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April 23, 2016
Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay free at last

Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay free at last

Kibaaronews has received reliable information that Gambia’s Taranga FM general Manager,  journalist Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay who was kept in detention until he fell sick and hospitalized on 11th April at the Edward Francis Teaching Hospital in Banjul, has ‘arrived’ in Senegal safe and sound.

Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay’s escape from EFSTH where he was receiving treatment under heavy security would be a great point of concern in the security operation within the Gambia. There are mounting investigations as to who and who must have assisted Mr Ceesay to escape the jurisdictions of the Gambia.

His escape after it was announced by the prosecutor in his case on Thursday when prison guards failed to bring him to court was internationally not believed due to the nature  in which Yahya Jammeh’s regime has operated in the past. But this time to the relief of many including his family, Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay is indeed safe and sound.

The rumour of his reported murdered in detention with the United Democratic Party member, Solo Sandeng, was later denied by the GPU who later announced that he was alive and  hospitalized but denied visits by either relatives or colleagues.

If we could reflect a little bit back as to what he was alleged to have committed, he was arrested on 2nd July 2 015 by the National Intelligence Agency after he was alleged to have privately shared a picture in which a gun was pointed toward a photograph of President Yahya Jammeh despite it had been confirmed he was not the author but that singular action has rendered him to be held ‘incommunicado’  from July 2 to July 13, then released but was again arrested on 17th July and detained at the National Intelligence Agency and denied access to a lawyer or his family.

He appeared before the High Court on August 25 and charged with six counts of sedition under Section 52 of the Gambian Criminal Code and publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm among the public. A crime if found guilty he could spend all his youthful life inside Africa’s hell on earth Mile 2 Central Prison. But the relief is he is freeeeeee!



April 22, 2016
Power struggle at the Brikama chieftancy

Power struggle at the Brikama chieftaincy

By Pa Modou Bojang

The seat of the chieftaincy for Kombo Central district in the West Coast Region has been vacant since the demise of the late Chief, Alh. Dembo Keleng Bojang of Brikama Mansaringsu. This has not only left the people of Brikama in suspense as no one knows who will be the next chief of the constituency, but also in doubt if the position will be occupied by a female chief for the first time in the history of the town.

Sources closed to the chieftaincy have it that, Mrs Kaddy Faal Bojang has been in charge of the position since the death of the late chief and some political analysts suggest that she might remain in the position as far as APRC government is concerned. If Kaddy Faal is given the appointment, this will be the first time for a woman to man that position in Kombo Central.

Kibaaro News was reliably informed that the divisional governor, Ms Aminata Siffai Hydara, in collaboration with the infamous minister of information, also a native of Brikama Suma Kunda, Sheriff Bojang, have been advising president Jammeh not to allow chieftaincy by- elections in Brikama. It is feared that the position might fall in the hands of the opposition as manifested in the last parliamentary elections in the district.

It could be recalled that Kombo Central was the only constituency in The Gambia which went against the candidate of the ruling APRC party by voting for an independent candidate.

It is also revealed that Aminata Siffai Hydara advised the president to use his executive power to officially appoint her childhood and best friend, Kaddy Faal Bojang to the position. She emphasised “only that can boost our votes in Brikama for the presidential elections”. Since then, Mrs Faal Bojang has been in charge of the chieftaincy, which did not go well with some natives of Brikama who would also like to contest for the position.

Meanwhile, there is a serious disunion with the APRC (Brikama branch) as many ‘Brikamakas’ are looking for an election to fill the position. For those critics, President Jammeh has no executive power to appoint whom he wants.

Kebba Boajng of Brikama told our reporter that it would be hypocritical for the president to appoint the acting chief, Kaddy Faal, to the position.

It will be noted that the late chief Dembo Keleng Bojang was defeated by the former Bakary Santang Bojang in the 1992 chieftaincy elections. To the surprise of many, Bakary Satang was fired four years ago by the Jammeh administration without giving any reasons and was replaced by the man he defeated in the elections.

