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July 2, 2015
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Is Speaker Hon. Abdoulie Bojang acared of something?

Is he scared of something?










Gambia’s confused Parliamentarians have again failed to adopt the much talked about controversial electoral and death sentencing Amendment Bill 2015 at the parliament building today June 30th 2015 in Banjul . The State Lawmakers failed to adopt the Independent Electoral Commission Amendment Bill 2015 on Tuesday’s sitting which makes it the second time for the members are unable to reach a  consensus on the controversial bill on electing representatives and President. The first time for the same bill to be presented to Parliament was slated for June 23rd but was postponed till Tuesday 30th June. “The bill is now deferred according to the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Abdoulie Bojang and it is to be tabled on 7th July, 2015 alongside the local government amendment bill 2015”

The roaring Lion of Niamina. Hon. Jallow

The roaring Lion of Niamina. Hon. Jallow


“I think they are afraid to present this bill to the house because even their own members are grossly against this bill and certainly they may experience a bitter spill if they allow it to be tabled said Honourable Samba Jallow. “ It’s rather unfortunate that this is the second time that this bill fails to pass but it is obvious that something terribly is wrong,” said Honourable Samba Jallow

“ It’s rather unfortunate that this is the second time that this bill fails to pass but it is obvious that something terribly is wrong,” said the Niamina Dankunku National Assembly parliamentarian on Tuesday. Honourable Jallow is also the Minority Leader in the House of Assembly and an MP from the Opposition National Reconciliation Party (NRP). The fearless Honourable who was said to have force his way to parliament for Tuesday’s sitting, despite recuperating from an ailment, “Despite I am not well, I had to force my way to attend this session because if i don’t come some people may think that I have accepted the bribed from the ruling party said Honourable Jallow. This is why I have to force my way to the parliament building he told Xinhua on Tuesday. I was really not aware that the bill will not be debated today. To the best of my knowledge, we were to debate this bill today and to my surprise it was postponed without any reason/s for the postponement of the tabling of the bill’ Honourable Jallow went on.


What is Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta hidding?

What is Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta hidding?

For his Part, Honourable Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the Majority leader of the National Assembly, He said that the tabling of a bill can be postponed at any given time, noting that these postponements may not necessarily be linked to the national assembly. Honourable Jatta defended that it could be beyond the control of the national assembly because the bill is not presented by the National Assembly but the responsibility of those tabling that particular bill. According to him, he was surprise that many members turned out to attend the assembly in anticipation for the tabling of the much talked-about bill, noting that this should not be the case as all bills passed by the assembly are of equal importance to the well-being of the people of the country. While reacting to views emanating from opposition leaders, the APRC anchorman said, “They are only complaining about the deposit, in fact, Gambia is the cheapest country as far as deposit is concern in election around the sub-region and the globe at large. If you go to some African countries including Senegal and South Africa you will be surprise to note the figures for deposit said Honourable Jatta.

When questioned on a possible division within the ruling APRC ranks, Honourable Jatta denied flatly that there was any division with their Party saying they were having no consultations on the bill. “Who told you we were having consultation meetings on the IEC bill? No journalist was present here so how would you know? He asked a local journalist who posed the question to him. “Yes it is true we having an inner cleansing on our own issues which are under discussion. This was what we were doing,” added the APRC anchorman.

He said they do not have to rush any bill for it to become law but he however expressed dismay over sudden concerns of people regarding the electoral bill saying “Why is everybody suddenly concerned about the IEC bill which he said was never the case before the amendment came in for debating. But according to few lawmakers under condition of anonymity, the debate on the bills was stalled as a result of an “intense” consultation taking place among APRC representatives in the assembly chamber. They said the IEC bill is indeed controversial as they the National Assembly candidates would be affected.

The proposed new bill was meant to be sent to the National Assembly by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and it has among other things, a high volume deposit that presidential aspirants pay to the electoral institution which would stand at one million Dalasis from the previous sum of D10,000 if passed into law.

