By Dr. Muhammed Teks Tekanyi To: The African Leaders, Cc: Fellow Africans. Dear all, Some of you may not agree but I’ve always thought of HUNGER, IGNORANCE (and POOR HEALTH) being the main problems of our Africa! For the hungry can do ANYTHING (which could include crimes, corruption, etc) toContinue Reading

In the Wolof Language they say, ‘xoddeeku balaa ngai laka le’, a crude translation of this will be ‘prevention is better than cure’. Every year, when the heavens open up, many Gambians are affected by floods or storms and their houses are destroyed. They lose a lot of their valuableContinue Reading

By Tha Scribbler Bah After the Eid-ul-Fitr feast, I wrote using this and other media to express the hope and potentials we have in our society. Our culture of being one people, one nation, and one Gambia expressed through the jovial relationships we have between tribes, ethnic groups, regional groupsContinue Reading

In the past few days, the National Assembly Members have been scrutinizing the 2017 Budget Estimates. Although I’ve not seen and perused the whole budget estimate, I have seen that the budget of the Office of the President has been reduced by D158 million while the Ministry of Agriculture hasContinue Reading