Meanwhile, our sources have also revealed that there are numerous candidates on standby and all of them are either from Brikama Suma Kunda or Mansaringsu. Historically, these are the two areas in Brikama to contest for the position, but since the coming of President Yahya Jammeh to power, all these norms have been undermined.


April 22, 2016
Ya Adam Darboe Daughter of UDP Leader talking to the press

Ya Adam Darboe Daughter of UDP Leader talking to the press

London Demonstrators demanding Justice for the victims and removal of dictatorship from the Gambia

London Demonstrators demanding Justice for the victims and removal of dictatorship from the Gambia

A Large group of Gambian protesters converged on the Gambian High Commission in London on Wednesday 20th April 2016 to show their outrage on the current political situation in their home country the Gambia. It all came after Thursday 14th April 2016 in the Gambia when peaceful protesters demanding electoral reforms in the Gambia were brutalised and severely beaten by paramilitary police in broad daylight while being arrested. But matters took a total different dimension when after their arrest rumours began circulating from Banjul and its environs of cause coming from some agents within the security forces that some of the protesters including a prominent opposition figure of the main Opposition United Democratic Party, Ebrima Solo Sandeng were tortured and killed while under police custody.

The UDP Leadership after receiving such prompt, sad and alarming news of the death of some of their party executives, they could not take the brutality any longer. They convene an emergency executive meeting on Saturday April 16th 2016 where their entire executive with Party Leader Alhagie Ousainou Darboe who is a veteran Lawyer and Human Rights Advocate decided on that same Saturday to take to the streets and demand the unconditional release dead or alive of all those arrested the previous Thursday and as expected by most Gambians and even the international community as they all knew the brutal and dictatorial nature of the Jammeh regime, the Gambia security forces pounced on them heavy handedly with batons and force and most of the executive were arrested and taken to the notorious Mile 2 central Prison.

These events led to international outcry calls came from UN though the Secretary General himself, the African Union, ECOWAS Amnesty International and most major international bodies all calling for their immediate and unconditional release as they have committed no crime. It was a peaceful protest which each human being is entitled to under international law.

Maimina Kanyi one of the protesters talking to the police at the demonstration at the Gmabia High Commision in London

Maimina Kanyi one of the protesters talking to the police at the demonstration at the Gmabia High Commision in London

London Demonstrators demanding Justice for the victims and removal of dictatorship from the Gambia

London Demonstrators demanding Justice for the victims and removal of dictatorship from the Gambia

Gambians living abroad were the most vocal as they cried all over the world. From the United States, Europe and the UK all coming out to show their outrage about situations in their home country, demanding the international community to put more stiff pressures on the regime in Banjul through sanctions and other means to secure the release of all detainees dead or alive and allow peaceful protests in the country without intimidations. The London Protest was so huge as people came all over showing their outrage and speakers included Jeggan Bahoum a legal practitioner, Lamin Darboe, Ya Adam Darboe, Nephew and Daughter respectively of UDP party Leader Alhagie Ousainou Darboe, Bamba Mass UDP Member and Human Rights Activist, Yusuf Flex Tailor, a youth activist, Ansumana Ceesay, blogger of Gambiavoices, Sulayman Suntu Touray UDP Actiivist, Satang Sankareh a protester, Maimuna Kanyi commonly known as Mai Kanyi another protester and many others all showing their outrage over the brutal and inhuman treatments being meted out to Gambian by the Yahya Jammeh regime.

Many angry demonstrators went as far as wanting to break the doors of the High Commission and burn the building down in anger espacially when officials of the High Comision called the police for their protection and for police to move protesters away from near the Embasy building as they feared for their lives but a plea from organisers and also a Daughter of Ousainou Darboe Ya Adam Darboe who reminded them what her father said before embacking on the demonstrations in the Gambia leading to his arrest. She appealed to the demonstrators to respect her father’s advice if they respect his leadership reiterating the fact that she knew we are all angry at the way and manner the regime is trying to lead our beautiful and closely related Gambia into chaos and possible ethnic war. Ya Adam Darboe spoke like Zinzi Mandela daughter of Nelson Mandela did when her Father was imprisoned during Apartheid South Africa .

