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August 20, 2015
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A flooded street in the Greater Banjul Area

A flooded street in the Greater Banjul Area

Several families went homeless after heavy downpour of rain. The heavy rains affected thousands of people and triggered fears at several villages in Central River Region, disaster management officials hinted .The regional and district disaster management committees have embarked on a rapid assessment exercise tour to ascertain the extend of the damage.

The chief of Niani district Alhagie Perr Bah said the three day heavy down pour have destroyed several villages and make many families homeless. Rescue workers and the committee were on the spot to find out the cause of the damages and to evacuate the victims to temporal settlements in nearby schools.

Heavy rainfall in the last few days has increased floods in both the Greater Banjul region and the country side region of Central River and Upper River Regions. Some observers said people have settled on water ways which cause the flooding, and called on the communities to create water ways to avert the floods.


August 18, 2015
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Senegalese border post

A Senegalese border post

Border police at a post between Gambia and Senegal have intercepted human traffickers who have sealed 3 children in cartons according to Child Protection Alliance sources. Gambia has surfaced in some reports as a transit point for human traffickers. The children were hidden in sealed carton boxes and were discovered by the Senegalese Police while inspecting a car at a border between Gambia and Senegal. “The police noticed one of the boxes contains a moving ‘thing’ and had to alert the driver. When the owners unsealed the cartons, one of the children has already died while the other two who suffocated had their mouths sealed with tape” police sources at the border indicated .

The information gathered is that the children were been trafficked from Cassamance, Southern Senegal to the capital Dakar and were passed through the Gambia unnoticed before finally being intercepted at the Gambia- Senegal border called ‘poste’ in the outskirts of Farafenni in Gambias North Bank Region. “This is an indication that we need to do more to combat trafficking in person, especially our security forces need to be equipped to detect cases of trafficking. Gambia might not be a major country of source or destination but due to the geographical location, we are an easy transit point for traffickers,” Child Protection Alliance senior officer was quoted on Monday.


August 16, 2015
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The Author of Book of Lies and Gambia's lying Diplomat: Samsudeen Sarr

The Author of Book of Lies and Gambia’s Diplomat of lies: Samsudeen Sarr

The Book of Lies aka Coup D'Etat by Gambia National Army, authored by Samsudeen Sarr

The Book of Lies aka Coup D’Etat by Gambia National Army, authored by Samsudeen Sarr

The family of the two US citizens, arbitrarily arrested and detained in the Gambia, Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, were forced to issue a press release, this week, debunking yet another dishonest statement from Samsudeen Sarr; President Jammeh’s newly appointed self confessed liar of a diplomat.

Mr Sarr, who without any proper enquiries with his employers, the Gambian government, misinformed the United States’ Advisor to the President, Ms Susan Rice, that “reports of the two missing Americans – Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, is nothing but another dubious story fed to US authorities by the enemies of President Jammeh…”

Mr Sarr further went on to state that: “There is no record of the two Americans at any of The West African nation’s entry points”.

According to our sources, Sarr had in fact made no contact with anyone at the Gambia’s Civil Aviation Authority or Immigration Service, to assist him to his conclusion that the two abducted US citizens have never landed in the country in 2013.

But what truth can be expected from a man, who confessed to writing a 296 page-book in 2007, titled ‘Coup D’Etat by the Gambia National Army’, based on the fiction of his imagination; which he sold to many Gambians as the the true non-fictional biography of the 22nd July 1994 military coup in the country, which brought Yahya Jammeh into power. Sarr further continues to sell the same book on Amazon for $30 up to the time of this editorial.

They said ‘once a liar always a liar’. It seems the Ex-Lt. Col. has an enduring alliance with or allegiance to falsehood. One reason, one will be forgiven to reason with him, is the filthy benefit he acquired from his lies. In fact, such lies have consequentially assisted him to the successes he brags of in many of his writings, of recent.

Sarr had been depreciated to have lied his way to the top of the Gambian National Army, and has undoubtedly lied his way to his current post of being the country’s diplomat! Sarr is further attributed to many false statements and deceits, some of which he confessed to.

Sarr has been accused of lying to have achieved a degree in Agric Science in the US from 1981 to 1984, which he used to gain recruitment into the Gambia National Army, as a Cadet Officer, in 1985.

In 1990, he was alleged to have lied about suffering from an unknown medical condition to avoid his deployment to Liberia to take part in the Gambia National Army’s role in the Ecomog peace keeping mission in that country, at the time.

