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November 5, 2015
Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu

By Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu

Anyone who compares the maps of the Gambia with those of Ghana and Nigeria would know that I am in fact doing the Nollywood people a favour by warning them of the traps. They are not the first to be enticed into the Gambia only to be used and expelled by the very Jammeh system that invited and pampered them. They are however too arrogant and greedy to see the point. The land in our little Gambia does not belong to the temporal leader in authority for him to play with it as he deems fit. The Gambia is also not a theocratic state where the irrational decisions of a self-confessed dictator must be the final words of God. The Gambia is Secular Republic with checks and balance even though we “tolerated” executive excesses far too long. We were politically cheated through the removal of the term limits clause hours before our people voted in the referendum on our 1997 Constitution.

People should be sincere for a moment: will you like it when your resources are snatched from you by your national president, state governor or local government chairperson without prior consultation and given to parasitic visitors? I know some people in Nigeria and Ghana are celebrating the Gambian land grab and illegal money rain on the home video hustlers since the glorification of gangsters and looters of public assets is like national religion in their home countries. For them it is okay to snatch from the poor and give to the rich because the leader in authority says so. No wonder Africa is in a mess. Not enough brain cells are left for the defence of social justice and responsibility.

Ejike Asiegbu, Francis Duru, Segun Arinze, Monalisa Chinda, Patience Ozokwor, Eucharia Anunobi, Tony Umez, Ngozi Ezeonu, Kanayo O Kanayo, Chika Okpala (Zebrudaya) Harry B Anyanwu, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Rukiat Masud, Jackie Appiah, you name the other presidential event decorations, are not the builders of our Gambian film industry. They are there as paid praise-singers and court jesters of President Jammeh. They are free to praise-sing for the money but they should be honest by keeping our CINEKAMBIYA Film Industry out of their greed. We don’t need them as they don’t have the competences to build a serious film industry. If they are competent as some people would like us to believe, they would have long found solutions to piracy, mediocrity, corruption, tribalism, greed, vanity, cabalism and other vices that are plaguing their Nollywood and Gollywood industries. We don’t want to copy their vices into our Gambian film scenes. This defiance is emphasized in the choice of CINEKAMBIYA (cinema from the land of River Gambia) as the generic brand of our Gambian film industry. We have the brainpower, capacity and dexterity to build our sustainable film industry without political hypocrisy. Even if President Jammeh is being advised to keep on marginalizing us the ethical Gambian film professionals, the future belongs to us and we are not rushing. I, for one, am ready to collaborate with all genuine film professionals on the African continent and the Diaspora but not on the current dictatorial, colonial and hypocritical terms.

As a reminder, Donald Duke, the former Executive Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria built the massive TINPAPA film studios complex in Calabar with cutting-edge film production equipment and enough space to accommodate all the serious filmmakers in Nigeria and West Africa. Instead of working with him and his successors of the Cross River State Government to advance Studio Tinapa for our Pan-African use, the scavengers left it to waste away while they brag about colonizing Africa with their selfishness. Public money was used to build the studios at Tinapa. If Ejike Asiegbu and his fellow parasites care about Nigerian and Gambian taxpayers, they would first use Tinapa which is just a stone throw from Lagos, to develop good inter-African collaboration films. But the free monies and lands from little poor Gambia are better for them that the world class film facilities in Calabar.

I am not expecting fat bank cheques from Nollywood and Gollywood hustlers who are already draining our meagre resources. Gambia is ranked the 4th poorest country in the world by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2015 but that is not preventing sharks like Ejike Asiegbu and his gang of shameless predators from gulping our monies and other assets because they are “gifts” from an ill-advised president. Stealing from the poor under the pretext of Pan-Africanism is the favourite past time of all those stars fooling President Jammeh. The greedy Ejike Asiegbu is not interested in knowing why the land gifting process was shrouded in secrecy. He is too stupid to accept the truth that the Jammeh system has alienated itself from the Gambian people and would prefer to use mercenaries from Nollywood and Ghana to sow discord between genuine Gambians, Nigerians and Ghanaians than to engage ethical Gambians in sincere nation-building.