Many protesters were so touched by her powerful voice despite her small size that all heeded her plea and the demonstration went smoothly at the Gambia High Commision with police and protesters smiling and shaking hands. The group later converged at Number 10 Downing Street to cry out to the British Administration to use its influence within the UN and European Union one of Gambia’s greatest donors to try effect respect for human dignity in the Gambia and political freedom of expression. Most protesters later left in that evening returning to their various destinations.


April 20, 2016
Para-Military Personnel confronting Protesters

Para-Military Personnel confronting Protesters

The leader of United Democrattic Party (UDP) Mr.Lawyer Ousainou Darboe who was arrested on the 16th of April 2016 for leading a peaceful protest was arrainged today together with other detainees at the high court in Banjul.  Mr Darboe and other arrested peaceful protesters of around 3 dozens were slapped with flimsy charges , charges without merit whatsover. They where charged on six counts as follows:

1. Unlawful assembly

2. Riot

3. Incitement of violence

4. Riotously interfering with traffic

5.Holding a procession without a license

6. Disobeying an order to disperse from an unlawful procession

However the most talked about detained protesters that  include Solo Sandeng, Fatoumata Jawara, Nokoi Njie, Fatou Camara  and Modou Ngum where not among those arraigned before the high court affirming earlier reports that they are killed or serious wounded due to sever tortue.Lawyer Antouman Gaye represented the peacful protesters and no bail was offered to them but were rather remanded at the mile II central prisons.

The rogue regime in Gambia is under high international pressure to release illegally detained protesters and seriously critcized for poor handling of poor handling of the situation. Meanwhile Gambias in different parts of the world came out in their large numbers to protest against the heavy handedness of the government on unarmed protesters. From London, Paris  to New York Gambians have expressed their dissaffaction with the recent happenings of security personnel brutalazing defenseless innocent citizens of the country.


April 17, 2016
Para-Military Personnel Manhandling Protesters

Para-Military Personnel manhandling Protesters

Lawyer Darbo & top opposition figures sticking together and marching forward

Lawyer Darbo & top opposition figures sticking together and marching forward

They held a banner with the inscription “We Need Proper Electoral Reform In The Gambia” marching on the main highway in Gambia’s biggest town Serekunda but the procession of defenseless protesters was seriously cracked down by security personnel. The leader of the protest Solo Sandeng was whisked away together with close to a dozen other protesters.  What started as a peaceful protest demanding electoral reform turned ugly in no time on the 14th of April 2016. The peaceful protesters initially resisted arrest for they have not committed any crime; what they did is sanctioned by section 25 sub section 1(d) of the Gambian constitution but they were taken away when a truck load of paramilitary personnel arrived on the scene.  According to reports reaching our desk those arrested on Thursday were taken to mile II central prisons and then later transferred to NIA torture chambers where they were severely tortured. The leader of the Protest Mr. Ebrima Solo Sandeng is reported to have died and one of the female protesters arrested along side with him seriously injured according to a report issued by Amnesty International.

The leader of the opposition party United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer Ousainou Darboe  issued  a press statement condemning the arrest of peaceful protester and allege killing of one of the party’s youth leaders Mr. Sandeng. In his press statement Mr. Darboe abhorred the behavior of the NIA Director Yankuba Badjie whom he said got his men drunk and unleashed them to severely torture defenseless protesters couple with filming torture sessions to satisfy the sadist Yaya Jammeh.  After issuing the press statement Lawyer Darboe took to the street together with top opposition figures demanding the release of those still held in custody and an explanation of the death of Solo Sandeng.  Mr. Darboe’s peaceful procession also turned ugly as security forces confronted them spraying tear gas and taking in Lawyer Darboe and other top opposition figures.