In 1994, Sarr was arrested by the AFPRC Military Junta, which was headed by Yahya Jammeh, for an alleged subversive activity to overthrow the AFPRC Junta.

In 1999 he was booted out of the Gambia National Army for allegedly giving false account of his squabble with the former Commander in Chief of the Gambia National Army, Babucarr Jatta.

In August 1999, Sarr confirmed in his Book of Lies that he had lied on his asylum claim to gain refugee status in the United States. He wrote in his book:

“Mr Goldber wanted me to build a story stating that although I had worked for President Jammeh’s government that overthrew President Jawara’s, I was all along secretly loyal to the old regime until the new government got suspicious of me. Then on a surprising investigation on me, they found some evidence of recent contacts I had had with President Jawara, who was in exile in England; but before the order was given for my arrest on charges of treasonable offence, a friend tipped me off, advising me to leave the country immediately, which I did.”

In 2007, Sarr published his book of lies, which he entitled, Coup D’Etat by Gambia National Army.

In 2014, Sarr confirmed that his Coup D’Etat by Gambia National Army book was full of lies.

In 2015, President Jammeh confirmed that Samsudeen Sarr’s book was full of lies.

July 2015, Sarr confirmed that he is appointed new Gambian Diplomat to the UN.

August 2015, Sarr lied to the US Presidential Adviser, Susan Rice, that the abducted US citizens, Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe had not been to the Gambia in 2013.

The question therefore, that begs asking, is why on earth would the Gambian President appoint Samsudden Sarr, as a diplomat for the Gambian people. A man with a long track record of lies, deceit and treachery. A man, who the President, himself, confirmed to have written a book of lies against him and was further a misfit of the Gambia National Army officers’ corps, in the 1990s, who was not fit to be a company commander, much more an army commander. How can such a misfit qualify to be a diplomat of a country; except if intended to be a diplomat of lies.

Record Locator

Flight itinerary of Alhagie Ceesay and his flight was not the missing Malaysian Airliner

It is therefore worth reiterating to Susan Rice and the US authorities that Sarr cannot be trusted; and the two US citizens have indeed visited the Gambia, where they were arbitrarily arrested and detained by the Gambian authorities. Their evidence of travel to the Gambia is published below for all to see:



August 16, 2015
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USA – August 11, 2015 – We the family members of the two missing Gambian US Citizens wish to issue this press release in response to recent statements made by a Gambian Diplomat Mr Samsudeen Sarr. He was responding to Susan Rice National Security adviser to the President of the United States of America.mIn a statement released by the White House Susan Rice, a former US Permanent Representative to the UN (and now advisor to President Obama) said, The United States is deeply concerned about credible reports of torture, suspicious disappearances – including two American citizens.

Mr Sarr in response to Ms Rice’s statement is quoted as follows “reports of the two missing Americans – Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, is nothing but another dubious story fed to US authorities by the enemies of President Jammeh…”

We the families of Alhagie and Ebou, who have been living in agony, who feel the pain every day, are out to present further evidence to set the records straight. The kids who have celebrated 2 years without any knowledge of the whereabouts of their fathers will tell you this is not a story but daily reality as they continue to struggle through this nightmare. The sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and especially the moms and wives of Alhagie and Ebou, will tell you the pain, sadness, tears they have shed is not a dubious story but a reality they wished everyday was just a dream that they can wake up from.

The deputy chief of mission at the United Nation’s further went on to say “Nothing is more absurd than the arrest of foreign investors or prospective business partners going to The Gambia to perform positive work. Hundreds go there every year to invest without incidents…”

Alhagie and Ebou went to the Gambia to invest and contribute to The Gambia economy. The two had a lease agreement for the office space they rented while in The Gambia. Please find attached signed copies (by Ebou Jobe) of the Lease. Mr Sarr said, “There is no record of the two Americans at any of The West African nation’s entry points”.

Alhagie and Ebou left the US on May 14th and arrived in Dakar on May 15th (via SN Brussels UA # 237, Record Locator MV8Y39 – attached). Upon arrival in Dakar, they were told their bags did not make it and will be sent separately.nTheir bags were sent through the airline Banjul Bird and the bags arrived on May 19 (see attached bag tags). The bags were collected the same day from the Yundum Airport.


Based on credible eye witness accounts (which has already been reported to the U.S State Department and FBI), Alhagie & Ebou went to watch a concert on the night of June 22 2013. On their way home from the event, their car was stopped and they were arrested, this was the last time they had any contacts with the outside world. The families hold the Gambia Government fully responsible for the disappearance of the two as the NIA is a branch of the government and the two were last seen in their custody.

