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January 7, 2016
" ...Women employees are not children" - Halifa Sallah

” …Women employees are not children” – Halifa Sallah

Patriarchy In State Administration (The Contradictory Statements and Values of The Executive)

On 4th January 2016, a memorandum is reported to have been issued by the Personnel Management Office indicating the following:  “This is to inform you that an executive directive has been issued that all female staff within Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies are no longer allowed to expose their hair during officials working hours with effect from December 31, 2015. Female staff are urged to use head tie and neatly wrap their hair.

“All Heads of Departments and Agencies are urgently advised to implement this directive and bring it to the attention of their female staff within their departments and agencies. All are strictly advised to adhere to this new directive.”

The women of the Gambia are told daily that the President of the Republic stands for their welfare. However, the President of the Republic has not hesitated to support beauty contests among school girls and rewarded them with scholarships but is now telling adult women how to dress. This is the height of patriarchy. This is the danger posed by self perpetuating rule and having permanent male dominance of high office. The women of the Gambia have a duty to put an end to such male arrogance and chauvinism by becoming politically active and struggle to occupy the highest posts or ensure that no male occupies that post who would treat women as their children, chattel or possessions.

The executive should be told in unequivocal terms that women employees are not children. They are adults with their ways of life to live. Some have husbands and others are either without or are hoping to attract a partner. They would not wear what they are not comfortable in wearing. When one visits offices one finds women with and without head ties. Some put on Islamic attire and others have their hair plaited. Each dresses according to her own taste. This is their own prerogative.

Employers who do not buy clothes for them have no right to tell them how to dress or manage their hair. Women who hold strong Islamic values need not be told to put on veil. They know what their religious obligations are but there are those who do not hold those values. They and their male partners go to night clubs and so on and so forth. Those are their values. They have no other obligation but to give service to the state for money.

A man with moral values would not be intimidated by the way women dress not to mention the way the woman styles her hair. Any man who is tempted to rape a woman because of dress is a virtual beast. No human being should enjoy pleasure from the pain of another human being.  Any religious person should know that the world is both for the religious and the mundane and no religious person would compel others to live a life in the open that they are opposed to in secret. That would amount to sheer double standards. To put on head tie in office only to put it in one’s bag after office simply transforms women into robots and marionettes at the mercy of the executive. They would do things just to obey executive orders. Those who respect women would not subject them to executive orders which are not based on any law or regulation but on the mere whims and caprices of a person in position of power. Absolute power leads to unrestrained impunity.

Pious people know the type of world they would want to live in but cannot impose their values on others whose ways of life are not a threat to theirs. If Gambians with certain values cannot tolerate others   with different values they would still co- exist with tourists or travel to countries where they would have to accept diversity. Uniformity in social values only exists in fairy tale. There should be no compulsion in the way a woman should maintain her hair.

Hence, for once the women Federation should go and tell the President to practice what he preached in Brufut. He said: “being a Muslim is to worship according to the Quran and Sunaa and let others also worship according to their beliefs. I have not appointed anybody as an Islamic Police. The way the women should dress is not your business…….”

Now are Permanent Secretaries and directors not being reduced to moral police officers to enforce moral codes?

Mr. President, the way women should manage their hair is not the business of the executive. This is their personal life and no one should infringe on their freedom of choice on how they should look. A person of clout does not exploit soft targets to promote an agenda.  We wish to assure you that if you insist on dictating how women should maintain their hair in offices you will alienate yourself from many of the women folk of the country.

It would be interesting to see how female soldiers and police officers would put caps on top of head ties to function. The future will tell how women originations would react to such intrusion in the private lives of women .Let us now move to the issue of witchcraft.


The Gambian citizen is a Sovereign Citizen. He or she is entitled to fundamental rights. Section 19 of the Constitution Subsection 1 states: “every person shall have the right to liberty and Security of person. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention. No one should be deprived of his or her liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedures as are established by law.”

To abduct an innocent person is a crime!

Section 21 adds that “No one shall be subject to torture or inhuman degrading punishment or treatment.”

To make a person to drink hallucinogenic concoctions is a crime!

Section 23 adds: “No person shall be subject to interference with the privacy of his or her home …..”

To invade the home and houses of innocent people is a crime!

Section 37 of the Constitution adds “If any person alleges that any of the provisions dealing with fundament rights are being or is likely to be contravened in relation against the person one may apply to the High Court for redress.”

The High Court has responsibility to prevent any abuse of rights. PDOIS is ready to receive any complaint of anybody abducted and maltreated in connection with witchcraft. Families must give solidarity to their family members by identifying abductors and stand ready to name them in court. Families must no longer be complacent. People shout thief when their hens are being stolen and should therefore raised more alarm when their kith and kin is being abducted .They should distinguish those who are to enforce the law and those who are taking the law in their own hands.

It is time to make the High Court to work to protect rights. If there is any delay in the High Court we will assist victims to go to the ECOWAS Court and move on up to the ICC. Abduction and administering hallucinogenic drugs to innocent citizens are not acceptable.  What happened before will not be allowed to happen again without grave cost .Those who take the law into their hands and act like prosecutors and judges at the same time would pay the price if families take a stand to give evidence.

We cannot stop people from having their beliefs but they must find ways of protecting themselves other than making unsubstantiated allegations against citizens like themselves. If people believe that there are witches, they should know how to identify them. It stands to reason that if one believes that witches exist, then one must equally agree that only a witch would know who is a witch.

The battle to protect the sovereign Gambian citizens from poverty and injustice will never be abandoned by PDOIS. We will fear no sacrifice and will surmount every difficulty to ensure that the people live in liberty, dignity and prosperity.

The end

Issued by Halifa Sallah

For the Central Committee

Source: Foroyaa newspaper



January 2, 2016
UDP Secretary General Alhagie Ousainou Darboe

UDP Secretary General Alhagie Ousainou Darboe

Fellow Gambians, and friends living in and outside The Gambia; As we usher in the year 2016, it gives me great pleasure to extend to you on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire membership of the United Democratic Party, my sincere and best wishes.  

As a nation, Gambia continues to be overwhelmed by serious challenges that require sustained pragmatic solutions. Most of these challenges are due to bad leadership and require our collective efforts to confront them. While many countries in Africa are registering tremendous economic and social progress with annual growth figures in some places as high as 7%, The Gambia, is engulfed in economic hardship with no end in sight. Unemployment, particularly among the youth is increasing daily and it’s at the moment estimated to be above 60%.  The cream of our country’s future, the youths, are now fleeing the Gambia in their large numbers using the “back way” to reach Europe. Many are perishing in the desert sands of North Africa and the high seas of the Mediterranean where ship wreckages have become their watery graves. 

The spiraling hike in the prices of commodities without increase in the earning capacity of Gambians continue to make it difficult for the average Gambian to afford a decent two square meals a day. Farmers’ produce, particularly groundnut, the mainstay of the economy, have still not been bought. Our women continue to die from unsafe child labour while children continue to die from preventable diseases thanks to a crumbling health system where the basic drugs and equipment are unavailable. 

Instead of utilizing our meagre resources to alleviate the country’s problems, the APRC regime lavishes our taxes and other public funds on grand festivals, musical jamborees and countless celebrations that defy all logic for anyone who has conscience and indeed the Gambia at heart. 

Respect for human and people’s rights remains in the doldrums with the independent press repeatedly harassed and gagged, and political opposition brutally suppressed. We continue to mourn our fallen companions – heroes and heroines, who died from beatings and tortures meted out to them by the security apparatus of this brutal dictatorship. We will continue to demand the unconditional release of one of our leaders Amadou Sanneh currently languishing in jail as a result of politically motivated charges. We also continue to demand the freeing of all other prisoners and detainees of conscience, including journalist Alhaji Abdoulie Ceesay. We shall never relent in our demand to know the whereabouts of UDP’s Kanyiba KanyiJournalist Chief Ebrima Manneh, and the two US nationals of Gambian origin, Ebou Jobe and Alhagie Mamut Ceesay who mysteriously disappeared under the regime.

Fellow Gambians, the year 2015 witnessed events in The Gambia that have marveled not only the ordinary citizens but the world at large.  It was a year that saw the mass release of different categories of prisoners including rapists, murderers and international drug dealers who made The Gambia the target of their nefarious activities because of our weak control systems. Alleged coup plotters and other prisoners convicted for committing misdemeanor were also set free with supposed motive of national reconciliation. However, political prisoners like Amadou Sanneh and other prisoners of conscience are still languishing in jail

We have also seen serious efforts by the government to not only stifle dissent by attempting to stop the UDP from conducting its peaceful political activities with its constituents but has passed an electoral law that constricts the democratic space in The Gambia.  The UDP shall  use all lawful means to combat this obnoxious electoral amendment which shakes the very fabric of our democratic foundation.  

2015 also witnessed some of the most outlandish statements made by the President one of which is a direct assault on the secularity of our republican status. In late November 2015, the President in complete disregard for the constitution, declared the Gambia an Islamic State at a public rally in Brufut Village. The declaration is not only another indication of the misrule that has prevailed for so long, but also an attempt to plant the seeds of discord among the citizens who up to now have been living in peace and harmony. Such irresponsible statement could lead to religious zealotry and extremismWhat practical benefit would the citizens derive from this declaration? How will the declaration of an Islamic State be received by our international development partners and potential tourists? Will this declaration be just another exercise of empty rhetoric just to indulge in mock battles with his imagined imperialists? If the latter is the case, it will further isolate The Gambia in the international community. It is clear that this was ill thought out and completely misguided.

With presidential elections due in less than twelve months, Gambians should be resolute in their determination to resist any move by the administration to thwart their wish to elect a government of their choice.  From now on, no parent or school authority should allow children to line the roads to cheer presidential convey.  Gambians should boycott all goods and services offered or run by his (President’s) family enterprise (KGI).

As for Gambians in the diaspora whose concern about the nations plight has been remarkable anappreciated by all, it is time for them to intensify their quest for the restoration of democracy in the Gambia and continue to expose the regime’s brutality. These actions may look insignificant but if taken on a collective and sustained basis, they would have the desired impact of forcing the regime to recognize and respect our rights.

Fellow Gambians, ours is a great country and we are a great citizen. We have the ability to peacefully change this near hopeless situation of our country, and leave a legacy that generations unborn will be proud of. This however, we cannot accomplish unless we rededicate ourselves to the building of a just and equitable society. I therefore appeal to every citizen to approach the affairs of this nation dispassionately and as true patriots, and this we must do “towards the common good” as we are enjoined by our national anthem. 2016 is The Gambia’s year of redemption.

On behalf of the entire membership of the United Democratic Party (UDP), and on my own behalf, I wish you all a pleasant and prosperous 2016, endowed with peace and tranquillity. May God the Almighty bless us all.

Long live the Gambia

Long live the UDP

U.D.P Secretariat

Banjul, The Gambia

1st January, 2016

Mandinkala Bantaba Katchaa coming to Kibaaro radio and Television with Alhagie Bora, Alhagie Muhammad and Alhagie Pa Makang.

December 29, 2015
Mandinka la karantaba moolu Alhagie Bora, Alhagie Muhammad, and Alhagie Pa Makang coming to Kibaar soon.

Mandinka la karantaba mooluAlhagie Bora, Alhagie Muhammad, and Alhagie Pa Makang coming to Kibaar soon.

It is often said that “No matter how long a piece of wood stays in the water, it will never transform into a crocodile.” Therefore, for one to be proud of your identity, it should be accompanied by understanding of one’s own culture. Gambia has therefore been blessed with great young talents who with humble background have decided to venture into upholding Mandinka cultural values and not only that share their ideas with everyone.

The trio Bora Sisaho from Niani Karantaba Tabokoto in McCarthy, Muhammad Darboe from Wuli Fadiya Kunda in URR and Pa Jallow from Kombo Pirang Sanchaba in the WCR have been bound by a common desire to promote and uphold cultural values. With Bora Sisaho knows as Alhagie Bora while Muhammad Darboe known as Alhagie Muhammad and Pa Jallow whose family name tell any reader he is fula but his love for cultural education, made him even more unique amongst the lot for when he speaks Mandinka, no one would know if he had ever learn any other language from birth apart from Mandinka. He is known as Alhagie Pa Makang Jallow.

These great sons of the Gambia have positioned themselves well in a common bantaba style of discussion, each playing a unique elderly role, at times complementing one another, and other times, being at loggerheads to the level of criticizing one another.

They have now decided to bring their very educative programmes to your door steps at Kibaaro radio and television. As Alagie Yero Jallow puts it, on ,

Alhagie Pa Makang is an Islamic student who studied in Mauritania and most of his contributions are centered on Islamic teachings and tradition. Alhagie Bora on the other hand is well rooted in the tradition and once served as a security guard (Watchman) in Dakar Senegal, something he takes so much pride in, which offered him the opportunity to understand the spoken Wollof dialect. One thing you will appreciate from Alhagie Bora is his humility, self-content, being very upfront and truthful, even though he is not a “fangkaamaa” (rich person).Alhagie Muhammad is the one whose son (Lamin) lives in America which offered him an opportunity to visit America. Alhagie Muhammad takes great pride in interpreting the English language, some words he picked up from his travels, even though his interpretations are wrong, they offer the biggest laughter to listeners. Alhagie Muhammad’s usual insertion of English as sarcastic humor and positioning himself as “fankamaa” (rich person), offers the usual bluff associated with some that traveled to America.

The episodes are accompanied by a high level of eloquence in the local language and the use of proverbs makes it even better. While the use of proverbs, wisdom way of speaking, and silliness makes it “Bantaba,” the very topics addressed are unique and offer revival to our cultures. If you are looking for some revival, some laughter to accompany your day, added to lifelong lessons of our traditions, you must add these YouTube videos (episodes) to your must-see items.

Conclusion: In the episodes which touches on many aspects of social life, succeeds in passing a cultural identity and reviving a rich lineage at the brink of coma, especially where the global world, technology, and western influence is taking over on a lot of fronts, part of the disadvantage that the African identity finds itself is the fact that the history was not documented, and succeeding generations relied solely on its passage through the traditional singers known as the griots (Jaali) and the bedtime stories from grandparents in typical Africa. Part of the bigger problem is the loss of these rich norms from bias, conflicts, and exaggerations by the custodians. Perhaps with advent of technology where it is possible to record and put some of these cultural norms online is a unique opportunity to preserve the cultures. Africans should consider establishing schools that will teach our tradition. We have come a long way and it will be wrong to keep blaming colonialism on our continued fading cultures and identity, even though it is indisputable that colonialism did a lot of damage to Africa and beyond. As the world continues to generate and develop, Africa should position itself well, to prove its talents, to preserve its cultural identity and values. Even the great Madiba (Mandela) from his own words related the use of African tradition during his activism and subsequent rise to prominence; therefore Africans must celebrate theirs in no small ways. Ours in African culture is unique and equally beautiful even though we tend to easily fall in love with what is foreign and by all life standards, nothing is wrong with that, but you must live your identity, with adjustments only for the better. The solution to Africa’s problems lies in Africans first, and then can be complemented by any other organization or people.


Picture and Video Courtesy: You Tube (Mang-dinka.


December 28, 2015
Our heroes who gave away everything to save us all

Our heroes who gave away everything to save us all

Alkalo Ousainou Baye Sankareh

Alkalo Ousainou Baye Sankareh

As we approach the December 30th, Alkalo of Kibaaro radio would like to inform all listeners that a live program would be aired on its radio station simulcasting with other sister radio networks like Gainako radio, Fatu radio network, Kairo Radio and other online radios in honour of our fallen heroes who gave their lives trying to save us all from tyranny and brutal dictatorship and also those who survived the attack on State House would be honoured as well.

Come and join us as these gallant men would be forever  remembered in the history of our dear Gambia.


December 25, 2015

UDP Secretary General Alhagie Ousainou Darboe

UDP SECRETARY GENERAL Alhagie Ousainou Darboe

Fellow Gambians, as the year comes to an end, we all look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  His birth represents peace and harmony to mankind.  His message was and still is one of peace, enthronement of the truth and rejection of injustice. The hallmark of his teaching has defined the lives of a huge number of people in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

This year’s Christmas is a special one.  We celebrate the birth of Christ the day after we celebrated the birth of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)-the last messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets.  The prophet of Islam like Christ has preached the values of peace, tolerance, justice and good neighborliness.

For Christians and Muslims the world over, Christmas season is a unique one, but it is more so for us Gambians as Muslims and Christians live together in the same household, attend the same schools, marry into families of different faiths and take part in each other’s feasts and festivities.

Fellow Gambians, it is this special relationship that makes The Gambia a unique society whose citizens do not only believe in the values of peace, tolerance, justice and good neighborliness but practice what they believe in.  We have always been an example of inter religious harmony worthy of emulation.  Gambia’s religious pluralism is in eclipse and its future uncertain.  It is a matter of regret that the President of The Gambia who took the oath to protect and defend the constitution of The Gambia and other laws will declare Gambia as an Islamic state at a time when Christians of the various denominations in The Gambia are preparing to celebrate Christmas.  The ill-considered declaration, influenced by ulterior motives could be seen coming several years ago when the President stated that Sharia will be made applicable to very Gambian.

The reason for the President’s anti-religious pluralism declaration is ostensibly to fight so called imperialism but this is no justification for disturbing the peace and harmony built up in our country for centuries. This is a sinister attempt to distract the Gambian people from the real problems that they face daily.  Problems such as the skyrocketing prices, collapsing economic, inadequate health service, poor education standard, mass exodus of youths to Europe by the backway, threats to the independence of the judiciary and dismissal of public servants on executive directives.

The secular status of The Gambia is not only spelt out in our Constitution but ensconced deeply in our way of life long before we became a Nation. It has always been live and let others live. Pray to your God and let others pray to their God. Christmas has never been an affair for Christians only but of all, just as Tobaski, or Banna, has never been an affair for Muslims only.

Fellow Gambians, Christmas this year falls on Friday, let all Muslims therefore turn out at the mosques for Jumaah prayers and our Christian Brothers and Sisters in their churches and we all pray for One People, One Gambia united and indivisible. Let us after offering prayers for the wellbeing of The Gambia, go out and enjoy our traditional makalos, kankurangs, kumpos, gessehs, huntings etc in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters as has been done many generations before us. This is what we have been born into and no pernicious religious falsehood will change that. This Christmas is a defining moment for all Gambians.

On behalf of the United Democratic Party and on my own behalf, I wish you all a merry Christmas.




UDP Secretariat

December 24, 2015


December 19, 2015


Jarrankas giving donations to charities

Jarrankas giving donations to charities

Varrious donations on display

Varrious donations on display














UK Jarra Association which was instituted in August this year aimed at uniting and fostering cooperation” among Jarra natives living within the United Kingdom, had on 18th December 2015 donated large quantities of food and clothing items to Charities within the United Kingdom. Handing over food and clothing to CRIDIC- a Church Drop in Centre which is a charitable organisation that supports homeless and other vulnerable people in the streets of Reading Berkshire, senior executive members of the organisation reiterated their determination to make donations to the needy both here in the UK as they called it “Charity begins at home”


Mr. Mustapha Sanneh one of the executive members described the gesture as a true reflection of the values of Jarrankas cultural heritage which we inherited from our forefathers. Deputising for the association’s Chairman Mr Lamin Manjang, Mr. Sanneh, said he was truly amazed at the overwhelming response from membership of the Association. He said walking the streets of this great country United Kingdom and finding people sleeping rough on the streets while others queue for food handouts from various food banks while others look for places to sleep. He said as patriots we collectively owe them a duty of care hence the need to support them on humanitarian grounds. He said the association therefore feels obliged to give back to the least privileged of the community that provides its members the opportunity to support their families in The Gambia.


Kebba Nfally Darboe, one of the pioneers of the founding of the association is delighted that his people are reviving their inherited communal spirit. The association’s Welfare Officer, noted that as “we are part of this country and we want these people to know the fact that we are very much part of their community as demonstrated through our gestures, particularly in the build up to the festive period of Christmas. We hope the donated items will go a long way to make someone’s Christmas a merry one,” Mr. Darboe extended sincere “gratitude to CIRDIC for their collaboration in making sure that the donated items reach those who need them most.”


The Manager of CIRDIC Mabel Boyd on behalf of the recipients, thanked the people of the organisation for remembering them in their donations. She said they truly appreciate the donation saying the word charity means love and it is therefore vital for us to show this love and care to the people whether we are in our nation or other nations,” Mabel Boyd whose centre feeds over 50 needy people a day expressed her appreciations to the UK Jarra Association and urges other charities to follow their footstep. She promised the items donated would help immensely those in need of it. Interface Gambia was also in attendance filming everything that happened at the venue and probably an airing of the even would be on their TV few days before Christmas.


Prayers were taken and final vote of thanks was delivered at the gathering which was well attended.


December 18, 2015
Ambassador Kebba Satou Touray. would he be sacrifised again by his always pay for my crimes boss?

Ambassador Kebba Satou Touray would he be sacrifised again by his always pay for my crimes boss?

Dictator Jammeh. Is he giving orders for Ambassador Touray's sack?

Dictator Jammeh. Is he giving orders for Ambassador Touray’s sack?

Reports reaching Kibaaro news desk has confirmed that the Gambia government known for its open contempt for civil Servants or any person/persons dealing with them to talk to the media in desperate efforts to keep its dirty acts secret from the public, are right now in serious disagreement with Gambian students on scholarship in the kingdom of Morocco. Sometime about a week or so, a Gambian student (name witheld) currently studying in the Kingdom of Morocco, spoke with Faturadio network concerning their plight as foreign students on Government scholarship abroad.

In that interview, a lot was revealed that brought to public attention another deceptive and criminal nature the goverment of President Yahya Jammeh is being run. The Gambian Authorities in Rabat were accused of not being supportive to the plight of Gambians living in the kingdom and even students under government’s own so called scholarship are no exception. Because of the unbearable condition they find themselves in due to unfair treatments, the studdents felt they could not remain silent for ever while they watch the realisation of their dreams drifting further away from them.

Well because of that interview according to our sources from the Gambian embassy in Morocco, they’ve received directives from the dictatorship to ask the boy concerned to report back to Banjul immediately. That sort of directive our sources went on did not go down well with the entire Gambian student body in the kingdom and they’ve threatened that either the gentleman stay and continue on with his studies or they all should return back. At the time of going to press, the students were having a serious meeting as to what move to take if their demands are not honoured. Our sources stressed that all the students suffer the same fate having to pay for their own house and feeding as ggovernment only gives each of them 50 euros as stipends. With most of them not able to work, a lot continue to suffer in silence as all is strictly forbidden to talk to anyone about any government activity.

Kibaaro tried to contact the embassy this morning on their office phone , but no one was available to speak to us. Ambassador Kebba Satou Touray who was Gambia’s Finance Minister before being fired and recycled as Ambassador after the Gambian dictator appointed him barely less than 6 month ago, was not reachable by Kibaaronews.

But dont worry we shall do our best to bring to your attention any further development on the issue.

The Embassy is on:

Number 11, rue Cadi Ben Hammadi Senhaji,


Rabat, Morocco,

Telephone: (+212) (537) 63 80 45

FAX : (+212) (537) 75 29 08

Stay tuned!