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April 24, 2015
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Pata PJ- "Yaya Jammeh DOES NOT CARE if half of the country’s youth raced out of that country to never come back"

Pata PJ- “Yaya Jammeh DOES NOT CARE if half of the country’s youth raced out of that country to never come back”

Alarming Statisitics

Alarming Statistics

By Pata PJ

Every day, scores of lives perish in the deserts and the Mediterranean Sea. Hardly does a day go by that you do not read about Gambians dying trying to make it to Europe through the ‘Back Way’. It is devastating. However, none of what has been happening all these years but astronomically worsened in the past couple of years, happens in a vacuum. We’d all have to do something to decelerate it.

I have seen a lot of Gambians take to social media making “Say No To Back Way” videos, to sensitize and dissuade our brothers and sisters from venturing into these very dangerous and uncertain journeys that already claimed more than enough lives. These efforts are great, laudable and are spiraling. However, most came short of identifying and addressing the root causes of the unfortunate tragedy.

The ever growing statistics of the number of people dying at sea, those ‘lucky’ enough to have crossed to become illegal immigrants in Europe, are shockingly alarming. The Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa (population less than 2 million) with relative peace, dwarfs nations like Mali and Syrian that have been in turmoil and civil unrest for few years now. Gambia’s 1400 (134 minors) to Nigeria’s 800, arrived in Italy by Sea in the first quarter of 2015. Just last week alone, there were two boat accidents that had at least 750 and 300 lives unaccounted for, respectively. It’s a sad reality that our boys and girls are somewhere in that bottomless ocean and will never be buried.

While we’d all love to have our brothers and sisters stay at home to avoid a literally suicidal journey, we must also be realistic in recognizing that these kids are being forced by their circumstances to make a better living for themselves and their families. As foolish as we think it is for them to see some of us who have ‘escaped’ the struggle from abject poverty as ‘success stories’, it is an innate desire for a man to want to be a provider, especially when they are looked up to as the ‘Yakarr’ of the family. We cannot tell them to not go because is risky when there are no alternatives to the predicament. This is not to make an excuse for our able-bodied youth but is understandable.

Unemployment is the premier causative factor of the economic migration that continues to claim lives and in most cases, levy a hefty financial burden on the already struggling families who would give an arm and leg for a potentially enhanced livelihood, which most times is only promissory and in some cases elusive. The pasture isn’t always a guaranteed greener on the other side. Most of the people who set out on these journeys are poor, provincial kids who either graduated without jobs or dropped out of school and are unemployable. These people hail from families who have always paid their taxes but almost never get to benefit from their government; individually or as a community. So majority of them become Economic migrants, and a few Political refugees escaping shackles and political persecution from an oppressive regime.

So the buck stops at President Jammeh and his Government! In plain terms, Yaya Jammeh DOES NOT CARE if half of the country’s youth raced out of that country to never come back. As a matter of fact, that is lessening his burden of having to deal with an unemployed, ‘unproductive’ lot. Jammeh would have cared if this was anything that posed any sort of threat to his reign. We have seen how he does not hesitate to launch all these violently aggressive “Operations” in order to legitimize his use of force to cower and oppress Gambians further, to deter any potential resistance to his Authoritarianism.

In his characteristic fashion of abdicating responsibility as the country’s CEO, Yaya continues to deflect attention from significant priorities where he is found wanting, to play victim. In his UN address in 2014, Jammeh asked that “The U.N. must conduct a full and impartial investigation into this manmade sinking, capsizing of these boats carrying young Africans to Europe,” accusing European Nations of “racist and inhuman behavior of deliberately causing boats carrying black Africans to sink.”

Lest we forget, a year prior Jammeh in his 2013 Tobaski address to the Nation, shamelessly went off on a tangent to blame his ‘Mandingo Brothers and Sisters’, whom he said comprised the 98% of the youth taking the going to Europe, seeking asylum just to tarnish the image of the country since 1994. He thought that is not only an unpatriotic act but Unislamic and is punishable by Treason. Although this came on the heels of UDP asylum saga, when he’d used his erstwhile unwise Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally to accuse the US & UK, and insult a whole ethnic group for being tribalist, I believe Jammeh sees no urgency in mitigating the migration because it works in his favor since the troublesome, unpatriotic bunch are leaving the country to patriots. So he’d not lose a night’s sleep over their death.

This unnatural, schizophrenic by-product of mistaken birth, is a delusional hypocrite, divisive lunatic and a self-aggrandizing, deranged ‘thot’ of a president who never takes credit for his failures as the country’s Chief Executive. After claiming to have had evidence that these people claimed persecution for homosexuality and not on ethnic grounds, how dare he flipped that to make it about a particular tribe?

But here is a government that does not have the political will nor the ability to sustain or enhance any sector of the economy that creates jobs to employ 50 Gambian a year since 2001. A government with a leadership that believes he’s doing the country a favor by reigning over her people, giving them cash handouts, food rations and throwing ridiculously expensive festivals to party their pains away at a time the country is on her deathbed. Today, the largest sectors that employ graduating students or dropouts are the Armed/Security Services and Education (teaching). And even for these areas we have seen active soldiers, police officers and teachers abandoning their posts to take chance with the risky high seas.

We may never be able to stop the Back Way venture for ambitious, unemployed youth would always pursue opportunity somewhere whatever the risk. But had we had a capable, effective and responsible government they would have:

  • Put mechanisms in place to mitigate it by not only going on TV to boast about opening schools but not able to get graduates absorbed in the workforce.
  •   Be able to open skill centers to train the youth and have careers.
  • Liberalize the economy, support and encourage small scale businesses by giving tax breaks and/or subsidize them to be able to flourish and create employment.
  •  Let the president cease competing with the State and private businessmen as the conflict of interest and competitive advantage is killing the already struggling Gambians.
  •  Let’s mechanize our Agriculture with adequate focus by revitalizing Jahali Pacharr and other places it instead of Yaya grabbing all arable lands and have the whole country work on his farms.
  • Bring back our one-time Tourist Mecca that he’d killed off with his weekly distasteful international headlines that instills fear and erode confidence for tourists.

Evidently, these are not things that President Jammeh and his administration are capable of doing. That leaves us with one remedy for the hand that we’re dealt: CHANGE OF REGIME! Yaya Jammeh and the APRC administration are a bad omen for our nation and they’d have to GO for us to make any significant headway!

Lets continue to sensitize and dissuade our brothers the best we could. The Gambian Artist Bro K has a very messageful song on the ‘Back Way‘.

Good Morning And Peace To The Planet!

Macky takes the bull by the horn

April 23, 2015
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 Author : Fatou Jaw Manneh

Author : Fatou Jaw Manneh

By Fatou Jaw Manneh

Or is it Macky tackles the elephant in the room? Go Macky, Go Macky, Go Macky. Bravo. Macky Sall in Cassamance. Aiwa! Came as a surprise to many SeneGambians. It is past time. What a relief!!! This is the best move and a very bold one. Congratulations Macky. Cassamance cannot be ignored. A rich land for cultivation and a very popular tourist hub and destination for Senegal. Why shun them? It is about time Dakar catches up with the Cassamance region, open up genuine discussions and (yes!) the railway indeed is welcome news for Cassamance. A $500 million investment has brightened up their faces. Hopefully the Cassamance region recovers its 50, 000 a-year-tourist market and hope it spills over to neighboring The Gambia. A bridge at Farafenni will ease the flow of goods and transportation between the two sister nations. Congrats.

Senegal, the country of Teranga (hospitality), should market its natural character of friendliness. Trade, investment and tax breaks for tourism will cheer up the region in no time considering the hard work and “Jom” and “Faida” of the Senegalese. I’m sure experts and natural customer service citizens will explore and welcome all the incentives necessary for development. Cassamance should not feel rejected, forgotten, and disrespected. Yes, skirt around The Gambia and let the train hoot all night to Cassamance, and then start up the southern part to Guinea Bissau, too.

People in Cassamance are hardworking. Jola, Wolof, Bainunka, Mandinka, Sarahule, Manjago, Ballanta, etc. all of them. The best way to lessen insurgent activities, terrorism and malice from the region is to open it to investment, trade, education, health and tourism. I am an exiled Gambian journalist currently living in Senegal. Macky, you just happen to have a bad neighbor in Yahya Jammeh. Please know that you have to ride with modern times in terms of development and do not discriminate in your infrastructure and developmental goals. There are wonderful people living in Cassamance. Yahya Jammeh has messed up many villages in Cassamance during the region’s ongoing troubles with Dakar, fanning the flames of tribalism and extreme hypocrisy, just so he can have a big Jola migration from across the border and to help him in his bogus elections. Some voluntarily migrated to The Gambia but he had many villagers displaced just so they can run for cover in The Gambia. All the while playing Good Samaritan. Trade, investment and modernization in Cassamance will help their people who cherish peace and freedom, and abandon Jammeh’s trickery and handouts of bags of rice and oil. The Jolas are decent people and will not continuously buy into his hypocrisy. THEY KNOW HE IS NO GOOD. They have to have an incentive to abandon him and you have taken that step. Bravo and May God help you along the way. No fear, just send your Brazilian-trained soldiers to help along the way into Cassamance. That place is beaming, hopeful and grateful for this project.

St. Louis (Nderr) is decaying now. A very historic city. The fishing industry in that city can turn it into a modern seaport and also cater to all West African markets with fresh fish. And wow! They have excellent Quranic/religious schools too. Thies is beautiful; don’t abandon it either. Yes, yes. I know Edriss Seck made it his city, but that is no excuse. This is what visionary, genuine leaders do for their country. Help continue the good policies your predecessors started, and initiate better ones for the future leaders and generations.

During the first two weeks I arrived in Senegal, and between the three homes I am affiliated with, I saw over 15 Gambians who came to seek medical attention in Senegal. From ulcer, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and all. I talked to one of them, an old woman. She complained of stomach problems; she said she visited the main hospital in Banjul and was given some capsules. And she said she had been taking too many and for too long and now she is scared. She stopped taking them, because it did not help, and decided to come to Senegal. She told me she was misdiagnosed in The Gambia. I can see the relief on her/their faces, as their hosts shuttled them from one clinic to the other. Many who seek medical help here complain that it is tough for Gambian health practitioners to find out what is wrong with you when you are sick. I can see the beaming face of this woman now. She is pretty and clean and the face is glowing. She now knows she is in better hands for her medical needs. That spirit alone will help in her recovery. Senegal is a hub for all of West Africa when it comes to health and education. Build on that strong institution and keep up the professional and good name of Senegal, in manners (hospitality), education and health.

Former President Senghor brought in education, gave Senegal a highly educated citizenry. Your graduates are highly smart. Abdou Diouf brought in a serious professional administration. Abdoulaye Wade brought in top notch infrastructure development. Serious, super roads, bridges and all. What will be your legacy?? Cassamance is a good brave start. An obnoxious neighbor should not deter you from giving Senegambia all that it needs. Help Gambia trounce dictatorship once and for all. How many awards have you received already on good governance and embracing the rule of law and democratic principles? Yahya Jammeh is known for killing his people. That is a legacy he will leave with us and no decent human being should associate with him. You know why Gambians run to Senegalese hospitals as expensive as they can be? It is because they are afforded the chance of good health and of a peace of mind. And the Gambian president said he is a herbal doctor! He has alienated and harassed all our good doctors. He even had to force one into retirement; he had a good clinic and a good name. Jammeh denied Gambians access to that health facility just so he can annex and seize the good location of that clinic, which he did by fraudulent means.

And for the Gambian exiles in Senegal? We say thank you. At least you are listening. Gambian refugees in Senegal are trapped. You know we cannot speak French. We have a brutal dictator in The Gambia, who just loves to kill his citizens, jail them, torture them, or scare them away. I have seen Gambians sitting idle in Dakar. They are no activists, politicians or journalists. Just staying away from The Gambia gives them that peace of mind. Gambians are so scared just for the heck of running away from The Gambia as it is associated with Jammeh and they think they can get into trouble anytime. Some don’t even know what they are running away from. That is the depressing situation in The Gambia. Yaya Jammeh is a paranoid and brutal monster and wants everyone to wallow in his misery and unhappy state of mind. Thanks for offering Gambians asylum in the land of Teranga. Gambians are no criminals. I know, I know, I know. When you were working for Wade, I am sure you saw plenty of crooks both in the Senegalese and Gambian governments, civilian and military. Yes corrupt to the core. Yahya Jammeh was then good business for these corrupt officers who promised Wade to take Jammeh out and secured millions in corrupt money along the way. That Gambia is no more. We mean business now Macky. We are tired.

I will not delve into Senegal’s domestic politics, but give Wade his son Karim. Yes he stole lots of money but you cannot recover it even with the help or America and France. In banking we are trained day in and out how to identify stolen money, but it is tough sometimes how some humans can “clean” money. You just can’t see or trace it when it is right under your nose. This Karim issue is consuming your time, and creating some deserving or undeserving public sympathy. Wade did his time very well. Don’t spend your time on him. Your Cassamance trip is important because it shows action and determination on your part; you have been mired in some dormancy in your presidency of late. Lest you forget, the Senegalese electorate don’t play and they are becoming impatient. Macky: Just Go Go Go Go Go. !!! Wasalam, Mbalen Jamm, Dallal Akk Jamm!

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Ya Binta’s Death Could Have Been Avoided

April 22, 2015
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Author: Sainey Sisay

Author: Sainey Sisay

By Sainey Sisay

The recent reported killing by the Gambian Security Forces of an innocent Gambian citizen called  Ya Binta Jarju, had left me wondering whether our security forces are really aware of their duties and responsibilities to our civilian population. There is no doubt in my mind that the role of every national security force is to provide security to its citizens and properties. 

However, if a national security force turns against the very people, they took the oath to protect, then one wonders whether that force can be called or described as a national security force. In essence the Gambian security forces are professionally handicapped.

Our national security forces are becoming very indiscipline, unprofessional and above all arrogant especially when armed. The fear they instilled in the Gambia has resulted to an environment of paranoia and mistrust between the security forces and the ordinary citizens.

The death of Ya Binta Jarju could have been avoided if the security forces in question had exercised patience and professionalism.  Firstly, the security personnel could have taken the registration number of the car or the description of it. This information would have been enough for the authorities to know and identify the driver of the car, who failed to stop at the military checkpoint. Secondly, they could have stopped  the car by shooting at its tyres, which would force the driver to stop. What happened on that fateful day begs the question of; are those entrusted with out security  trained enough to  make rational judgements especially when armed? I bet not.

They are  expected to exercise GREAT RESTRAINT when armed. This is because of the lethal consequences of their weapons.  However, it is irrational and arrogant, if they think that because they are soldiers and armed, none has right to disobey them. This should not be the case, since even God is disobeyed by others. Therefore, they should detach themselves from the self illusion that being soldiers entitles them to shoot anyone who disobeys them.

They should remember their first duty is to protect the civilian population. They can only go against that duty  if their lives are threatened. In this case Ya Binta Jarju and the Taxi Driver didn’t pose any threat that warrant the callous murder of the former, an innocent young lady with great potentials.

Finally there needs to be a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the young lady’s brutal murder without such an investigation public confidence in the integrity of our government will continue to ebb away. We need a proper scrutiny and accountability of our security forces to restore public confidence.


April 22, 2015
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Three days after three days of Jammeh’s desperate efforts to derail their countrywide tour; the UDP convoy – which included the party leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe – have finally reached many towns and villages of the rural Gambia, bringing with them messages, which the Gambian Dictator had visited darkest planets of the universe to starve Gambians from.

The Dictator had not only censored the state media from informing Gambians about his ineptitude, but also suppressed the private media into self-censorship of such information. He further tried same tactics against the Gambian online media in the diaspora.

He has further tried the same with the country’s opposition parties, denying them access to the state media and denying them permits, etc.; all with the aim of averting open public criticism of his maladministration.

The UDP convoy, which set off on April 16 for a 10 days countrywide sensitisation tour, quickly found itself stuck in the same trap; when they were barricaded for three days at Fass Njagga Choi by state security from continuing their tour.

They had to defy fear tactics of the authorities to prevail. The authorities caved in on Monday, April 20 – three days into the standoff – allowing them passage to proceed on their current tour with messages that Jammeh desperately tried to keep at bay.

Their messages, according to the party leader, Lawyer Darboe, were simply that of hope. Hope for a better Gambia that does not have Yahya Jammeh as it’s head of state. Darboe explained, in a message, to Kibaaro’s GM, Bamba Mass:

“We have told Gambians everywhere, we went that they should work for themselves at their own farms than working for President Jammeh, who receives Salary from them every month with free medication, welfare care and numerous incentives.

We told them that our country’s economic hardship is squarely the fault of the maladministration of the APRC government. The lack of hope for their future is also forcing a lot of our youth to embark on not only the dangerous journey to Europe through the back way, but also risk the deadly Mediterranean Sea and Sahara desert.

We are promising the Gambian people a better life than we have right now and if they should trust us with the management of this country, all kind of dignity Gambians deserve would be restored back to them.

We thank you all for your support especially, our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren in the diaspora. You shall never be forgotten in any UDP lead government.” 

Thank you the tour continues and we shall keep you updated.


Africa and the ‘back way’ migration phenomenon

April 20, 2015
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Author: D.A Jawo

Author: D.A Jawo

By D. A. Jawo

It is really heart-rending to hear news of deaths virtually on a daily basis of young Africans on the high seas while trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. While many analysts have tried to give reasons for such tragedies falling on Africa’s most valuable future assets; the young people, with many of them heaping the blame on Europe for not welcoming African immigrants, but that is just half the story.

While the European attitude towards immigration from Africa is an important factor in the equation, but the poor governance environment and the wanton mismanagement of Africa’s human and material resources by our own leaders is definitely more to blame for the phenomenon. What do we expect Europe to do to help ameliorate the situation? Most people think that if Europe were to relax their immigration policies and make travel to the continent much easier for Africans, many of those who take the ‘back way’ will be able to obtain visas and travel through the beaten track.

However, if that were to happen, then there is a tendency that virtually everyone would want to go to Europe and of course Europe would not be in a position to accommodate everyone. Therefore, Europe has no other choice but to tighten their immigration policies in order to protect the living standards of their populations. While we have seen the European Union holding an emergency meeting to discuss the issue, but one would wonder why the African Union is keeping so mute as if it does not concern them, even though the vast majority of those who lose their lives on a daily basis are Africans. Why is the African Union not ready to tackle the phenomenon or is it because our leaders are not prepared to confront their own ineptitude and their disregard for the welfare of their people?

Like I said earlier, the blame for this tragedy lies squarely on the shoulders of our leadership in Africa whose bad governance and economic policies have made life unbearable for ordinary Africans. The small clique of those in high positions often have the tendency of being intoxicated with power and greed that they hardly have enough regard for the welfare of the people who put them into power. As a result therefore, their main pre-occupation is always to remain at the top and they would not hesitate to use all available means to stay there at the expense of the people.

Let us take for example the unusually large number of Gambian youths in proportion to its population who continue to perish at sea while trying to reach Europe. This is no doubt because of the regime’s bad social and economic policies and no doubt its poor governance environment, young Gambians are hardly left with any space to realise their potentials and as such, they resort to risking their lives to travel to Europe through the ‘back way’. A good case in point is the recent almost one week stand-off between the police and the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) simply over the issue of a permit to hold a meeting. If the leadership cannot obey the very constitution that they had sworn to protect, and the police and security forces allow themselves to be used by the politicians to intimidate and harass the very people they are supposed to protect, then it is hard to see how justice will prevail in the country. That alone is enough reason to make the young people lose confidence in the ability of the system to protect their rights to enjoy the most basic freedoms in their own country.

Therefore, there is no other way to tackle the problem of illegal migration than to improve the governance environment in Africa and make everyone an equal stakeholder in the development of our countries rather than allowing a small cabal of people to unfairly load it over the rest of the population.


April 19, 2015
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Cordeg Secretary General: AIB accused Jammeh of banditry

Cordeg Secretary General: AIB accused Jammeh of banditry

The Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia (Cordeg) has also issued a press release condemning Gambia government’s barricading of the UDP’s convoy at Fass Njaga Choi. The Cordeg press release described the actions of the Gambia government as sheer banditry and disregard for the rights of others. The Cordeg press release states:

“Cordeg is aware of the on-going standoff between UDP and Security forces in the North Bank Division of Gambia.

The UDP is a legitimate registered political party with a large support base among Gambians and a constituent member of CORDEG.

For 3 days running, Gambian security forces have blocked the UDP convoy on a countrywide tour to which they are legally and constitutionally entitled.

The Gambia constitution does not require a bona fide registered political party to obtain police permission before touring to hold rallies, unless where a public address system is to be used. The UDP was subjected to a politically- driven police delay tactics to refuse authorisation for use of a public address system.UDP ignored this and proceeded on their nationwide tour to hold rallies and were blocked on the roadside by Gambian security forces, undoubtedly under orders from the Gambian dictator yahya Jammeh,despite any denials.

We unequivocally condemn this act of blatant disregard for the Law, and equally condemn the Gambia government for this act of sheer banditry and disregard for the rights of others.

We hold Jammeh personally responsible for any unsavoury outcome in this on-going saga, and encourage all other political parties and civil society organisations in Gambia and in the diaspora to rally in support of the defiance, and courage showed by the UDP leadership in the party’s quest to proceed with their legitimate right of assembly.

Gambians the world over are following this unwarranted act of thuggery and lawlessness, perpetrated by none other than Yahya Jammeh and his security forces. We encourage every Gambian to lend support to the UDP and other political parties to confront tyranny and end dictatorship.

We will continue to monitor the standoff while lending support to the UDP and other Political parties to go about their legitimate business anywhere in Gambia, and exercise their right of assembly.”

Aib Jobe………. Secretary General CORDEG


April 18, 2015
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Sidia Bayo accused Jammeh of madness and he is not alone!!!

Sidia Bayo accused Jammeh of madness and he is not alone!!!

The NTCG calls on all Gambian opposition political parties and groups to join forces to stand in solidarity with the UDP but also join the UDP, being the largest opposition party, come 2016 Presidential election to bring an end to the tyranny of Yahya Jamus Junkung Wulubukay Jammeh. They wish to extend their calls to Honourable Ousainou Darboe and Kemeseng Jammeh of UDP, Honourable Omar Jallow of PPP, Honourable Mai Fatty – GMC; Honourable Halifa Sallah – PDOIS and opposition supporters to campaign for a coalition against Jammeh come 2016!

The NTCG is with you in solidarity. And congratulates you all for openly standing up to the Dictator at Fass Njaga Choi. You have all made us proud.

The NTCG has always preached that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is a dumb trouble maker and a person of a bad mind for our dear country. The opposition has long been abused, insulted, humiliated and even beaten in some instances to further his hawkish agenda. But this time must be different and he cannot be allowed to pull off the opposition’s sense of security. Dictator Yahya Jammeh is a Killer and an evil person who deserves no respect. So you are speaking in the very language he understands.


We cannot afford to leave the UDP out in the cold and allow Dictator Yahya Jammeh to do anything he likes on them. When did the issuing of police or legal permits to political parties to conduct their activities become a crime in The Gambia? I am completely dismayed how this can be a big issue in the Gambia today. This is a complete bizarre and that’s definitely enough for this dictatorship to end now. It further shows that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is stricken with delusional paranoia disorder.

Honourable Lawyer Ousainou Darboe is a lawyer, who without any doubt has the greater understanding of the laws of the Gambia than Yahya Jammeh and his ignorant security officers. Therefore this is a nasty spat in our face and the moment has come for us to face-up to Yahya Jammeh.

Fellow Gambians in the Struggle

No matter how different we look, unity is the key. Invariably, let us join together and help the UDP prevent the Dictator from prevailing in this stand-off at Fass Njaga Choi in the North Bank Region. What we can tell our UDP men and women is that they should neither ‘retreat nor surrender’. This is because Dictator Yahya Jammeh is definitely fond of putting his foot squarely in the mouth of the opposition. For this reason, we should begin to tell him that we can no longer take any of his nonsense. We all have a choice to make about our country. Thus, let us avail the UDP with every support by hook or crook to continue to push on their present battle for our freedom. The nonsense in this permit issue itself is so depressing and proves miles that Dictator Yahya Jammeh must go.

Bravo to UDP for deciding to stand their grounds and right now you are the face of the opposition and until all in the opposition reclaim their acts and put them properly together and do something to grind the Dictator and his government of thugs to a halt in order to take back The Gambia, this will continue for worst.

UDP! The defiance must go on and we are doing everything to send in reinforcement as it is often said” if you wish for it, you can work for it”.