Mr Sarr went on to state that “Ms Rice appeared to fall for the same trick of talking about a situation that she is least familiar with.” He further went on to say “Susan Rice should realize that politics from thousands of miles away is not as near the same as politics in the United States”.

The family knows the US government is extremely familiar with this case. Ms Rice is very familiar with the politics of Africa as her initial work in peace keeping took her to Rwanda and later as a senior Director to African Missions. She was later the top African diplomat during the East African bombings.

We hope that if Mr Sarr was not familiar with the case before that he will now be. The family is not the least surprised that such statements are coming from The Gambian diplomat Mr Sarr, based on his credibility. Mr Sarr authored a book titled COUP D’ETAT in which he narrated in an explicit way how he was being tortured at Mile Two in the mid-nineties. He recently retracted accounts of his book, stating that he fabricated stories against the government of President Jammeh.

To Mr Sarr his life may be full of stories and therefore everything around him is fiction. For the Ceesay and Jobe Family, this is reality with human lives involved. This is not a chapter in the COUP D’ETAT Novel.

We are hopeful that The Government of the Gambia will release Alhagie and Ebou just like they have recently released many prisoners, so that their young kids will be able to spend their next birthdays with their fathers.


O Ceesay

CC List: US Embassy Banjul, Ministry of foreign affairs, State Department, Gambia Online Media Houses, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Freedom House, Amnesty International, Humans Rights Watch, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Dean Heller.


August 13, 2015
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Atlanta Gambians

Atlanta Gambians

By Pa Modou Bojang

The Atlanta Gambia Christian Organization is set, yet again to celebrate the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known in The Gambia as Sang Marie. Sang Marie is the biggest feast in the Catholic Diocese of Banjul given the Blessed Virgin is the Patron Saint of the Diocese and the legendary Mother Church of all Churches, the beautiful Cathedral erected by one Pa Gabarr Njie almost a century ago is also named the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; which adds extra impetus to the importance of the feast for Gambian Catholics all over the world as the Atlanta Gambia Christian Organization’s President, Jean Marenah noted, ” Our fore bearers were so fond of this feast; we feel it is imperative, we keep it alive for their sake, but much more, we always want to glorify our Mother In Faith for all she does for us.”

The celebrations, according to the President, Jean Marenah ; will kick off of Friday 14th August with a welcome Conference to be held at the Quality Inn on North Expressway in Atlanta. According to Mr. Marenah, this conference is meant to bridge the Christian community and also look into projects that Christians in that part of the world can take on in The Gambia. He said there are a lot of things that can be done to assist and support the churches in The Gambia and he hopes this conference will be a stepping stone for the right direction.

On August 15th, Saturday, the date proper for the feast, a solemn high mass of thanksgiving to honor the Blessed Virgin will be held at the church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Atlanta.The Principal celebrant will be Monsignor Albert W Jowdy and He will be assisted by Gambia’s own Fr. Anthony Gabisi; who is the brainchild behind the Sang Marie celebration in the United States of America.

Speaking to an Atlanta elder and also a veteran on organizing Sang Marie, Mr. Zachious Ogoo; he recalled how;  “twenty two  years ago the first Sang Marie mass was celebrated by Fr. Gabisi in a small apartment”. Today according to Mr. Ogoo, Sang Marie has grown to this big annual pilgrimage  which Gambian Christians look forward to. He paid special tribute to Fr Anthony Gabisi who celebrated the first Sang Marie  ago adding, “It was all Fr. Gabisi’s idea, look what we have today; indeed the Almighty has done marvels for us,” He concluded.

Speaking on the preparedness of the choir, its Director, Vincent Ndow who is never short of words when He talks about his choir, said, ‘ as usual they were up for the challenge and promised that pilgrims will enjoy the mass. When quizzed on if it will equal the Cathedral in Banjul where the Gambian version will also be celebrated on August 15th, Mr Ndow boldly said; “Ours will be the best ever by any Gambian choir.” When reminded by our correspondent that the statement was quite a bold one; Ndow, quipped, “We are just as good if not better.”  He said that they have been blessed with songwriters and music composers which really helps the choir progress. Well; with Genevieve Cardos, the Master Soloist from Spelman College at their disposal; ‘They do have legitimate bragging rights,” our correspondent noted.

In his concluding remarks for this piece, GCO President Jean Marenah thanked all those, Muslims and Christians alike that have been coming to Atlanta to join them for the festivities in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the past twenty two years. According to him; that by itself is the biggest achievement since without them coming; there would not have been a twenty second year. He said The Gambia Christian Organization is profoundly grateful to all those that have assisted the group over the years; noting it was not easy; ” but wherever there is God; there is a will,” He concluded.

The High Mass will be followed by an all-night reception and cultural evening which will also feature the West African Masquerade Awo Hunting Society (WAMS), the pre-eminent Hunting Society in the Diaspora. On Sunday there will be a picnic held in honor of the visiting pilgrims.

The stage is set for yet another Sang Marie feast in Atlanta and whether its “Turu Mariama Yaaye La nyu di teral tey, Yen nyi neka e Domam, Voy len; nav len tuur am or Ngurul Mbok Mariama, the pilgrims are ready to sing, and indeed, the Hagan Street Cathedral will be visited in spirit during the service.


August 12, 2015
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Late Alhagie Mansour Njie of Radio Gambia

Late Alhagie Mansour Njie of Radio Gambia


By Bamba Sering Mass

أللهم اغفرله وارحمه وأعف عنه وعافه وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الخطايا كماينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس

Inna lillahi Wa Inna Illayhi Rajioun; ‘we came from Allah and to him we shall return’. A great Baobab tree had fallen in the Gambia on Tuesday, August 11. Alhagie Mansour Njie Gambia’s historical human library and veteran broadcaster is gone to the world beyond ours and was laid to rest, 17.00pm Gambian time, at the Old Joswang cemetery.

Many Gambians including Kibaaro’s General Managing Director Mr Bamba Sering Mass were privileged to have met and spoken to this great icon and unforgettable historian and radio broadcaster. As the whole of Gambia mourn the passing of this great man, whose service to Gambia and humanity cannot be measured by any human mind. We pray that his legacy to live on forever.

Alhagie Mansour has served the Gambia from the late sixties until his sudden demise. He inspired millions with his eloquence and brilliant mastery of many local languages including his native Wolof language, which he speaks with such beauty and pleasing eloquence that it pleases every ear that hears him speak. He was the greatest historian alive before his sudden demise.

Mr. Mass paying tribute to this great Gambian said he remembered meeting him with some students in 1991 at the gates of Radio Gambia Mile 7 where late Alhagie Mansour with his usual smile gave them brief history of the Gambia the reason of our togetherness, close intermarriage and peaceful unity. A narration he emphasised one can never learn at any University. From then on Mr Mass said he grew to love Alhagie Mansour till the today when he learnt of his death on the Gambia Talent Promotion website.

While working at Radio Gambia On 4 October 1973 the Office de Radio diffusion Television du Senegal (ORTS) (the Senegalese radio station) who was in talks with Radio Gambia about producing a joint radio programme based on Senegambian history and broadcast in the local languages came to an agreement, and the first ever recording of the programme Chossani Senegambia (the history of Senegambia) was made. Chossani Senegambia was the first of its kind in Senegambian broadcasting history and was a success. In the Gambia, the programme was spearheaded by Alhaji Alieu Ebrima Cham Joof (the veteran historian, former Director of Programmes and Head of Local Languages at Radio Gambia), Alhaji Assan Njie (Presenter of Radio Gambia), Alhaji Mansour Njie (historian and Presenter of Radio Gambia) and Alhaji Ousman Secka. Following a decree by the Gambian government in December 1995, Radio Gambia merged with the first national television station of the country and became The Gambia Radio & Television Service (GRTS), Alhagie Mansour Njie continue with the historical program that benefitted many Gambians and generations to come.

Late Alhagie Mansour Njie of Radio Gambia.

Late Alhagie Mansour Njie of Radio Gambia.

At the passing of his former colleague and friend another veteran journalist of Radio Gambia late Alhaji Lalo Samateh, a native of Salikene in the North Bank Region passed away Friday at the RVTH on Friday 17th October 2008 at the age of 66, Alhagie Mansour Njie gave the most heartfelt condolence statement that left most attendants in tears. He described late Lalo Samateh as a very religious man whose hobby was reading the holy Quran and a patriotic citizen who was always dedicated and committed to his job. Saying late Alhagie Lalo had a natural love for everyone and Gambia had lost a great son most especially he has lost a true friend.

Late Alhagie Mansour is without doubt the doyen of broadcasting history on pre, post-independence Gambia and would be greatly missed. RIP Great Alhagie Mansour. May your legacy continue to live on.