As stated in the national Gazette, the bill should be tabled before lawmakers by Mama Fatima Singhateh, the minister of Justice, but that information was rescinded at the last hour and that the bill will now be tabled by Lamin Nyabally, Secretary General and minister of Presidential Affairs. However reasons for the second postponement of the bill are so far not forthcoming as no government official was prepared to share information with the media.


July 2, 2015
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Gambia's autocratic leader asked to practice he preach but will he listen?

Gambia’s autocratic leader asked to practice what he preach but will he listen?

When the crisis in Guinea Bissau erupted, The Gambia Government took the posture of a mediator and was counselling the opponents to put national interest before partisan or tribal interest. Now the government is bent on carrying out its own agenda for electoral reform without consultation with other stakeholders.

The Bill  aimed at imposing a Million dalasi fee for registration of political  parties  which are not supported by state funds is seen as an attempt to stifle opposition parties  in the name of promoting the birth of more organised parties . In actual fact it is promoting more patronage in party formation and maintenance.  It is a means of consolidating decadence in politics as people spend more only to ask more of the tax payers’ money to recover electoral investments after victory.

In the same vein, the raising of non refundable deposits is seen as a sign of stifling democracy and genuine multi party contest.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor the next step. Will the National Assembly members pass the Bill? The future will tell and history will inform posterity who did what.

source: Foroyaa newspaper


June 30, 2015
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Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang

Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang Picks bones with U.S report

Mr. Sheriff Bojang the Minister for Information and Communication Infrastructure said the human rights report issued by the United States on Gambia was meant to score political points and does not represent the reality on the ground. Mr Bojang a veteran journalist and proprietor of Standard  newspaper transformed into mouthpiece of Gambia’s autocratic leader lamented that it is very rich for the United States to preach to the Gambia about human rights issues and violence against women. He said a fitting response to such a report by the U.S is the biblical quotation “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Mathew 7.5″

In a press release issued by his ministry he stated that “It is true that every state has its incidental vulgarities and challenges and The Gambia is not an exception.But this blanket indictment by the self-appointed policeman of the world is inaccurate, grossly misleading and blatantly false.The United States is guilty by a hundred if not a thousand times of the litany of the very things they are accusing The Gambia of perpetrating. And not just in the United States but throughout the world wherever they have influence and sway.”

Responding to the U.S report on violence against women and children Sheriff said ” we all know that The Gambia Government under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency, the President, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, has empowered women and the girl-child more than any leader in the world.The president has used every opportunity to praise Gambian women and underscore the very high premium he puts on improving their welfare and their well-being.”

Despite the blatant disregard of human rights and fundamental freedoms which includes; recent sacking of 3 supreme court judges, the continuous detention of a minor Yusupha Lowe for a crime he has not committed  Mr. Bojang went on to defend the regime of his boss Yahya Jammeh  stating that ” “The Gambia has achieved significant progress in legal due process, press freedom and trafficking in persons.

In the midst of the Gambian leader’s interference with religious practices e.g the prosecution of a local imam for holding Eid prayers on a day different from the day stipulated by the rogue regime Minister Bojang went on the defensive by reiterating that Gambia is universally hailed  as a haven for religious tolerance and freedom. A Fair analysis of Mr.Sheriff Bojang’s stance would be like any other person working for dictator Jammeh he doesn’t own his mind and he is only dancing to the musical chair game in which he would be shown the exit door like his predecessors when he eventually becomes a loser in this game.

Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang

Information Minister Mr.Sheriff Bojang


June 28, 2015
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Major General Yankuba Drammeh Deputy Chief of Defense Staff

Major General Yankuba Drammeh Deputy Chief of Defense Staff

Former deputy chief of defense staff   Major General Yankuba  Drammeh   has bounced back to the post.Mr Drammeh was on Thursday recalled from his International appointment as deputy head of Mission in Turkey.

He was relief of his post as deputy chief of defense staff back in 2010 and reappointed as deputy head of Mission  in Turkey in  April 2010 where he was serving until his recent redeployment into the army. Mr. Yankuba Drammeh who was Lieutenant Colonel was promoted to Major General and recycled back into his former position of deputy chief of defense staff.

