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May 8, 2015
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UK PM: David Cameron re-elected for the second term..

UK PM: David Cameron re-elected for the second term..

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron and his blue-coloured Tory Conservative party have painted the United Kingdom political landscape blue, with a resounding victory in Thursday, May 7, UK Parliamentary elections. Though, the Prime Minister’s party was expected to win, but not with the margin of victory they commanded. It was widely expected that there would be no clear winner, resulting in a hung parliament. This was also the prediction of the exit polls.

However, the results were far from those expectations and predictions. In the end, Prime Minister Cameron and his blue-coloured Conservatives’ won majority seats in the British parliament. They won by having more elected Members of Parliamentarians than any other party, They gained 330 members of their party nominees elected to the UK parliament, out of the 650 parliamentary seats available in the parliament.

The results were devastating enough to force the UK’s biggest opposition party and former ruling party, The Labour Party’s leader, Ed Miliband to not only concede defeat but tender his resignation, after taking sole responsibility of the party’s failures on the polls. The Labour party won a landslide in 1997, under the leadership of Tony Blair and went on to win three consecutive elections until 2010, when David Cameron defeated former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

David Cameron had since been ruling a coalition government with the Liberal Democratic Party from last election, after his party failed to gain majority seats.

However, it seems his former Coalition partners, the Liberal Party, had paid for their marriage with the conservative, which compromised the parties liberal principles and left many of their loyalists betrayed. As a result, they lost more than three quarter of their 56 elected MPs from the last elections. They won only 8 seats from the May 7 elections. Their leader, Nick Clegg, who served as Deputy Prime Minister under Prime Minister Cameron, until May 7 elections, has also resigned, as a result of the significant defeat suffered by his party.

The only party that made history in last night’s election was the Scottish National Party (SNP), who won 57 out of the 59 seats available in Scotland. The party were previously only able to gain 6 seats from the last elections in 2010. This means that the SNP is now the third largest party in the United Kingdom Parliament.

The other disappointing story on the night was the failure of the right-wing party of the UK Independent Party (UKIP), whose party leader Nigel Farage, failed to turn their huge expectations into results. The party, in the end, won only one seat of Parliament. Farage himself abysmally failed to win his much coveted seat in Thanet South constituency, which forced him to also resign leader of UKIP.

Overall, it was a resounding victory for Prime Minister Cameron and his Tory Conservative Party. Other parties are left to do some soul searching for a new leader to bring them back.


May 8, 2015
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Alarming Statistics

Alarming Statistics

By Yanks Darboe

The issue of Back-Way has become a major crises talking point, of recent, not only for the European nations, who deem it illegal immigration, but also to the relatives of the would be migrants, who deem it dangerous and risky. But minus that risk element, it would be fair to state that it would have just been an European crises, which would have not attracted much attention or concern of the relatives of the would be migrants. But that has never been the case and for that reason, the Back-Way issue has brought itself to the forefront of our innumerable problems.

Understandably, it has attracted a stream of trendy selfie-videos on Gambian social media, all geared towards dissuading, discouraging, preaching and serenading fellow countrymen not to take on the dangerous route to Europe. Others went as far as deriding and castigating fellow countrymen for taking or contemplating on taking the perilous route to Europe.

A comic would interject that the Back-Way crises seems to be the only subject that had, for once, succeeded in uniting Africans and European opinions on a particular subject. I do not know how much trust can be given to that truth, but it is a fact worth noting.

However, the reason for much concern, campaign or discourse within The Gambian social-media about the Back Way, is not all to do with its risk element per se; but it’s link to the country and its people at present, as many Gambians are trekking the dangerous route to Europe. To exemplify it better: if Back-Way was a league, our little West African nation has beaten every other nation to the top of its league. In other terms, we are, at present, its crown champions!

Sadly though and unfortunate, in reality; this does not only mean contributing more migrants to Europe through the Back Way more than any other nation, but also losing more lives in the Mediterranean Sea than any other nation. It’s the silent chilling message to the world that the country, once dubbed the Smiling Coast of West Africa, has lost its smile!

But before I fall victim to some unwanted attention and derision, I better declare that mine, here, is not filling the shoes of a judge. So rights have not entitled me to portion blame on any side or anyone. If position or status of mine be best described, here; it would accord reasonableness that I be simply gauged as a student. A student, who is simply trying to understand a very complex and complicated problem, which has baffled even the best contemporary philosophers of our time in Europe.

What’s baffling, however, about this Back-Way issue is this: the Back-Way as we know it today had always been a route to Europe since time in memorial. History would recalled that this ancient Mediterranean route to Europe, was sailed many a times by Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. This is vivid in the Shakespearean recount of this romantic triangle set in the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. It was the route that used to link Egypt and Rome, the main artery of the Roman Empire. It was once upon a time, the busiest front door to Europe and it’s safest, even though technology was pretty archaic then compared to the modern modes of transport. In fact, I still doubt if this historical Mediterranean route to Europe is still not the busiest and safest Front Door route to Europe, except for the would be migrants to Europe.

Hence, the difference seems that it was not dubbed Back-Way then, but the safest route to Europe for both human and cargo. Now, that would not qualify to be very accurate description of what we are witnessing from the once beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The route is now dubbed Back-Way, if it’s journeyed by humans trying to enter Europe, but not when it is journeyed by animals or goods trying to enter Europe whether illegal or legal. One wonders where is the humanity in human beings these days? This is because, it is a rarity, of recent, to hear news of the sinking of an oil tanker or a cargo vessel on that Mediterranean Sea, except that of boats carrying human beings, mainly from the sub-Saharan Africa.

A pan-Africanist or human rights activist would blame it on the rising xenophobic Europe. The culture of blaming everything on immigrants has swept over Europe in recent years in the face of rising nationalism. ‘We don’t want them immigrants. Let them go back to their rotten hell! They come to live our lives, abode our houses and take our jobs.’ Chants of that distaste are the welcome jeers for migrants in Europe in the 21st century.

Yet in the eyes of the would be migrants, Europe still represent hope;  a continent of great people, brothers in humanity, benevolent and kind people. The continent that develops and value the fundamental principles of human rights. The continent that built cars, not just for their own transport alone, but that of providing easier transport to humanity. The continent that built aeroplanes and lot more for humanity’s benefit. Little would make them believe or envisage the darker side of this great inventors for humanity!

To be continued ….



May 7, 2015
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Even though many lost hope for justice in what seemed to be a never ending legal battle between alleged army chiefs and Jammeh’s dictatorial regime, it finally prevailed yesterday to the chagrin of most Gambians. A panel of five-member judges of the Supreme Court of The Gambia led by the Chief Justice set Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana free in a judgment delivered on his appeal case filed before the court. Furthermore, the Supreme Court, in its quest to deliver justice, dismissed Lt. General Lang Tombong Tamba’s appeal on count 3 and 4. Similarly, the court discharged him on count 2 which is treason and acquitted him on count 1-conspiracy to commit treason. The judgement, has blown a new puff of hope in the Gambian judicial system which is marred by corruption, executive interference and gross miscarriages of justice.

Delivering the lead judgment, Justice Gibou Janneh observed the appellants were arraigned at the high court on a four-count charge of conspiracy to commit treason, treason, and concealment of treason before Justice J.E. Ikpala. He said at the closure of the prosecution’s case, the defence opted for a no-case-to-answer submission, which was rejected by the court and the accused persons through their counsel refused to enter into their defence. The appellants were then convicted by the said court and sentenced on count one, which was conspiracy to commit treason, to 20 years in prison and on count two, which was treason, to another 20 years in prison. Lang Tombong Tamba was also sentenced to 10 years in prison on count three, which was concealment of treason, and another 10 years in prison on count four, which was treason. The appellants, not happy with the judgment, through their counsel filed an appeal separately at the court of appeal, which was dismissed. The appellants further filed an appeal before the Supreme Court.

 “Having gone through the appeal filed by the defence and the statement of case filed by the state, the fact is whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant conviction of the appellants,” the judge queried. The prosecution in counts one and two relied on the corroborative evidence of its witnesses, Justice Janneh went on to add that in his view the trial judge was speculative.

The trial judge recorded that PW5, Yahya Darboe, was not sworn when testifying and the defence applied for the witness to be treated as a hostile witness. He said the trial judge missed two legal principles regarding a person to be sworn. It seemed that the trial judge was not aware of section 125 of the criminal procedure code, and counsel did not also bring it to his attention. The trial judge having realised the error of Yahya Darboe testifying without being sworn, and no reason was given as to why he was not sworn, ought to have excluded him or not taking into account his evidence, in his judgment regarding the guilt of the appellants. The trial judge wrongly took the evidence of PW5, Yahya Darboe, who was neither sworn nor examined legally. There was no evidence connecting Tamba and Fofana in count one and two and Justice Janneh, therefore, allowed the appeal, and acquitted and discharged them in count one and two.On concealment of treason, there was nothing in exhibit A which corroborated the evidence of PW1, Major Momodou Alieu Bah, adding that what it stated was that Tamba had knowledge of the planned coup. Apart from admissions in exhibit C, the court had no corroborative evidence to rely on.

On concealment of treason, there was nothing in exhibit A which corroborated the evidence of PW1, Major Momodou Alieu Bah, adding that what it stated was that Tamba had knowledge of the planned coup. Apart from admissions in exhibit C, the court had no corroborative evidence to rely on, and had the appellant, Tamba, testified at the closure of the prosecution’s case, the judge would have been convinced. Justice Janneh further said it was risky and a gamble for the appellant not to give evidence, when the court rejected his no-case-to-answer submission. He, therefore, held that there was no miscarriage of justice, hence dismissed the appeal on the concealment of treason and affirmed the conviction of the high court.

The appeal of Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana was allowed, and he was therefore acquitted and discharged. For Lt General Tamba, he was acquitted and discharged on count one and two, and his appeal on count three and four was dismissed and the conviction of the high court was affirmed. However, the Chief Justice said the appellant, Lt General Tamba, had knowledge of the planned coup; he therefore dismissed the appeal on counts one and two. In respect of counts three and four, he agreed that the appeal be dismissed. He agreed that for Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana the appeal be allowed, and the appellant be acquitted and discharged. All the other judges supported the judgment.

Courtesy of The Point


May 5, 2015
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200 Dalasis note

The robber and our money!

The Office of the Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh, has on Monday, May 4th, issued a press release, read on the country’s only national broadcaster, GRTS, dictating new exchange rates for the country’s depreciating currency, the Gambian Dalasis, against international currencies.

The press release, which came from the country’s President’s Office instead of the regulatory Central Bank, also banned the country’s citizens and residents from taking out of the country any cash amount more than $10,000 or its equivalent in Pound Sterling or Euros.

According to the President’s new foreign exchange rates, which come into effect from May 4th, the US dollar will now be exchanged at $1 to D34; whilst the British Pound Sterling will be exchanging at £1 to D50. This will be the new exchange rate in the Gambia despite the fact that in the world market, the Dalasi’s value remain far less than that amount. The Dalasis currently trades in the international market as D80.5 to £1 and D54 to $1.

The big question that begs answering, is what happens to the difference in the amount between the Jammeh exchange rate and that of the world market rate of the Dalasis, which in the case of the British Pounds is up to 30 Dalasis, being the difference between the Jammeh exchange rate of 50 Dalasis to £1, and the international exchange rate value of D80 to a £.

This seems to be the daylight robbery of the Gambian Dictator of his citizens hard earned money , as he stands to profit extremely from his state sponsored criminality.

In other words; every £1 send to a family member in the Gambia from henceforth, the Gambian Dictator benefits about 30 Dalasis from it, whilst the intended recipient receives half of their entitled amount. This is the robbery of Yahya Jammeh against the already poverty stricken Gambians, who are heavily dependent on the remittance support of their family members in the Diaspora.

Unsurprisingly; this is not the first time, the Gambian Dictator has committed such crime against the Gambian people. The Dictator did the same in 2012 in the name of “Operation No Compromise on Foreign Currency Hoarding” threatening the general public and licensed foreign exchange dealers against “speculative activities and currency hoarding”. He repeated the same in 2013 nullifying “All licences of foreign exchange bureaus issued by the Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG)”.

And each time, the Gambian Dictator chooses his timing at around the time of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. During which, he is certain that the country’s predominantly Muslim population will be expecting much remittance support from their family members abroad.


May 4, 2015
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Dr Nobleman says! "Happy Easter to all those celebrating Easter today"

Dr Nobleman says! “Happy Birthday to Kibaaro!”


Happy three years anniversary to Kibaaro News. The site started three years ago today, 4th May 2012. It has since recorded more than 13 millions hits, as recorded on our hits counter below.

A year ago, on 4th May 2014, during the site’s second year anniversary, Kibaaro’s hits counter had recorded 7 million hits at the time. A year before that the papers hit counter recorded 2 million. Today, on the third anniversary of the paper, Kibaaro’s hits counter has now recorded over thirteen million hits, which means the papers has attracted twice more than the number of visitors it had attracted in the previous years of its existence.

This could not have been achieved without the brilliant hard-work of all of the paper’s staff, contributors and management team, who have done fabulous job to get the paper this far.

For this reason, Dr. Nobleman invites all to join him in expressing kudos to our staffs: Site’s General Manager: Bamba Serigne Mass, Deputy General Manager, Pa Ousman Darboe; Radio Manager, Pa Modou Bojang; Site’s Alkaliba: Baye Sankareh; Finance Manager: Monica Njie; Newspaper Editor-in-Chief: Saul Jeng; Managing Editor: Yanks Darboe; and Landing Nyassi; Sarata Jabbi Dibba, Tijan Massaneh Ceesay, Imam Seedy Ali Janneh, Imam Muhammed Sarr, for their hard-work in ensuring that the medium succeeds in its goals of informing, educating and entertaining the people, particularly Gambians.

The Dr. further expresses his sincere gratitude to all our visitors, who had visited us over the years to read news and opinions, or listen to our enlightening radio programs.

Thanks to all those who strive to educate, inform and entertain!!!!

Well done Kibaaro News and Happy Anniversary!


May 3, 2015
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The beautiful view of Goree Island from a distance in Senegal

The beautiful view of Goree Island from a distance in Senegal

Goree island 2

Editor: Sainey Darboe on the Goree Island

Located twenty minutes from the towering skyscrapers of central Dakar, Gorée is an Island of enchanting beauty that stays with you long after you are gone away from its shores and beautiful people.

The ferry that takes visitors and residents to the Island departs from central Dakar every hour, and always on time, which is a pleasant surprise in a continent where nothing seems to commence or conclude on time. The ferry ticket costs 1500 CFA for Senegalese nationals and 5200 CFA for foreigners. Despite two previous visits to the Senegalese capital, it was the first time I decided to visit the Island which has a rich history, being the largest slave-trading centre on the African Coast from the 15th to the 19th century.

As the Island loomed close, my heart could not but beat with excitement at its beauty and I was aware of the feeling that came over me with a keen awareness of its history. My mind wandered far and away to centuries gone by, when Africa’s best and brightest were shipped off to the Americas at the height of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Thinking back down memory lane, I recalled watching Roots, which portrayed the frisson and pain of departure that Kunta Kinteh must have felt when he was captured in The Gambia and sent off to America. Theirs was a life punctuated by surges and losses of hope, yet knowing greater troubles lay ahead across the roaring sea.

On arrival, we were helped out of the ferry by security forces whose courtesy impressed me, only for them to ask me to pay “non- resident tax” amounting to 1000 CFA which I refused to pay because I am exempted from such tax by virtue of my Gambian nationality. “Many Americans come here and they pay this tax and you don’t want to pay us for our service”, one of the young security men lamented in Wolof. “I am Gambian and I am not subject to such taxes because of the ECOWAS protocol and you are paid to help us anyway”, I retorted.

Goree island 3

Sainey on the Goree Island

As soon as I cleared the security, a young man of about 35 approached me offering to take me to the slave house, which constitutes one of the most harrowing parts of the slaves’ experience on their journey to the ‘New World’. Constructed in 1776 by the Dutch, the slave house is an interesting place to visit. The cells measuring 2.60m by 2.60m, were meant for men and contained up to 15 to 20 people, seated with their backs against the wall, chained around the neck and arms. In the middle of the chain were big iron balls. which the slaves had to carry between their hands and two legs. There were special cells for children, who had a high mortality rate. There was a cell where they kept the sick, because a man’s value was based on his weight: the minimum weight for men was fixed at 60 kg. If they weighed less than this these men were placed in cells to be fattened with locally grown beans, very starchy, known in Senegal as niebe.

Sainey and Sainey on the Goree Island

Sainey and Sainey on the Goree Island

What followed was one of the most beautiful and panoramic views I have ever had of a place populated by such beautiful people. At the extreme end of the Island is a lovely house owned by a sculptor, Gaston, who also works with Amnesty International. For 35 Euro a night the experience, which includes the reliable company of the sound of waves and wandering spirits of slaves in the quiet of the night, is well worth the price. The streets are lined with numerous pieces of wonderful painting inspired by the Island’s history and the people’s struggle to forge a new identity in the face of its history.

If you are looking for culinary delights, Gorée is the right place to be. Seeing my favourite chicken Yassa and Chepugen were real moments of delight. At the cost of just 3500 CFA, one can be served food with fresh vegetables from different continents.

As the sun set on the Atlantic Ocean, inhabitants of the Island were returning from central Dakar to continue their four hundred years of isolation. Many were the sorrows that I felt at that moment, knowing I had to say good bye to the Island, not knowing whether I will ever have a chance to return. I did not have to think long to understand their rush to return to the Island, for the slaves whose spirits inhabit the Island did not have a second opportunity on earth during those past four hundred years


May 3, 2015
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Pata PJ- "Yaya Jammeh DOES NOT CARE if half of the country’s youth raced out of that country to never come back"

Pata PJ- “Yaya Jammeh DOES NOT CARE if half of the country’s youth raced out of that country to never come back”

By Pata PJ Saidykhan

‘Hurt people hurt people’, they say. Any man who lacks certain basic human emotions hurt people but they hardly get hurt. Yaya Jammeh is that kind. Of the eight basic human emotions President Jammeh is filled with fear stemming from paranoia that his evil deeds will haunt and yank his disturbed soul out of his chest through his mouth. He’s angered that he has all his life been deprived of joy and love that those he was born and grew up around has abundance of, a deprivation that fueled and filled his life with sadness and depression. That was why Yahya, whom some believe was a foster child of Asombie Bojang, gets disgusted and envious by the progress, success, achievements and happiness of others. That is why he craves and pays whatever price to be validated and belong. This is what drives Yaya’s unexplainable attitude towards Gambians. That is why he lacks empathy and respect for people and life.

I have for the longest, struggled to write about the precarious predicament of the relatives of alleged ‘Statehouse Attackers’ that I revere and celebrate as Liberation Fighters. Families that have not in any way participated or known about the actions of their sons and father have been abducted and whisked away to unknown locations where they have allegedly been subjected to physical torture. Of those under state-sponsored kidnapping are mothers and a child, punished for the ‘sins’ of their kinfolks. What does he hope to achieve? Raise the Freedom Fighters from their honorable death or force others to return? This is pathetic.

The rhetorical question that many ask, that if Yaya did tell his mother that he was staging a military coup on July 22, 1994, has its answer in how Yahya rates his mother and the degree of respect he has for her. From the accounts of those who know him, he reprimands his mother when he feels she’d upset and wronged him. He screams and cusses her out that sends the poor old lady shivering and fearing for her life. I’d not be surprised because there is nothing that Jammeh believes in other than force and riches – Power. So a son his breed would not consult or involve his parent in anything he does.

Because of his disdain for Gambians and excessive intoxication with power, he’d do anything to hurt anyone he believes is a threat to his seat. That was why I wake up each day disappointed and regretting how and why Jammeh escaped a bullet to his skull or at least arrested on December 30, 2014. That was going to get us out of this misery. But since that failed, Yahya drills out his animalistic traits to hatefully treat Gambians with contempt as he ventured on an irrational vengeance on innocent people who probably did not know why they have been abducted.

Yusupha Lowe (13) and Alieu Lowe (19), whose father and brother respectively, is a friend of mine are paying for the sins of their family for a crime he’s alleged to have committed but not guilty of. Meta Njie, the mother of the late Lamin Sanneh is an innocent, poor village woman who is carrying the heavy cross of his son as his body lies on ice in the morgue for four month. How does any man with conscience sleep through that know?

Our situation as a country and people has been helpless thus making it pitiful. That sorry state has been compounded by the absolute absence of any institution that neither defends nor fights for the rights of people against the authorities. Justice department and the courts watch as citizens get stripped of their inalienable rights, detained and gone missing on executive directives. The ministries of Women and Children’s affairs, Social Welfare and Child Protection Alliance all stayed mute while this goes on. As a matter of fact Social welfare and Child Protection Alliance bosses clearly distanced themselves from the issue and quickly narrowed their scopes so this does not fall under their purview. The religious leaders and politicians are not able to do anything. Basically, WE ALL failed as a people for succumbing to the brutality of a Dracula in needle-spiked boots walking on our spines.

Yahya Jammeh is a spiteful soul wronging and abusing Gambians. He has a poisonous spirit that is corroding his whole being, barring him from acknowledging, understanding or relating to indigenous, decent Gambians. Notwithstanding, we must not beg but demand that Yahya frees his abductees for them to reunite with their families. They are hurting the same way he and his wife would should ISIS kidnap his two children and parade them in orange jumpsuits. He must stop inflicting pain on Gambians if he wants his post presidency be any peaceful for him, or even his family.

Yusupha and Alieu Lowe are supposed to be in school today like Mariam Jammeh instead of languishing in detention. Naa Meta Njie, Alhagie Kebba Touray, Bai Jobe Njie are all parents like Asombie Bojang and Zineb Jammeh who deserved to be with their families after more than hundred days abduction. The Gambian State needs to always remember that it’s her obligation to defend and protect her citizens’ rights, lives and properties instead of perpetuating perennial Gangsterism. All hands must be on deck to hault this speeding training that is about to wreck. By any means necessary.

Free Our People. Let Our People Go!

Good Morning And Peace To The Planet!


Pata PJ