Gambia is fast loosing its great ones. We pray to Allah to provide us with replacements that would carry the flags of the likes of Alhagie Mansour higher.

Kibaaro management wants to send its heartfelt condolence to the Njie Family of Banjul and the entire Gambia for such a great loss.


August 11, 2015
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Delegates at the uk jarraassociation meeting held in Reading

Delegates at the UK Jarra Association meeting held in Reading

Delegates at the uk jarraassociation meeting held in Reading

Delegates at the UK Jarra association meeting held in Reading









Gambians in the United Kingdom, who originated from the Jarra districts of the country’s Lower River Region have set up an association in the United Kingdom, after a meeting in Reading City on Saturday 8th August 2015 to trash out issues that would cement unity for the Jarrankas in the United Kingdom and assist their people back home in Jarra. The meeting brought together many natives from Jarra both men and female and it was a great family gathering of people closely related.

The meeting commenced with a prayer from Imam Sainey Darboe himself a native of Jarra Kani Kunda based in Birmingham after which, the meeting commenced with hosts team headed by Momodou Drammeh a native of Jarra Kani Kunda based in Reading welcomed all delegates and reiterated to them the need for Jarrankas to come together for the betterment of their regional homeland which is Jarra a land based in the heart of the Gambia west Africa. He said Jarra has so many potentials yet larks a lot in terms of educational, infrastructural and medical development. He welcomed all delegates and prayed that with our commitment to attend this important gathering, he has no doubt the right has begin to shine in Jarra.

Another speaker who was among the pioneers of the meeting Kebba Nfally Darboe gave detailed reasons why Jarrankas in the UK should not forget their homeland Jarra. He gave reason where Jarrankas have died here in the UK and other organisations instead of a Jarra Organisation and families took the responsibilities to repatriate such dead bodies to the Gambia to be given a decent burial. Mr Darboe spoke in a somber moot nearly bringing every delegate into tears when he gave detailed accounts of a Jaranka whose dead body stayed in a mortuary for nearly months because that town council could not find his/her close relatives. He went on to say such things could have been avoided if there was a Jarra Organisation. He called his fellow Jarrankas into action reiterating the willingness shown by many who attended the meeting. Speakers after speaker gave personal accounts of why the need for unity among Jarrankas among them Mr Lamin Sanneh based in Reading, Lamin Jassey based in Birmingham and many others.

Delegates at the uk jarraassociation meeting held in Reading

Delegates at the UK Jarra association meeting held in Reading

After everything there was an election of executive branch that would oversee the affairs of the organisation in which the following were duly elected to serve for a two year term.

Mr. Foday Jarjusey – based in London was chosen as live honorary President Mr. Momodou Drammeh – based in Reading Mr. Buka Tambajang – based in Nottingham Mr. Imam Sainey Darboe – based in Birmingham Madam Isatou Sanneh Drammeh – based in Reading Madam Alimatou Darboe Saidykhan – based in Reading Madam Saffie Sanneh – based in Reading And Madam Mama Ceesay Saidykhan – based in Reading

Were chosen as advisers to the organisation working with the live honorary President and the executive members who were elected to serve for a two year term.

The executive members are:

Mr. Lamin Manjang – Chairman elect Madam Amie Cham – vice Chair Person elect Mr. Kebba Lang Sanneh – Secretary General elect Mr. Seedy Conteh – Assistant Secretary elect Mr. Lamin Sanneh – Treasurer elect Madam Fatou Ndow Ceesay – Assistant Treasurer elect Mr. Bamba Mass Media – Officer elect Madam Marie Kinteh – Assistant Media Officer Mr Kebba Nfally Darboe – Welfare and Social Officer

Also all the regions have elected focal point Liaison officers:

Mr. Mustapha Darboe – Focal Point Liaison Officer for London Mr. Alhagie F Saidykhan – Focal Point Liaison Officer East Anglia Mr. Bakary Sanneh – Focal Point Liaison Officer Bristol and surrounding Mr. Karim Darboe – Focal Point Liaison Officer Birmingham and west midlands Mr. Edrissa Touray – Focal Point Liaison Officer Nottingham and East Midlands Mr. Yankuba Jobe – Focal Point Liaison Officer Manchester and surrounding Mr. Seedy Saidykhan – Focal Point Liaison Officer Reading and surrounding

These ladies and gentlemen were elected in a secret ballot and the voting was conducted in the most free and fair manner.

The whole meeting was moderated by a group of Jarrankas headed by Mr. Bamba Mass