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August 26, 2014
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State House shudders as seven unsuspecting soldiers received hot steps orders from their erratic Commander-in-Chief, President Jammeh late Monday afternoon. According to information reaching Faturadio from State House ambits, the abrupt termination of the service of Private Sanyang, Private Colley, Couple Masireh Gibba and Private Tamba was allegedly a result of a piece of “Jafo” a bark smoothly beaten and flattened into a “Kankurang costume suspected to be a juju was discovered inside the presidential aircraft. Jammeh, who heavily relies on black magic for his existence and survival, went volcanic and ordered for their immediate dismissal.

As the State House guards were recovering from their numbness at the outrageous dismissal of their several comrades, two other soldiers, lance Corporal Camara and Lance Corporal Spraka were also shown the exit point for allegedly smoking weed while on duty. It would be remembered that Jobarteh, Head of the Airport Security was forced to kiss his job good-bye couple of years ago when plates of coos were unearth at the tarmac shortly before the presidential plane landed.

Lance Corporal Sonko who was overheard lamenting, “I will never carry out an illegal order for I signed to protect Gambians” also bade farewell to his service after refusing to execute an order from a senior officer. A little bird has it that the allegations lack substance and their sacking is purely a result of contentious rivalry brewing among the guards.

General Saul Badjie, one of the five people captaining Gambia to unsafe shores, has prevailed over President Jammeh to reinstate State Guard Commander, Col. Ansumana Tamba who was transferred to the barracks to humble him shortly after returning from the US. Col. Tamba who served once as Jammeh’s ADC before ascending as State Guard Commander is saluted as one of the few excellent weapon experts in the GAF.

Col. Umpa Mendy, Jammeh’s Principal Protection Officer who was stripped off his Colonel to private, remained banished in Farafenni barracks. All this punctuates depots shy away from their shadows.


August 25, 2014
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Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

A federal penitentiary with open skies and tighter than Alcatraz

Masses isolated in solitary confinement compelled to worship Babili

Escape a luxury only a few can afford

Corpse floating in the Atlantic Ocean from failed attempts

Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

20 years of guessing and being in the dark

Blind visions differentiated only by number 2020, 2016, 2015

A recycling center where officials get dumped as toxic waste after use

But still many faithfully answer to the calling of Babili

Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

Institutions hijacked and religion kidnapped

Oh God must I watch, hear and feel relentless scraping

Metal against flesh a country’s uterus screaming

Contracting wildly in confusion and excruciating pain

Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

Blood racing into the river causing it to overflow

Fish migrate seeking a new and safe habitat

The Mile2 vampire constantly thirsty for fresh blood

Beating mosquitoes to every drop leaving them to starve

Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

Economic progress a deadbeat dad and always absent

Unemployment a single mother and always present

Too many kids to feed in a dry land

Wonder if water will ever come out of the rock

Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

Adults sitting with their tongues deep inside their pockets

Who will unfold the children’s consciousness?

The going is tough and the tough is at a standstill

Is God willing, unwilling, present or absent?

Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia?

Night turns to day but darkness persistently lingers

The noise keeps growing in a nation’s head reaching a crescendo

And now out of commonwealth and into uncommon-poverty

Dancing with North Korea, I wonder who will aid who?

Welcome to Gamrock!


August 24, 2014
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Sarjo Bayang warns Gambians 

Dangerously ambitious to rule at all cost

Little known junior army ranker who paved his way to power by force of arms in July 1994  is now striving to be crowned king of Gambia in West Africa; a strip of land divided by a river some people say is where the country’s name came from. After 20 years forced ruled with an iron fist worst of dictatorship marred by rampant corruption, economic decay, financial meltdown,  state sponsored secret killings, disappearance without trace, and vast array of harmful encounters meted out to a population barely 2 million, life is still far from settle in Gambia.


What people say

Most people in Gambia when you ask them about the state of affairs will tell you that they had enough of a president who lays heavy hand on all public resources to build his finance base and material empire. They are afraid to talk in the open for good reasons. Anyone who simply says the country is hard to live in pays a price by immediate arrest, detention, and court charges for treason.  That is Gambia under Yaya Jammeh who now wants to raise the bar higher by getting crowned as king. Just last week, the state house and government of Gambia announced that the president acquired a new official title added to his chain of names. This new title “Babili Mansa” directly translates from Mandinka, meaning a king who builds bridges.