In another  development it has been confirmed that 12 military personnel from the Gambia Arm Forces were  promoted to various ranks at a ceremony held at State House on Thursday.

The ranks include Lieutenants, Majors, Brigadier Generals and Generals.

The promotion of military personnel was presided over by Gambia’s autocratic leader Yahya Jammeh.

“This is very clear my promotion will never be based on seniority  but based on the merits ,because if promotion is based on seniority in any institution including civil service  there will be no efficiency ,because those in charge will take it as granted no matter  what you do  unless I move forward you  cannot move  and this is a very big de-motivating factor of any institution .Not only in the Arm Forces but as long as I am the  president of this country  promotion in any institution of  government will be based on merits not  in the length of service  or any other”, Jammeh told the soldiers .

“I  want to congratulate  all of you ,your families and the entire Arm Forces  and the policy will remain the same  as a Muslim I did not believe in favoritism  and I know that whatever I do Allah will ask me tomorrow  that is why am very careful , if you deliver you would be rewarded”  Jammeh added.

President Jammeh urged the officers and  Gambians  in general  to work  harder  for the  development  of  the country , and further reiterated  his commitment   to  transform the  Gambia Arm Forces  in to a  professional force`.

The vice president Aja Dr Isatou Njie Saidy who is also the chairperson of the Gambia Security Council praised the Arm forces for their great responsibility, dedication and loyalty to the Gambian people.

“Your performances have given you the International admiration and recognitions”, vice president Njie Saidy noted.

The Gambia minister of Interior Mr. Ousman Sonko advised the officers to be courteous and jealously defense their nation.


June 28, 2015
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Hussein Tajudeen

Hussein Tajudeen allowed to do business in Gambia again

President Yahya Jammeh has rescinded the expulsion of a Lebanese businessman accused by the United States of providing financial support to the Lebanese movement Hezbollah.

In the first week of June   Hussein Tajudeen commonly called Tajco was declared persona non grata and urged  to  leave Banjul  within 72 hours by  Gambia’s autocratic leader.

Reason for the U-turn in the decision to expel Tajco is not clear but according to  news from the office  of the president  Mr Tajudeen has accepted to do good business and will also abide by the law.

Husayn Tajideen, known locally as an importer of rice and flour to the small West African country, was accused of “unacceptable business practices that are detrimental to the Gambian economy” and was given 30 days to close all local businesses.

Tajideen’s family has in the past denied accusations that some of its businesses serve as fronts for Hezbollah.

United States in 2013 accuses Tajideen and two brothers of running an African business network reaching as far as Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo that helps finance Hezbollah.

This is not the first time Tajco has been declared persona non grata only for the decision to be rescinded after a while. In 2013 Gambia ordered Tajideen’s expulsion, accusing him of profiteering, although he later received a presidential pardon for unclear reasons. It is not clear if Jajco’s other two brothers the U.S accuses of terror financing  are residents of the  Gambia. Earlier this month , Trust Bank Gambia Ltd issued a press release that the money transfer firm Western Union has terminated its contract with the bank, accusing it of links with an individual on an US anti-terrorism list, without naming the person.


June 26, 2015
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But now he talks about a billion years rule

This was when he talked about accountability

This was when he talked about accountability



Yahya Jammeh ordering 3Yahya Jammeh orderingYahya Jammeh ordering 2


By Pa Ousman Darboe

Startling detailed revelations given to Kibaaro’s editorial desk have revealed that the Gambia’s greedy self imposed leader Dictator Yahya Jammeh, who came to power on the pretext of promoting accountability Transparency and probity is the worst and most corrupt leader Africa has ever seen.  It is with clarity from all actions and indications that Yahya Jammeh only come to power to enrich himself  thus using the office of the President to embezzle government funds for his selfish interest above national one. We have the proof here for all to see.

