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October 14, 2014
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Former secretary general and minister for presidential affairs, Momodou Sabally, is expected to appear at the high court today, the second time after three months since his arrest. After being detained for over a month, Momodou Sabally appeared at the high court on August 11 on one count of economic crime and two counts of abuse of office charges, all relating to a Youth Career Development Programme organised by one Mariama Sillah in May 2014.

Mr Sabally, 40, is accused of causing economic loss to SSHFC in the amount of D402, 500 by unduly influencing the corporation to fund the programme without recourse to due process. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. He has been under the custody of the National Intelligence Agency after a high court judge; Abdullahi Mikailu refused him bail following the prosecution claim that investigations into his matter were ongoing.

Mr Sabally who was not represented by a lawyer however urged the court before he was remanded on August 11 that he had been detained for five weeks during which he cooperated with the investigators. “I have a wife and children. I served as an example to the younger ones. I joined the services of The Gambia, ignored foreign appointments such as the IMF and World Bank, and decided to serve my country. With this background, I did not see any reason why the prosecution should doubt my integrity. I therefore humbly disagree with the prosecution and urge the court to grant me bail.”

However, the judge ruled that Sabally should be remanded in the custody of the NIA to further the diligence of the investigations before adjourning the case to today.



October 12, 2014
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The Girl Generation in collaboration with Southbank Centre’s WOW-women of the world festival on Friday launched a new global campaign: The Girl Generation. The launching that took place simultaneously with events for young people in Kenya, The Gambia and the UK was supported by the UK’s department of international development(DFID’s) historic investment, with the theme of all three events is ‘The Generation that Ends FGM’.

The London’s event was held in a form of a panel discussion where the Secretary of State for international development Hon Lynne Featherstone said they are showing their support but believed that the change has to come from Africa. She called on men and boys to demonstrate their support in ending FGM. “I want everyone regardless of your gender, race, culture, or religion to join the crusade in ending it, because I believe it’s a global issue and it’s really important for everyone to be involved”.

Hon Featherstone finally commended FGM survivors and activists for their braveness and hardworking towards the campaign against FGM.  For her part the education counsellor, Kenya High Commission, UK Margaret Lesuuda said many thinks performing FGM on their girls means cleanliness, but on the contrary it is harm on them. She emphasised that people needs to be educated about the effects it could do to girls and women. As Education she added is the biggest tool in ending the practice. She said with educating our communities to be more aware of the dangers of FGM change will not take place effectively. She however urged people to let their girls stay in education, for them to know their rights and know how to make change happen in their generation.

Nimco Ali co-founder of Daughters of Eve and anti FGM campaigner also added her voice and said FGM is a global issue but mainly an African, as a matter of fact she called on Africans to be more involve in eradicating it. “If everyone take it as a responsibility on them and campaign against FGM, empower women and girls, and then poverty will end in Africa”.

“Until we get a zero tolerant to FGM we will be living in an unequal world”, said Jude Kelly, OBE: Artist Director of Southbank centre. Jude further stated that although the campaign is going well but still more needs to be done as many women especially refugee women needs help. The event was attended by several FGM survivor and activists, gender activists across the UK.

Gambians Furious over Dr Zakir Naik’s Partaking in Commemoration of an Illegal Event

October 12, 2014
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DrZakir Naik Gambia Tour

Dr.Zakir Naik’s Gambia Tour

Gambians in the diaspora have expressed shock and outrage over renowned Islamic orator Dr.Zakir Naik’s partaking in the 22nd July military coup celebration. An event organized by Gambia’s tyrant Yahya Jammeh. The event marks the illegal overthrow of the constitutional elected government of Sir Dawda Jawara 20 years ago. Jammeh who uses his ill-gotten wealth and military machinery to oppress ordinary Gambians is said to have invited Dr.Zakir Naik to bolster his image in a largely Muslim country where his popularity is crumbling. Gambians have been expressing their dissatisfaction on social media on Dr.Naik’s decision to wine and dine with a tyrant.

“Dr Zakir Naik seems to bask in his celebrity like status than deal with real ordinary issues faced by Gambian Muslims. I cannot imagine anyone with such a status as claimed by the admirers of this man to be oblivious of what has been happening in The Gambia under the evil dictator and thief  “President” Jammeh. Dr.Zakir Naik should have declined the invitation and refused to participate in ‘enabling’ a tyrant” posited a Gambian human rights activist  in Oslo. Another comment from a Gambian based in Atlanta reads “Am not impress by Dr.Naik…he is a hustler…paid to promote a dictators agenda….Charity starts at home glorified preacher”. Some have expressed disappointment over the fact that not any of Dr. Naik’s lectures in Gambian would address oppression and tyranny.

Even as the orator tours the country there is an Imam who is being prosecuted by the rogue regime for celebrating “Eidul fitr” on a day different from the one slated by Dictator Jammeh. Others also express the view that Dr.Zakir Naik who has earlier on shunned all forms of feasts and celebrations other than the two “Eids” has shot himself on the foot by joining the celebration of a military take over.

One thing is very clear Jammeh is an instrumentalist, he uses Islam as a tool to perpetuate  oppression and tyranny on ordinary  innocent Gambians and therefore any preacher he calls to grace an event should be very wary of him. As Ibn Qayyim Aljawziyya puts it “Islam is wisdom. If you see it going to foolishness and stupidity, then know that is not Islam.”


October 10, 2014
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Impeachable source reaching Kibaaro News has revealed that President Jammeh abetted by Ebrima Jawara-son of ex-President Jawara has ordered the immediate arrest and detention of Omar Jammeh-Project Coordinator of FAST DEBT and Babanding Fatajo-Project Director of African Development Bank (ADB) following the launching of a General Audit into the financial dealings of these departments. There is also an audit ordered into the activities of the VISACA Bank which would without doubt lead into further dismissals and subsequent arrests. “More arrests and detentions that are looming into the purported dubious and shady under worlds of VISACA in coming days”, the source further warned.

Readers will recall it is the same notorious Ebrima Jawara who masterminded the unlawful arrest and detention of over 12 agriculture directors and senior officials mainly from Sapu and across the country more than two months ago. The said officials who include Kutubo Sanyang, Fafanding Fatajo and Musa Humma are still languishing in detention without charge. Many believed President Jammeh has recruited Ebrima Jawara to accomplish his malicious fight against the Mandinkas which erstwhile Secretary General Sabally has kick started for the Kanilai Monster.

President Jammeh’s 10 Day celebration of his unlawful entry into political power is only a hoax to cash sand in the eyes of Gambians and cover up the country’s economic and political decadence. While Jammeh and his rogue government divorced from the Gambian reality is splashing millions of dollars to fund the July 22nd Celebration dubbed “Revolution”, many Gambians are struggling to have a decent meal, medical bills and school fees for their children.

Gambian Diaspora Open Discussion on the Way forward for Gambia

October 8, 2014
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The Gambia Diaspora

Online Media

The Diaspora

September 6th 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,

As disenfranchise Stakeholders and custodians of an important platform on Gambia’s national discourse, the Gambian Diaspora media is providing a platform in the form of a conference call inviting major stakeholders of the Gambian Diaspora to discuss the WAY FORWARD FOR GAMBIA. The conference is designed to bring interest groups and individuals together to discuss how to work together more effectively to harness the synergy of various groups and individual expertise to address the political nightmare in Gambia. 

Individual experts/citizens will speak on and give ideas on how the Diaspora struggle can exploit:

Working relationship with the political opposition on the ground
Engage our international partners; such as the UN, AU, EU, ECOWAS & RIGHTS GROUPS for political reform in Gambia
The effectiveness and the need for resistance in the form of demonstrations
The role of the Diaspora online Media in the struggle and how their platforms can be fully utilized for positive change
The importance of women engagement and leadership in the struggle
The importance of religious leaders in the struggle
The need for national fundraising to empower Diaspora Gambians to fight against disenfranchisement
Strategic ways and means of engaging Gambian security apparatus to protect the rights of citizens
Ways and means of forging a united front for the Diaspora and the opposition on the ground

This conference is being scheduled to coincide with upcoming one year anniversary since The Gambia withdrew itself from the Commonwealth of Nations.

Date and time: Saturday, October the 11th 2014
Time: 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time, 5:00pm UK Time.
Program is via Conference Call: number +1 619 326 2772 access code number 256-0536.

The theme of this event which will be a live online radio program is “DIASPORA UNITY AND THE WAY FORWARD”. This great event the first of its kind will be moderated by Omar Bah and will be carried live by online media networks.

Each of these hosts will have the honour to take turns and pose a question, and panellists will each have five minutes maximum to respond. The wisdom behind this Round-Table -Talks, is to continue the national conversation around the need for unity in the struggle.

Disclosure: The public is hereby informed that the initial letter that was sent out was sent in error and that the idea of this conference is to create a platform where Gambian Diaspora leaders and stake holders can come together and discuss about the way forward. Our apology for any confusion this may have created.


Salieu Njie

“Be the change you want to see in the Gambia”


October 7, 2014
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Police in Great Yarmouth continues to investigate the circumstances of a Gambian couple, Yafaye (Mbye) Jallow and Mariama Njie, after firefighters discovered their death bodies at the scene of a house fire on Admiral Road in Yarmouth, UK where the pair had lived for several years. The late Mr Yafaye Jallow hailed from Lamin, Kombo and his late wife, Mariama Njie-a native of Talinding. Yafaye was a former employee of GPMB before he travelled to Holland in 1978.  Both couple are reported to have been in their forties, friendly but “private” who kept themselves to themselves. 

As we go to press, a blue forensics tent still remains around the front of the terraced home in Admiralty Road while a PCSO stood guard as deaths are currently being treated as unexplained and the house remains sealed off for detectives to carry out further enquiries. A reliable source informed Kibaaro News that a Home Office post mortem is due to take place today to determine the causes of their deaths.

Speaking to News Reporters, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Guy, from the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team, said: “We will look to the results of the post mortem to establish the exact circumstances surrounding these deaths. However, initial enquiries lead us to believe this incident involved only the couple.”

Also speaking to reporters are neighbours who have been left shocked by the sudden deaths of the Gambian couple. Mark Anderson, who has lived in the road for 22 years, told reporters: “It’s a tragedy. They were always friendly, very pleasant, very nice and very respectable. It’s pretty shocking round here and completely out of the blue.”

Mary Cerny, 72, further added: “I know them to say hello to. Every time I saw them I gave them a wave and sometimes they gave me a lift into town.”

Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, had this to say: “I heard a noise and when I came out we saw the fire engine and that was it. I am in shock. They were a private couple but friendly and we used to talk just to pass the time of day.”

Residents disclosed they had no idea the fire had started until they were alerted to the emergency after hearing sirens from the fire service. It is believed a driver spotted smoke billowing from an upstairs window and called 999, before alerting neighbours who dashed out of their homes and gathered in the road. Firefighters were called to the scene just after midday, closely followed by police as detectives carried out door to door enquiries. The road and one side of the pavement were sealed off before police set up the forensics tent.

Firefighters from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston were called to the scene, used breathing apparatus and hose reels to extinguish the flames. James Belcher, fire investigation officer, speaking from the scene highlighted: “We sent in crews to fight the fire and search and rescue, unfortunately we’re dealing with a tragic situation”.

A spokesperson for the Suffolk Ambulance service reported: “Once inside the property, the two paramedics first on scene made very quick assessments and it was clear that, unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to do anything; we did then remain on scene to assist emergency service colleagues further.”

Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis described the incident as a “terrible loss” and praised the emergency teams for their work. “Any loss of life is always a tragic thing. I want to pay huge tribute to the fantastic work done by the fire service, who had to deal with the fire and the loss of life along with the ambulance teams and police. All three services again remind us all of the amazing work they do often in awful circumstances. My thoughts are with them and the family and friends of those who died”, he concluded


October 3, 2014
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Ousainou Baye Sankareh Said he is fine for now in the Gambia!!!

Ousainou Baye Sankareh Said he is fine for now in the Gambia!!!

The Management of Kibaaro Media wishes to notify the general public that their Radio Journalist, Ousainou Baye Sankareh has been released in the Gambia. Mr Sankareh contacted the management to confirm that he was released from detention and that he is fine. He clarified that he was not arrested by the NIA, as we earlier reported, but by the Police and was detained at the Police Serious crime unit in Banjul.

He was informed that his arrest was in connection with the alleged beating of a fellow Gambian in Holland by him and Mr Sillaba Samateh. He said he endured 8 hours of questioning but was never tortured by his interrogators. He was released today on bail and was asked to return after the Muslim feast of Eid-ul Adha, locally known as Tobaski in the Gambia. His travel documents and some of his belonging have been confiscated by his interrogators.

Earlier today, one of our Kibaaro’s editors, was informed by a top official of the Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA) that they have never arrested Mr Sankareh. The NIA official was adamant that Mr Sankareh was never arrested by the agency. He went further to advise Kibaaro to desist from reporting false news, as that will damage the paper’s credibility. His advice was much appreciated and taken in good fate by the paper’s editor, but was quick to remind him about the agency’s records on arresting innocent Gambians, whilst denying ever coming in contact with them. For that reason, he put to him that the agency’s credibility was in the gutters.

Mr Sankareh had however expressed his amazement at the media frenzy his case had attracted. He was further not happy that his story had gone viral, as he fears the consequences it may get him to, since his case is not yet concluded. He is scheduled to report to the police next week and does not know his fate thereafter. Mr Sankareh implores all online media houses to suspend the Media Campaign initiated for his release, as he is now released. He said he understands the concerns raised but that it could now get him into even more trouble, if it continues.

In the meantime, the Kibaaro Media Management wish to express their gratitude to the solidarity and support shown to them, during the last 24 hours, by Gambians of all works of lives, Gambian Civil Society Groupings, various individuals, their comrades in the media fraternity, etc.

“They have made us realise that we are not alone in this struggle”, expressed Bamba Serigne Mass of Kibaaro! “We still seek the support of our comrades in the Media and International organisations should Mr Sankareh’s life be in danger again in the Gambia”, he added.

Kibaaro will keep you posted on this story as it unfolds.