River Gambia is navigable from the Atlantic Ocean to far end of the country bordering Senegal. Boats have cruise the steady fresh waters on the two banks of which all year round greenery can be enjoyed as you sail along. Two islands are long established settlements for many years. St Mary’s Island is where Banjul the capital of Gambia is situated. McCarthy Island is seat of former governor and settled on; Georgetown as regional capital of the area.

Significance of bringing these habitable islands into the equation is to draw the line of interest regarding how Yaya Jammeh feels fit to be crowned king. St Mary’s Island where Banjul is situated has been linked to the Kombo St Mary area of coastal Gambia by a bridge for ease of commuting many years ago. Georgetown was preserved as habitable island for reasons linked to trading and security among other matters. That is where one of the maximum security prisons was built since many years ago. Prison escape was rare due to crossing constraints. A cable ferry was installed on South of the island near Sankulay Kunda. People of the area have long been considering prospects of bridging to replace a risky cable ferry that caused fatal accidents in the past. Travel on North Bank of Gambia was constraint by another ferry crossing at Kerewan tributary. There too a motorised ferry was the main crossing facility.


Politics of bridge building

During his 20 years in power Yaya Jammeh first built a bridge at Kerewan on North bank of Gambia. Later he built a second bridge at Georgetown – Sankulay Kunda crossing point. He attracted sufficient praise from people of both areas especially party supporters and militants standing for his ruling APRC junta government. A Malian singer Sakouba Bambino Diabate was tipped about what supporters say Gambian President Yaya Jammeh achieved by building two steel bridges in his 20 years of rule. The singer was invited by Jammeh to compose songs in praise of his work. One of those songs happened to be “Babili Mansa”, the bridge building king. It was from then the idea of making his dream of getting crowned as king took another level. Even before that, some sycophants and blind supporters of Jammeh have been nursing this idea of naming him king of Gambia. Now the plans of making that to happen already reached advanced stage according to information reeling of out Gambia.


Influence of Gambia Muslim Clerics

Gambia Muslim association going by the name Supreme Islamic Council SIC have no secret about their open support of President Jammeh. They justify everything he craves or does. That includes the massacre of 9 death row prisoners in August 2012 when Jammeh swore he was to drink alcohol and eat pork if he would not carry out the killings that shook the world and made news headlines globally. He certainly carried out the killings amidst wide condemnation by Amnesty International and other rights groups around the world. Gambia Supreme Islamic Council sought to justify the gruesome act by citing the Holy Quran as point of reference. Out of all Muslim leaders, it was two Imams, Baba Leigh and Bakawsu Fofana who openly condemned the killings. Both have been arrested, detained, and persecuted by government agents for long periods. They are both on exile; Bakawsu in Senegal and Baba Leigh, United States. Now that Jammeh and his supports settled on plans of crowning him king of Gambia this will not go without the supreme Council of Islam justifying the unconstitutional widely condemned move.

Going by level of bias towards the lofty wishes and gross misconducts of President Yaya Jammeh demonstrated by the nation’s Islamic group it is very much anticipated by curious observers that they will throw their weight behind him in this venture of making him a king.

Gambia to have king like Saudi Arabia

Possible explanation by the group of Muslim politicians comes handy when they connect the king status to what prevails in Saudi Arabia. They seek to justify that having a king in Gambia is in line with political dispensation of Saudi Arabia, a leading Islamic nation. Jammeh is seen as following the ways of Muslim kings like that of Saudi Arabia and not bound by demands of democracy which is Western concept and practice of governance.

What makes it even dangerous is that already Jammeh is using position of president to order killings. Making him king will place sweeping powers at his command. That is serious and very dangerous for a man who is already drunken with iron fist grips on power he usurped by force of guns.