November 2, 2015
Abdoulie Mansally: Real Salt Lake defender and the brain behind Mansally Foundation

Abdoulie Mansally: Real Salt Lake defender and the brain behind Mansally Foundation

Whether on the field or off of it, Real Salt Lake defender Abdoulie Mansally can’t help but get involved.

This year, he played more minutes than he had in any other season since joining RSL in 2012 and scored his first goal with the Claret-and-Cobalt.  And while he takes great pride in what he can contribute between the white lines, his electric smile widens to new dimensions when he talks about his work in the community.

It is through his work locally in Utah and in his native Gambia with the Mansally Foundation that the 26-year-old has earned the Jordan Guernsey Humanitarian of the Year award for the second consecutive season.  He is the first player in RSL’s 11 seasons to win the annual club award more than once.

“This is who I am.  On the field and outside the field, I love to be involved in a lot of things, especially helping people.  I just love doing this and I love helping out.  For me, getting this two years in a row means a lot for me and it’s just going to keep pushing me to do more and more,” Mansally said.  “Wherever I go – to the schools, in the community, to the hospitals to see kids – it makes me feel like I’m doing something.  As I was growing up, I saw a lot of things and I’m just thankful for what I’m able to do.”

Growing up in Banjul, The Gambia, on the African west coast, always aspired to be a professional soccer player.  Playing with rolled up balls and bare feet in the streets and in the fields, he had bigger plans, too, for when he reached that goal.

A seemingly small gesture of providing shoes for children with the same dreams that he fostered when he was on those streets has gone a long way in helping his home community while also brightening his own smile – illuminating Mansally with pride.  He walks around those same streets and it’s as if the president is in his midst.

“I think about when I was a kid and think about if someone brought me cleats when I was a kid, how would I react?” he said.  “You give them the world and they hold it in their hands.  Seeing all of those faces and the smile on them … it means a lot to them”

And it isn’t just the cleats that has the city buzzing about one of its favorite sons.

In addition to the over 300 pairs of cleats that were donated by his teammates and friends in the Salt Lake City community, Mansally has also helped raise funds to provide over 150 bags of rice to help feed the people of Banjul.

On top of that, he has also helped in the medical expenses for a young woman in The Gambia who was stricken with cancer.  When Malla Manneh was forced to leave school to receive treatment, Mansally stepped in to help ensure that she could be treated, could recover properly and return to school.

Now when he returns to his home city – whether it is during the off-season or while in The Gambia for international duty with the national team – he beams with pride at the progress that he has helped create.

“I just wanted to give them something they could smile about,” he smiled.  “It’s bigger than even I thought.”

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October 30, 2015
Modou Ndow who is about to be deported.

Modou Ndow who is about to be deported



An alleged April 10/11 2000 victim is about to be deported to the Gambia by the British Home Secretary. Mr Ndow was said to have been involved in the student riot that saw the death of about 14 students at the hands of the Gambia security forces on the 10/11 April 2000. He was only 14 years at the time of the student massacre and actually saw his colleges die at the hands of the Gambia security forces.

He escaped victimization at first due to his identity being hidden by friends who refused to name him during the investigations but according to a former school mate who wished to remain anonymous, in 2003 some secret service agents came to the school premises asking few students about him and after his family was tipped off, they feared for his life but had to show a brave face while they prepare for him to leave the country. That same year in 2003, he left the Gambia through some security help without detection and came to the United Kingdom. He was amongst the first Gambians to Mount Massive campaigns against the regime for killing of young children in April 2000. Mr Ndow is well-known amongst many Gambian demonstrators in London demanding an end to the brutal tyranny in the Gambia.

Despite his life might be in serious danger, the UK/Boarder Agency in partnership with the Home Secretary are more than determined to sent Mr Ndow back to the Gambia where his life could be in imminent danger. A country well known for the disappearance of political dissidents, Journalist, Civil Servants and even private citizens, Mr Ndow who could now be deported in 5 days according to his solicitor who is trying every effort to stop the deportation on humanitarian grounds.

Human Rights groups across the United Kingdom are urged to come to Modou’s aid and appeal to the Home Secretary to reconsider her decision to send Modou back to Banjul. Gambians in the diaspora are also urged to do all they can to appeal in any way to help Modou from being deported.


October 29, 2015
Dr.Isatou Touray with Ex- Circumcisers

Dr.Isatou Touray with Ex- Circumcisers

A three day conference of 158 Ex-Circumcisers in the Gambia concluded with the formation of a Network of Ex- Circumcisers in the Gambia at the Pakalinding Lodge, Lower River Region. The conference funded by UNFPA brought together old and new circumcisers committed to end FGM in the Gambia from Upper River Region, Central River Region North, Lower River Region, Fuladu and three Niamina Districts supported by their Community Based Facilitators.

It enabled the ex- Circumcisers, celebrated from 2007 to 2013 to interact and share their experiences of their new status in protecting girls from FGM, as well as share their experiences of the benefits of the Alternative Employment Opportunity support they received from GAMCOTRAP, and discuss the challenges they faced and the way forward. It was also an opportunity to induct the 30 ex-circumcisers from the Niaminas who will be celebrated on the 25th of November 2015.

The meeting was chaired by Chief Alhagie Yahya Jarjusey a board member of GAMCOTRAP who was supported by five district chiefs in the Lower River Region.

In her opening remarks, The Executive Director of GAMCOTRAP Dr. Isatou Touray expressed appreciation of the positive changes realized by the Ex-circumcisers which has boosted their confidence and created greater respect for them in their communities. She highlighted the importance of empowerment and awareness in bringing about such changes and urged them to focus on the other positive roles they are playing to serve their people and continue to protect girls from FGM and Early Marriage.

The conference was graced by the Governor of the Lower River Region, Mr. Salief Puye who applauded the presence of the women. He underscored the importance of the meeting as it has brought together influential women who are well respected and honored in society to be part of the meeting. He acknowledged the hard work that the organization has embarked on over the three decades of existence which is indicated in the 2014 Annual Report circulated to him.

Ajaratou Fatou Njie the Regional Coordinator in her welcome statement informed participants of the relevance of the FGM campaign and the need to support women as a core step of the campaign. She reiterated that FGM affects innocent children who are subjected to the practice without their consent and choice. She expressed delight that all the six district chiefs in the Lower River Region were there to support the ex-circumcisers which is an indication of the importance of the meeting.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, Chief Alhajie Demba Sanyang and Alhajie Anusumana Kanagie celebrated the ex-circumcisers for joining GAMCOTRAP to promote the health and welfare of women and children. They recalled the early periods of the campaign how it was difficult for GAMCOTRAP but with patience, commitment and dedication the outcome is very visible. The chiefs noted the progress registered on the FGM campaign over the years and the positive responses of the Ex-Circumcisers and all the communities. They expressed their continued support for the campaign to eradicate FGM and optimism that the Parliamentarians will respond to the call for a law to prohibit the practice.

The Ex-circumcisers made very rich testimonies reflecting their communal roles and their small scale businesses provided by the project. Amongst those who shared success stories was Kumba Damba of Makka Masireh who is operating a milling machine serving 15 communities in her cluster in Wuli East.

Amongst the issues recommended was the need for a national network of ex-circumcisers where they would meet and discuss as a group. They also called for support to sustain the AEO as well as provide refresher training on the management of AEO. It was emphasized that as Ex-Circumcisers they would come together to demand for a law prohibiting FGM and questioned why the state is not prohibiting FGM in the light of the several abandonments by circumcisers across the regions to end FGM. They strongly emphasized the non- replacement of circumcisers in their communities or allow mobile circumcisers to come into their communities.