The U.S State Department has issued  a statement urging the Gambia government to exercise restraint and not deny the protesters their right to peaceful assembly.   Meanwhile the Government of the Gambia through it’s mouth piece Information Minister Sheriff Bojang issued a press release urging the international community not to interfere with the domestic affairs of the Gambia.  Up to the the time of going to press Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and close to a dozen top opposition figures were still held incommunicado. The information minister when confronted on BBC on the illegal detention of opposition figures he claimed that those arrested have breached the public order act.  Some people in some quarters especially western holiday makers have expressed concern on the effect of the recent turmoil on tourism but others responded to such concerns that fundamental freedoms and respect for human dignity are more important than some chicken change from tourism.


April 13, 2016
The Vehicle hit by Yahya Jammeh's convoy driver

The Vehicle hit by Yahya Jammeh’s convoy driver

Government vehicle driven by Yahya Jammeh's killers. You can see the registration number

Government vehicle driven by Yahya Jammeh’s killers. You can see the registration number


It happened 45 minutes before President Yahya Jammeh left Banjul for Togo on an official trip when one of his convoy drivers Lamin Jarju driving a government vehicle Registration number GG 0702  who after coming from Buffer Zone Bar and  said to be very drunk while on the wheel and driving at a very fast speed just like they do when the presidential motorcade runs through busy street,  uncontrollably ran into a van carrying passengers. After hitting the van, still unable to control the wheel, he dived and ran into a bar nearby but luckily there was no one inside the bar  at the time. But one Sarahuleh man (Name withheld) was knocked down so badly that he was said to have felt unconscious instantly and when he was rushed to the hospital, the victim is now said to have lost both legs as a result of the accident.

The driver Lamin Jarju who works for the judiciary was said to have ran away after the accident but his mobile phone was left in the car which was retrieved by eye witnesses. He is nowhere to be found at the time of filing this report. The matter was reported to the police but when we called the Bundung police station, the police officer who picked up the phone refused to tell us his name saying “you are calling from abroad so why do you want me to give you my name?” When our reporter enquired about the accident and if they’ve arrested Lamin Jarju the culprit, the officer just said what is your business about that accident you enemy of the Gambia and rang off the phone.


The Vehicle here in full view

The Vehicle here in full view


These kind of incidents have been occurring nonstop all with the presidential motorcade. For 21 years Gambians have been dying through being knocked down by our President’s motorcade yet no one has ever been brought to pay for those senseless killings. Governments are expected to protect the welfare of its people and crimes are meant to be punished. Outside World do not know some of these things because state controlled media never report such kind of incidents for fear of reprisals from state apparatus. But I hope with his report and evidence with the vehicle and its registration number, the state would come with an explanation for the Gambian people and the world at large. It is a pity though that in most cases the state always kept muted over these kinds of things in Africa’s tiny country called the Gambia and victims or their families normally fear speaking out.


April 12, 2016
Author: Mathew K. Jallow

Author: Mathew K. Jallow

Jammeh: Macky open the border bii why!! Macky: Jammeh maa banyi!!!

Jammeh: Macky open the border bii why!! Macky: Jammeh maa banyi!!!

By Mathew K Jallow

Even by Yahya Jammeh’s disgustingly low ethical standard, this has to be a recapitalization from his customary chest-beating, mouth-foaming, and tongue spitting bravado, and detachment from social order. This may come as a complete surprise to ECOWAS, but to Gambians, Yahya Jammeh’s frequent puzzling reversal on his decision are just another day at the farm. And in Yahya Jammeh’s fantasy world, everything presumes the complexion of a game of chess, in which his revolting craftiness has the force to override opposition to his megalomaniacal decision-making. But the Senegal-Gambia border closure, this time around, completely backfired on Yahya Jammeh face, and with authorities in Senegal apathetic to his incessant and unnecessary provocations, Yahya Jammeh was forced to turn to an institution that he has so often vehemently  and viciously maligned and dragged into the mud-pit; ECOWAS. By turning to ECOWAS in distress, with no remedy to the on-going border impasse, the regional institution suddenly has meaning and purpose to Yahya Jammeh, who in past epic fits of dementia, more than once threatened to pull Gambia out of the regional body. Yahya Jammeh eating his own vomit is nothing new, but for the first time, the withering diplomatic relation with Senegal poses a significant threat to his already tenuous hold on power. In Yahya Jammeh’s muck-filled brain, his self-serving interest, by definition, preface the Gambia’s relations with the international community, and mutual relations that Gambia develops, endure or die based on whether there are personal benefits for him. In the past, Yahya Jammeh unilaterally imposed tariffs on Senegalese vehicles and good transiting through Gambia, and like the on-going closure, each case was based not on any economic framework, but on the fluctuation of his fragile mental faculties.