Wider implications

Those contemplating to unseat Jammeh before he does further damage could not be wrong taken into account the amount of danger a crown king Jammeh is ready to unleash on his victims. This move is unconstitutional and not required by already decayed situation of Gambia. Think of the cost. Maintenance and upkeep of a rubber stamp parliament is already weighing heavy on Gambian tax payers. Having to pay for a crown king of Gambia will sink the nation much deeper. Jammeh as a person who likes to feed on titles will enjoy utmost at a cost that generations of Gambians will bear in long years to come. Words have it that Jammeh already placed orders for a crown and all that makes him king of Gambia. The move is real mad venture. Wearing a crown under current hardship imposed on Gambians by 20 years of Jammeh misrule is seen as treating a king who lost his head under heavy weight of the crown nobody wants. Considering the risk to life and resources from what Gambians have endured under Yaya Jammeh in all 20 years, the most sensible and proper move is for him to step down so that the country recovers from that wreckage. Crowning a king of Gambia is not feasible. It is costly, unsuitable, and the worst that can happen. It will count another burden Gambians will regret to live under.  While Jammeh refuses to reason as he advances this infamous, senseless venture it is up to Gambians to restrain him by disallowing the occasion. This is very unwise idea that must be stamped on to terminate it before too late. In the event that Jammeh is crowned as king with sweeping powers he will turn Gambia into a slaughter field never seen before.  Already 20 years misrule is enough evidence that Yaya Jammeh is not capable of leading a nation. What more has he to offer that is not seen since July 1994 as the military junta prevailed with untold hardship endured by all and sundry?  Should that not serve as warning for the wise?

We are backward because we have chosen to wear borrowed clothes – Sidia Jatta at Oslo Meeting

August 23, 2014
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Mr. Sidia Jatta

Mr. Sidia Jatta

Lamenting on the development pattern of Africa in general Mr. Sidia Jatta said the development of the wealthiest continent on earth in terms of natural resources is stagnant because we have chosen to wear borrowed clothes. He made a comparison between Ghana and Korea that five decades ago Ghana was at the same level with Korea in terms of development but as at now, Korea is flying upwards while Ghana’s economy is in shambles. He exclaimed “what is wrong with us”? And why is it that when other continents are going upwards we are retrogressive? He said one of the fundamental reasons is that we are using a foreign tongue which we are struggling to understand.

Mr. Jatta who have been campaigning for the local languages to be used in Gambia’s national assembly deliberations said what is happening in the Gambia and many African countries is a similitude of the novel “Animal Farm”. The constitution of the Gambia stipulates that all Gambians are equal but it is the same constitution that stipulates that you can’t be a president or parliamentarian unless you can speak English. This is outright discrimination Mr. Jatta charged. He argued that a good junk of the Gambian population don’t understand English so what is the essence of using English as a language of communication in the national assembly.

It does not makes sense for parliamentarians to discuss national issues in a language the people they are representing find it difficult to understand he buttressed. This is the secret of Africa’s underdevelopment. It is because we are using borrowed clothes. Even our presidents don’t fully understand the official language he is using. The Politician cum Linguist said we would continue to falter until the end of the world unless we put off those borrowed clothes. “Language is rooted in culture and you have to master that culture in order to master that language. Therefore subjecting our 3 years old kids to learning English is counterproductive. The above remarks were made in a meeting with Gambians at the Mosque in Grønnland, Oslo on Friday August 22nd 2014. Other issues discussed at the said meeting are; P.D.O.I.S’s agenda 2016 and the political landscape.

Mr.Jatta who is at the end of a two months European tour have had series of meetings with Gambians particularly in Scandinavia. Earlier on the veteran politician had seminars on youth mentorship and youth migration, the former organized by the Gambia Association in Oslo in collaboration with African Center for Information Development (ACID). He also had similar meetings and seminars in Sweden and Denmark.


August 23, 2014
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Vice President Dr Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy is perceived in many quarters as a vulnerable and innocent aging woman entrapped in Jammeh’s vicious web. Some narratives have it she repeatedly offered her resignation from the dictatorship regime but is blackmailed by President Jammeh to keep her appointment. The most common account is the one which holds President Jammeh phoned and threatened to send her to Mile II if she ever attempts to resign again and she was heard sobbing and begging Jammeh for mercy on the other line. Such tales illustrate her as angelic and innocent of all atrocities committed by the dictatorship.

However, it is now emerging beneath her angelic face is concealed a poisonous monster even more deadly than President Jammeh. Kibaaro News is reliably informed by a highly placed source at her office that she is behind Sabally’s dismissal contrary to what many initially thought. “It is not clear what transpired between her and Sabally but she is responsible for his dismissal and detention. She personally called Sabally to her office and handed him his dismissal letter as Secretary General, Head of the Civil Service and Minister of Presidential Affairs. After reading the letter, Sabally tore and threw it at her before storming out of her office”, the source disclosed. When challenged that handing Sabally his dismissal letter does not qualify her masterminding his sacking, the source retorted, “VP has never handed a termination letter to anyone sent on matching order by Jammeh. Why Sabally?”