The Gambia’s selfish and greedy leader, according to kibaaro’s impeachable sources at the Trust Bank of the Gambia has been demanding countless amounts of money from the bank to fund his lavish spending and flamboyant lifestyle without bothering to refunding them. Series of files obtained from the bank dated way back in 2011, clearly shows that President Jammeh has nearly turned the bank as his soul purse. Documents revealed that Jammeh usually sends his protocols with hand written cheques demanding the bank to either debit it in dalasi or foreign currencies. This once very poor lieutenant now choose to live a lifestyle as if he was born in a multimillion dollar mansion to wealthy tycoon parents. Jammeh uses Gambia’s meagre resources in order to fund his wild wishful spending spree or other things best known to him.



Yahya Jammeh ordering 3The Gambia’s so called President full of greed on January 10th, 2012, demanded Trust bank to deduct from what he called his account the amount of €100, 000.00, without stating the purpose he was going to use the money for.




Yahya Jammeh ordering 2On January 17th 2012, Jammeh wrote to Trust bank ordering it to pay a sum of $2, million from Gambia’s coffers, to his dollar account which was meant for his Jammeh foundation for peace. The check number 2664 was initially from the Embassy of Republic of China on Taiwan and was signed by Sand Chen donated to the people of the Gambia, but President Jammeh diverted that same cheque to his dollar account with HSBC.

Yahya Jammeh ordering

On the 20th February 2012, greedy Jammeh again authorized Trust Bank to deduct from what he called his dalasi account the sum of D12 million, for reasons or reasons best know to him. The note He wrote “the managing director of trust bank Gambia limited, was thus “kindly deduct from my dalasi account 1102037701 the amount of D12 million, thank you,” signed Yahya A Jammeh.

All these have significantly shown any doubting Thomas that Yahya Jammeh is only interested in enriching himself than the welfare of every Gambian. His greed had driven him to betray one by one all his colleagues that helped him in 1994 July 22nd coup d’état that removed the first republic. These are main reasons Yahya Jammeh would love to die enjoying national wealth at the expense of all Gambians. He would not sacrifice to suffer to end the hardship the people of Gambian people. Every minute, when things get tough, Yahya Jammeh would always betray one friend as escape goat just to find time to hire new ones.

Look at the prices of basic commodities sky rocketing thus making it impossible for every average Gambian to get three meals a day.

Stay with Kibaaro for we are coming with more publications which are forthcoming and we called on the trust bank to regularise themselves on the way they handle their operations.


June 25, 2015
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President Jammeh

President Jammeh

General Martin

General Martin









Kibaaro News is reliably informed that the Gambian president Yahya Jammeh has fired his long term State Guard Commander Brigadier General Alhagie Martin from his position as the State Guard commander with immediate effect.

General Martin received his marching orders on Wednesday morning, according to military sources at office of the president. “It is sad to

Was Martin loyal to his oga?

Was Martin loyal to his oga?

see him going home; he was driven by his driver home in a sad and sombre mood” said our source.

Though it is not yet clear what the circumstances surrounding the disgraced General’s sudden removal; it could be recalled that this is his second time of receiving such marching orders from his entrusted oga for many years president Yahya Jammeh. In May 2012, Jammeh fired General Martin after the escape of Lieutenant Bajerreh Manneh, a personal bodyguard to the First Lady Zainab Suma Jammeh. According to state guard sources Lt. Manneh, ran for his life after he was physically assaulted by the abusive president.

In another development, readers would recalled that the same President Yahya Jammeh yesterday reshuffled his foreign Affairs department by recalling two Ambassadors and redeployed 3 at the same time. He recalled Sarjo Jallow, Gambia’s ambassador to Ethiopia and also Yusupha Kah, Gambia’s ambassador to France and now the same Gambian embassy in France has been downgraded to a consulate. Mr. M.B.O. Cham, who was charge d’affaires at the Gambia’s embassy in Nigeria, has been promoted to an ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Abuja. Whilst Madam Fatou Njie, who was chief protocol to the First Lady, Zainab Suma for decades, has been appointed as deputy head of mission in Abuja, Nigeria.

The recycling in the Gambia government is a non ending issue and soon the erratic Head of State would run out out of new recruits to employ.