In fulfilling one of the recommendations the conference participants unanimously nominated Aja Babung Sidibeh as President of the Network. In her acceptance speech she recalled the leadership roles she has played and continued to play in the development of the country and noted that it is a similar motivation that led her to be associated with the campaign to end FGM in the Gambia. Supporting her nomination, Aja Jontang Jawneh of Kuntaur a well known Circumciser who dropped her knife in 2013 told her colleagues that they will not regret choosing Aja Babung as their President because of her leadership skills and interest in promoting the rights of women and children. They recommended that annual conference of ex-circumcisers Network be held and suggested that the venue be rotated to different regions of the Gambia. They also called for regional networks of ex-circumcisers to facilitate communication amongst members, registration and resource mobilization to support the network. They pledged to come up with a plan of action for the Network.

In his closing remark, Chief Yaya Jarjusey also a board member of GAMCOTRAP, encouraged the organization to continue the good work in promoting the rights of women and equal participation of women and men in decision making. He advised the Ex-Circumcisers to stand firm in their decision to end FGM and to share the knowledge gained.

Meanwhile, GAMCOTRAP has concluded a three day consultation held in Dankunku, Pinai and Kerewan Touray in the three Niamina districts. The consultation was to build consensus on ending FGM in the region and plan for the upcoming Dropping of the Knife celebration, a public declaration to be made by 30 Circumcisers and 115 communities scheduled for 25th November 2015 at Jareng, in Niamina East of the Central River Region of the Gambian. The consensus building brought together community leaders including Alkalolu, women and youth leaders, Circumcisers in the districts and community based facilitators to finally reach consensus on the eradication of FGM in the region. After a consensus was reached in the presence of their district chiefs they engaged on the planning and preparations for a public declaration to end FGM in their communities and protect girls from FGM, early marriage and other forms of violence against women and girls.

Source: GAMCOTRAP Press Release


October 24, 2015
UDP Secretary General Alhagie Ousainou Darboe

UDP Secretary General Alhagie Ousainou Darboe

UDP Rally with huge turnout

UDP Rally with huge turnout

By Bamba Sering Mass UDP/UK

Call me any name if you wish but this is the truth that must be addressed. I keep hearing few voices of people mostly non supporters of the United Democratic Party asking/crying out for UDP to choose another Leader. My greatest wonder being why must it be outsiders that are hell bent on change of leader for a Party if wishfully approved, they would never want to see lead the Gambia?

Democracy according to definitions of political scientist Larry Diamond” is: “(a:) a system set up by the people; especially: rule of the majority (b:) “a guiding set up system in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections or congress. If this is so, then politically one must be a citizen first to be able to contribute in the decision making process of a nation. It is therefore also true that one must be a party supporter/Member or sympathiser to be able to influence decision/s within a particular political Party.”

Though several variants of democracy exist, but there are two basic forms, both of which concern how the whole body of all eligible citizens of a nation executes their will. One form of democracy is direct democracy, in which all eligible citizens have direct and active participation in the political decision making process. Now in most modern democracies, the whole body of eligible citizens remain the sovereign power but political power is exercised indirectly through elected/chosen representatives which are called a representative democracy.

So with all the facts above, the notion or self loading of wishful thinking by some Gambians about a change of UDP leadership is in my view only geared to derail Gambians from real issues of how to remove dictatorship from our country. Why are these same noise makers never asking for change of leadership of other political Parties? One must ask yourself serious questions if in truth these people feel threatened by a UDP led Gambia and why the fear if they have any genuine fear?

I have this belief that most of us in the UDP would readily accept any leader chosen and voted by the Gambian people as long as that leader is not Yahya Jammeh who shed so many Gambian blood to maintain his grip on power undemocratically. But contrary to us, there are Gambians today that would father manage with another 80 years of Yahya Jammeh murdering us all one by one than have a UDP’s choice of leadership led government and no one is asking himself/herself why? In actual fact I belief they do not hate the UDP as an entity within the Gambia or hate some all UDP members, they only not comfortable with a UDP led by a Mandinka period. My reasons have been compounded by many researches I secretly made with open vocalists of change for leader in the UDP. 70% of all I had discussions with amongst all those openly calling for a change of leadership of the UDP and most if not all of them when you ask them why, they probably give no tangible reasons/answers other than no Ousainou Darboe is old or banned from standing for election. Still further if you ask them if that law is democratic, you would see them hesitate in their body language and the only answer they would be able to manage to give would be but that is what parliament of the Gambia approved when they put in place age limit. But when they are confronted with Yankuba Colley’s statement in April this year when he said and I quote: ‘We will scrap age limit for presidency when President Jammeh gets 65’ , The only answer you get from these same people calling for change of UDP leadership would be, “yes but we have not yet reach that stage. When we reach it we would know what to do” Yet they cared not about the present bad law against a fellow Gambian when they knew a bad law is put in place to block that citizen from standing up for position in his/her own country. Is it fair?

Age limit to Presidency of the Gambia being pegged at 65 was clearly designed to bar UDP’s candidate from standing because the ruling party with a majority in Parliament knew only his party poses any serious threat to its criminality. I have no doubt Yankuba Colley is right that law would be scrapped once Yahya Jammeh reaches 65 or even before. Look around the Gambia, Nigeria which is Gambia’s big brother nation in terms of national official language has President Muhammad Buhari born on 17th December 1942  now age 72 years old. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo was 71 years when he left office after two term as President born March 5, 1937 age 78 years now. Even our brother nation Senegal’s former Presidents Abdoulaye Wade born May 29, 1926 age 89 years was 74 years when he became president. Age constitutionally should never be a barrier for any citizen to be barred from seeking public office. We are all aware such laws are designed to for democratic dispensation but for dictatorial franchise.

But the surprising part of these mongers of change of UDP leadership campaign, are so very tribalistic, hateful and dangerous. It is only when they discuss with known UDP supporters they would tell you the above answer but when they discuss amongst themselves, they call the UDP as a Mandinka Party while some of their hardliners would say it openly because they cannot keep their mouth shut or do not care if they are being tribalist. Even when you try to show them real proof which some of them already knew, they would never admit the wrongs you confront them with members concerning the UDP executive which in actual fact is the only Party that has less Mandinka majority within its executive, but they would take no heed or their hardliners will simply tell you bluntly that the Party leader is Mandinka. I mean Gambia is one nation we should not allow such people with padlocked thinking of hate thanks to their discomfort with a Party lead by a Mandinka, because these are the only Gambians today shouting on the hilltop with the noise that “UDP should change its leader” and all sort not.

The UDP is a legally registered political Party with a party President, Secretary General and members of the executive democratically chosen by party members at a congress which in all organs of democracy is an international legally accepted form of a democratic process. So for some few Mandinka haters fanning the flame of hate against the UDP simply because it has a Mandinka Leader is indeed dangerous. We as a nation must try fight against brewers of tribal hatred for they are throwers of petrol on an already burning fire. What has Mandinkas in the Gambia done for some individuals to hate them so much as to brew hatred against them? We are so intermarried in the Gambia for if one is not a Mandinka, either one of your parents, grandparents or relatives must be married or related to other tribes who are married with Mandinkas. This is the same with almost all tribes in the Gambia. So we must be very careful for tribalism is so dangerous it can bring any nation to its knees. It is not the fault of Mandinkas by any accounts to form the majority of ethnic groups in the Gambia. In actual fact, Gambia has the smallest concentration of the Mandingo population in West Africa. UDP leadership sceptics/haters should if not comfortable with the choice of Party leader in my view, should rather join the party to become member/s so as to enable them to influence the choice of leadership for the Party. This is what democracy is all about. Because if other parties are left undisturbed why must people think only the UDP should change its leader?