Kibaaro could not reach VP Njie-Saidy to hear her own side of the story but it is the current talk of Banjul that she is behind Sabally’s termination. It is also reported that when dictator Jammeh learnt about Sabally’s reaction, he ordered his immediate transfer as Higher Education Minister before he was given his final matching orders by some NIA officials who later arrested him. Sabally was recently arraigned in court charged with laughable felony. He is denied bail on the basis that investigation on his case is incomplete.


August 23, 2014
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It is often said one does not require university degrees to become a politician. However, for one to be a seasoned politician, one must have some basic knowledge and understanding of international relation coupled with vast experience. A religious cleric or leader, unlike the politician, must excel in theology and command thorough understanding of his religion’s book. Moreover, politicians are like chameleon which changes colour to blend with its environment whereas a religious cleric propagates truth, justice and equality.  Therefore, it is not surprising that most God-fearing religious clerics shy away from politicking.  Just as water and oil do not blend, falsehood and truth do not see eye to eye. 

Gambia’s brutal dictator, Yahya Jammeh, claims to be not only a politician and a healer of all ailments but now a renowned religious cleric from the University of Imam Fatty. No wonder Jammeh is a liar, a hypocrite, a rubber, a drunk, a murderer, a paedophile and a rapist.  A criminal like you Mr. President cannot pass as a cleric. Whom are you trying to fool anyway?  Both Islam and Christianity teach righteousness and vehemently condemn tyranny and injustice especially towards the weak and needy. Most politicians lie to canvas votes and often do not deliver their promises after elections but majority of religious clerics enjoin people to be righteous and God-fearing.  However, you order people to be killed, tortured and maimed Jammeh Gilanka.

You overthrew the democratically elected government of President Jawara by use of arms with an underlying motive of enriching yourself. Even though you claimed you took over power to end corruption and usher in accountability and transparency, what Gambians have today is a more corrupt and brutal regime than the one you usurped. Dictators often hide behind religions to oppress their God-fearing citizens. Perhaps that is why you take cover behind Islam to entrench yourself. Did you not know the story of Pharaoh? May be you heard of Gadhafi. Please tell your highway Imam Fatty to take you on a walk on the history of the prophet and the Sahabas perhaps that will awaken humility and compassion in you. As a note of caution, please Mr President stay away from religious matters. Give to Caesar what is to Caesar and to romans what is due them. However, meddling with religious matters will only tantamount to your quick destruction.

Don’t you have more pressing national issues to attend to that decreeing when Gambians should fast or pray? Oh, how can I forget you always missed your priorities? Let your highway imams take care of that for your. Mr President, you can prostitute our constitution with impunity and get away with it for a time but never attempt to flirt with Islam. Beside, everyone knows you are a fraud; you can fool your highway imams but you can fool neither God nor the majority of Gambians. Your members of Gambia Supreme Islamic Council are equally devils in Prada. As a result, they will continually lie and tag you with underserving titles just to fatten their evil souls with your dirty money for hell fire.

I cannot help but wonder how they feel when they are alone praying to God. They need to draw moral lessons from Imam Baba Muktaar Leigh, Bakawsu Fofana and the late Karamo Touray. These gallant clerics only feared Allah (SWT) and stood against injustice. Jammeh’s days are numbered and post-Jammeh how will you face Gambians? Remember Allah (SWT) is one. We will all be accountable by Him one day.

 Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands


August 22, 2014
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Honest Gambians on his Facebook page has articulated, “Democracy is about individuals thinking for themselves with the aim of making informed decisions. Dictatorship as it obtains in present day Gambia is exactly the reverse, where one person aided by his close associates do the thinking for everyone else and see other views as wrong and not worth considering.” In a nutshell, Honest Gambians has qualified from his assertion; Gambians are an oppressed people by an unapologetic dictatorship irrespective of their political inclination and have a legitimate grievance against President Jammeh. Even though many approaches have been tried and tested with a few yielding positive results, the fact still remains how do we effectively tackle Jammeh’s dictatorship?

To find answers to the question as per captioned, one must possess keys which unlock the vault “What is it about Jammeh that captures the fancy of many around the world albeit for all the wrong reasons and keeps him in power for 20 years?” It is not an embellishment to assert media reality, be it print, digital or visual, is a powerful tool that produces enviable success for businesses, politicians as well as individuals from around the world. One does not need to unravel archives and libraries to substantiate the assertion. A quick browse on what avails Obama his ticket to the White House flings brighter light on it.  Consequently, its effective use generates desired results. Like it or not, President Jammeh is intelligently exploiting the Gambia national and some private media houses to champion and project himself to the grassroots population as a charismatic statesman and pathologized the image of diaspora activists as the epitome of evil. No one disputes that Gambian diaspora media houses are relentlessly unmasking Jammeh’s hypnotizing painting and replacing it with a true image which depicts the dictatorial and criminal character of him elaborately concealed beneath whitewash propaganda. However, are we reaching the right Gambians, the grassroots? To call a spade a spade, we are not. 90% of those we reach are mainly disgruntled literate civil servants and few unemployed youth who habitually while away their free time cruising the online dissident radios and newspapers. On the contrast, Jammeh uses more visual and audio media to connect with the grassroots. Suffice it to admit the 1994 Gambian generation grew up knowing no one but Jammeh. One may contest by claiming Yahya Jammeh has unlawfully monopolized GRTS for his personal advantage against the opposition. True the argument is valid. Despite all that, Seedia Jatta has single handedly succeeded in turning his Wulli constituency into a people who cannot be fooled anymore by wealthy and rogue politicians like Jammeh. In order for us to desist from being mare revolutionary pygmies, we must start acting in forthright ways that resonate the grassroots needs and aspiration because it is with them that the ultimate political change in the Gambia reside. Our ideas of change must mirror the ideals they nurse.  Since we do not have visual media to reach the grassroots, therefore, the other option available to us is liaising with civil societies currently operating in the Gambia to connect with the grassroots. Let us say for example, a civil society set up to eradicate FGM can discuss women empowerment.  There is an activist in the Gambia who is doing tremendously by helping grassroots women come to terms with the Gambian political reality. All we need is to compliment this activist’s effort.

Similarly, if it is true that Pa Bojang really has a huge youth followers, we can work with him closely to reach those youths for a better Gambia. Most of them want to opt out of the status quo but are not conversant with how to do so. Here, we can help them start some projects that will always bring them together and discuss burning issues affecting their lives. Once they realize that unlike the government we connect more with them then it will sink in them that they are the force for change. Jammeh uses excessive wealth to buy loyalty, love and votes. Nevertheless, if we help the youth force find meaningful things to spend their times, like the people of Wulli no amount of money or threat will enslave them again.

Most importantly, honesty, truthfulness and sincerity must be our barometers. It is sad to admit; most often we shy away from these enviable virtues because we are mindful of ruffling the feathers of Pa Nderry or Demba Baldeh. We will sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy Demba Baldeh stoning Pa Nderry Mbai but the moment Pa Nderry Mbai bends to pick up a stone we hasten and caution him not to stoop low. Funny isn’t it? Let us not forget Pa Nderry is human and has feelings too. One of my late dad’s friends once told him “Balabo before you stop a fight, stop a quarrel first”. Very fitting. Unless we braced ourselves to say things the way they are instead of how we love to say them we will continue to draw samurais and slash one another’s hard earned reputation. We have to draw a line between private and public issues. Yes, when people’s paths crossed it is common that they see things differently occasionally. However, private matters should not be blend with national and public issues. Simple minds discuss people and great minds discuss ideas. Our greatest concern is unshackling Gambia from dictatorship but not Ebou Jallow claiming to bag a master’s degree. Ebou’s private life is irrelevant what matters is the substance he shares with Gambians.  We either have to stand for substance or fall for anything rubbish and trivial. Gossip will not remove Jammeh from power.

Furthermore, it is about time we graduate from living to fight another day. It is an open knowledge that Jammeh is weak and susceptible. Therefore, we must continue ramping him with more pressure. Utilize the international media as they covered the DC demo to expose his every move until he hurries and invite Gambians to a negotiation table.

Sulayman Jeng, Birmingham, UK