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January 8, 2015
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The government of The Gambia yesterday released a statement detailing the events of the recent attack on State House, warning that it will not compromise on the security and stability of the country. The release reads:

 “On Tuesday, 30th December, 2014, at 2am GMT, the State House was attacked by a well-equipped, well-funded group of Gambian terrorists living in the USA, UK, Germany and Senegal with support from their collaborators abroad with sophisticated automatic machine guns and assault rifles. Five of these attackers launched their assault from the main gate of the State House by the Albert Market while three others attempted to enter through the rear gate by Marina Parade. The leader of the attackers was Lamin Sanneh (codename ‘Gibia’), a former Lieutenant Colonel of the Gambia Armed Forces and former Commander of the State Guards Battalion who was dismissed from the GAF and fled to Senegal and then to the US. He was accompanied by Njaga Jagne (codename ‘Bandit’), a retired captain of the US Army; Baboucarr Lowe, a former warrant officer class 2 of the Gambia Armed Forces referred to as ‘Bai Lo’ who was wanted in connection with drugs and fled to Senegal and then to Germany; former private Modou Njie (codename  ‘Mike’) of the Gambia Armed Forces and private Landing Sonko (codename ‘Young’), an active member of the Gambia Armed Forces who was on study leave, was a former orderly of Ex-Lt Col Sanneh”.

Proffering further information on the crucial stage of the attack that saw the death of four of the “terrorists”, the statement added:

“During the exchange of fire at the main gate, Sanneh and Jagne were killed. Lowe and Sonko escaped while Modou Njie was captured and is currently helping the intelligence and security services in their investigations. Glass windows and buildings pockmarked by bullets can be vividly seen by the gate. The attackers from the rear gate included Musa Sarr, Ex-Lance Corporal of the Gambia Armed Forces (codename ‘Kampama’); retired US Army Sergeant Papa Faal and Alhagie Nyass, former personnel of the defunct Gambia National Gendarmerie and one Dawda Bojang. Faal positioned a heavy machine gun by the entrance of the Accidents & Emergency Unit of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and repeatedly fired rounds at the gate.

Nyass who attempted to ram his vehicle into the gate was shot dead. Dawda Bojang who was dressed in military uniform and body armour and positioned by a heavy machine gun was also killed. Musa Sarr and Papa Faal fled leaving behind their equipment and military attires. Other members of the group were stationed at Brufut Heights, some 25 kilometres from Banjul, the capital city. They were:

  • Cherno M Njie (codename ‘John’), the main sponsor of the attackers and proposed Interim Leader. He fled the country after the attack failed.
  • Alhagie Saidy Barrow (codename ‘X’) was the coordinator of the group, responsible for logistics and clearing of their weapons and other gadgets from the seaport.
  • Dawda Bojang, Ex-Private of Gambia Armed Forces who deserted in 2014
  • Mustapha Faal is a Gambian resident in Germany. He deserted the group before the attack. His whereabouts are not known.

According to documents retrieved from the attackers, this group was to arrest and kill Service Chiefs and other individuals. The team was awaiting the taking over of the State House by the attackers and for the proposed leader, Cherno M. Njie to take over the reins of power. All the four escaped and Cherno M Njie and Papa Faal are facing legal charges in the United States.

After the confrontation and the defeat of the attackers by the security forces, a large quantity of arms was retrieved which included:

  • Two (2) Heavy Machine Guns with telescopic sights
  • Seventeen (17)  M&P 15 individual assault rifles with aiming devices
  • Nine (9) AKM automatic Assault Rifles
  • Four (4) Light Machine Guns
  • Three (3) pistols
  • One (1)  Night Vision Goggle, (although FBI reports that the group had two)
  • Eleven sat Pro Communication devices. Theses gadgets were intended to be used for communication among themselves and to communicate to the outside world when they have destroyed the communication infrastructure in the country after failing to capture the State House.
  • Seventeen (17)  body armour
  • Twenty (20) webbing jackets
  • Five (5) camel bags.

It is clear from the documents retrieved from the attackers that this operation was well-planned. The documents revealed their intention to destroy key infrastructure including the Central Bank of the Gambia building, Denton Bridge, Gamtel House and Kotu Power Station among other national assets.

It was also discovered that the codename the attackers used to refer to the President of the Republic of The Gambia was “CHUCK”.  This is the same code name that the US Secret Services used to refer to His Excellency, the President during the last US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington DC.

While we continue to assess the situation and developments, the Government of The Gambia under the leadership of His Excellency, the President, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh assures all citizens, residents and all true friends of The Gambia near and far, that the security and stability of the Republic of The Gambia will never be compromised.

The Gambia will continue to depend only on Allah, the Almighty for the peace, security and prosperity of our proud and dignified people. The Government of The Gambia thanks all those countries that have expressed their genuine goodwill and solidarity with The Gambia in the wake of this terrorist attack.”

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January 7, 2015
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Desperate Jammeh speaking to the press

Desperate Jammeh speaking to the press

Dictator Jammeh remains true to his words when he promised the whole world that he will set an example to those who attempted to dislodge his dictatorial regime. Kibaaro News can authoritatively report that thousands of innocent Gambian civilians continued to be arrested, detained, tortured and confessions obtained from them under duress. The latest family to fall victim of Dictator Jammeh’s threat is the entire family of ex-army chief Ndow Njie. Reports reaching Kibaaro has it that the family was picked up from their Kololi residence.

Another family currently languishing in the NIA torture chambers is Alhagie Jaja Nyass his family only crime is their relationship with one of the Coupist. Ousman Nyang, an employee of the Ports Authority has also been arrested and currently detained at the NIA. Yerro Njie of the University of the Gambia has been picked up as well.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Dictator Jammeh’s Personal Protection Officer, Sarjo Jarju who is subjected to hair-splitting tortures I the hands of NIA thugs has confessed to clearing the arms shipped by the Coupist in the Gambia. The Jammeh regime is now rounding up families of Gambian dissidents abroad in a bit to force them to give up their debunking of his rogue regime.


January 6, 2015
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Picture of an Angolan soldier behaving badly - Gambian soldiers are doing worst to their compatriots...

Picture of an Angolan soldier behaving badly – Gambian soldiers are doing worst to their compatriots...

Monster in white

Monster in white

Several soldiers of the Gambian Armed Forces have been recently arrested in connection with the foiled coup plot against the regime of dictator Yahya Jammeh led by late Lt. Colonel Lamin Sanneh, ex- commander of the State Guards.

The arrested soldiers and civilians included: Lt. Colonel Sarjo Jarju, former personal protective officer to dictator Jammeh; Captain Ansumana Sanyang, alias “soldier”, another bodyguard to dictator Jammeh; Captain Abdoulie Jobe of the Military training school at Bakau; Lieutenant Sowe, State Guard driver; and Warrant officer Kemo Njie and one uncle of Late Lt. Col. Sanneh.

Among the civilians arrested are the parents of the alleged coup plotters: Mrs Fatou Sonko and husband Mr Essa Bojang of Mbankam Village in Niumi, who are parents to Bakary and Dawda Bojang, who are former members of the Gambian Army, who are also arrested for their alleged involvement in the foiled coup plot.

Lamin Sanneh’s mother, Metta and his brother are also still under arbitrary detention. Security sources said Bai Lowe’s ex-wife Jarriatou Lowe and his 14 years son, Yusupha Lowe, and younger brother, Pa Alieu Lowe, who is 19 years old are also currently under detention.

Sources stated that many soldiers and civilians are currently undergoing series of questionings at the National Intelligence Agency headquarters in Banjul.


January 5, 2015
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Two U.S. citizens, Mr Papa Faal-46 and Mr Cherno Njie-57 were arraigned before federal judges on Monday charged with violating the Neutrality Act for their involvement in last week failed Banjul coup. The Neutrality Act is a 1794 law that makes it illegal for an American to prepare an attack on a country the U.S. is at peace with, as well as arming themselves in order to violate that law. A criminal complaint filed on Sunday in the District Court of Minnesota, US, Faal and Njie travelled separately from the US to Banjul. According to the detailed complaint filed by the FBI special agent Nicholas L Marshall, Mr Cherno Njie-a Texas businessman who was identified as the interim leader if the coup was successful sponsored the operation.

Papa Faal is said to be a flight-lieutenant in the US army with 10 years’ service. Until the failed coup in Banjul last week, he was an IT lecturer at the ITT College in Minnesota where he resides with his wife and children. Cherno Njie will be transferred to Minnesota after his appearance in Baltimore where both defendants will be prosecuted. It is reported that about 12 Gambian residents in US and Europe descended in Banjul in an attempt to overthrow the Dictatorial regime of President Jammeh on the 29 December 2014. Some soldiers of the Gambia Armed Forces who were meant to join the Coupist betrayed them at the last minute of the operation resulting in its failure.

According to a detailed complaint filed at the Minnesota District Court, Mr Faal escaped to Dakar, Senegal and handed himself to the US embassy. In preparation, Faal and two other U.S.-based members of the conspiracy allegedly “purchased ‘lawfully’ eight M4 semi-automatic rifles” in Minnesota and shipped them to the Gambia. Cherno Njie was arrested as he arrived at Dulles International Airport. “These defendants stand accused of conspiring to carry out the violent overthrow of a foreign government, in violation of U.S. law,” a statement from Attorney General Eric Holder read. “The United States strongly condemns such conspiracies. With these serious charges, the United States is committed to holding them fully responsible for their actions.”

Dictator Jammeh came to power by overthrowing Jawara’s democratically elected government in 1994 and has since reign the Gambia repulsively. He has systematically muzzled freedom of speech, violated Gambians with impunity. Many Gambians still languish in detention without trial, others extra-judicially killed. In recent months the Gambia has been in the news amid a renewed crackdown renewed on Gambia LGBT people and supporters. Numerous officials and opposition leaders have fled the country, saying they fear for their lives after the military conducted house-to-house raids.

Albeit Dictator Jammeh has won several elections since seizing power critics say they were neither free nor fair. Apart from a short Atlantic coast, The Gambia is entirely surrounded by Senegal. Its main foreign currency earners are tourism and peanut exports. Below is the full text of the complaint sheet. Read the full text of the interview below.


Ex—Wife of Gambia’s Slain Coupist Speaks

January 4, 2015
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The ex-wife of one of the armed men who was killed in Tuesday’s foiled coup against the APRC government of President Yahya Jammeh has told a US television station that she is struggling to explain his death to their nine-year old son. US army captain Njaga Jagne was part of a group of armed men who crossed into the Gambia from neighbouring Senegal and lunched an armed attack at the presidential palace in Gambia’s capital, Banjul and Denton Bridge.

Four other armed men including their leader and former State Guards commander, Lt. Colonel Lamin Sanneh were also killed in the attack while four others were captured and detained at various military posts in Banjul.

In an interview with Lexington TV in Kentucky, Katrina Sharp, who was with Njaga for the better part of seven years, said she was shocked to hear in the news that he was killed in the Gambia. “From what he told me before he left he was just going out of town and he dropped his son off and he said he would be back he really didn’t tell much to anybody,” she said.

After hearing the news, Katrina was left with the difficult task of explaining to their son, Omar that his dad was never coming back home. “I didn’t know how to tell him,” she said. “I was sitting on the bed and told him that he wasn’t going to be able to see his daddy anymore. I love him because we have a son together. I just wish he would have spoken to his son.”

It is not clear how Njaga Jagne who joined the US army shortly after marrying Katrina was killed in the quest to topple the 20 year-old regime of Mr Jammeh. But from what Katrina was told, he was shot while trying to save a wounded colleague. “He was trying to go in and save somebody and he didn’t want to leave without them and they shoot him down,” a tearful Katrina said. “We have to get his body from the ones that basically killed him.”

Meanwhile, President Jammeh has blamed dissidents based in the US, Germany and the UK for the attack. The president denied that the attack was mounted by sections of the Gambian military.  “The Gambian armed forces are very loyal as far as we are concerned – there isn’t any single participation of the armed forces except nullifying the attack,” he said in a television interview on Wednesday night.  “So this cannot be called a military coup – this was an attack by a terrorist group backed by some powers that I would not name.”

The US government has denied that it had any role in the alleged coup attempt.




January 3, 2015
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Njagga JagneLamin SannehModou NjieThe Gambian community in the Diaspora is weeping in deep sorrow and with a heavy heart at the sad loss in action of comrades in the struggle who went to liberate our motherland from the shackles of one of the worst dictatorships the African continent has known. On the night of Tuesday, 29th December 2014, truly courageous and patriotic sons of The Gambia, sacrificed property, job, welfare, and family, and journeyed across the oceans from the Americas and Europe. All these geared towards rescuing the Gambia from the bondage of a despotic regime whose oppression knows no bounds. We are saddened that this magnanimous mission has met such tragic consequence but no matter what, the dice has been cast and whatever blood that has been spilled shall be revenged on this dying regime. Yahya Jammeh must pay the price!

Today, the entire Diaspora is in sombre mood but remain defiant and indefatigable, our courage ignited by the wisdom and selfless dedication of these fallen freedom fighters whose general wish for a democratic and peaceful Gambia is unabated and shall be upheld .

Death it is said is the end of all mortals but it is for the purpose that which we die that matters after all. For these sons who lost their valuable lives, nothing can be more honourable than dying for the love of your country. We salute them for their gallantry. Their glory and honour shall be with us till eternity and their memory shall be truly documented in the annals of Gambian history for posterity.

Some of the heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice; they gave their lives; some are in the hands of the enemy; and some fortunate few have survived with psychological wounds. These heroes have done their part but they paid a heavy price for it. Those that survive and family members of those we have lost need our support. The GAMBIA DEMOCRACY PROJECT is leading a fund raising drive; proceeds of which will go to the survivors and families of the deceased.

To donate, please use this Gofundme Link or use the dedicated Bank of America account # 237030054103 Routing # 053000196. For International Donors you can use the following Bank SWIFT CODES; BOFAUS3DAU2, BOFAUS3DAUS, BOFAUS3DCCD. Thank you for your generosity.



January 2, 2015
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Now that all the Freedom Fighters are out of the danger zone and accounted for, they have finally given us the true picture of what transpired between them and members of The Gambia National Army.  Contrary to the lies Yahya Jammeh has been putting out there that no GNA member participated in this coup, we can now confirm that a lot of senior and mid level GNA soldiers were part of it. 

We are therefore urging all those GNA members who decided to endanger the lives of their colleagues to go ahead and complete the mission, otherwise their identities and all incriminating evidence will be revealed for all see.  We currently have text messages, emails, records of gifts taken, and phone conversation records.  You have 48 hours, the ball is now in your court.