People should ask themselves serious questions. Are we ready to unite to remove this more serious threat to our very welfare as Gambians? Because unless you see yourselves as those with better brains than those UDP party members or you are of the opinion you are more of a bonafide citizen with more rights than members of UDP as such they must listen to us when it comes to their choice of their Party Leader otherwise telling UDP to change their leader when you keep yours is disrespectful in any democratic dispensation. I belief some people should cure themselves from their built hatred of people based on their tribe/s. It is dictatorial to try to impose one’s will on others or even on members of any group you are not part of.

UDP like any other party has been fighting dictatorship since its foundation in 1996 that is why we never bother to listen to such dictatorial voices because they are not democratic cries at all. If those calling for change of leadership within the UDP so badly want changes within the Party, in a democracy or democratic system, they should join the party to be able have the same voting right to effectively choose the leader they want for the UDP Party as long as that leader is a UDP member himself/her. Once lucky to convince majority of the UDP congress to choose your choice of leader, there you go! Your wishes are granted by the people but for one to have his/her heart’s desire of leader somewhere while you are not comfortable with the choice of leader of another party is wishful thing and a waste of time. UDP members are Gambian subjects with equal decision making rights with every other Gambian. We have equal right to participate in every decision making as a result if we are not bothering anyone or party with their choice of leader as we belief in democracy no one should dictate to us who becomes our party leader.

On the other hand the issue of choosing a neutral candidate is being raised. We all knew the fact that any citizen of the Gambia without becoming a party member cannot contest for elections to lead any Party except when a party so desires to invite that citizen to lead it or in a coalition. The cry for choosing a neutral leader to lead a coalition is therefore not decision for nonvoting Gambians to make for I very much doubt if we can impose any candidate on the Gambian people (My personal view). I also have observed that certain people who have been calling for change of UDP leader are today amongst the loudest voices calling for a neutral leader to lead a coalition. So UDP supporter like me would ask why are these same people now rallying behind this call for a neutral candidate? Is it because of the above reasons I gave? Readers should not get me wrong for if Gambia would be better off to remove dictatorship with a neutral leader, I am in for it because to have a neutral person lead a coalition is not a bad idea at all. What I know and am aware of is it must first be approved by the parties concerned. Who is talking to those parties? I do not think anyone would go to a political party to ask them to drop their leader and choose you as leader. No one would do such a thing. Gambians need neutral people to campaign for a neutral leader otherwise the whole idea would be defeated by the very campaigners of hate and anti Mandinka disciples thus allowing Yahya Jammeh another opportunity to lead for another five years. How about the Gambian voters how do we convince them of the neutrality of such candidate? 2016 is just a month away yet we are not asking questions if any group has laid down any ground works for parties to commence preliminary meetings towards the formation of a coalition? These entire questions are yet to have answers to. I belief certain people are mainly working to derail Gambians to deter us from removing Yahya Jammeh because if any serious thinking Gambian who cares about change would be sweating hard right now like UDP is doing not when election is tomorrow.


October 23, 2015


Reports reaching Kibaaro news Desk has confirmed that a new Ministry has been created in the Gambia making it 19 cabinet ministers apart from the Vice President and Minister for women Affairs and Deputy Ministers. The new Ministry is called the Ministry of Planning and Policy (MOPP) and its new Minister Hon. Dr. Burama Kebba Sanyang, who prior to his appointment, was previously deputy Minister of Planning Office of the President, was sworn in to office yesterday 22nd October 2015 at State House, Banjul.

The newly created ministry would be based at the Office of the President at Sate House Banjul. It would consist of two main parts, namely the General Directorate of Planning (GDP) and the National policy framework directorate. The new Ministry would be responsible for guiding and managing national socioeconomic development planning and managing state policy framework. It would works in close cooperation with other Ministries and institutions in the Gambia.

A number of key documents lay out of the strategic planning and policies of the Ministry are yet to be in place according to sources close to the corridors of power but the confused Gambian leader who does not care how state departments function without funds, decided against advice to create the new ministry for tax payers funds to be wasted on things that are not the least beneficial to the people. All President Jammeh wants is to make Gambians belief he is creating more job opportunities for the people and  that everything he does, is all geared toward his Millennium Development Goals (GMDGs) and endless visions despite the economic draught the nation is enduring. Gambians are wondering what the new ministry would bring regarding the easing of the suffering of the Gambian people. We shall keep you posted of any developments we received concerning this new Ministry.