Since 1994, Yahya Jammeh has closed the Gambian border with Senegal, at least once each year, but those border closures have mostly been relatively benign, often resolved quickly after he extracts concessions from the Senegalese government. Without expert advisers and economic management expertise, Yahya Jammeh is left running Gambia’s economy based entirely on his volatile temperament and emotional wreck, which compounds his cluelessness and turns it into a riveting impediment to rationality. Each time Yahya Jammeh has orchestrated the Senegambia order closure, it was premised on his intense, almost sadistic, craving to inflict maximum hurt on Senegal’s presidents, and in the process, cause hardship to Senegal and Gambia’s economies. Yahya Jammeh’s unrelenting border closures, based on patently false justifications, have created unsettling and yawning diplomatic chasms between Senegal and Gambia, but even putting diplomacy aside just for a minute, the effects of the frequent border closures go to the heart of the primal survival instincts of Senegambian’s engaged in the lucrative cross-border trade. ECOWAS ought to have, long before now, been engaged in preventing the endless border closures, to forestall Yahya Jammeh’s continued defiance of the inter-state economic cooperation that ECOWAS seeks to establish for the region. But, Yahya Jammeh has a history of defying ECOWAS, in particular, ECOWAS court rulings against the Banjul regime, but without consequences, he has perfected the template of how to routinely exploit the institution’s weakness, and create barriers to its effectiveness. ECOWAS encapsulates the spirit that unites our people to propel economic growth and move our citizens from the squalors of abject poverty, but Yahya Jammeh has consistently sought to thwart that effort in the Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau sub-region. This on-going border closure is the latest in Yahya Jammeh’s long list of efforts at sabotaging everything ECOWAS stands for, in the tri-state region of Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau region.

The Senegalese exasperation over the outrageous border tariff hike is not without solid underpinning. In his vengeance filled small-mindedness, Yahya Jammeh unilaterally ordered the Gambia Revenue Authority to raise the border ferry crossing rate from CFA 4,000, to the shocking sum of CFA 400,000 or a raise by 10,000% for Senegalese vehicles. With the total cost of cargo in each Senegalese truck crossing pegged at far less than the tariff imposed by Yahya Jammeh, it is evident the purpose of the hike was meant more as a direct provocation of President Macky Sall, than an economically justified stunt. By every objective measure, Yahya Jammeh’s ceaseless mischief-making has cost the Gambia dearly; as the country is held up internationally as a pariah nation, scorned by many African leaders, and held down as an insignificant player in the regional and international political realms. With this latest border closure, Yahya Jammeh almost tumbled into the yawning abyss of political suicide as angst among the population begins to break out from an insane fear induced self-censorship.  In an age when global political transformation is dogmatized in effective regional and international cooperation; Yahya Jammeh, in defiance of world-wide trends, relishes the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons; smashing bridges of unity and cooperation, and persistently stepping on the toes of Senegalese leaders. And for politicians like Hamat Bah, who values his personal relations with Yahya Jammeh more than he is angered by the mass suffering of the Gambian people, history will judge his Quisling character harshly. As elsewhere Africans rebel against the very concept of perpetual leadership, Gambian politicians are not showing signs they will boycott the elections or rebel against the regime’s failure to implement far-reaching electoral reforms, as they said they would. Pitiful Gambia, our hearts are heavy with grief for you..