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February 3, 2018

Alkali Conteh – The Adviser of President Barrow

By Anonymous!

It does not take a forensic scientist or an experienced detective to identify or discover fingerprints or DNA traits of Alkali Konteh in the article purported to have been authored by Ndey Sarr, Serer – Jongama of Serekunda, with the title “Why they spit on Alkali Konteh”. It is the closest one gets to getting an official reaction from Alkali Konteh against the barrage of allegations being levelled against him in the Gambian social media for his alleged dubious dealings around the Gambia’s President Adama Barrow. His apparent influence over Barrow is so evident that some akin him to the infamous Saul Badjie, the supercilious military General of the previous President Yahya Jammeh.

But “why they spit on Alkali Conteh”, despite the best efforts of its author to disguise its partiality, as being impartial, presented a one sided Alkali narrative of how the vultures are out to devour him. It ignores the real reasons Alkali attracted the public outrage of Fatou Camara, and many UDP supporters on the social media. Those accustomed to Alkali Konteh will easily notice certain trademarks of his in the Ndey Sarr piece, for that is definitely not the Serer woman speaking, especially one who claims to know little about Alkali Konteh, but yet tells his biography. Thus, prompting this rejoinder of mine to “Let Them Spit On Alkali Konteh” for Alkali deserves such a disgrace for his dubious deeds in The Gambia.

The following footprints from “why they spit on Alkali” would suggest Alkali’s assistance or contribution in the drafting of the Ndey Sarr piece. Firstly, the choice of medium that the author chose for the publication of her article, which is Kairo News website is one evidence that Alkali played a role in the publication of the said piece. Kairo News is more or less the brainchild of Alkali Konteh and Lamin Tunkara, who helped in the creation of the website for Musa Saidykhan. The author is not a regular writer on that medium, but chose that site for this reaction in defence of Alkali. It is not a coincidence, but either authored or being dictated by Alkali out of his sheer desperation to repair his battered image from the social media onslaught.

Secondly, the exaltation of Alkali’s efforts in the piece for fighting for the Mandinkas, UDP and President Barrow, are clear signs, for even those who had few encounters with Alkali Conteh at the State House, to relate such conceitedness to his trademark. Thus, unsurprisingly, the article seeks to adulate the noble efforts and the noble role played by Alkali Konteh in organising the Raleigh conference and the birth of CORDEG; and how he was betrayed in the leadership contest of CORDEG because of his Mandinka ethnicity. However the author ignored certain important facts about Alkali’s other role in trying to undermine that same CORDEG from achieving it goals; simply because of his non-selection to chair that umbrella organisation. It is further unsurprising to find that none of the affiliates of CORDEG have attracted the attention of Adama Barrow for opportunities in the administration. The bitterness of his perceived CORDEG betrayal had blinded him into seeing Fatou Camara, as an extension of CORDEG, due to her relations to Banka Manneh as sister-in-law.

But it is not just Fatou Camara that Alkali has been fighting against! Few months ago, a group of educated and successful professionals of diverse fields of discipline in the Gambia, who are supporters of the UDP formed an educated elite group called “Helal”, which translates to mean the “Thinkers” in English, approached the party in order to assist in formulating and strategising policies for the progression of the party. The group included two prominent Gambian Lawyers; in the persons of Lamin S. Camara and Almameh Taal, as well as many notable, educated and successful Gambians, such as Sheriff Gomez, the former Sports Minister of the Gambia. It would be the delight of any political party in The Gambia to attract the membership of such citizens. But not for Alkali Konteh! In his typical style, he waged a campaign against the group accusing them of waiting until the victory of Barrow to join the party, in order to propel their individual political ambitions. The truth is, only Alkali saw those people, as a threat to his political ambition. I will deal with that Helal group v Alkali issue later or in subsequent articles.