Stay tuned!


October 23, 2015
Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu , a Gambian filmmaker based in Germany has criticized heavily Nollywood and Gollywood actors for accepting plots of land from the President of the Gambia. He described them as people who are scavenging on Gambia’s meager resources.  It looks like Prince’s criticism did not go down well with those in the Nollywood Industry. One of those in the industry Mr.EJIKE ASIEGBU, former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has taken offense to Prince Sankanu’s comments and has called on Gambians not to vote for Prince Babucarr Sankanu if he ever vies to be President of the Republic of the Gambia.  HRH Prince Bubacarr Sankanu responded to Mr Asiegbu briefly on a facebook post as follows:

Dear Gambians, the Nollywood scavengers said you should not vot for me as president!!!

1. Indeed my article touched nerves. The pro-Jammeh propaganda machine is desperately trying to fight back! One paid propagandist by the name EJIKE ASIEGBU, former President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) tried to tarnish my image with venoms that his paid masters fed him.

2. Since the 2016 presidential elections is getting closer, those Nollywood and Gollywood prostitutes, hustlers and scavengers are being paid to preach to Gambians NOT to allow me become President. It is not surprising that since all avenues of fair and participatory democracy in The Gambia are closed and the opposition and Diaspora candidates marginalized, any prominent Gambian who speaks truth to power is automatically seen as a threat to President Jammeh or someone who wants to become president.

3. I cannot remember expressing my plans to run for President of The Gambia any time soon. I never new that I am presidential material, after all. Thanks to Nollywood for tipping Gambian voters about my presidential capabilities. The more money you collect from the Jammeh system to tarnish my image, the more backfire you generate for yourselves and your paid masters. Gambians are desperately looking for alternatives to President Jammeh and the more you try to pick a fight with me, the more you mobilize conscious Gambians against the social injustices that you are promoting.

4. My fellow Gambians are you so cursed by Allah that you have to wait for paid praise-singers from Nollywood, Gollywood and others places to dictate to you who your President should be?

5. The holy prophet of Nigerian home videos and saint of African politics, Ejike Asiegbu claims that I hate Jammeh and purged on like I go my Twitter tag: “If a dangerous character like Bubaccar ever becomes President of the Gambia, one does not need a soothsayer to know that he will place an iron curtain over the country and bar foreigners from investing and or doing business in his country thereby causing his people pain and suffering…”

6. Pure crap. THE NIGERIAN FILM INDUSTRY WAS BUILT BY NIGERIANS FIRST AND NOT FOREIGNERS WHO INVESTED IN NIGERIA…Do not tell me the pains and sufferings of the Nigerian people have stopped since the day Nollywood gained global attention and since the moment some Nollywood noise-makers started partying with despots and corrupt political patrons in and out of Nigeria?

7. It is hypocritical that we keep hearing about “LOCAL CONTENT” for investments and projects in Nigeria but if we ask for the same fundamental rights in our countries, we are called xenophobes and dangerous. The globally-accepted rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) encourage local initiatives or reasonable barriers against dumping and unfair investment practices. This does not make one dangerous.

8. Why are Europe and USA developing safeguards against cheap and sub-standard Chinese goods that are dumped on their markets? Does this makes current US President Obama and German Chancellor dangerous for building barriers against Chinese destruction of their local capacities? If Obama and Merkel are dangerous to their successful people and economies, then I am proud to become a dangerous Gambian leader when Gambians give me the legitimate mandate for it with term limits.

Prince has promised to give a more elaborate response to Mr. Eijke Asiegbu and all those he called  paid scavengers as soon as he returns from his weekend engagements. Kibaaro will keep you posted as the tug of war ensues.