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September 2, 2014
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I fled The Gambia on august 10, 2014. I was unlawfully arrested and detained under very brutal condition from the 1-2 of August 2014 for allegedly giving false information to Gambians and enemies of the Gambia government base abroad and belonging to opposition parties, an accusation which is baseless. Prior to fleeing the Gambia, I was an employee of the National Drug Enforcement Agency. I have, in the past, also worked as a journalist for Foroyaa newspaper of the Gambia and had to quit the journalism profession as a result of similar unlawful detention; and was unemployed for few years before joining the prosecution department of my current employer prior to fleeing the Gambia.

On the first and second day of august 2014, I was unlawfully detained and while under detention, I was shown all the stories I reported then as journalist at Foroyaa newspaper from the internet. They alleged that I am still connected to media and feed false information to enemies of the Gambia government like one Mr. Mbaye with an online newspaper, whose first name I cannot recall. They also played me a video of my brother’s married ceremony to the daughter of Dr. Sedat Jobe, a former Gambian Foreign Minister under the Jammeh administration, who resigned and fled the Gambia some years ago.  In the video, I sat next to Dr. Sedat Jobe, my brother in-law and Ousainou Darboe- leader of the biggest opposition political party in the Gambia. Well, according to them, because I was seated with these prime enemies of Gambia government, so I belong to the opposition and support enemies of the government. I was brutally tortured under detention and sustained severe injuries photos of which are enclosed.

Just moments preceding my release from unlawful detention, they unequivocally put it to me that I am an enemy of the state and enemies can never turn into friends and once their enemy, you shall always remain one. They did not hide their determination to go at any length in silencing the unpatriotic wolf in sheep clothing like myself and further stressed that I am black-listed and all eyes are on me. They also promised to come back for me and when they do I shall become history.  I, on the contrary, do not see myself as enemy of the government both as a journalist and officer of the National Drug Enforcement Agency, but a partner in the development and prosperity of our mother land The Gambia. Knowing that am very innocent of all the allegations made against me and that I still remain unsafe even in life outside journalism and judging them by their continuous brutality of patriotic and law abiding Gambians of my standing, I therefore deem it fitting and safe to flee my be-loved home land The Gambia and seek asylum and refuge with my family abroad than get killed by brutal government agents.

On the issue of human rights, May I respectfully submit my conviction that the principle of human rights are as valid now as then, and that now as then their validity rests upon their universality. Indeed, as the world becomes increasingly interdependent, international community becomes increasingly accountable for the impact of their conduct.

I can be reached on phone at +221775929071 or via email at

Yours sincerely,



September 1, 2014
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Dear Editor,

We have a very serious matter at the Department of Customs which we would like to expose and uncover by your respected medium. Veronic Carayol, Deputy Commissioner Enforcement, has been undermining the efforts of the current Customs Management by not only harassing and blackmailing businessmen and their agent but also staff members’ thus causing series of problems within the Department and outside of it.

Veronic is exercising personal loyalty to the jailed former Army Chief, Lang Tombong Tamba, who personally elevated and uplifted her. She is now a worry to everyone by destabilizing and undermining the Department of Customs and now GRA as a whole. Also she is not adding value towards the progress of the Departments and constantly having issues with numerous staff members with the sole intention of jeopardizing the smooth running of the institution.

Undoubtedly, we now notice that her intention is to get rid of Yankuba Darboe, the Head of the Department by undermining the entire Management. This is a serious issue which we like to address. Consequently with the view of extorting money from clients for her own personal gain and not that of the country, she engaged in all kinds of bullying thus causing confusion and mix-up all over the place.

It is now an open secret that her allegiance is directed to Lang Tombong Tamba who helped her up the ladder as she is the main sponsor of Tamba’s Family. She now bears all names here such as the ‘Iron Lady’ or ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ and everyone is wondering what this woman is looking for.

We feel that it is vital to give the devil his due. Putting aside personal interest, the Gambia Revenue Authority is performing very well under the leadership of Yankuba Darboe and his team. The institution under his leadership has met all its monthly and yearly targets with excellence and the records are there to speak for themselves. These achievements have enabled the government to meet the set criteria’s with regards to the Millennium development goals (MDG) as contain in the IMF and the World Bank reports. The GRA has been a source of revenue which has allowed the Government of the Gambia to uphold its financial obligations and our sovereignty as a self-sufficient and self-independent nation. This is good for everyone including those patriotic and devoted people in the diaspora who are using the Customs on a daily basis.

However despite everything, this woman keeps using her unethical behavior to justify her attack on others. Her problems are numerous and we would be happy that all responsible Gambians beware of her deeds taking into consideration that these important Department belongs to all and sundry. It doesn’t belong to one tribe, sect or party. We believe that despite our allegiances, every one of us should work along the lines of supporting our national and economic wellbeing and therefore this woman’s relentless effort to demoralize others be stopped once and for all. It must be dispelled and dismissed!

Thank you.


Concern Gambian.











September 1, 2014
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Looking other side of same coin

The big Issue of Gambia

Unable to perform the duty calls of president in 20 years forced rule, Yaya Jammeh needed to be honest by graceful surrender of a job he was never invited to take. Instead, Jammeh is now out to abandon this most important national duty and pushing to be crowned king. It doesn’t add up by all reasonable account of political correctness. Worst of it all, the matter is not open to public debate but forced down the throat of unwilling citizens who still have power to refuse even at a cost. For one person to seize power by force of guns, became president; unable to perform then seeking to be crowned king is the most drastic and unjust form of palace coup; one in which Gambia lost two presidential posts by force of one invader Yahya Jammeh.

Any sensible person who fails to deliver in public office will be seen fairest by stepping down so that more capable persons take on. When he staged a coup in July 1994 what Yahya Jammeh succeeded doing is rendering the post of president defunct by dismantling structures and systematic dispensation that makes such a high post truly functional. Put in practical perspective Yaya Jammeh of Gambia stole the high seat of president, abused it for 20 years and now out to abandon the good post. Next twist of matters Yaya wants to be crowned king of Gambia without consultation with key stakeholders; the citizenry.

All those who insist on making Yahya Jammeh king of Gambia after he so woefully failed the nation as president never by clean choice of people have no sensible explanation why this got to happen. There was no stakeholder consultation. The situation derails from all due process. Nothing has been placed before Gambian people for national debate regarding this most unprecedented drift from democracy to monarchy.

Who will foot the bills?

Cost of establishment and maintenance of monarchy in Gambia is hard to imagine; facts beyond figures. Already the country is sinking in the uncaring hands of a rubber stamp parliament dancing to dictates of all imposing Yaya Jammeh who wants to use the instruments and platform of elected representatives to endorse his long churned plan of becoming king where one is never needed. Opinion is largely swinging on the part of those who object and reject the plan of Gambia as monarchy. Even if transformation from democracy to monarchy appears the best political outfit for Gambia it is most improper that a sitting president becomes king after 20 years failure with untold hardship imposed on all and sundry. Gambians deserve full stop and total break from this self-perpetuation. To push ahead with this idea is seen most absurd and unjustifiable. Gambia is taking the most risky political venture that can backfire with devastating effects. 

Denying the Citizenry Choice

Sycophants and lame duck zombies are crawling all around the country with sinister plans of imposing on Gambian people to accept swallowing a poison concoction. A high jump from presidency to monarchy is poisonous to the country’s political atmosphere. No reasonable person accepts transformation of a sitting president to become king overnight. In the absence of due consultation with the citizenry and subjecting the matter to national debate, the whole move is nothing but a palace coup of most bizarre proportion. Since becoming head of state, Yaya Jammeh is known for breaking all regulations of systematic governance.  He rules by decree with no respect for constitution and laws of Gambia.

By his unique mentality about powers bestowed on an elected president Yaya Jammeh takes it that he owns everything meant for Gambian public. Such is how serious matters stand when someone is so overwhelmed and intoxicated with power by force. Gambian people are never consulted for matters of public interest. In fact Yaya is not the type of person who trusts good opinion. For him it is a matter of commanding exclusive powers above everyone. He does what he likes without being challenged. He tested such waters with utter impunity.

Jammeh experimented on real national economy, real living humans, public finance, platform and system of governance, grossly disregarding rules, just because he occupies the seat of president. Having done so much wrong without being challenged gives Yaya Jammeh ample confidence that he is free to abandon the seat of president and get crowned as king. This time he is out to face it differently.

Two presidents deposed without succession plan

Led by Yahya Jammeh in what they described as bloodless coup, government and presidency of Sir Dawda Jawara suffered serious blow when junior rankers of Gambia Army dislodged the 30 year regime on 22 July 1944 without lawful occasion. Immediately after seizing power by force of guns, first political victim of the occasion was Sir Dawda Jawara not just by loss of high office occupancy. The name of president was equally dislodged as Jammeh had no legitimacy to be called president even though he occupied the highest seat of political power.  He chose to be called Chairman Supreme Council of the Revolution. Quickly he added Head of State. Quite an interesting twist as Jammeh eventually declared he was resigning from the army to contest elections as civilian. Trouble was looming over Gambian political space as the nation and people fell in the crude hands of novice with no sense of direction amidst pursuing selfish interest in getting rich quick from abusing state resources.

By time of July 1994 coup, deposed President Sir Dawda Jawara had no immediate succession plan known to Gambian public. He departed his fine office and good post without the occasion of proper handing over. Sir Dawda lost his position along all rightful duties and Gambia lost a president who never had chance to say good bye. From that time and now 20 years, Yahya Jammeh who replaced Sir Dawda by force steadily found the load of leading a nation heavier than he imagined it. Instead of decent exit from forced rule, Jammeh wants to shift position from president to king. He is not telling Gambians whatever happens to the high public position. That is the second treasonable offence by Yahya Jammeh dislodging Gambia’s sitting president from power without lawful occasion.

Something Yaya Jammeh seems to be missing his steps on is that as occupier of Gambian presidency he is still not the creator of that post. His move is typical case of palace coup without the occasion of succession planning. Granted that Yaya Jammeh is unable to stay on as president due to critical nature of this important office, the least he could do is by clean exit of resigning. Gambian constitution has no provision that a sitting president has power to swing about like Jammeh insists doing. Jammeh having to abandon the seat of Gambian president without due process amounts to another treasonable offence. The crime is even more severe where he chooses to trade the post with that of king without consulting the citizenry. If Jammeh is unfit to carry on as president, Gambian constitution generously provides for replacement of an insane or physically infirm leader. Jammeh must submit before competent Gambians full account of his 20 years misrule and not simply be permitted to jump boat from presidency to monarchy.

Politically Incorrect Actions

Viewed from realistic perspective, the musical chair move in shifting seat of president to king is politically incorrect under current state of affairs in Gambia. There is no felt-need for it by occasion of public desire for such dramatic change. More seriously it is very wrong for a president who abused the seat of power in 20 years to jump position through no consultation by coming up with the idea of wanting to get crowned as king.  Yaya Jammeh thinking he is free to get crowned after failing the nation in carrying out rightful duties of president is gravely misleading. Gambia belongs to all those that call the country home. Even those living abroad for long periods have real stake. They represent a constituent of key stakeholders in deciding about the nation’s matters. It is not enough for handful of Jammeh sycophants and blind supporters to feel like jumping the moon by wild thoughts of crowning him king although he has been behaving that way long enough.

Now the time of truth has come. Gambia cannot be traded or mortgaged by few selfish persons with no consideration to consequences this move will impose on coming generations. If Jammeh is tired of forcing Gambians to accept him as president, people too are equally fed up with him. Most civilised behaviour by dictates of good reasoning is for Jammeh to surrender the post gracefully having to step down. In the good hands of more capable persons, recovery from 20 years Jammeh wreckage is no impossible task. People need full stop and total break from self- perpetuation and dictatorship of a type never seen before. Jammeh deceived Gambians and shifted position from army captain to president. He can’t fool people this time without consequences. He pretended resigning from the army to contest elections. In all 20 years misrule, the character and conducts of Yahya Jammeh remain that of full blown army leader with Gambia turned into typical police state.

Gambians not prepared for another uncertainty

Given the benefit of doubt from start Yaya Jammeh extended his sphere of political dominance until today 20 years on. There was a situation of uncertainty with everyone hoping that Jammeh was going to live by his words. He promised ridding Gambia off corruption by assuring good governance with the most transparent and public probing political dispensation. Instead he now reigns many times more corrupt. He blamed Jawara and his government for overstaying and pledged no president would extend beyond two term limits. He now threatens to rule for 1 billion years.

Jammeh promised Gambians everything under the blue sky only to give the nation worst type of dictatorship marred by fatally harmful encounters meted out to opponents, real or perceived. Gambians have endured the most horrifying state of terror before the world came to know.  With the truth clearly seen, Gambians are no longer prepared for another scale of deception in blinded uncertainty. This is end of road and moment for a final point of departure separating Gambians from the lethal claws of 20 years dictatorship. The message is clear. Yaya is no longer able to serve as president. Gambia does not have the position of king. Let him surrender the post of president gracefully for best of interests. Will Jammeh still claim allowances and enjoy the privileges of ex-president? Will he continue to hold both titles as combined king and president?  Gambian people cannot be left in the dark.

Yahya is disqualified by all accounts

Considering politically active and capable Gambians in such numbers, it is wrong to permit one person leading for so long. Fact of the matter is that with 20 years as president someone like Yaya Jammeh already exhausted his time slot in public office. In all the 20 years, Yahya spent amassing private personal wealth and never genuinely done anything in the best interest of Gambia. He grossly abuses the nation’s presidency, institutions, and all public resources including social capital for his personal gain. He destroyed the whole establishment; instruments and organs of governance.  Thanks to Yaya Gambia remains under horrific state of emergency. That person must not be allowed to carry on destroying in another capacity where public funds will be spent and people’s lives prone to further risk of untimely death. Any Gambian thinking that transformation of Yaya Jammeh from president to king is proper, something is wrong with that person. Yaya Jammeh is a bundle of resource risk. He already exhausted all chances given more than enough benefit of doubt. Gambia does not need a king. Yaya can choose settling in Kanilai to enjoy his looted wealth and slave work. He cannot be king. He is dangerous and unreliable.


September 1, 2014
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First and Foremost, it is evident that Mr. Loum is a Loosed PDOIS opponent, as a result, his article`s primary intention is to have a biting point on Sedia`s remarks, and this culminated in him to make an attempt of blowing Sedia`s statement out of proportion. Secondly, I would like to refer Mr. Loum to Peter Druckers book entitled the’’ Knowledge Society“ for him to learn the basics of development, so that he can understand what Honourable Jatta is advocating for, and contextualize his statement that, One of Gambia`s main problem is its adoption of English as its official Language, to our present socio, political and economic realities. Peter Drucker is one of the world’s best management Philosophers/Economics who contributed to the European Marshall Plan. Mr. Loum I may not have the space here to lecture you on the importance of first language, Literacy and Development. More so, what you need to understand and accept is that, Sedia is working hard to Empower disadvantage Men and Women in rural Gambia, for them to co-exist with so-called western educationists like you.

Thirdly, If Europeans were able to command their own developmental processes and models with their primary languages, why are you undermining the African Intelligence to do the same. Mr. Loum you acknowledged that, the PDOIS has been active in rural Gambia for the past three decades to educate Gambians on Socio-Cultural, Political and Economic issues and Civic realities underpinning them, So are you really Qualified to know Gambia`s problem more than the PDOIS leadership? You made mentioned of issues that are indisputable realities that are amongst Gambia`s problem, However, these issues are addressed in the PDOIS Agenda 2016 provisional manifesto. To my understanding Sedia made this statement in conjunctions to the problems caused by illiteracy in the Gambia, the majority of Gambian voters who are actively taking part in elections/voting’s does not understand their basic human  rights, and how the state is manage. The National Council for Civic Education can attest to the fact that, when they are on sensitisation tours, they are sometime chased out of some villages with the presumption that, they belong to the opposition; I am a witness to this. How will you expect an illiterate to understand bad governance? How would you expect an illiterate to understand the importance of an opposition and alternative approaches of governance in a country? Mr. Loum, you need to scholarly rationalize statements, and you do not need to provoke important initiatives to political biting points. One would expect after one of your controversial articles, in which you remarked that Gambian Men don have balls, you will never surface into Gambian affairs without a public apology and to your own parents for insulting the entire nation.

Finally, just to proof you wrong again, you once attacked PDOIS for not attending the Raleigh Conference and you stated that, PDOIS risk been politically redundant. Mr Loum I am proud to inform you that, recently PDOIS is the most active party on the ground. Now you need to inform readers the laughable outcome of the Raleigh Conference. Summarily, your criticism is politically motivated and holds no substance.


August 30, 2014
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Amadou is a very shy but upright man who resides in Kankary Kunda. He alerts and avails himself to the needs and aspirations of his community particularly those who are in dire need of financial and moral support. Albeit he most often goes the extra mile to be there for anyone that requires his assistance in one form or another, he is also conscious of not overstepping his moral and religious obligations. He treats all his neighbours equally. Amadou is so generous that he is dotingly nicknamed Mobayta by his friends and family. His house was never short of visitors. His family especially the little ones could not understand why he has so many visitors day in and day out. At one point, it was highly rumoured that he was aspiring for a political position. Soon it dawned on his friends and family that Amadou nurses no political ambition. His best and childhood friend, Samba once confronted him: “Ams why are you so unwittingly generous?” Amadou was taken aback by Samba’s unexpected rhetoric question. For a while he was quiet battling to figure out the right answer to his friend’s query. As if Samba has forced him to plunge into a deep reality check pool, his mind exploded with conflicting reasons. Some painted him as a fool who deprived his family only to help others who do not even appreciate his kindness while others glorified him as a man who gives to his community without expecting any returns. After what seems an unending silence, Amadou finally found his voice and replied: “One who does not live for his community is never missed by its”.

 As Director of the Department of Care and Hospitality, Amadou is always mindful of not mixing business with pleasure. Consequently, he admonished all his friends and family that his office is purely for official matters; anyone who has a personal issue should come to his house instead. Those who could not draw a line between business and personal matters saw him as a martinet and a very strict person. Some of his colleagues at work who often entertain their friends and families at work considered him as the bad apple in the bag. Word soon started going round the department that he was cold and callous. Anytime he walks the corridors of the department, chilling whispers followed his footsteps. Once in a while he summons some of his junior staff to caution them about using their offices for personal issues such as allowing their friends to abuse the office telephones. Furthermore, he established a very strict break system for his department which curbed down the amount of time wasted by some of his staff loitering in and out of office during official hours without reason. This earned him a handful of scheming foes. Whenever he is at work; the idle one feels unease. They tried everything possible to influence him. One of such was to set him up with charming girls. Anytime he was alone in his office, they will send in a very beautiful girl provocatively dress to charm him. Again this failed abysmally to their greatest disappointment. When it became clear that it was not possible to seduce him, they spread another story that he was so scared of his wife that he could not look at another woman. Some even went further to conclude that his wife’s marabou has turned him blind to other women. Their every effort to bring him on board failed.

One day, the Seyfo of Kankary Kunda gave a new decree that every fortnight everyone in Kankary Kunda must attend his Mansa bengo. The Mansa bengo was an occasion to while away time, fornicate and waste community resources. It was also a moment for merry making by wining and dining with the Seyfo. Loud music from various cultural groups of Kankary Kunda fills its airs. The Seyfo dressed in a white kaftan sits under a makeshift shed surrounded by his “Konsin mbaroos”-security guards and council of elders. The Konsin mbaroos carried strange weapons which mesmerised the people. The Seyfo, Afang Karamo Kankuntu Nyapinkang Jaralaa Mansa, smiled as he browsed through the huge crowd. His gaze lingered on a very beautiful young girl before his scary face broke into a devilish smile. He then turned and whispered to his chief security. He took a bundle of cash and handed it to his guard to give to his latest prey-the charming young face in the crowd. Amadou was not happy which what was going on. He promised himself that he will not attend the next Mansa bengo. He could not understand how the Seyfo could be so lavish when most of his people were languishing in abject poverty. As he drifted into a captivating day dream, he recollected his father demanding “What kind of a neighbour will go to bed with a full stomach while his neighbour goes with an empty and crying stomach?” Suddenly, he was catapulted back to reality with a nauseating uproar by the crowd and saw the Seyfo dancing like a Nfanbondi.

In his train of thoughts, he wondered if as little as quarter of the resources spent on the Mansa bengo was used to build good road networks, it will go a long way to harness travelling between the wards of Kankary Kunda. It will also make it easy for traders to transport their products from one market place to another. Once the economy booms, the health sector will also be improved since the educational sector is being looked after by the Toubaboo. He decided to suggest that to the Alkali of Seyfo Kunda since he was also overseeing his department. Perhaps the Alkali will also suggest the same to the Seyfo. On a second thought he decided to keep his idea to himself less he is perceived as anti-establishment.

The next Mansa bengo was observed without Amadou. This did not go down well with the Seyfo. He called his Alkali and thundered: “I knew it…Yes, I knew it…Amadou is a very bad citizen. He is one of my enemies. Why didn’t he grace the last Mansa bengo?”The Alkali tried to reason what might compelled Amadou not to attend the Mansa bengo. He said, perhaps, Amadou was either ill or out of town. “No!” roared the Seyfo “I know he is planning a plot against me. But I will teach him a lesson.” At that point the Alkali kept his peace and let the Seyfo continue to rattle. Shortly after the Alkali left his office, the Seyfo rang the Kebba of Nyapinkang Agency and ordered for the immediate arrest and detention of Amadou.

As soon as the Seyfo hung up on the other side, Kebba of Nyapinkang Agency began bobbing up and down his lavish office contemplating whether to carry out the Seyfo’s order. He knew Amadou as a very righteous, generous and caring man who commands a lot of respect from the community. Arresting him will spell gross misappropriation of justice. Furthermore, it will depict him as a puppet and unpatriotic who abets in the miscarriages of justice. On the hand, if he fails to arrest and detain Amadou as ordered by the Seyfo, he will not only lose his job but also might equally be arrested, detained and tortured. Either choice has damning consequences, he observed. He took a deep breath and caressed his nose unconsciously as a thought flashed like a lightening in his clouded mind. “Why didn’t I think of that before?” he heard himself thinking aloud. He took his private cell and phone Amadou. “What a pleasant surprise”, Amadou said from the other end. “Listen Na Kebba, we don’t have much time to waste on pleasantries. I have just received an order for your arrest from the Seyfo but I am giving you enough time to ready yourself and run for your safety”, countered Kebba of Nyapinkang Agency. At least, thinking this time he has done the right thing. “Are you out of your mind? How can I abscond and leave my family behind beside that will only confirm I have committed a crime. No, I am not going anywhere. You go ahead and execute the order”, Amadou sternly maintained. “Perhaps, Na Kebba, for once put your family before righteous. If you leave now, you will settle before you even realize and then arrange for your family to join you. But if you remain adamant and subsequently get arrested, tortured and/or even killed, who will look after the same family you talking about?” he tested Amadou.

“Hello…Hello…Amadou, are you still there?” as the long silence grew. Amadou was thinking of what Kebba of Nyapinkang just told him. Yes, it makes a lot of sense. Whatever choice he made, his family will be without him until God knows when. Should he run away as suggested by Kebba of Nyapinkang or should he stay and dare the devil he thought. “Yes, hello. I am still here, just thinking of my options”, he said when he finally found his voice. “Listen, Na Kebba, time is against us. Just go please”, he begged Amadou. “In as much as I would love to, my gut is telling me to stay and face whatever awaits me. Thanks so much for your kindness”, Amadou concluded and hang up. “Stupid!” he roared and banged his mahogany executive desk upsetting it neat and beautiful flower vases, pens, photos and files. “Are you okay boss?” queried his slender and charming young secretary as she walked majestically into his office. “Do I look like I am?” he snapped at her. “Oh darling”, she said soothingly as she wrapped her tender arms around him and planted her succulent lips on his. The touched of her moist and tender lips and her pleasant fragrance vehicle him to cloud seven and shortly brushing Amadou’s issue into the bin of his mind.

A loud knock on the door jolted them from their erotic position. “Come in please”, Kebba said reluctantly straightening his suit as he walks to stand behind his desk pretending to dictate a memo for his secretary. His deputy walked in looking very flustered. “Kelefa, what is it again? Whatever it is, let it wait. Now go and get two officers and pick up Amadou for detention”, he dismissed Kelefa with a wave of hand. Kelefa’s lights up with the order like a child seeing his father sing and almost run out his boss’s office. Kelefa is always excited by orders of arresting people especially the likes of Amadou.

Sulayman Jeng, UK


August 28, 2014
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Parents most often sacrifice their personal dreams to build those of their children. The most fulfilling satisfaction of any parent is watching his or her children growing and living their dreams. However, as we castigate President Jammeh for abusing our sisters in their Gambia, there are parents who not only encourage their daughters but help in their exploitation. It is neither an exaggeration nor disrespect to our elders but some of them allow President Jammeh to prostitute their daughters. That is the truth without any massage. For instance, when a jobless daughter comes home with huge bundle of new dalasi notes, very rarely is she confronted on how she obtains the money. True or false?

Elders with self-esteem when tested to choose between poverty and shame often settle for poverty than riches ridden by endless disgrace. Greed, selfishness and lack of faith are usually the compelling factors for some elders to trade their dignity, pride and respect to the devil. As a result, they are not perturbed by the source of the money but interested in its continues flow.  What a shame fellow Gambians. Some, on the other hand, knew exactly how their daughters are accessing their monies but again choose to turn a blind eye due to either cowardice or shy away from their failure as parents. On a contrast, a hardworking young man who toils 24/7 but fails to match up her sister’s easy money gets shun at and call all kinds of derogative adjectives by the same parents. All of a sudden he becomes the unworthy child, the aimless child, the thief and loser in the family just because he can only provide D200 while his sister brings in bundles. No wonder all the young men are now sacrificing their lives by daring rough seas in search of greener pasture in Europe and America.

How responsible parents can permits his or her daughter to go to Kanilai every weekend knowing fully well that she will not be there for any serious or meaningful business but just to dance with the President and his bandits. At the end of that jam session, some girls will voluntarily jump in to bed with Mr. President and his bandits while others are raped. It is common knowledge that President Jammeh is an idiot, but after naming and shaming him with the parents, we should not forget the victims themselves. Lamentably, most of them opt to prostitute themselves. They go to Kanilai on their own volition chasing shadows, a pin of pleasure and most importantly easy and quick money.  Well, less you forget sisters, be reminded that President Jammeh’s promises are like a body without soul. All the money President Jammeh throws at you is but a mare bate and sadly you are daily falling fast and head deep in his traps. When are you going to wake up from your sleeping slumber? Having you heard the ominous experiences of some of your sisters and friends.

Women are highly honoured by Allah. You are mothers, best of teachers and custodians of society. Consequently, it is prudent that you down water down your value and dignity for few bundles of notes. It is said every successful man is helped by a woman. A man can only abuse, exploit and dump a weak women with low self-esteem.



August 28, 2014
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Mr. Sidia Jatta

Mr. Sedia Jatta

Sedia Jatta’s recent assertion in a public lecture in Norway that adopting the English Language as our official language is our major Problem is at best a half truth. With all due respect to Hon. Sedia Jatta, I do not believe for once that having English as the official language in The Gambia is the main cause of our problems. Adopting Mandingo, Fula, Wolof etc as our official language(s) or allowing Members of the House of Representatives to communicate in the local languages in their deliberations in the House of Representative will not necessarily hurl Gambia into a developed and first world country.

The cause of Gambia’s current socio-economic and political problems cannot be reduced to the adoption of a foreign language (English) as an official language and a medium of instructions in schools. Tanzania for example had replaced Kiswahili with English some over 35 years ago as its official language but that alone has not catapulted it to a developed country. The same can be also said for Ethiopia and Somalia which have adopted their local languages as official languages and also Kenya which adopted both English and Kiswahili as its official languages.

Let us face it, Gambia’s problems are numerous. Recently, bad governance, Yahya Jammeh’s blatant corruption and disregard for the rule of law, lack of foreign investments, mediocre educational schools and tertiary institutions and a massive brain drain are perhaps the major reasons why the country has reached its nadir point in terms of socio-economic development. Equally, the country’s size and population and a lack of a sizable middle class with purchasing power, lack of an informed and vibrant civil society,  disorganized political parties, a selfish and unsophisticated elite and educated class,  religious bigotry and hypocrisy and subtle tribalism all contribute to our past, current and future underdevelopment.

PDOIS and its leadership should know this. They have been actively campaigning in rural Gambia trying to educated rural Gambians and the masses (using the different local languages) about their civil, political, economic and cultural rights and other developmental issues for the last there decades. Despite all their efforts, PDOIS has been unable to capture any meaningful support which could be translated into votes during general elections. I am not writing this piece to criticize or to give reasons for PDOIS political underachievement over the years but I expect informed politicians of PDOIS calibre like Sedia to give a more holistic picture of the Gambian problem otherwise he runs the risk of sounding like our idiotic President Yahya Jammeh and his acolytes of sycophants.

Gambians all over should start looking inward to decipher who we are as a people and why we are the way we are which unfortunately has resulted in a barbaric,  semi-illiterate, corrupt leader with inferiority  complex to manipulate and rule The Gambia for 20 years with the support of religious leaders and a so called educated class. These are the issues we as Gambians should discuss and decode and then begin to forge ahead in a positive way as a people and as a nation.

Let me iterate here again that Jammeh is corrupt with the help of Gambians, Jammeh tortures and kills Gambians with the support of other Gambians, Jammeh sells drugs, trump up false charges against his perceived enemies and imprisoned them with the connivance of a corrupt legal and judicial system, Jammeh molests and rapes young Gambian women with the help of his middle men/women and sometimes with the acquiescence of family members and meanwhile the so call religious leaders continue to pray for his long life and prosperity using the local languages and in Arabic and not in English. I hope you get my point. The problem is with us.