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May 18, 2017

Lamin Samateh photo credit: NRK

One native Norwegian woman in her 30s was sentenced to a suspended jail term of 14 days and fined NOK 10, 000  by a Norwegian court for racist rants against Lamin Samateh who is of Gambian origin. The woman is reported to have directed racist verbal abuse by using the F and N words in Norwegian three times to Mr.Samateh. The incident happened at a Kebab shop in 2015 in Porsgrunn, the town where Lamin is residing.  The woman repeatedly rained racist insults on Lamin as he and a friend  were  coming out of the Kebab shop. The incident was reported to the police and after a short investigation the case was dropped but Mr.Samateh filed a fresh complaint and the matter was taken to the courts, were the victim and his attorney fought and won the case. According him he pursued the case to the end in order to set an example because he has a daughter in Norway and does not want her  to face the same kind of racist verbal abuse or discrimination. Reacting to verdict Mr. Samateg said he thinks it is good because it would help people like this woman to learn to be better persons.

The case has sparked debate in Norway about the use of the N word , some say it is within the confines of free speech others say it depends on the manner in which it is used. Anti racism organizations hailed the verdict against the woman arguing that the act is a clear violation of the Norwegian General Penal Code Paragraph 185 on hate speech and the fact that  she used the words spontaneously for three times shows the severity of the matter. The woman and her attorney have appealed against the ruling but the chances of overturning the verdict are very slim because of the repeated racist rantings orchestrated by the Norwegian Woman.
Written by L. Nyassi , Oslo


May 17, 2017

 Hazardous waste disposal into the Atlantic ocean by Chinese Company

By Madi Jobarteh

A severe national security threat is unfolding in Gunjur, the hometown of the Majority Leader Kebba K Barrow. There is a Chinese company engaged in fishmeal production, which dumps its waste and dead fish along the coastline and neighboring communities. The factory releases intense bad odour making people sick as well as destroying our fish reserves and polluting the waters. This is a direct threat to the lives and livelihoods of the people of Gunjur, Kombo and the Gambia as a whole. Yet this company called Golden Leaf Factory continues to operate unchecked by the Government since last year until today, four months into the administration of Adama Barrow. Why?

Two Chinese, Robin and Jojo run the factory without any Gambian partners and under no check by any authority. They produce fishmeal or fish oil, which is made out of fish and used to feed poultry, pigs and other farmed fish. According to FAO fishmeal production is a major contributor to over-fishing and prevents fish from replenishing themselves thereby causing the collapse of local fisheries. This is because the fish used for fishmeal are small fishes like the ones our fishermen catch in Gunjur, Kartong, Tanji, Bakau or Banjul. After almost depleting their fish resources in China, now Chinese fishmeal companies have turned to West Africa and South America causing havoc in countries like Senegal, Chile and Peru. Experts have noted that fishmeal is a source of terrible environmental damage and human suffering.

So far Golden Leaf Factory is engaged in over-fishing in Gunjur and Kartong and destroying the coastline as well as the Bolongfehyoto wildlife reserve. The bad and dangerous odour the factory releases into the community is unbearable. Experts have noted that the factory right now threatens the productivity of sea grass, which marine turtles feed on. They also threaten the mangrove ecosystem because of the chemical waste they dump. This factory is therefore a threat to tourism and the economy of the Gambia. What is even more disheartening is that the fish they catch is not used for human consumption. Rather they use it to make fishmeal for animals all the way in China! But they are ready to destroy our lives all the way in the Gambia.

Who gave this company license to operate in the Gambia in the first place? Was there any social and environmental impact assessments done before they were awarded the license? Why would the responsible and relevant agencies of the government sit down to allow such abuse of the lives and future of the Gambia to take place with impunity?

Where is the National Assembly, the Ministries of Fisheries and Water Resources, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Tourism, the NEA, NDMA, GIEPA and GTB and indeed the Police? All these agencies have a direct responsibility and stake in any activity that negatively impacts on the lives, livelihoods and future of the Gambia. Yet they all sit there watching a foreign company plunder our lives and livelihoods for free! What about GCCI? Are they not aware of this practice by this company and what actions have they taken to ensure decent and responsible practices by businesses in the country?

I therefore call on the Speaker of the National Assembly Mariam Denton and her deputy Momodou Sanneh and the Majority Leader Kebba K Barrow and the Monitory Leader Samba Jallow and indeed all National Assembly Members to institute a parliamentary enquiry into this matter. Failure to do so, the National Assembly would be failing in their sacred duty to the Gambia. This matter is 100% within the powers and authority of the National Assembly to address and they must address it now. Golden Leaf Factory is destroying our lives and livelihoods with impunity!

I call on Chief Servant Adama Barrow to demand his relevant ministries and state agencies to act on this matter with urgency. The ocean is a major source of life and livelihood for the communities of Kombo and the Gambia as a whole. Tourism alone account for 21.9% of our GDP and providing 18.8% of jobs in the country hence the ocean is a precious product of this industry that must be protected. Thus any threat to the ocean affects thousands of Gambians for employment and for food. Why therefore would this company be given license to damage our future and lives with impunity?

The Gambia Government and indeed all African governments must be wary of Chinese companies. This is because the Chinese have proven to the world and Africa in particular that they do not care about human rights, human life and human health in their quest to greedily consume resources around the world. Chinese companies have engaged in unscrupulous and dangerous business practices even in China, how about in faraway tiny Gambia? China has a population of 1.3 billion people and a land size of 9.5 million square kilometers. The Gambia has a population of only 2 million and a land size of 11 thousand square kilometers. Hence what China can afford and waste the Gambia cannot afford that. Therefore we must not allow any foreign company especially from China to come to the Gambia to damage the lives and future of our people. If this is what GIEPA considers to be foreign investment then they are dangerously mistaken!

Whichever government agency gave license to this company must be exposed and held to account. It is clear that they have failed to do an impact assessment or merely ignored the results of such assessment if they did. Secondly this agency has failed to monitor this Chinese company in order to protect the vital interests of the Gambia. This company must not have been allowed to operate in the country at all. They must be closed down! Now.

I therefore call on all Gambians to rise up against this Chinese company and put pressure on the government to expose the truth about the license, the kind of business, the operations and management of this company. What has the Gambia benefited from them? How much money are they making in the Gambia? What damages have done so far? We need to know these issues and make sure they repair all the damages they caused and then close them down. Golden Leaf Factory poses a clear and direct threat to national security.

Gambian journalists should rush down to Gunjur and Kartong and report to us on matters that directly affect our lives. News is not only in Banjul and Serre Kunda. How come such a dangerous environmental, social and economic disaster is taking place in Gunjur since last year yet our journalists could not give it the publicity it deserves! Wake up Gambian Journalists!

Rise up Gambians and do not let our country to continue as usual since Independence. We deserve a better Gambia. We deserve better leadership and good government that is open, efficient and responsive to our needs, in the present and in the future.


God Bless The Gambia.


May 16, 2017

A delegation of Gambians living in Norway and their Norwegian and Bulgarian partners interested in investing in the Gambia, called on His Excellency President Adam Barrow on Friday morning.  In her introduction, The Minister of Trade, Regional Integration, Industry and Employment – MOTRIE, Honourable Dr. ISatou Touray said the visiting team was on a scoping mission but added they were pleased with what they had discovered in the country.

Gambian Resident in Norway and activist, Ndey Jobarteh said the Gambia did not exploit the Scandinavian opportunities and it is time to engage the Norwegians.  She briefed the President of the activities they did to prepare the visiting team and the immediate actions, taken during the visit to support the health, energy sectors amongst others. She expressed the urgency to work on bilateral relations with Norway and the plan to work with Norwegian government.

Another Norwegian born Gambian, Mr. Mamadi Ceesay, Managing Director of Nutrition, by a Norwegian Gambian organization – Norga said they sell the best of two worlds, that is The Gambia and Norway.  He further divulged their plans to work on a Norwegian model to encourage The Gambia to work with specialists so that it can eventually sustain its own development.   Their plan includes to create jobs for one thousand youths throughout the country as they work towards their target of five thousand youths.

Mr. Omar Badjie of the Ministry of trade gave a brief of the engagements of the Norwegian and Bulgarian delegation with the different sectors.  He reports that the team was impressed with the potential found in the Gambia, after visiting the Hospital has immediately committed to send 2 containers to support the hospital but also Biomedical engineers to provide technical support in the operation and maintenance of the machines.  They also pledged to provide generator for the immediate needs of NAWEC while they work with the Ministry of Energy on long term renewable energy sources for rural Gambia.   Other sectors of interest are  Tourism, Construction and Agriculture including plans the revived the groundnut milling plant at Denton Bridge (Saroo.)

In his response H.E. President Barrow said he was pleased and proud that Gambians are answering his call to rebuilding The Gambia.  He asserted that the past twenty-two years was difficult and it was risky to be political candidate.  The President appreciated the efforts of Gambians and how they compromised everything for the change to take place.  He therefore called for all to worked hard for the change to reflect on the people.  The President commended the Gambians in Norway as Ambassadors for their country, and said all Gambians are now free to return home.  He reiterated that they fought for the change based on the principles of democracy, and he said with democracy, there will be respect for human rights and rule of law.  He appreciated the efforts by the Ministry of trade working with the other relevant ministries to reduce the bureaucracy which led to signing of Memoradum of Understanding with the partners. Time is important and his government is ready to do business.

President Barrow informed them of the challenges inherited including what he described as “a broken economy and the former government worked on ‘pay as you go’ taking soft loans for three months to fix things and went back to the same cycle.”  On the structural changes at his office, President Barrow shared the changes they have done to decongest the office of the president by reassigning the different portfolios to the right line ministries.  He elaborated on the targets set in the various sectors, top on the agenda is for the energy to have short term measures in the first six months and have a long term solution to solve the energy crises.  On tourism, they plan to have a year round tourism and will market The Gambia and bring back the Scandinavians who used to be one of our main targets for the tourism sector.   President Barrow concluded that when there is development, then democracy will thrive forever and called on all to join in nation building.

The visiting team included Mr. Ba Jabbie of Norga, Gambian Activists in Norway, Ndey Jobarteh and Neneh Bojang, a legal practitioner and other Norwegian and Bulgarian investors.

For More information on the engagements of H.E. President Adama Barrow, you are invited to follow him on Facebook/Barrow PORG and on Twitter: @BarrowPresident and on the website:


April 17, 2017

President Barrow with his host Sasso Nguesso of Congo

A Media Release from the Office of the President, State House, Banjul, The Gambia PR/C/153/(ABS), 16th April, 2017, explained President Adama Barrow’s recent visit to Congo, as a friendly visit.

The release states:

“President Barrow made Friendly visit to Brazaville, Republic of Congo.

His Excellency President Adama Barrow, accompanied by some senior government officials, made a two day friendly visit to the Republic of Congo to cement the friendly and brotherly relations between the Republic of The Gambia and the Republic of Congo. The visit was at the invitation of his Congolese counterpart.

Upon arrival at the airport, he was received by his host, His Excellency, President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Gambians living in Brazaville and Kinshasa were also at the airport to welcome President Barrow.

During an interview with journalists upon arrival, the Gambian leader said the purpose of the visit was to strengthen the relations with his African counterpart. On the state of affairs in The Gambia, President Barrow told them it was on the basis of democratic principles that he vied for the elections and it was on the same principles that the National Assembly elections was also conducted. He further stated that the election was about change in The Gambia and it was well organized. Responding on the reasons for his earlier visit to France, he informed them that it was at the invitation of the French President, Francois Hollande.

During the visit, the two Heads of State expressed joy in the excellent friendly and brotherly relations which exist between them and called for it to be re-enforced between people of the two countries.

President Denis Sassou Nguesso renewed his congratulations to the Gambian people for the successful legislative election and commended its organization. He further commended the efforts to promote peace, democracy and social cohesion in The Gambia.

President Barrow on his part took the opportunity to thank President Denis Sassou Nguesso and his government for their role in consolidating democracy, peace and economic development of the Republic of Congo. H. E Mr. Adama Barrow commended the role and actions taken by President Denis Sassou Nguesso, as Chairman of the AU committee on the resolution of the crisis in Libya and wished him a successful mandate. He also thanked his host for sending a strong delegation to his inauguration earlier in February.

The two Heads of State expressed concern on the persistent crises in African countries such as South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Central Africa Republic. They pledged to work together to promote dialogue to guarantee peace and stability. The Heads of State affirmed their commitment to realize the 2063 Agenda which calls for the transformation of the Continent and the construction of “the Africa we want”. They took note of the importance of regional integration for the realization of the development objectives of the continent.
On global affairs, they renewed their commitment to fight terrorism, which threatens peace and security and retards development efforts. To that effect, they expressed solidarity with all countries affected by the barbaric and violent acts of terrorist groups, and equally determined to support the International community in its efforts against this evil phenomenon.

The two Heads of State equally reaffirmed their position as Africans on the proposed reform of the Security Council of the United Nations and on other matters of interest to Africa.

Representatives of the Gambian community comprising elders and youths in Brazaville and neighbouring Kinshasha, also took the opportunity to pay a courtesy call on the Gambian leader. They were led by the Gambian Honorary Consular in Congo, Haji Tunkara. They expressed joy for the election of President Barrow as well as the recently concluded National Assembly elections in The Gambia.

During the visit President Sassou Nguesso also hosted a dinner in honour of the visiting Gambian Head of State, witnessed by senior Congolese government officials and diplomats.

At the end of the visit, H.E. Mr. Adama Barrow thanked the President, government and the People of Congo for the brotherly reception and honor accorded to him and his delegation.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho
Director of Press and Public Relations

For: Secretary General
CC: ​Media Houses
Web Manager – State House Website”


April 14, 2017

Is either the constitutional term of 5 years or Halifa Sallah’s term of 3 years!

Hon. Halifa Sallah and his media Cheer-Leaders (mainly US-based Pa Nderry Mbai and his Freedomnewspaper) continue to distract Gambians and Friends of The Gambia from the urgent tasks of nation-building and peace-building that faces post-Jammeh Gambia.

On the issue of “Barrow’s 3-Year Mandate” it has been said that Halifa Sallah is in “TOTALLY IN DENIAL”. I Agree.

And, I would add, Halifa is also being utterly HYPOCRITICAL for a man who has made “Constitution, Constitution, Constitution” his MANTRA over the last 30 years.

So, let us state it concisely and clearly for Hon Halifa Sallah:

  1. The “3-Year Presidential Mandate” was a private contract between parties who have now fallen out and disengaged on the just concluded NAM elections issue. The reasons why the Coalition contract between the parties fell apart is a private matter between the parties. The public were never a party to that private contract – nor did the public validate that contract through a referendum as required by the constitution of the Republic of The Gambia.
  1. Section 63(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of the Gambia states that “the term of office of an elected president shall … be for a term of five years”.

This raises the following questions:

1.Why should Halifa sign a 3-year Presidential term agreement that he, Halifa himself, now ACKNOWLEDGES as being Unconstitutional? Halifa never misses an opportunity to chide anyone for even the most minor infringement of the Constitution. Halifa should now take his own medicine – and chide himself (and stop fanning political bickering just to try and convince the public that he was the good guy and the others were the bad guys. As with Mel-B here in London this week, the marriage is dead and the washing of dirty linen in public is unedifying. Just accept that the marriage is dead – and move on!). What is more, Halifa is flogging a dead horse on the “Coalition” issue – because the public have already decided by voting 4 seats (7%) for PDOIS – and 31 seats (58%) for UDP.

2. Why should the Barrow government embark on a fundamental constitutional change – and the required referendum – just to shorten this President’s term to three years when the Barrow government feels that there are more important matters of nation building to attend to in the next five years?

3.Why should Lawyer Darboe’s UDP waste valuable time on a “3-year Presidential term” amendment that needs an expensive and time-consuming nationwide referendum when there is so much work to be done?

4.What about after the 3-years? Will Gambians have to amend the Constitution again to return to a 5-year presidential term – and have a referendum again to approve that 5-year amendment?


As in the children’s story of “The Boy Who Always Cried ‘WOLF’”, Halifa Sallah and Pa Nderry Mbai run the risk of being ignored – when they do actually sometimes have important messages. But I suppose they are BOTH PROFESSIONAL “WOLF-CRIERS” and will continue to do so!

Long Live Freedom of Speech!

(But not for my opponents, as Halifa’s FOROYAA would have it. In 25 years of reading Gambian media, I have never read a PDOIS/HALIFA-contradicting opinion in FOROYAA. Please correct me if I am wrong).

Dida Halake,

Notting Hill,

London, UK.


April 13, 2017

Emmanuel Mendy on the left

By Tijan Masanneh Ceesay

Gambian born Music sensation, Emmanuel Mendy has added another cap to his already outstanding music career. Mendy an acclaimed Music teacher and soloist in the Lone Star State of Texas has been hailed by his compatriots for using his musical talents to unify the Senegambian community in the United States of America. A Choir member quipped that this initiative is by far the best thing to happen amongst Senegambians in the Diaspora for according to him, ‘ The two most important things that binds us as one people is God and our culture.” Therefore for Emman to conceptualize this initiative is beyond commendable,” he concluded.

Our correspondent in the United States sat down with Mendy and compiled the following on this rare talent. Just who is this star by way of Serrekunda? Read on;

Emmanuel Mendy is a choral director, vocal performer, music educator and composer. He was born in The Gambia in West Africa, where he discovered his passion for music. Emmanuel joined his local church senior choir at the tender age of 13 where he sang tenor and was the percussionist playing the local drums, a role he would hold for 11 years. Emman

uel also attended St. Augustine’s High School in The Gambia, where he played guitar in the school music band.Emmanuel had an opportunity to travel to the USA to pursue his educational aspirations, which landed him in Texas, where he auditioned and gained admission to Navarro College in Corsicana. While at Navarro College, Emmanuel performed and sang solos in all the three choirs of the school; Choral ensemble, Chamber singers and Show choir. He also performed major roles in Navarro college musicals including Oklahoma, Mame and Greece. During each of his 2 years of music studies at Navarro, Emmanuel was also selected to represent the college at the Texas Music Education Association (TMEA) All-state choir.

After graduating with the Associates in Arts (AA) in Music (voice) degree, Emmanuel went on to pursue the Bachelor of Music (BM) degree at one of the top music schools in the USA, The University Of North Texas, where he earned a BM in General Choral and Instrumental music, with proficiencies in vocal performance and choral studies. While at UNT, Emmanuel studied voice under renowned American tenor Richard Croft, Dr. Jonathan Yarrington and Dr. Caitlin Mohr. He studied choral conducting with Dr. Allan McClung and sang in the Concert Choir under Dr. Allan McClung and Dr. Dwight Jilek. Emmanuel sang with the UNT Canticum Novum choir under Dr. Henry Gibbons and in the Grand Chorus under renowned choral director Dr. Jerry McCoy. Emmanuel also sang in few opera productions at UNT.

Emmanuel currently teaches voice at his residence in Texas and is regularly sought to perform at weddings, church concerts and other engagements. Because of his extensive vocal range, Emmanuel also sang tenor and baritone with St. Patrick Catholic church choir including a recording of the Mozart Requem, where he was the tenor soloist. Emanuel works with African singing groups and choirs such as the Gambia Christian Association (GCA) in Dallas Texas and the Gambia Christian Organization in Atlanta Georgia and volunteers as a high school and middle school teacher in Texas. He has conducted several choral workshops in The Gambia and has written several choral compositions in English and in some of the native languages from Senegambia. In January 2017, Emmanuel was invited to perform a clinic and lecture on African music history and African choral music performance practice at UNT College of music.

Emmanuel is very interested in discovering the best ways that proven vocal and cultural pedagogy and technique can be applied to traditional African music and other cultural music while preserving the unique quality, authenticity, style and cultural aesthetics of various types of music.


March 24, 2017

President Mohammed Fatty and first Lady Chaku Ebrima Touray waiving to the crowd

By Lamin Sabally- Minneapolis

Gambians in Minnesota have turned out in their large numbers last Saturday March 4th to mark the country’s 52ND Independence Anniversary celebrations. Organized by the Leadership of the Gambian Association in Minnesota, the event was also attended by Presidents and executive members of sister West African Organizations in Minnesota and among them were, the Presidents of Ghana Association, Edmund Ocansey, Nigerian Association, Grace Mobosi, Mali Association, Musa Diawarra, Senegalese Association, Haddy Haidara accompanied by their executive members and families and representatives of the Minnesota Mandigo Liberian Association and friends of the Gambia. Also in attendance were members and the President of West African Collaborative in Minnesota- WAC- Lawyer Kwao Amegashie, which is s made up of the leadership of West African national organizations in Minnesota. Its mission is to bring West African communities and organizations in Minnesota together to collaborate, build capacity, and address shared needs and visions. 

The colorful and fun-packed event presented selected children from the community who posed as President, Vice President, cabinet ministers and security services to exactly mimic how official independence anniversaries are celebrated in the Gambia.

In welcoming the guests, Master of Ceremony, Lamin Gibba, who is also the Secretary General of the Gambia Association in Minnesota encouraged all Gambians to be fully engaged in the political discussions of the Gambia and be prepared to put our leaders to account at all times. New Gambia cannot afford another type of dictatorship; he emphasized, and called for participatory democracy in the new political dispensation.

Speaking to the jubilating crowd immediately after inspecting the guards of honor mounted by children soldiers, Muhammed Fatty who posed as junior president of the Gambia reechoed President Adama Barrow’s independence message that his government will embark on programs that will lead to sustainable development, good governance and fix the issue of youth unemployment. He said crime against Gambians committed in the last twenty-two years will be investigated and people found guilty of crimes will be dealt according to the law. Gambia has changed for good. Junior President Fatty noted that the people are fully conscious that they can put government in office as well as remove it. No government will ever be able to entrench itself against the will of the Gambian people. This is the lesson we must draw from the change that has been brought by the people.

Lamin Sabally, the President of the Gambian Association in Minnesota called for unity among all Gambians irrespective of their political affiliations and urged the community to continue to support the Association in order for it to fully realize its goals of promoting unity and cohesion. Sabally acknowledged the high-level presence of the presidents of the sister west African organizations in Minnesota and described it as show of their solidarity with the Gambia as demonstrated by the AU & ECOWAS leaders through their direct effective involvement with the peaceful resolution of the political impasse.

The guest speaker on the event Papa Faal, an author and renowned Civil Rights activist influentially appealed to Gambians to make their political leaders accountable at all times to prevent them from possessing absolute political powers that he said is a recipe of corruption and dictatorship. Faal, who was part of the botched December 30th attack on State House in an attempt forcibly dislodge former President Jammeh, implored Gambian electorate to elect leaders with three fundamental leadership core values in mind, Integrity, service before self and accountability. In a moving speech characterized by intermittent rapturous applause from his attentive audience, Faal, who is a US Navy veteran, said the Gambia’s peaceful political resolution, which included regional bodies like AU, and ECOWAS at the forefront of negotiations, with support from the UN and powerful western democracies is an indication that Africans are capable of solving their own problems without having to rely exclusively on western intervention. He suggested that the Gambia module should be replicated in all parts of Africa as an exemplary module to solve any political problem on the continent.

Assortment of Senegambia musical entertainment was supplied by Minnesota top DJ, Bless Jagne.