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January 27, 2017

President Barrow received a tumultuous welcome

President Adama Barrow returned to the Gambia from Senegal yesterday evening the  26th of January 2017 and met a tumultuous welcome in the streets of the Gambia. Mr. Barrow was hosted in Dakar by the president of Senegal following an agreement with the regional body ECOWAS that played a pivotal role in the mediation efforts in resolving the political impasse that engulfed the smallest country in mainland Africa.  Following the December presidential  elections in which Mr. Adama Barrow the opposition coalition candidate won, the incumbent president Yahya Jammeh accepted the election results only for him to take a U-turn and vehemently reject it crying foul play.  His later decision was criticized by both national and international bodies. The presidents of the regional body made two trips to Banjul to convince him to hand over power peacefully but he was adamant in calling for a fresh election. His petition to the supreme court to annul the election results and declare him the winner suffered serious setback when judges from Nigeria refused to turn up due to pressure from the regional body.  When all doors closed in front of him he decided to used the national assembly to declare a state of emergency and extend his mandate to a duration of three months.

ECOWAS leaders in their last visit to the country before the 19th of January acted strategic by flying the then president elect Mr.Adama Barrow out of the country to Mali where he attended the France- Africa summit with other African leaders and then asked Macky Sall of Senegal to host him until the political impasse is resolved.  Mr.Barrow stayed in Dakar until the 19th of January and was sworn in at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar.  It was after the swearing in of President Barrow and subsequent advancement of ECOMIG forces into Gambia that the emabattled Yahya Jammeh called upon presidents of Mauritania and Guinea Conakry to fly into Banjul and help mediate for him to step down peacefully.  Such a last minute request by Jammeh led to ECOMIG halting military advancements and after a short period of negotiations the embattled Yahya Jammeh finally flew out of Banjul on the 22nd of January to Guinea Conakry and then to Equatorial Guinea.   After the departure of the man who declared that he would rule Gambia for a billion years if God says so, the ground was set for the return of President Barrow. When ECOMIG forces cleared the ground and fixed all security matters in place President Adama Barrow flew to Banjul international Airport from Senegal amid very tight security. Gambians from all backgrounds line the streets of Gambia to welcome Mr.Barrow.  He is currently said to be resident at a private home in Greater Banjul area and not statehouse. Now that President Barrow has return home he is expected to name a cabinet this evening the 27th of January.


January 25, 2017

A soldier with Saikou Jammeh at statehouse

By Saikou Jammeh

It was, after all, going to be an easy ride to State House. Anyone who doubted this did not see what Yaya Jammeh saw. Senegal-led Ecowas troops arrived at the gates of the palaces after taking command of key military barracks and security installations across the country. The troops started entering the Gambia from multiple border points, combing the streets with armoured vehicles.

The head of the presidential guard, Ansumana Tamba, was nowhere to be found, but his men put up a barricade in what appeared to be a standoff that lasted more than six hours. No guns were fired. Just talks. And about half an hour before midnight, the heavy gates of the presidential palaces were opened. Dozens of soldiers, behind four armoured vehicles, walked in.

In the past twenty-two years, many men had attempted to forcefully enter this fortified palaces to remove Jammeh. The latest and most daring was two years ago. All failed. In the process, many lives were lost.

Now, though, those that were in command are under someone’s command. The foreign troops were received well by the people of Banjul, who poured out in huge numbers to pose for photos, cheer and served them tea and coffee.

For the Gambian soldiers at gates, this was a long evening duty. Visibly defeated and subdued, they were booed by their very own people for not standing up to Jammeh in time of need. Until that day, it’s beyond any stretch of imagination that a day would come when some Gambians would go near gates of the palaces to protest. On this night, some young Gambians unleashed years of anger. The story of two of them was quite sad. Their fathers were soldiers. Both killed. Not in war. By who? They let the soldiers on duty know about it and told them they were coming after them.

From a distance, I saw anger in the eyes of those Gambian solders. I approached one of them for a chat. ‘Here, we want just peace,’ he told me. He asked for my name and I told him. When I asked for his name, he felt unsure whether to tell me his last name. Badjie, he whispered. There was no confidence in his tone. He’s apparently a Jola. I looked at him closely. Then I realised that what I thought to be anger was actually fear.

The Gambia has a new government. New political and economic players are in charge. Generally, the change has brought about joy and huge prospects of better Gambia. But there’s also fear of the unknown, fear of being excluded.

So, when I was bidding farewell to this brother soldier of mine, I shook his hand affectionately and told him, my brother, it will all be okay. In this New Gambia, our surnames won’t matter anymore. Say it aloud, with confidence. I could have been a Jola, I share the same surname with ex-president. I could have been Serer because some of my relatives are. I could have been Mandinka because that’s what my dad and mom told me I am. But I choose to be a Gambian. As a journalist, I know that Gambians voted for the coalition because it represents unity. That’s the spirit of the New Gambia.

He smiled. Thank you, he told me. He was still waiving while I turned to leave. I hope messages and assurances like this are important, moving forward.


January 20, 2017

Monica Njie released from detention

Kibaaro news  can without an iota of doubt report that Monica Njie who was arrested by the Gambia’s spy agency has been released and is united with family and loved ones. Monica is Kibaaro’s Finance Manager and host of the Every Woman show was arrested at the ferry terminal in Banjul for taking photos and detained for over 48hrs before being released without any charges or whatsoever. Kibaaro was able to speak to her on the phone after her release and she confirmed to us that it was indeed the NIA that arrested her at the ferry terminal in Banjul for merely taking photos.

She is a breast feeding Mom and lamented to us that when she was held in detention she requested to breast feed her child but the officers on duty did not answer to her demand until after 38hrs that was when her child was brought to her for breast feeding. She also lamented on the deplorable detention cells at the NIA dungeon and people languishing there for flimsy charges or no charges at all.  Monica also went on to express her gratitude for all those who campaign for her release on social media and by extension to the efforts of the British government and journalists.

The Gambia under the brutal leadership of the former president Yahya Jammeh has been marked by numerous arrests, detention without trial and disappearances without trace and we hope that in the 3rd republic such acts would be a thing of the past. We hope that the prisons and detention centers would be emptied of those wrongfully detained or imprisoned.


January 20, 2017

President Adama Barrow taking oath of Office at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar

Fellow Gambians and friends of The Gambia, I am humbled to stand before you to address the whole world on this historic occasion. This is a day no Gambian will ever forget in one’s life time. This is the first time since The Gambia became Independent in 1965 that Gambians have  change their government through the ballot box.

I must take this opportunity to thank the entire electorate of the Gambia and Gambians in the Diaspora for making this day possible.

I thank the entire campaign team of Coalition 2016 and the stakeholders for putting aside their political differences to unite us for the national interest.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to register special appreciation to Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, and the Chairperson of Authority of Heads of States of ECOWAS, for her personal commitment and tireless efforts towards resolving the political crises in The Gambia. The same sentiment goes to H .E Muhammadou Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and H.E John Draman Mahama, former President of Ghana.

I must also express profound gratitude to ECOWAS, AU, the Security Council of the United Nations and all friendly nations who stood by us during our time of greatest need.

I wish to thank His Excellency Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal and his government for their hosting and hospitality accorded me and my delegation at the request  of  the ECOWAS Chair.  This is what it means to be part of a Community of Democratic Nations.

Exceptional circumstance has compelled me to be sworn  here today and does not permit all those who made this day possible to be present.

It was later realised that the loser of the Election may not fulfill the mandate of a caretaker government and facilitate a proper Inauguration with the full support of all state Agencies.

In fact, two days before the term of office of the incumbent expires a State of Emergency was declared. However, the Constitution of the Gambia does not permit any law maker to deprive a citizen of a right that is already acquired. My right as a winner to be sworn in and assume the Office of President is constitutionally guaranteed and irreversible.

I hereby make a special appeal to ECOWAS, AU and the U.N particularly the Security Council to support  the Government and people of The Gambia in enforcing their will,  restore their sovereignty and constitutional legitimacy.

I therefore call on all civilian and military Personnel of the state to support my Presidency since it is built on a Constitutional foundation.  They are assured that they will not be subjected to any injustice and discrimination but would be provided with better working conditions and terms of service.

This is a victory of the Gambian Nation. Our National flag will now fly high among those of the most Democratic Nations of the world. The capacity to effect change through the ballot box has proven that power belongs to the people in the Gambia.

Violent change is banished forever from the political life of our country. All Gambians are therefore winners. There is no loser in the Gambian Election. It is a fact that we contest Elections on the basis of political diversity but we build Nations on the basis of National Unity. We are here assembled as One Gambia, One Nation, and One People.

Throughout our campaign we promised to unify our diverse people so that each would take ownership of the country, irrespective of ethnic origin, religion, gender or any other differences. Today, most Gambians are united in-order to give Gambia a new start.

Hence, as of today, I am the President of all Gambians regardless of whether you voted for me or not.

We could now become the architects of a Democratic Republic that is built on the pillars of Good Governance, Rule of Law and Respect for Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

My government will implement  comprehensive reforms.  These include constitutional, institutional  and legal reforms to expand  the democratic  gains we have made.

Your Excellencies, Honourable Guests, fellow Gambians, I belong to the generation of children who were born in 1965 when The Gambia became Independent. I believe in the wise saying that “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

I established a Think Tank, The Agency for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (ASSED). This will bring experts on board to share their knowledge and skills in order to put in place an inclusive development  agenda.
Your Excellencies, honourable guests and fellow Gambians, I would like to conclude by saying that men and women of this nation joined hands to effect a change that was in the making for many decades.

This is a change that should bring liberty and prosperity to everyone and not to be discriminated on the basis of gender, religion or ethnic origin. We are now determined to build a Gambia where merit and what you know counts more than who you know.

As the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, I call on all personnel of the armed forces and other security agencies to remain loyal to the constitution and to the Republic.

I command the Chief of Defense Staff, and other officers of the high command to demonstrate their loyalty to me as their commander-in-chief, without any delay. I command all members of the armed forces to remain in their barracks. Those found wanting or in possession of fire arms without my order, shall be considered rebels.

Gambia is our homeland! It demands our love and loyalty. Let us all pledge our firm allegiance to be ever true to our mother land The Gambia.

Long Live The Republic

Long Live the United People of The Gambia.

Forward Ever! Backward Never!


January 14, 2017

Author: Baba Jaiteh

By Baba Jaiteh

Hard work, dedication, perseverance and commitment are but vital ingredients for new Gambia. Mr Editor, please allow me space in your newspaper once again to add my voice to the humble population of Gambians both at home and in the diaspora who in one way or the other contributed immensely to the change we witnessing on the soil of our beloved smiling coast of Africa. It has been a painful and difficult journey of struggle but the Gambian people and democracy has been victorious finally.

Fellow citizens, now that dictator Jammeh is out of our way and opportunities once again spring to the door steps of every Gambian; it is about time we all come together as a nation, grab this opportunity, work together towards a common good and take the country forward to a new level. We have by far been dragged backwards by 22 years of a brutal dictatorial regime who will always waste no time to plug the country’s wealth and resources in the wrong sockets.

It should not come as a surprise to any patriotic citizen that the desperate dictator is still talking and crying like a baby after seeing the opportunities that he denied Gambians of for the past 22 years once again knock on our doors. There you go, seeking public attention and trying to distract everyone from the realities. The fact is every looser will have something to query about, which is absolutely normal. One thing I would like to tell all patriotic Gambians is to ignore whatever this desperate and sick dictator is trying to say, focus on the preparations to inaugurate President-elect Barrow on the 19th of January 2017 and thereafter start the serious business of nation building. We as a nation should not let ourselves to be dragged into his petty talks which am sure the leaders of our able coalition are aware of. We are better than that as a nation really. I wrote in one of my articles that “Jammeh is a failure from start to end” which is clearly evident in his desperate attempt to stay in power. Jammeh is not interested in any one except himself.  Dale Carnegie once wrote in his book {How to win friends and influence people} that; I quote “it is always an individual who is not interested in his fellow human beings, who have the greatest difficulties in life and it is from among such individuals that all human failures spring” unquote. Shockingly dictator Jammeh is from among such individuals who are not interested in their fellow citizens apparently.

So I am advising every patriotic citizen not to pay any attention to his rhetoric since we have seen it in the past with dictators. The best way to deal with every fool is to ignore them.

I want to remind my fellow citizens who in one way or the other contributed to the change we witnessing, that the struggle in my opinion has just began as we have a lot of work to do to bring the country back on its feet once again. Development is easy to say and write but very difficult to achieve. It takes resilience, hard work, perseverance, dedication and commitment to lay the foundations of a strong and vibrant economy. Most of us may think that the task of building a better Gambia rest in the hands of President-elect Barrow and his team. Yes, you can argue that as they are the leaders of the country. However, I think the task lies on all of us Gambians regardless of who you are, where you are and what you doing? When it comes to national development, every patriotic citizen has a very important role to play. We have come a long way fighting for freedom, equal rights and justice for all Gambians regardless of your political affiliation.

I would therefore call on all Gambians both at home and in the diaspora to set aside our political differences and concentrate on national development. Politics is what we did to choose a leader which is done and dusted. Now we need hard work, perseverance, dedication and commitment to develop the country from decadence to posterity. It is not going to be easy for sure but it is not impossible and as a people we should not think it will be. Meanwhile, if we look back on the activities of the past government; we should be able to learn very good lessons which can help us to put in place serious policies especially economic policies that can guarantee economic posterity. 22 years of squandering of public funds and the negligence of the status quo to leave public institutions to collapse in the manner in which they did; cannot be fixed automatically. It will have to take years am not sure how much, in order to fix the mess. So let us not be fooled by our imaginations that it can be done as quickly as we think. We all have to be patient and give President-elect Barrow and his team time and attention to start the process and eventually set the ball rolling for a better Gambia.

Clearly fellow citizens, there is every indication that together we can do it since we have the expertise and willingness to give change a chance. We have qualified engineers, Medical Doctors, Media Personnel, entrepreneurs, intellectuals to mention just a few both at home and in the diaspora who can all contribute in their own ways to give Barrow and team a boost and kick start the economy on its road to recovery. If that happens, I have a very good feeling that Gambia will transform itself from being a crying coast of Africa to the smiling coast of Africa once again. The confidence and agility of Gambians that we all know before dictator Jammeh will surface once again and Gambia will be a heaven of innovation and creativity.

Long live the people of the Gambia, Long live Democracy and Long live Gambia!! We are one people for better and for worst.



January 14, 2017

Gambian activists in the United Kingdom have issued a press release notifying the Gambians in the UK of the creation of the new organisation called UKGambians. The organisation’s press release reads:

“UKGambia is a movement created by Gambians living in the United Kingdom who played an active role in effecting democratic change in The Gambia. Over the last two years the movement has organised series of protests, conferences and fund-raising events in the UK to promote democracy and good governance in The Gambia. As we approach the Inauguration of President-elect Adama Barrow, scheduled for 19th January, 2017, Gambians in the United Kingdom have initiated the process of reinventing themselves around common aims and objectives and are extending an invitation to all Gambians resident in the UK to participate in this process set to conclude by February 18th, 2017.”

This process is in anticipation of a more collaborative relationship with the imminent change in Government. UKGambia will be a non-profit and non-partisan organisation tasked to address collective challenges facing Gambians in the United Kingdom. In an interview with Quest TV, President-elect Adama Barrow disclosed that a communique will be sent to Gambians in the Diaspora who he said “worked very hard and fought for this day, they are part of it and we want them to be part of it.” The soon to be president also stated that his new government will look to support Gambian Entrepreneurs. It is with this in mind that UKGambia has begun a dialogue with its general membership to formulate some short and long term objectives such as;

  • Promoting a united Diaspora in the United Kingdom and abroad,
  • Promoting Gambian culture and values,
  • Exploring means of mitigating the deadly consequences of illegal migration, and
  • Maintaining a yearly calendar of events and activities in sync with other Diaspora Groups.

UK Gambia is mindful of the need to collaborate to help build a #NewGambia. We draw inspiration from the strength of unity demonstrated by the Gambian Coalition within a very short period. With this in mind we extend an invitation to all Gambians in the UK to collaborate and organise ourselves around critical issues such as; diaspora vote, diaspora member of parliament, job opportunities, youth and women empowerment, initiatives to encourage development and curb illegal migration in The Gambia. We believe this can be addressed whilst organising social events such as workshops, fundraising ventures, gala dinners, cultural events, shows, conferences and more. Having initiated numerous protests over the years we envisage that this will no longer be required if the Government adheres to its promise of Democracy and Good Governance.

UKGambia’s social movement is set to commence with an Inauguration and Independence Day Celebration scheduled for 18th February 2016 in London. Details of the venue and program will be announced as soon as the final arrangements are confirmed. The organisation structure including the constitution and executive positions are set to be concluded by Independence Day when the Executive Committee will be elected. In light of this we encourage everyone resident in the UK to volunteer and play an active part in the UKGambia organisation. Inauguration T-Shirts will be made available soon to kick start our Inauguration and Independence Day celebration event.

We remain to The Gambia Ever True. Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

Contact: Yusef Taylor (Flex Dan), 07592338875

Mariama Juwara, 07950507903

Gibril Saine, Yunus Hydara and Mai Kanyi

UKGambia activities in 2016 have been;

  • February – Protest to commemorate Independence Day
  • April – Protest for the victims of April 2000 and the release of all Political Prisoners
  • July – Protest against the July 22nd APRC Coup and a meeting with UK MPs in House of Commons
  • November – Fundraiser for the December 2016 Elections
  • December – Three Protests, One at 10 Downing Street and Two at the Gambian Embassy

More recently in January 2017 UK Gambians visited The Nigerian House to prevail on them to discourage Nigerian Judges from participating in Jammeh’s Kangaroo court. UKGambia welcomes the response from the Nigerian Bar who did not send any judges to annul the elections results. We will like to take this opportunity to wish the entire Diaspora, Gambians and friends of The Gambia a prosperous 2017. We also thank all organisations and individuals who stood with us in our divine quest to bring democracy and peace back to The Gambia. You can follow our Facebook page for up to date information on UKGambia.



January 11, 2017

The Dictator as usual spewing his garbage!

The Gambia’s outgoing President, Yahya Jammeh, who refuses to be outgoing President, despite losing in the country’s Presidential elections on 1 December 2016, has taken to the airways again in the space of less than two weeks to address his nation, explaining how he has the mandate to rule the country, so long as his petition at the country’s Supreme Court is not determined.

The country’s Supreme Court was scheduled to hear the President and his party’s election petition on 10 January 2017, but due to lack Supreme Court Judges, the matter had to be adjourned until 16 January 2016 to deal with the preliminary issues of serving of petition documents to the relevant parties, and the substantive appeal to be indefinitely adjourned until, the expected Supreme Court judges from Nigeria, who will be available after May 2017, can arrive into the country.

Many were anticipating President Jammeh will seize the opportunity on his latest speech of 10 January 2017 to concede defeat and offer olive branch for peace and reconciliation, after the debacle at the Supreme Court with regards to his election petition, but the intransigent Gambian Dictator made no such overtures. Instead he reaffirms his defiance message to the opposition coalition, signalling that they will not be allowed to inaugurate the President-Elect Adama Barrow on 19 January 2017.

For clarity we have transcribed President Jammeh’s speech below word for word.

Jammeh firstly started by rejecting the elections results and maintained his position with some colourful explanations to justify his rejections of the elections results 1 December 2016. He exhorted to fool many about the IEC corrections of those election results on 5 December 2016 election. President Jammeh wants everyone to believe that since he and his party rejected the said election results and filed a petition to the Supreme Court, the constitution states that only the Supreme Court can declare who is President, and until that declaration is made, he remains the legitimate President of the Gambia constitutionality. President Jammeh made this declaration, despite knowing fully well that, there is no such provision in the Gambian constitution which supports his claim that, the Supreme Court is the only entity under the constitution that can declare someone a President.

Based on his flawed interpretation of the Gambian constitution, the Gambia’s outgoing President wants everyone to obey and agree to his interpretation of the constitution. He asserted that he will defend the constitution and urge all his countrymen to do the same, as provided under Section 6 of the constitution. He reminded his people that the constitution of the country is supreme than any organisation, treaty, AU, OIC, UN, or ECOWAS and their it is their constitution they should follow and not those organisations.

Therefore, in his capacity as the constitutional continuing President of the Gambia, he will pass amnesty to forgive all of his citizenry and the opposition coalition for whatever insults they may have hurled at his mother between 1 November 2016 to 31 January 2017.

He further thanked the AU,OIC, ECOWAS and UN for their concerns, even though, they rushed to conclusions based on their misunderstandings, he wants them to know that his country can resolve its own internal issues.

This is, in summary, the madness expressed in the ramblings of Yahya Jammeh, which we transcribed below:


President Jammeh’s Speech 10 January 2017

Our video recording the speech missed the first sentence of Jammeh’s sentence, so we start our transcription from the second sentence>

“As the whole world knows, being the candidate for the APRC party for the presidential election my party ad I rejected the last results declared by the IEC on December 5th 2016. Because not only was it full of arithmetic errors and anomalies it also could not be credibly explained and we have challenged the results to the Supreme Court as provided by the constitution and the Electoral Act.

Fellow Gambians: on December 2nd 2016, the IEC announced a set of results which I accepted whole heartedly in good faith but in December 5th 2016, the IEC reversed and gave a new set of results and the results statement itself gave enough grounds for my party and I to suspect them. The second IEC results stated figures were transposed when actually it had the 63,000 votes for Basse administrative area wrongly added to the votes of one candidate, who is Mr. Adama Barrow.

In the subsequent correction the statement from IEC falsely claimed this amount was added to all candidates, but this amount was only subtracted from Mr. Barrow, which put his total to just over 199,000 and then his votes for Basse was doubly counted to give him the lead with 223,000 votes.

Fellow Gambians, nonetheless as our constitution provides only the Supreme Court can review our challenge and only the Supreme Court declare anyone President and so I ask each and everyone of us to respect the supreme law of the republic and await the Supreme Court review on the election results.

Fellow Gambians; our review and investigations have revealed an unprecedented level of foreign interference in our elections and internal affairs and also a sustain smear campaign, propaganda and misinformation. Even though there is no single fatality or mortality, we have seen the UN Security Council, the African Union and Ecowas take unprecedented and hasty resolutions against our republic and constitution but we have also learned the support of good people all over the world who have started to see the truth and understand that the Gambia is a sovereign republic.

Our constitution is the supreme law and does not allow, any organization, or law or treaty to supersede it, as for Section 4 of the constitution, supremacy of the constitution and Section 79 subsection 2, that the constitution does not allow us to enter into any engagement, agreement or treaty that derogates the supremacy of the Gambian constitution. As the President and Commander in Chief of our Armed and Security Forces and as a citizen and in total obedience to the oath of office, I will take all possible steps to defend our constitution. As per Section 6, subsection 2, which makes it a duty of all citizens to defend our constitution. Therefore, even where we may disagree, I believe you can, as Gambians, come together and resolves this and any other matter without undue external interference.  

Fellow Gambians; cabinet sat and will continue to sit and liaise with the National Assembly to get all constitutional measures to ensure the Supremacy of the rule of law and the constitution in the next few days. I assure everyone that as a Gambian, a Muslim and a family man, no foreigner can love this country and hold its highest of heart, more than myself and the majority of Gambians.

Let me repeat for the purpose of clarity; I assure everyone that as a Gambian, a Muslim and a family man, no foreigner can love this country and hold its highest of heart, more than myself and the majority of Gambian people. So I will also be taking all possible steps within the constitution and my conscience to do my part to resolve this sad impasse.

As we are all humans, and bound to make mistakes and only the almighty Allah Subhanahu-wata-alah does not make mistake, we therefore accept this as test Allah on our faith individually and collectively, as believing people. I hereby appoint the Secretary General as mediator General for this trying period and mandate him to:

               1) ensure the public and civil service continue to work proficiently without fear or favour in an                         apolitical manner in the service of the country.

              Let me repeat for the purpose of clarity; I hereby appoint the Secretary General as mediator General               for this trying period and mandate him to: 1 ensure the public and civil service continue to work                      proficiently without fear or favour in an apolitical manner in the service of the country.

             2) meet with all stakeholders in the country and prepare meetings so that all parties can be heard                    and will resolve any mistrust and issues amongst ourselves

            3) to work with the minister of Justice and the National Assembly to draft a general amnesty bill to                 confirm and ensure that there is no witch-hunt, so that we can ensure a climate of confidence and                     security within constitutional mandate.  

In this connection, I hereby issue an executive order to that effect that nobody be arrested or prosecuted due to acts or omissions in the pre and post electoral period with effective from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.

Let me repeat for the purpose of clarity; in this connection, I hereby issue an executive order to that effect that nobody be arrested or prosecuted due to acts or omissions in the pre and post electoral period with effective from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.

Fellow Gambians; as the whole world has seen, we continue as a people to exhibit the highest degree of fraternity and despite the heated passions, we have maintain the highest degree of in virtues of patience, tolerance and mutual respect across ethnic and faith lines and for that I personally thank the almighty Allah and all of you.

I ask all Gambians to forgive each other, especially us the political class and ask that we all continue to work together to keep and consolidate peace and harmony for our beloved country. I ask all Gambian and all residence in the Gambia to go about their business in peace and security and assure you that Inshallah all will continue to be well and this will soon be resolved in peace. I thank all my brother presidents from ECOWAS, OIC, AU and the UN for their kind words and support to the Gambia, even if some were mistaken and also assure them that we Gambians have not gotten here without learning to live and let live amongst ourselves.

I thank you all for your attention and bid you all the peace and blessings of the almighty Allah the subhanahu-wata-alah. For the Gambia ever true.