But coming back to the topic, the Third trait of Alkali in the Ndey Sarr’s article is the tribal connotations immersed in the piece. This is also a typical hallmark of Alkali Konteh. Those that know him well will tell you, that anytime he is forced into a defensive mode, his worst instincts get the better of him. He perceives his critics or competitors as either anti-Mandinkas or inspired by such forces. Hence he perceived the current scandals embroiling his name, as nothing to do with his sinister plots against innocent individuals, including the persona of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the man whose tremendous sacrifice enable him Alkali to become a member of the UDP, but all to do with his anti-Mandinka haters from the CORDEG group or their sympathisers.

Fourthly, his reference to Waa Juwara and Kassa Jatta, which the piece left to our discretion to draw our own conclusions, as to what had transpired between Darboe and Juwara, Jatta – with the hope that we would draw the conclusion that the same is being orchestrated against Alkali. That’s another trait of Alkali putting a spin to facts. Both Waa Juwara and Kassa Jatta regretted their actions against the UDP or Lawyer Darboe and Alkali is following the same sorrowful path against Lawyer Darboe.

To correct the unfortunate and terrible language expressed in the Ndey Sarr piece, which it would be soothing to note that contrary to her claims, none is battering their sisters for sex in order to win anyone’s favours. The truth is simply this, Alkali’s recent unwanted attention emerges out of his own best efforts to denigrate and destroy the reputations of good and decent hardworking people, as well as his unscrupulousness and sinister campaigns to impede the chances of his perceived enemies or threats! Alkali in recent months has sought to further discredit Lawyer Darboe’s leadership credentials with the hope of prolonging Adama Barrow’s presidency. This particular effort gave birth to the seeming power struggle between Barrow and Darboe in the UDP.

It all began shortly after Barrow entrusted Alkali with his hearing ears. Though the UDP tried to roll the issue under the carpet, but the vindictiveness and determination of Alkali to, not only obliterate Ousainou Darboe’s chances of ever becoming a President, but to further disgrace him, made it almost impossible for the party to disguise the issue with a makeover.

Alkali Conteh has not been an active UDP supporter for a very long period of time; he is in fact not an executive member of the party. But since the election of President Adama Barrow to the presidency, Alkali has been able to have a monopoly control over the narrative of President’s Barrow’s ascension to power. From his selection as the UDP flag bearer, to his selection as the coalition flag bearer at the coalition convention, and his final election to presidency. A narrative which Alkali hangs on to wholeheartedly to win Barrow’s favours and friendship, by articulating himself as the god sent prophet Samuel of the Gambia, who anointed God’s chosen successor to Jammeh, President Adama Barrow.

Alkali’s narrative, which you will often hear, from his stooges, is that UDP, as a party preferred the candidature of Dr. Isatou Touray to Adama Barrow, but thanks to him, Alkali’s foresight, prophecy, leadership and gallantry, the party chose Barrow. If you believe in that narrative, you will believe in anything else including him being the saviour of The Mandinka people.

The truth is that, the UDP diaspora, mainly UDP supporters in the USA and UK had a telephone conference meeting, shortly after Adama Barrow was selected, by the remnant UDP executive in The Gambia, as the party’s flag bearer for the 2016 Presidential elections. At this telephone conference, which was attended by a dozen or more – but less than 20 – of the UDP diaspora members, could not reach an agreement as to whether the party should support their own candidate, at the time being Adama Barrow, or should coalesce the party’s support behind the then independent presidential candidate, Dr. Isatou Touray.

The meeting was symmetrically divided along the two options. One half of the group supported the latter option of supporting Dr Touray, whilst Alkali Konteh, Bamba Mass, Suntou Touray, Pata PJ, Lamin Tunkara, and others opted for the former option, which is for the party to support their own candidate. This brought a brief acrimony between the divided groups after the meeting. Though, the two groups later reconciled and came together to lend their full support to the candidature of President Adama Barrow. But Alkali would up till date, use this one event to instil mischief and distrust between those members, who opted for Dr Touray, and President Barrow. Advising Barrow that those people, despite their UDP membership, never liked him, Barrow.

This is one episode which Alkali loves to relish in its fable as the Samuel of The Gambia. But this was not in fact the meeting that ushered Barrow to become the UDP flag bearer. In fact whatever decision was taken at that meeting was of no significance. This was for the simple fact that the decision to choose Adama Barrow as UDP flag bearer was a decision not placed in the hands of those diaspora meeting attendees, but lies within the discretion of the remnant UDP executive members in The Gambia, at the time. But Alkali continues to relish in that narrative to a point of alleging that even Lawyer Ousainou Darboe opted for Dr Touray’s candidature over Adama Barrow, hence Barrow should not trust Darboe. That mouth of Alkali is very dangerous!

And unfortunately, Barrow sees Alkali as the god sent Samuel, the prophet who anointed him to succeed Jammeh. But is Alkali really the prophet Samuel of the Gambia. Just consider this for a thought, before that meeting in the Diaspora, the gallant efforts of Aji Yam Secka, in holding the fortress for Ousainou at the same time preparing the party for the presidential elections of 2016. The team she led in fighting for the release of Darboe and co, the Role of Alhagie S Darboe, etc. These people, among other UDP executive members in The Gambia, at the time, worked tirelessly hard for the party on the ground, but up to date remain very loyal to the party’s leader and have never been accused by anyone of initiating any bickering in the party or undermining anyone to Barrow.

However, the arrogant and braggadocio Alkali Konteh cannot even see an eye to an eye with Ousainou Darboe at present. Simply because of the dubious sinister ploys and bickering that he continues to peddle in the party, is causing a rift between the party and its former leader Adama Barrow and between the political son, Barrow, and his political father, Darboe.

There is so much that Alkali has done in the short space of one year that it cannot fit in this one piece alone, but has to be continued in another piece if time permits! But it will suffice to state that what Alkali is doing in the New Gambia, at present, warrants his critics “to spit on him”!


December 12, 2017



I want to inform the general public that, there will be a massive demonstration at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hage on Friday the 15th of december 2017 between 15:00 – 17:00 to condemn black people being sold as slaves in Libya.
Our fellow black brothers and sisters getting sold in Libya and are made in to slaves. Our brothers and sisters are beaten, rapes and kill in Libya.

This brutal, cruel and barbaric behavior in Libya must stop immediately.
How many days, weeks, months does the international communities needs to talk about this inhuman behaviour happening in Libya before taking an actions.

The Arab world are the greatest hypocrites you can ever see on this earth. Their Abrab brothers and sisters are brutally treating our brothers and sisters in Libya. They fully knows about it but they keep their moutrh shut. We are hearing from the ECOWAS, the AU, the EU and the UN condemning it. They are having various talks about it to find the solution, but you HYPOCRITES are keeping quite and pretending that nothing is happening. You may call yourselves a muslim but i’ll not call you Arabs a MUMIN.

I am appealing to all the black brothers and sisters and our sympathisers to come and join this massive demonstraion on Friday, the 15th of december 2017 at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hage and condemn are brothers and sisters being made as slaves in Libya.

For more Information you can contact :

Lamin Saddam Sanyang tel 0654294166
Hon Demba Dem tel 0681841640
Or Alhagie Kijera tel 0619620082.

The venue of the demonstration will be :

Oude Waalsdorperweg 10
2597 AK, The Hague
The Netherlands.

Gambia’s Secretary of State for Trade in Oslo

November 11, 2017


Secretary of State for trade, industry, regional integration and employment

The secretary of state for trade, industry  regional integration and employment Dr. Isatou Touray is on a visit to Oslo, Norway. She arrived at Oslo Airport this afternoon, Saturday 11th November and went straight to grace a seminar organized by IAC Norway where she is among the speakers. The theme of the seminar which is currently going on at Western Hotel in the centre of Oslo is “Raising Children in a Polygamous Home”. The honourable minister is expected to visit various government departments and organisations in Norway. She is to pay a courtesy call at the Daru Salaam Islamic Centre in Oslo and there after hold a meeting with the general public of Gambians and friends of the Gambia on Monday 13th November at 6:00pm.

Dr. Touray is among the stakeholders of the coalition 2016 that worn the election last December and ushered in a new administration headed by Adama Barrow. She is the only woman leader of a political entity that joined hands with other political parties to challenge  Jammeh in last year’s presidential elections. Dr. Isatou Touray before entering the political terrain was the leader of GAMCOTRAP local NGO that fights against harmful traditional practices like FGM and child marriages. Follow this media for updates on the secretary of trade’s visit to Norway.

Written by L. Nyassi Norway


October 12, 2017

Author: Tha Scribbler Bah

When last week I saw on Gambia Radio and Television Services that a youth group had been formed and named President Barrow Youth Movement for Development, I was worried and my mind went straight to the Green Youths, Yaaye Compins and other such self serving Kafoos.

Then, I heard that a statement from the Office of the President had instructed the founders of that movement to change the name. That gave me solace. They should know better, and not take us that road again. Gambians are tired of such cheap attempts to get close to our president just to get rich quick at the expense of the general public.

You see, Mr President, if someone genuinely wants you to succeed, he or she should work hard to ensure that the government’s vision for development is fulfilled. They should focus on working harder rather than just wishing to blind sight our president. Let them work with the National Youth Council.

But, Mr President, I personally think that changing the name is not enough. There should be a clear instruction on state TV to inform Gambians that political patronage and sycophancy will not be tolerated in the New Gambia.

Earlier, we saw companies and organizations buying space on newspapers to wish you happy Tobaski or something of that sort. This is pure hypocrisy. There is nothing genuine in it. If they really mean all what they are saying,  let them work hard towards the achievement of your development goals.  We have all seen what political sycophancy can do to a country.

Your government must make it known that nepotism, favouritism and other undue advantages shall no longer be allowed here. We need to change this culture of praise singing and work for our development goals.

Your decision to let these people change their name is a step in the right direction. So, I say, more grease to your elbow.

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen


October 5, 2017

Election ballots

Gambians in the Diaspora have issued a petition urging The Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission to commence the process of enfranchising Gambians living abroad. The petition is available in the link below and consists of five points around the registration and voting process for Gambians abroad.

Voting Rights of Gambians Living Abroad Petition: Making it a Reality
After enduring twenty-two (22) years of dictatorship under the regime of former President Yahya Jammeh, the people of the Republic of The Gambia voted for a new president, President Adama Barrow, to lead the nation-rebuilding process of the New Gambia. Gambians living abroad played a key role in the struggle for justice and good governance that culminated in the formation of a coalition of seven political parties, which contested and won the presidential election that brought an end to Jammeh’s rule on 1st December 2016.

Although the right of every Gambian, resident at home or abroad, to vote in general elections is guaranteed in the Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia, the government under former President Jammeh failed to demonstrate the commitment and support that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) required to discharge its mandate to register Gambians living abroad to vote, as prescribed under Section 11 of the Elections Act of The Republic of The Gambia. As a result, a large number of Gambians living abroad have been disenfranchised and denied the right to fully participate in the affairs of their country. The Gambia has now entered a new challenging phase, which all well-meaning Gambians, friends of The Gambia and the country’s development partners hope will set the foundation for a truly democratic country that fully subscribes to the universally accepted principles of good governance and transparency, to deliver peace and prosperity to the people of The Gambia. In this regard, the enfranchisement of Gambians living abroad is not only a right but a necessity for the consolidation of the democratic gains of the New Gambia. Like our Senegalese counterparts, Gambians living abroad should be allowed, without undue burden, to take part in elections at home.

Our Demands
We the undersigned respectfully demand of the IEC of The Republic of The Gambia to discharge, with absolute urgency, its constitutional duty to register Gambians living abroad to take part in the upcoming constitutional referendum and subsequent elections, in accordance with the Constitution and Section 11 of the Elections Act of The Gambia. Specifically:
1. We ask the IEC to announce a timeline for the registration of Gambians living abroad;
2. We ask the IEC to clearly spell out the registration process for Gambians living abroad;
3. We ask the IEC to announce the registration centres abroad, where Gambians living abroad shall be registered;
4. We ask the IEC to clearly spell out what documents Gambians living abroad would need in order to be registered to vote; and
5. We ask the IEC to clearly spell out how Gambians living abroad shall vote in elections and how votes cast outside the country shall be counted.


September 19, 2017

Author: Yanks Dabo

By Yanks Dabo

Do not get angry against or hate the tribe of the bigot, who attacked your tribe. For he does not speak for his tribe, but speaks only for his rotten persona!

So measure your response appropriately; in order that you don’t attack all of his tribe – some of whom may have more love for you and your tribe than him and their tribe. And do not follow him into the error of misrepresenting yourself, as the spokesperson of your tribe.

Simply because none among the many of us -Gambian Facebookers and Social Media goons – have ever been nominated or selected or elected spokespersons of any one tribe of The Gambia. So none of us speak for any one tribe, as a whole!

So direct your polemics at the pretender bigot and expose him for who he is, which is him being a bigot without any trait of the tribe or tribes he pretends to be defending!

But whilst responding, take solace in the following wisdom: appreciate that, we were born into our tribes and not the other way round. They existed before anyone of us and will be here after us!

Therefore none of the Gambian tribes’ existence depend on anyone’s representation, protection or defence on Facebook or social media. They will not extinct because of anyone’s insolence attacks on Facebook! Neither will any of the Facebook insolence, affect every member of anyone tribe of The Gambia.

So have no fear of their tribalism and understand that none of the Gambian tribes are at risk of an existential threat of extinction from Facebook bigots and insolents.

Those who lack the discipline to the extent of resorting to insolence or vitriols against other tribes; should be shunned or blocked – one important tool inserted on Facebook – in order to deprive them of that space and time, they crave for to spew their garbage against our tribes.

We should not allow them to drag us into the mud of the back and forth, to misrepresent the banter into tribal warfare. When it is a battle between two or few nonentities of our Gambian tribes.

So let’s not pretend or be fooled that we can represent or speak for everyone of our Gambian tribes. The only person chosen to do that and to lead all of our tribes in The Gambia; is the President of The Gambia: President Adama Barrow. He speaks for all of them and not any of us on Facebook!


September 19, 2017

Author: Tha Scribbler Bah

Development is like a chain. Every link is important; and when one link is weak, it weakens the entire chain. If there is one broken link in the chain, it will have a domino effect which will end up causing a lot of unpleasant consequences.

The difficulties of the National Water and Electricity Company [NAWEC] is causing a lot of trouble for many sectors. Take for instance the Gambia Ports Authority. The problem of NAWEC has actually compounded the ineptitude of Gambia Ports Authority. People are being told at the Ferry Terminal in Banjul that there is no electricity; and as such, they cannot issue tickets. How inept!

The amount of money that GPA is collecting every single day – both from passengers and vehicles – is such that they can certainly have a standby generator, knowing that NAWEC are erratic. It is indeed very inconvenient for people to board the ferry from Banjul and are expected to buy the ticket in Barra.

The number of people who will be at that side trying to buy tickets alone will be overwhelming. If the people who will come from Banjul are also to buy the tickets from there, one can imagine how congested that place will be.

Some of these things are simply a question of prioritizing the priorities. Why can’t GPA buy standby generators for emergencies like this. I think these people can – should – do better. The ferry crossing points are great revenue generators for government and thus, every effort must be made to ensure quality service delivery. The citizens of this country deserve better.

I also know that the other crossing points at Farafenni and other parts of the country are nothing to write home about. Passengers suffer immeasurably at these crossing points.  Public servants must understand that we deserve better. If there weren’t passengers, they’d have had to pack up and go home. It is high time we started putting measures in place which will ensure that whoever does not deliver is removed and replaced. Appointments must be based on merit and nothing else. We certainly have competent people who can deliver.

Mr President, we have given you the mandate to manage the affairs of our nation, and as such, anyone who does not deliver can be removed. You are not under any obligation to appoint or retain anyone if s/he does not deliver.

Do something about Gambia Ports Authority ASAP!

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen