tombong Tamba and co treason case to rubbish his alleged theft charge. He unveiled that he was lured into the NIA and offered US$30,000 to give false testimony against Lang Tombong and his co-accused for plotting a coup against Jammeh; an offer which he flatly declined stating that he rather starve to death than comprise his self-esteem. Prior to his unceremonious arrest, President Jammeh, General Saul Badjie, erstwhile SG Momodou Sabally, Yankuba Badjie, NIA Director and Officers from the Serious Crime Unit of the Gambia Police Force had a four hours closed door meeting hatching and scheming plans to smear and charge him for theft. He also confirmed that he received a phone call from NIA Director Yankuba Badjie who informed him that he has received an order for his arrest from President Jammeh but advised him to abscond if he could. He refused to run on the basis that he has not committed any crime and then drove straight to State House where he was arrested and escorted to the NIA on arrival. After spending 50 minutes at the notorious NIA, he was hurriedly transferred to Police Head Headquarters because it was believed by President Jammeh that the NIA belongs to Pa Bojang. He further added that he received his matching order as General Manager of KGI three weeks afore his arrest. What is even more surprising and fishy about his arrest is he spent four hours chatting with Jammeh in his office the day before he was whisked into confinement. Lang Conteh who was also a Managing Director of KGI before Pa Bojang was equally arrested, charged with theft and held at the Serious Crime Unit in Banjul Police Headquarters for six months without bail before he was subsequently remanded at the Mile II Central Prison. Recently, it is reported that Lang Conteh’s case file has suddenly developed legs and gone missing after taking a walk from the Court Records Office.

Briefly, Pa Bojang has disclosed and confirmed many stories which Jammeh is allegedly said to commit. Amongst them are:

  • Japan grants 12,500 metric tonnes of rice; 3,600 metric tonnes of flour; tractors and fertilizer yearly to the people of the Gambia
  • The rice is sold at D425 then increased to D575; the tractors at US$20,000 usually sold for cash
  • KGI also has a fashion shop, bakery, butchery and other businesses
  • President Jammeh bought Futurex Building which houses KGI, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Higher Education, Maligan Television station for D42 million after it was seized and auctioned by the court
  • Bato Kunku was fenced for D36 million
  • Jammeh’s mosque in Gunjur for D70 million
  • Wanna Beach D15 million
  • Leman Street D5.6 million
  • Banjulinding 1 and 2 D12 million
  • Farato D1.8 million
  • Bijilo D4.2 million
  • Bujenga- Asombi Bojang’ compound D16 million
  • Fajara D5 million
  • Kanilai D20 million
  • KGI funds all the First Lady’s numerous trip and Jammeh’s Dialogue with the People Tour
  • Jammeh took a loan of D35 million from Trust Bank
  • Jammeh took US$2.7 million from Guaranteed Trust Banjul excluding tax
  • Jammeh took D10 million from SSHF
  • Jammeh mines gold in Basse
  • Jammeh’s sand mining business is run by Tony Gitters, a Lebanese
  • Jammeh gave Pa Bojang D200,000 and Ansumana Jammeh D200,000
  • First Lady Zainab Jammeh employs only Moroccans at the State House

Pa Bojang has also disclosed that there are five most influential people and commanders of Gambia’s affairs. The people he said are Amadou Samba, Addy Sage, Mohammed Bassi, General Saul Badjie and President Jammeh. Pa vehemently denied have anything to do with the government. However, he admitted whenever he heard any Gambian having issues with President Jammeh, he will intervene to broker peace before things get out of hands. He cited Banta Kaira, late Numo Kujabi and Yankuba Badjie as some whose imprisonment he has averted.

When he was asked to deliberate on the First Family, he did not hesitate to underscore that Zainab is snobbish and has little to do with Jammeh’s family. Her children had never visited their grandma. He has also uncovered that General Saul Badjie and President Jammeh believed in black magic. He went on to narrate that Saul Badjie had a very strong spell on President Jammeh that the President will do whatever Saul Badjie ask him. He concluded that President Jammeh is blindfolded by Saul and Yankuba Badjie.

It was also revealed and confirmed that Pa Bojang has a huge followers among the youth force particularly the Green Boys. He promised to use his influence among the youths to effect a political change in the Gambia.

Sulayman Jeng, Birmingham, UK








August 13, 2014
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Fabakary Tombong Jatta

Fabakary Tombong Jatta

The Gambia Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has assured the public not to be alarmed and/or make any superfluous fuss concerning Ebola outbreak in West Africa since there is no detection yet in the country. Task force committees with support materials from the United Nation World Health Organization have been set up  to control the border areas for those coming in and going out of the country for Ebola virus prevention. A communication committee has also been created under the task force to develop messages around Ebola and print posters, leaflets and flyers for Ebola control, health officials said on Tuesday.

“We are also stepping up our sensitization programmes  on Radios and the national television to educate communities on the Ebola virus in case of any outbreak”, Lamin Ceesay Health Communication Unit Coordinator  under the Ministry of Health and Social officials announced. “ We are continually liaising with the communities through regional health offices to sensitize 210 technical advisory  committee members comprising heads of government institutions from Education, Health ,Agriculture and  Local  Government authorities including the Governors , District and Village  Heads”,  Mr Ceesay added.

The surveillance has been increased and strengthened at border areas to monitor those coming in and out of the country. The ministry of Health has equally equipped Public Health officers who are posted at border areas to serve as surveillance officers. “All these measures don’t mean complacent. We are working with the World Health Organization to ensure that Ebola virus is prevented” Health Officials stressed. According to World Health Organization recent report the death toll from Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 603 since its outbreak in February 2014. World Health Organization continues to monitor the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, according to the health officials.

National Assembly members in the Gambia have raised concerns over the deadly Ebola virus and increasing terrorist activities within the sub-region. The members urged ECOWAS parliamentarians to facilitate an extra-ordinary session in consultation with relevant stakeholders in the region to strategize measures to contain the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa. “We enjoined Gambian ECOWAS parliamentarians to facilitate an extra-ordinary session with their ECOWAS colleague to strategize measures to contain the deadly Ebola virus”, Honourable Kalifa Jammeh, National Assembly Member for Bakau, said. “The virus is affecting West African countries and it is a general concern to address the issue before it gets out of control”, Hon Jammeh cautioned.

“The out breaks have also affected the movement of the people from one West African nation to another. All the flights have been banned from picking passengers from the affected countries which hinders the economy”, Hon Demba Baldeh, National Assembly Member for Niani, buttressed. The Majority Leader and Member for Sere Kunda Central, Hon Fabakary Tombong Jatta, noted the issue is a national concern and requires all hands on deck to address and place preventive measure for its outbreak. The members also called for Unity and territorial integrity as well as to support Nigeria with its fight against terrorism. The members made these remarks on Tuesday during their debate on the ECOWAS Parliamentarians Report which was held in Abuja Nigeria in May 2014.



August 12, 2014
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Erstwhile Secretary General, Head of the Civil Service and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Momodou Sabally was on Monday 11th August 2014 arraigned before Justice Makailu Abdulahi slammed with three-count charges of economic crimes and abuse of office by State Prosecutors. Defiant Sabally was quick to deny all charges as he went on to show case his worth in the parked courtroom.

In reading the particulars of offence on count one, the State prosecutor alleged that “the accused person in the month of May 2014, in Banjul, committed an offence to with while serving as Secretary General caused economic loss to Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) to the tune of D402, 500 by unduly influencing the said institution to fund a programme titled ‘Youth Career Development’ programme”. The prosecution went further to reveal that the said programme was organized by a Mariama Sillah without due process thus committing a felon.  The particulars of offence on count two and three are the same as one exposing the incredibility of both charges to the eyes of any serious legal mind. No particular section of the constitution was cited to qualify the charges levied on Sabally.

Without much ado, Sabally quickly rose and denied all purported charges. He silenced the bursting courtroom when he, in a soft and steady voice, reminded the Judge “I have been in detention for the past five weeks during which I have fully cooperated with my investigators. I am alerted that the investigation is still not completed but I have a wife and children. Many of the youth see me as their role model by joining the services in my country against lucrative international appointments. I have work with the central bank for 10 years. With this background, I do not see any reason why the prosecution should doubt my integrity. I therefore humbly disagree with the prosecution and urge the court to grant me bail”.

At that point the Director of Public Prosecution interjected and applied for a court order to remand Sabally in the custody of the National Intelligence Agency instead of the Central Mile II Prison. DPP S.H. Barkun also expressed prosecution’s desire to apply for a date for hearing on the case after the court vacation.

In his ruling, Justice Abdullahi told the court, “One of the considerations for granting or refusing a bail is none completion and/or interference with investigation. From the submissions made, both parties agreed that the investigation into the case is yet to be completed and for this reason, I do not think that the court should at this stage admit the accused to bail”.

Justice Abdullahi then adjourned the case to 14th October 2014 for hearing and ordered Sabally be remanded with the NIA. “The accused may repeat the same application in the course of the trial if he so wish”, he concluded.



August 12, 2014
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Police in Gambia has launched massive raids and arrests on suspected homosexuals in greater Banjul region police source informed Kibaaro News. Twelve men suspected of homosexuality, were arrested and are under police net during the weekend raids in major hide outs in the greater Banjul area and Serre Kunda. The Gambia Police Force is still hunting for more people suspected of homosexuality in various areas, according to a Police informant in Banjul

“Already we have transferred them from Kairaba Police Station to the Police Headquarters in Banjul, the Gambia’s capital, for questioning”, according to a Senior Police Officer who preferred anonymity. “The investigation is not yet completed, and we are still hunting for others whose name were mentioned during our questioning”, the Officer added.

They will be charged in accordance with the law immediately police complete their investigation Kibaaro was assured by its source. Homosexuality in the West African nation is a serious offence and is punishable up to 15 years in prison. The Gambian leader in his many public speeches warned the homosexuals and gays to leave the Gambia or risk being beheaded. In his 2014 independence speech during, Gambia’s 49th independence anniversary, Jammeh said, “gays and homosexuals are mosquitoes they should be wipe-out of the society”.


August 8, 2014
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As I turn 66 today, I praise and thank God the Almighty for the life he has given me. I am appreciative of enormous parental love, care and attention I enjoyed during my formative years resulting in making me what I am today. I was Baba’s blue eyed boy competing only with my kid brother Ginka of blessed memory.

Of the 66 years of my life, the past 18 years of it have been full of extraordinary challenges. I faced these extraordinary challenges with extraordinary courage because I always had and still have the unwavering support of N’Nanding Mayeh and Aunty Sally.These women are equal to me in every respect. They have mothered for me the most beautiful girls whose love for me is boundless. Coincidentally one of these girls Naffisatou (in the photo with me) celebrates her 21st birthday today. Of my sons, my brothers and sisters, friends, the UDP senior and youth executive and the general membership of the party have always been the rock I lean on in times of difficulties.

At 66 , I am sure, I can still play a part in shaping the destiny of our country. But you the youths, the young people are the hope of The Gambia.You should not be complacent; don’t abandon your responsibility to your country; take up the mantle of leadership in all spheres of human endeavor. Then you will succeed in ushering in a united and prosperous Gambia. Wherever you maybe and whatever your circumstance maybe proudly hold yourself out as a Gambian. Respect and obey the laws of country you live; stand firm for the cause you believe in and be true to your values. Don’t allow anyone to patronize you; your actions and decisions be dictated by conscience.

The Gambia is part and parcel of the global village, with the rise of social media, and other mass communication tools, always make good use of your time. Events all over the world engage our minds and emotions, always remember to be on the right side of history.

Finally I say “Happy birth day to my daughter Naffisatou” and all those who celebrate their birthday today. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe