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November 18, 2014
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Ex - SG Momodou Sabally

Ex – SG Momodou Sabally – still imprisoned


Sabally’s Defense Lawyer – Antouman Gaye

The Gambia government still opposes the release on bail of their former Secretary General and Minister for Presidential Affairs, Momodou Sabally. Mr Sabally, who was fired from the government on 7 July 2014, had since been held incommunicado and believed to have been severely tortured by the agents of his former employer, the Gambia government, during his continues detention.

He has since been trying to secure his release from arbitrary detention, for almost 4 months, but his efforts are yet to yield fruition. He last appeared in court in August 2014, when he was formally charged with 8 counts of offences ranging from economic crimes, abuse of office and giving false information, among many.

His bail application came to court, yesterday, 17 November 2014, when his counsel Antouman Gaye argued for his release on bail. However his application, which was submitted to the court on 16 October 2014 and supported by a 33 paragraphs sworn affidavit of his wife, Jainaba–Teeda Sarr,  was vehemently opposed by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Hadi Saleh Barkun.

Mr Barkun, who filed a four paragraphs affidavit in response and in support of his motion, contended that when an application is made for the court to exercise its discretion, facts must be available from both sides, before the court can exercise its discretion judiciously and judicially.

He said the affidavit in support of the applicant, especially from paragraphs 1 to 26, were not tangible reasons for him to be granted bail.

“The first thing the court needs to take into consideration is the nature of the charge. The applicant is charged with eight counts which include two counts of economic crime, two counts of abuse of office and giving false information among others. The first two counts carry a minimum sentence of three years and maximum of ten years imprisonment. The prosecution has strong evidence against the applicant which are very strong and by considering the nature of the offence, there is likelihood that if the applicant is granted bail, he may abscond.

Furthermore, there is likelihood that more charges are to be filed against the applicant as investigation into the matter is still ongoing. So these are the factors the court should put into consideration before giving bail to the applicant.”

Based on the above, the state chief prosecutor urged the court not to grant bail to Sabally, but recommended for an accelerated hearing of the case.

 Earlier, the applicant’s lawyer, Lawyer Antouman Gaye had argued that:  

“all the offences are bailable offences and the applicant has good defence against all the charges. It is our humble submission that this application is brought under the provision of the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code… Furthermore, it is our submission that there is constitutional provision of bail in favour of the applicant,” Antouman Gaye said.

He contended that since the arrest of his client in July, no charges were preferred against him until August when he was brought before the court which initially remanded him in custody at the National Intelligence Agency offices.

“In criminal matters, when a court adjourns a case, if the accused is on bail, the procedure stipulated that the case can be adjourned within two weeks but if the accused is in detention the case can be adjourned within seven days, see section 162 of the CPC which is applicable at the lower court and section 226 which is also applicable at the high court,” he expounded.

Addressing the court on principles of granting bail, Mr Gaye asked the court to put the following into consideration: whether if granted bail, the applicant will abscond or commit other crimes; whether he would interfere with the witnesses; or whether he would interfere with the course of justice. He said Momodou Sabally is a citizen of The Gambia and has his roots in this country.

He argued that the continuous detention of Mr Sabally would erode the constitutional provision of his presumption of innocence and urged the court to exercise its discretion “judicially and judiciously” and grant bail to his client on reasonable conditions.

The case was adjourned and will resume on 25 November 2014 for ruling.


November 12, 2014
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Burkinabe Protesters -  Gambians implored to emulate!

Burkinabe Protesters – Gambians implored to emulate!

By: Ousainou Mbenga

With the recent explosion of the Burkinabe powder keg in the country of the “upright people” – Burkina Faso; all the neocolonial gangsters and puppets in the region – including Macky Sall and his monstrous friend, Yaya Jammeh – are sitting on edge. Macky sall, Jonathan Goodluck and others hurried into Burkina Faso to quell the ashes and ambers of resistance against the neocolonial state.

Their desperate intent is not to bring peace and normalcy back but to snuff this sparkling example of what resistance should look like across the continent of Africa.  In other words, they want to contain the spark that ignited the powder keg in Burkina from reaching the ready-to-explode powder kegs in their respective neocolonial enclaves.

The spark that ignited this powder keg is on the rampage across the continent; it will not end in Burkina Faso. The spark must reach the other powder kegs waiting to explode to relief us from the bile of oppression.

We, in the Gambian front of the African revolution say: 20 years and 27 years is too damn long to have put up with the Jammeh and Campoare regimes respectively. We salute our Burkinabe brothers and sisters with unwavering support to continue and complete the work comrades Thomas Sankara and others started 27 years ago.

                                                                    THE END OF THE NEOCOLONIAL STATE

Gambia is equally pregnant with the same contradictions as Burkina Faso. It was a traitorous counter-revolutionary coup that lifted Blaise Campoare on the “saddles of power”, resulting in the assassination of the emerging revolutionary forces including Thomas Sankara.

In the Gambia, a similar gang of bandit – soldiers staged a walk – through coup with the “seemingly innocent” assistance of USS La Moure County naval vessel claiming to help the deposed president from harm’s way. Some kind of coincidence!

Subsequently, Campoare, with the help of imperialism, particularly France, had 27 years to crush the revolutionary potential in Burkina Faso. But as the saying goes: “you can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution”!

And subsequently, Jammeh, with help from all stripes of local opportunists, sycophants and people with only permanent interests, also had 20 years to crush every resistance unleashed against his tyrannical regime.

Revolution must be the trend in Africa, after 50 years of “flag independence” with nothing to show for.

But, this time around, we must prepare our serious revolutionary forces to take on leadership roles as oppose to allowing the treacherous and impotent “elite mis-leadership”, their allies to hijack all our work and create criminals like Yaya Jammeh and Blaise Campoare.

                                                                  THE WILL OF THE MASSES ALWAYS PREVAILS!

Who would have thought Campoare will tuck tail and run out of Burkina Faso? When the genius of the masses is given its due respect, no force or power can stand in its way. What happened in Burkina was as a result of mounting internal crises – the basis for change – and the willingness of the people to get ORGANIZED and fight back.


November 11, 2014
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kibaaroTV Poster

Check the new kibaaro TV platform at:

The management of Kibaaro Newspaper, Radio and Television and partners Lamawood Radio and TV Services, and Fatu Show wish to announce the introduction of their new media platform for Kibaaro LKTV on the Google TV and Android TV devices. The channel is also available as an App for downloads on Android mobile phones and Smartpads from the Google Android play stores.

The management and partners express delight at this achievement, as it now means residence in America and Canada can join their European compatriots in enjoying their programs on the Kibaaro LKTV at the same times, daily.

The Kibaaro TV Manager, Yanks Darboe, who also heads the Kibaaro & Partners TV venture expressed delight that Kibaaro LKTV is now accessible worldwide including the US and Canada. He disclosed that since inception in May 2014, their struggle had been to have a platform that can be accessible globally. He said it proved challenging for them to achieve that through the Roku Media streamer, which is only available in Europe and the Rest of the World, but not in the US and Canada. As a result they tried Samsung Smart TV platform, as an alternative, but later realised that Google and Android TV has wider platform that Samsung, for that reason they diverted their efforts to securing a platform on the Google and Android TV devices. He said now that they have achieved that goal, their next struggle will be to produce quality programs for the channel’s viewers from both within the Gambian communities around the world and those back home. He said they don’t want to be just political, but become an alternative platform to showcase Gambian Talent.

Mr Darboe further expressed the challenges the channel will still face in accessing Gambia, the country that should be the home of the channel. This is due to the fact that the regime in Banjul is still hell bent on suppressing alternative media, such as Kibaaro and others. He however emphasised that it is a challenge they are ready to face and will do everything to bring in quality programs from the Gambia and also try to establish a base in the country, thereby creating employment for many in the country.

He admonished that it is about time that the Gambia government realises that it cannot succeed in blocking Gambian people’s right to freedom of information and expression and it is a battle they will surely lose. The upbeat Mr Darboe expressed that it will prove challenging for the Gambia government to block us and if they do we will get more empathisers around the world, who will donate us to get alternative platforms that will be even more sophisticated for them to block.

He therefore advised that the Gambia government should now be willing to embrace change and soften their stand against their treatment of the Gambian media. Otherwise, he warned, that they will fail “just like how they failed in their drive to silence the Gambian media. They killed, banned and chased many into exile, but failed to still silence the Gambia media”. In fact he added, “they only succeeded in the creation of many online newspapers from abroad, who continue to disseminate uncensored information to the Gambia.” He said with the advent of the TV they can do even more havoc to the battered image of the Gambian state. He explained that this is because, “as the saying goes, seeing is believing”.

He therefore reiterated that the Gambia government should soften their stand against the Gambian online media.

The new Kibaaro TV platform can be accessed at the newly built Kibaaro TV website at


November 7, 2014
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Barely two weeks ago Dictator Jammeh sent his Justice Minister as an emissary to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to resuscitate his dying regime. Amongst many spin lies which Minister Mahoney told the edified council was “There is no detention without trial in the Gambia. Prisoners’ rights are well protected. Furthermore, Gambia supports the 72 hour law of detention and where it exceeds; people go to court and file habeas corpus”. Perhaps, the deluded Gambian Dictators thought the UN Human Rights Council would be convinced by his whitewashed dossier and not travel to the Gambia to separate chaff from the grains of his doggy-dossier.

First, he ran to Jangbureh ducking and diving his backside in the rice field posing as a leader effacing hunger for his people. What many of the muzzled Gambians with him at the rice field did not know, was he swop national duty for a personal one and avoiding the UN veteran investigators for illegal killings and tortures. When he realised his gimmicks did not wade off the investigators patience, he told them that the wailing nation was in observance of the Muslim end of year Eid. Like the determination of a starving person looking at a delicious meal, the investigators waited patiently to accomplish their mission.

The decisive moment finally projected itself when the investigators asked to be led to the security wind of Mile II prison. Hell, broke loose and Dictator Jammeh manifested his monstrous side by refusing the investigators access. They were dismayed by the Jammeh’s government refusal for them to visit a prison which they were informed by the same government it was not only given a facelift but prisons are accorded their full rights. Christof Heyns and Juan Mendez said in a joint press release “ an inference must be drawn that there is something important to hide. This incident forced us to suspended this integral part of the visit”.

The release went on to add, “We would like to recall the duty of the government to take measures to prevent and punish deprivation of life by criminal acts and to prevent arbitrary killing by their own security forces”. The blocking and sabotaging this first ever UN human rights investigators from completing their probe into killings and tortures by the Jammeh regime accentuates what Gambian nonconformists have been advocating for the past twenty years . Heyns, who is UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, concluded, “Our inability to visit sections of a Banjul prison despite written guarantees obtained in advance suggested the government had something to hide”.

On the death sentence, the UN veteran investigators asserted, “According to available evidence, the death sentences were imposed in violation of international fair trial standards, including the most serious crimes provisions”. Readers will recall that in August 2012, Monster Jammeh ordered the unlawful execution of 9 Mile II death row inmates to fulfil his marabou’s directive.

As we go to press, a young Gambian, Sait Matty Jaw, is currently unlawfully detained for more than 72 hour stipulated by law. His whereabouts remains a mystery and his safety highly feared. Mr Jaw is a lecturer at the Gambia University who has no political affiliation whatsoever. He is still neither charged nor released by his captors. It is highly believed that Mr Jaw is undergoing chilling tortures from his captors.


November 7, 2014
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Late Chief Ebrima Manneh died in prison! Another victim of Jammeh dictatorship in the Gambia!!

Late Chief Ebrima Manneh died in prison! Another victim of Yahya Jammeh’s Dictatorship in the Gambia!!

According to highly unimpeachable sources working within the corridors of the Gambia Police Force, the disappeared former Daily Observer Journalist, Chief Ebrima Manneh, died in prison 2 years into his illegal and arbitrary detention at the country’s notorious Mile 2 Central prison. Our sources, who work at the Interpol Department of the GPF headquarters in Banjul, confirmed that the authorities’ claim that Mr Manneh had gone missing bore no iota of truth.  

He said Mr Manneh, who was arrested by the authorities in July 2005, succumbed to his untimely death after an illness he suffered while he was arbitrary detained at Mile Two central prison in Banjul in early 2007.

According to our investigation, Mr Manneh was said to have been taken to the Edward Frances Teaching hospital, formerly The Royal Victoria Teaching hospital, after suffering from high blood pressure. Sources revealed that as his friends and family were informed of his admission at the hospital, he was quickly moved to the military clinics in Banjul behind closed doors, despite knowing that that clinic had expertise to cater for his medical needs. As a result, the young Journalist could not survive his medical condition.

Interpol sources revealed that the information from the Inspector General of Police,  Yankuba Sonko, that Chief Manneh was last spotted in United States of America was a lie. Police sources said the press release from IGP Sonko, was an information from the joint security forces of the Gambia chaired by Dictator Yahya Jammeh.

It could be recalled that Chief Manneh was arrested by Corporal Sey and another officer from the Bakau police station in 2005. He been moved from one police station to another in different part of the country. His arrest abstracted the international community who all called on Gambian government for unconditional and immediate release of Manneh. This prompted the Media Foundation of West Africa to initiate a legal action against Yahya Jammeh’s government, who continue refuting the arrest of Chief Manneh.

The case, which was heard by Ecowas International Community Court, in Abuja, Nigeria, fined Jammeh’s government $100,000, as compensation to Manneh’s family after reaching its verdict. The Gambia government has still continued to refute Chief Manneh’s arrest even after witnesses testify before the ECOWAS court. The Gambian government’s former Attorney Generals, Edward Gomez and Marie Fridausi had all stated that Chief Manneh was somewhere, but could not confirm where.



November 4, 2014
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Imam Fatty of Fired!!!!!

Imam Fatty Fired!!!!!

The most notable religious exponent of the Gambian Dictatorship, Imam Abdoulie Fatty, has fallen to the electric broom of his lord master, President Yahya AJJ Jammeh. In a terse press release read over the country’s only national broadcaster, the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GTRS) confirmed the removal of the veteran Imam with effect from 4 November 2014.

As customary, the Presidency has given no reasons for the removal of Imam Fatty, except the terse press release, which reads: ” The Office of the President wishes to inform the general public that Imam Fatty has been relieved of his services as Imam of State House mosque with effect from Tuesday, 4th November 2014.”

The release further confirm that Muhammad Lamin Touray, who is a close friend and partner in crime of Imam Fatty is his successor. Imam Touray will also double as the President of the Gambia’s Supreme Islamic Council (SIC).

The lack of reasons for the abrupt and sudden uprooting of the number 2 most powerful Imam in the country, now leaves much to public speculations.

On 3 November 2014, the controversial Imam attracted the editorial reactions of Jollofnews online newspaper under the heading: “Imam Fatty, A Threat to Internal Security“. The editorial was in reaction to a recent interview of Imam Fatty with the Standard Newspaper Gambia, where the senior Islamic cleric was quoted to have called for the expulsion of the Ahmadis and a complete ban of their teachings in the country.

In the interview, the veteran Imam described members of the Gambia’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at as non-Muslims and accused them of misleading the Muslim community in the country.

“Ahmadiyya’s are not Muslims,” Imam Fatty asserted in the interview with Standard Newspaper.

The facts that they say, ‘there is no supreme being but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger’ should not mislead any Gambian. The head of hypocrites Abdullahi Ibn Salul used to pray behind the prophet but Allah said he is in the lowest depths of hell. I mean to address our fellow Gambians who found their parents on the religion of Islam but Pakistanis have come to them and convinced them that Prophet Muhammad is not the last messenger. They have now abandoned the way they found their parents; now seeing them as non-believers. If death befalls their family member who is not an Ahmadi they do not observe funeral prayer for them. Even if it is their own father they will never pray for him.”

The Saudi Arabia educated cleric went on to attest that the Ahmadis came to the Gambia during the time of Governor Sir Farimang Singhateh, who due to his ignorance allowed them to settle in the country. Their numbers have since grown into thousands especially in the North Bank Region of the country.

The cleric added; “They have registered and got centres in this county using Islam to propagate their faith. They are using the name of Islam and we will never let that continue because we will never sit idly watching while pests destroy your farm. “Islamic propagation is our farm and we will always seek to protect it. Despite the fact that they have hospitals and schools around the country they should be banned. President Jammeh has built enough schools and hospitals which will adequately serve people without them. Even in Pakistan they are referred to as non-Muslim minority which shows they are not Muslims. These people are in pursuit of fitna (evil) anywhere they go.

In Kerr Mahmut Fana there was a big problem there involving Ahmadis and the people which we had to be mediated. You should have seen how defiant they were. Allah urges us to hold onto His rope and not be divided among ourselves but these people reject Muhammad’s conclusion of prophet-hood. Prophet Muhammad said his followers will split into 73 sects and out of that only one will go to paradise which will be the followers of his path.”

Although, we cannot state if the above comments have been the catalyst of the veteran Imam’s sudden departure, but it would not be far-fetched to deduct that it may have indeed contributed to his removal.

We will continue to update you on this and many other stories happening in the Gambia…


November 4, 2014
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Let All Midget Dictators be warned of the impending Revolution


African Dictators and their years in power

African Dictators and their years in power

By Kaba Sallah

This Revolution will not be televised on GRTS, nor will it be announced on the Daily Observer, or celebrated at Kanilai, but the good people of Gambia will expel wannabe King, Dictator Yaya Jammeh and his minions sooner than they would like to believe. When the people storm Kanilai and Banjul, our own Queen, Marie Antoinette, a.k.a Zainab Suma Jammeh, will be offering Tapa Lapa bread to the hungry natives, to pacify them– us Gambians – since she has never shared our suffering, or shared our values. Dictator Yaya Jammeh cannot escape the people’s justice, just like his peers in Zaire, Tunisia, Libya and Now Burkina Faso – the noose is getting closer, tightening.

While we celebrate the downfall of another entrenched Dictator, Blaise Campaore of Burkina Faso, as Gambians, we must also be undergoing a introspection, a self-examination of our own situation, and what we can learn from our Burkinabe brothers and sisters. While the Harmattan, or Black Revolution was unfolding on the streets of Ouagadougou, the midget Dictator of Banjul, the wannabe King of Kanilai, Yaya Jammeh, had a complete blackout of the news events, to keep the people ignorant and docile. But thanks to the citizen journalists of the Internet, Facebook, and Gambians are following every development and learning from it. This Revolution in Burkina Faso did not happen overnight.

Lessons for the Gambian Opposition

The Burkinabe people and opposition have resisted the illegal junta that overthrew the government of Thomas Sankara, from day one, since 1987.             Blaise Camporee conspired to assassinate his own best friend, (Sankara), because he was too ambitious. Remember that Brutus assassinated Julius Caesar, because the latter was over-ambitious, but Brutus himself became consumed with power and greed, and his actions precipitated a decline of Rome. Campaore failed to save Burkina from abject poverty while he and his family amassed wealth. Sounds familiar, just like in Gambia, Dictator Yaya Jammeh claimed to have seized power from President Jawara to stop corruption and abuse of public property. The question is, how are we doing in the corruption, the ill-gotten wealth, the nepotism, the persecution, the disappearance departments, and twenty years later? Is Gambia, under Dictator Jammeh less corrupt, safer, freer, better quality of life? I think not!

Like Sankara, Koro Ceesay, and countless more,   were killed under mysterious circumstances. Today, twenty years later, citizens and political prisoners, perceived enemies of the state, even professional civil servants ( the professionals at agricultural Dept. ) are languishing in jail. Jammeh is competing with the state agricultural department, by establishing his own, called the Kanilai Farms (or KGI). So, to derail the state’s efforts, he arrests the professionals, the experts and throws them in jail. This can only happen in Gambia, where the president is actively competing and undermining the national economy. This is tantamount to serious economic crimes being committed by the president himself.

The Gambian opposition, led by the UDP, have become too reactionary and timid. In recent months, Gambians have become frustrated by lack of any meaningful, substantial, genuine attempts at coordinating efforts to form a unified coalition. No African Dictator will be removed from power by any single opposition party. As far as I am concerned, Gambians should Not donate money to a divided opposition. Lawyer Ousainou has a great legal mind, but his recent public statements and maneuverings show a lack of political and diplomatic skill in leading the formation of a coalition, yet it is still not too late. Lawyer has a point that the UDP is the biggest party on the ground, with structures across the country, but big alone has never won anything, on the other hand, strategy will produce results. It will take leadership to tame and unify the jangling interests into a formidable and respectable unit. You cannot save a sinking while squabbling and fighting over the loot, or who will be the captain after hitting the sea floor, only coordination, unity will save this ship. Or have we become the doomed workers at the Tower of Babel? Dictator Jammeh will never negotiate with an individual opposition party, no matter how big, period. The Black Revolution in Burkina Faso resisted dictatorship not just at the polls.

Dictators and Legislative activism – Power Consolidation.

Dictators take a long time to consolidate their power. They always use the gun at first. After replacing military fatigues with Italian suits, grande Boubous (3 piece), now a mystical staff and counting beads, in Jammeh’s case. They embark on legitimizing their rule, to consolidate their grip on power, through the democratic legislative process. In both Gambia and Burkina, both Dictators used the legislative process to amend the constitution, in the end controlling some 80% of the votes in the Houses parliament. In the case of Gambia, Jammeh was able to intimidate Gambians into voting for a referendum in 1997 to suit his long term plans. Now the three branches of Government in the Gambia have become one, under Dictator Jammeh. Both he and Campaore have used democratic means to consolidate their illegal hold on power. They regularly rack up 60 to 80% of the votes. The point here is that Dictatorships have to be fought not just at the polls, they also must be resisted in the Kangaroo courts to expose their hypocrisy and deceit. Unjust laws are meant to be resisted and rejected. I call on all “genuine” opposition leaders, especially Lawyer Ousainou, to use legal skills and guts, and camp out outside the courts to challenge laws that restrict the oppositions’ freedom of association, speech, and illegal imprisonment. By now the public should have been called upon to march to Mile 2 and free Amadou Sanneh, and countless others. We have reached that point now, to take to the streets to challenge our own oppressors. We can no longer outsource our own salvation. It’s time to lead the cavalry into battle, show us that you all mean business. This current status quo is unsustainable, we can no longer play by Jammeh rules, his divide and conquer tactics. Jammeh also liberally uses state resources to burnish his image and pacify, and neutralize opposition bastions, or the faint-hearted.


Dictatorial Benevolence and Image construction

Burkina Faso may be a landlocked country but it also has huge reserves of gold, the fourth largest exporter in Africa. It is also a leading exporter of cotton. In 27 years, Campaore has only been successful in reducing famine and hunger, not eliminating it. Youth unemployment and poverty is chronic, just like in Gambia. Jammeh cannot claim to have improved the lives of Gambians, using any indicator. The educational system has collapsed, just look at the graduation rates and exam results. Numbers don’t lie, but liars do. In terms of economics, use yourself, your family and your friends as the best indicator of how low Gambia has fallen under Dictator Jammeh, the last twenty years.

The difference is that, in Burkina Faso the people did not take it lying down, with opposition leadership, they said enough is enough and took to the streets to storm the Bastille – to burn down all symbols of their oppression. Where is the Gambian opposition, to resist and make junta reverse unjust laws, free all political prisoners,. To make the country ungovernable? Dictators hate crowds of angry citizens, marching in the cities. Having failed at home, Campaore invested heavily in burnishing his international and foreign policy image, as a regional peace-maker, with dubious results. Remember that Yaya Jammeh also tried to be a peace broker in the Casamance conflict, until the Senegalese uncovered his mask, and discovered his true hegemonic and monarchical ambitions and plans. Dictator Jammeh also uses targeted, and well published rampant, but misguided benevolence to burnish his image in the eyes of the poor and illiterate voters. He reserves and adopts delusional titles for himself, to make up for his lack of personal accomplishments, just look at his resume for yourself Now Dictator Jammeh surrounds himself with an aura of mysticism, presents himself as a religious benefactor and protector against perceived threats to the faith. Legitimacy is an elusive thing for dictators, and they are obsessed about acquiring it. But no matter how hard they try to change the laws, indulge in monetary profligacy, they can never legislate legitimacy into the hearts of the people.

The Harmattan Revolution is in the hearts Gambians, it is burning inside of all of us, at home and abroad. Where is the leadership to stoke the people into action? Great leaders are defined, molded, and written into history, in moments like this, when they seize the moment and inspire citizens to chart their own future by taking to the streets. Dictator Jammeh’s followers will run on the first news of people in the streets, because they are only loyal to their pockets, they are not loyal to any ideology worth fighting and dying for. We know Jammeh’s so called generals and minions all have a Plan B to flee to Senegal on the first sound of public agitation, so they can enjoy their ill-gotten gains in peace. Where is the Gambian opposition, where is the action, where is the leadership? Otherwise, is it time to Boycott the opposition?


By: Kaba Sallah