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April 23, 2014
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Gambia's Leader Yahya Jammeh on Tour

Gambia’s Leader Yahya Jammeh on Tour

The Gambia government on Monday announced to introduce free education policy in 2014 academic year to ensure quality and affordable education for all. The free education according to the officials will drastically reduce illiteracy and play a pivotal role in the country’s development blue print and vision 2020 for sustainable development and economic growth.

The government of the Gambia has made education free for lower basic schools last year and has vowed to make education free for Upper Basic schools too throughout the country in order to successfully achieve its dream of free education in the Gambia.  Fatou Lamin Faye, Minister for Basic Education, said on Monday day 5 of the President “Dialogue with the People” at Kaur, “We are set to do that because since the invent of the second republic, the government of the Gambia under the dynamic leadership of President Jammeh, Gambians have quality and affordable education from lower Basic to Upper Basic and Higher education”.

“Education for all is a basic necessity for every child. President Jammeh is set to ensure that Gambians get quality education. My government is coming up with more strategies to provide better education in the country”, she further added.

Education in The Gambia is a costly experience for most Gambians. Girls are assisted by the government in paying their school fees. In the past, boys were far more likely to be sent to school if their parents had a bit of money, while girls had very little chance to succeed unless they come from a rich family. Before the 1988 – 2003 Education Policy was formulated, less than 50% of Gambian children went to school.


April 21, 2014
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The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has impounds the assets of his fugitive cousin Pa Bojang after he has been accused of embezzling more than US$3 million. Among the impounded assets includes fleet of vehicles, a number of compounds and other valuables.

“Pa Bojang absconded since the first week of March 2014. He was arrested by the brutal state National Intelligence Agency and later released”, according to a police report in the Gambia. He was accused of embezzling more than US$3 million from President Jammeh’s Kanilai family Farm, Kanilai Bakery and Kanilai Group International.

In April 4 this year, President Yahya Jammeh and his government announced a reward of a Million Gambian Dalasis for the where about of his Nephew, Pa Bojang, who is reported to have absconded. In a press release from the office of the president, the government has warned all its citizens against aiding and abetting his fugitive nephew Pa Bojang. The government press release further appealed to anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr Bojang to report it to nearest Police Station.

Mr Bojang was the former head of the President’s ever increasing family business conglomerate. He is accused of embezzling more than US$3 Million from the conglomerate.


April 20, 2014
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Joint Banners of CDCG and DUGA

Joint Banners of CDCG and DUGA

The UK based Campaign for Democratic Change Gambia (CDCG) in solidarity with Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA) are organising street demonstrations to mark the 14 anniversary of the 14 unlawfully killed victims of the April 10 and 11 student massacre in the Gambia.  The demonstrations are choreographed to take place in three capital cities of three countries in three continents: London (United Kingdom, Europe), Washington DC (USA, North America) and Dakar (Senegal, Africa). We publish their press release in full below:  


This is to inform members and the general public that CDCG-UK, in solidarity with DUGA–DC and Gambian Activists in Senegal, are holding simultaneous demonstrations in Washington DC, London and Dakar to mark 14 years in remembrance of the 14 school children and Red Cross volunteer, shot and killed by Gambian security forces under the direction of the state president Yahya Jammeh on the 10 & 11 April 2000 and to manifest our continuing outrage at the government’s failure to prosecute the killers and their accomplices.

14 Children killed:

14 years without justice:

Join CDCG and other Gambian Activists @:-

Venue: Trafalgar Square London

Date: Saturday 26th April 2014

Time: 12:30 pm prompt

Tel Contacts:- AIB Jobe 07712258887; Malik Kah 07984524628; Bakebba 07737706402

Website: or

Facebook: cdc gambia

CDCG-UK and DUGA-DC demanding an end to impunity in the Gambia and justice for the “APRIL14”




Jammeh Continues His Rhetoric Of Ending Rice Importation

April 19, 2014
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Gambia's Leader Yahya Jammeh on Tour

Gambia’s Leader Yahya Jammeh on Tour

Gambia’s despotic leader Yahya Jammeh has renewed his rogue regime’s rhetoric that it would invest more in agriculture to enable the West African nation to end rice importation by 2016.

“Gambia will no longer import rice come 2016 ,instead will depend on its own home grown rice to attain the food self sufficient programme which is a United Nations MDG” said the treacherous dictator.

The despot made these remarks on Thursday at a 150meter hectare rice field at Jurunku village in Nuimi North Bank Region, on day one of his annual nefarious nationwide tour.

He gave bogus promises that his government will provide adequate water supply with modern technology for  year round production  in many rice fields across the country that will help Gambia to be independent in food production.

The Gambian leader also renews his calls on men and youths to be more productive in agriculture to enable the West African nation to be self food sufficient.

Tractors and modern farm inputs are vital in farming, but human labor is also very important since certain works such as transplanting cannot be possible without human labor, Jammeh told Gambians.

Despite this increment in rice production the West African nation is heavily dependent on imported rice which is seriously crippling Gambian consumers. This led the government to call for New Rice for Africa (NERICA) production to be doubled yearly.

NERICA is a crossbreed between low-yield African rice and a high-yield Asian rice variety, grows quickly, is more pest-resistant than many varieties, does not require intensive irrigation or fertilizers, and is high in protein.

But critics doubt how Gambia can achieve such target within two years because as par information from the country’s Bureau of Statistics and Department of Planning; total domestic rice production in the country is at 51,350 tonnes compared to imports equivalent to D826 million that soared to  over 135, 000 tonnes a year.



April 15, 2014
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Pa Modou Ann - NRMG Secretary General

Pa Modou Ann – NRMG Secretary General

Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

The coward Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, has postponed his annual nationwide tour which was scheduled for Monday 14 April 2014 amid fear of Gambia’s National Resistance Movement (NRMG) threats to attack his government. The new itinerary is now slated for Thursday 17 April 2014. It is not yet certain whether the newly selected date will even materialise.

“We are all in doubts because he is a man who is unpredictable and undecided so we are all waiting to see what happens next”, one is the tour organizers told Kibaaro News. The tour is expected to end in fiasco as many farmers are angrily waiting for him due to the poor groundnut price pegged by his government.

“Farmers are not respected and treated fairly by President Jammeh. His government is playing tricks on us because they are telling us that they buy our groundnuts in accordance with market price which is a blatant lie”, a farmer lamented to our reporter.

“As am talking you now, all my farm produce are in my store and I will not sell them at any seccos but in the Lumo instead”, another concerned farmer revealed.

“Every year we are faced with the same problem and we end up selling our nuts to some NGOs or transport it to Senegal which they are discouraging us from.  According to a press release issued by the government, farmers will not be given fertilizers and other farm inputs. Furthermore, if they sell their nuts outside the Gambia and are caught in the process, they will be arrested and prosecuted”, complained another farmer.


April 14, 2014
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Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

Dictator Jammeh threatening Gambians

The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, has once again used his electronic broom to sweep his cabinet for the sixth time within 12 months. His cabinet reshuffle follows the order he received from the EU for him to step up or lose funding. An insider within State House ambit revealed to Kibaaro News that this cabinet reshuffle is aimed to augment his failed regime’s gloomy image. The insider went further to state “He is trying to blow life into a dead horse. His time is up and the soon he admits that the better for him”.

According to the Despot press release, President Jammeh acting under the provision of sections 71 (1) and 71 (3) of the constitution has reassigned Dr. Abubacarr Senghore as Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and appointed Mamour Alieu Jagne as Minister of Foreign Affairs with effect from 9th April 2014.

In the same vein, the release indicated the President acting under the provisions of sections 71 (a) (b) of the constitution, has relieved Teneng Mba Jaiteh of her Cabinet appointment as Minister of Energy and redeployed her to the Foreign Mission.

Acting under provision of section 80 of the constitution, the Dictator has appointed Dr. Edward Saja Manneh as Deputy Minister of Energy with effect from 9th April 2014.

“This is sixth time the Gambian Dictator is reshuffling his cabinet in 12 months. We are sick and tired of Jammeh’s cabinet reshuffle every other day. What type of constitution are we having in the Gambia?” a Senior Civil servant demanded angrily.

“I think it is high time for changes in government since Jammeh is playing with Gambians. Today many Gambians have lost faith in President Jammeh. He has betrayed many of us“, said another civil servant.


April 14, 2014
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Gmbian Dictator Jammeh

Gmbian Dictator Jammeh

The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, is expected to embark on a nationwide people tour starting today, Monday 14th April 2014, according to top senior civil servant. The annual tour was introduced by former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara as a platform in which he meets Gambian farmers to discuss and resolve their most pressing needs. However, under President Jammeh, the tour has been transformed into political court room in which perceived opposition communities are harassed, humiliated, isolated from development projects and condemned despite paying their taxes.

According to the tour itinerary, President Jammeh will hold meetings in all the major towns and selected villages in the provinces including Barra, Farafenni, Kaur, Jangjangbureh, Gambissara and Basse among others. The tour will end in Banjul at the end of April. Meanwhile, the Gambian President and his high power delegation will today cross over to Barra as day one of his Dialogue with the People tour gears into motion.

The Gambian leader is expected to be engaged in a series of activities including the inauguration of projects in various parts of the country while also discussing with farmers of this year farming season and the coming rain season. Farmers in the poor West African nation are frustrated by their government’s inaptness to resolve the acute need for seeds, fertilizer and fix price for their produce. Furthermore, Agribusiness Services and Producers’ Association (ASPA), the inter-professional body vested with the management of The Gambia groundnut sub-sector, treats the vulnerable farmers with uncalled for red tapes and bureaucracy.

The officials has announced this year groundnut producer price pegged at GMD14, 500 (fourteen thousand, five hundred Dalasis) per metric ton. Consequently, all Cooperative Marketing Societies (CPMS), private traders and any agent wishing to participate in groundnut buying at primary (secco) have been ordered by the Jammeh government abide with the officially recognised producer price. ”This year’s price compares quite favourably with what pertains in the sub-region. Farmers are therefore urged to sell their produce through the existing marketing outlets. Once again, ASPA solicits the cooperation of all and sundry to make the marketing season a success,” a senior officer at ASPA to Kibaaro News.


April 13, 2014
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Pa Modou Ann - NRMG Secretary General

Rtd. Lt. Col. Pa Modou Ann – NRMG Secretary General

Rtd. Capt. Alhagie Kanteh - NRMG Assistant Secretary General

Rtd. Capt. Alhagie Kanteh – NRMG Assistant Secretary General

As we celebrate a month of existence of the Gambia`s National Resistance Movement, NRMG, today 12 April 2014, we the executive and members of this dynamic group herein wish to restate and re-emphasize our objective as outlined in our statements and communiques over the past month. This has become necessary to help put in perspective our position in the struggle to liberate our dear country from the clutches of gruesome totalitarianism.

For nearly two decades we the people of The Gambia have put up with measures that reduce us to mere spectators in the affairs of our country. While many have been transgressed in different forms including extra-judiciary killings, through the usurpation of our very rights, the struggle to fix this has become daunting and divisive. But for us at the NRMG the task can only be accomplished with circumspection, exercise of fundamental values such as respect, fairness and empathy.

The NRMG by all measures and standards is a political movement out to help end the dictatorship in the Gambia, a position that has been reiterated several times over within the past one month. As such we’re opened to negotiations and talks that can bring about a peaceful change of guard in Banjul. The NRMG is therefore not a standing army nor is the leadership and membership on the pay role of any military force. But due to the volatility of the present situation coupled with the intransigence of the powers that be in the country we came to realize that the democratic alternatives have proven and continues to prove inadequate to effect change.

Therefore our position to employ all means necessary to rid the country of the Jammeh menace has become more relevant today than ever before. We realized the argument in favor of armed struggle are strengthened by the total absence of the rule of law in the country coupled with impunity that makes accountability impossible to enforce. The option of the use of arms if every peaceful avenue fails, remains an integral strategic objective of the NRMG.

On this basis our doors are open to meaningful dialogue on concrete issues and programs in line with principles of constructive engagement. We have entered the arena of this struggle in cognizance of the invaluable efforts of those individuals and organizations before us and continue to believe this to be a true. We believe at the same time that we can disagree to agree on methods of execution but not need for change.

As a grass roots political movement, the NRMG is unapologetic in it’s effort to galvanize the support of the people – after all, it`s the people`s movement. Our focus essentially is the total liberation of our people from the clutches of the jammeh dictatorship.

To our supporters all over the world, we say thank you so much for you confidence in the NRMG. Together we shall rise from the asses to take back our country from a heartless brutal dictator. We shall not rest until this is made possible.


April 10 & 11 2000 Was The Testing Ground For Jammeh

April 13, 2014
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Gambian Students demonstrating on April 10, 2000

Gambian Students demonstrating on April 10, 2000

By Papa Kumba Loum

April 10 and 11 2000 massacre and maiming by Jammeh of Gambian students who were demonstrating against the alleged torture and killing of a fellow student by fire brigade officers at Brikama Fire Station and the rape of a student by men in military mufti at the Bakau Independence Stadium are just one of the many incidences of the unchecked brutality that Jammeh has meted out to Gambians during his 20 year rule.

While it will be fair to mention the efforts of a group of spirited lawyers and human right activists under the banner of the Coalition of Human Rights Defenders – the likes of Muhamed Lamin Sillah, Fatou Jagne –Senghore, Abubacar Tambadou, Ousman Manjang, Emmanuel Joof, Mariam Denton, Awa Sisay-Sabally, Ousman Sillah and others who sought redress in the courts and successfully obtained the release of scores of students arrested, detained and tortured during the aftermath of the shootings little else was achieved in terms of bringing to book those responsible and in obtaining compensation for the victims and their families.

Although the coalition of human rights defenders subsequently did hold press conferences condemning the government’s actions, requesting for the setting up of a commission of enquiry, demanded that the perpetrators to be tried, visited the injured at the RVTH and requested families of those killed to seek redress in the courts with the Coalition offering to provide free legal services, the then Attorney General and Minister of Justice Pap Cheyasin Secka defended the governments action and the Vice President Aja Isatou Njie Saidy went as far as misinforming the public that among the student demonstrators were armed men who first fired at the security personnel and the likes of lawyer Joseph Joof was heard openly stating that if the students were not disciplined at home then they will be disciplined by the security personnel. No sooner after this despicable statement by lawyer Joseph Joof was he offered the post of Attorney General & Minister of Justice. The only elder statesman who publicly condemned the action of the government on Radion1 FM was the late Pa Docosta. May his soul rest in peace.

The families of the victims unfortunately were cowed by the regime into inaction and like true Gambians, they kept quiet and presumably are still waiting for divine intervention. Of course this is the typical behavior of Gambians which Yahya Jammeh has capitalized on and also set the stage for his unbridled and unchecked brutality he subsequently dished out to the greater public and which he is still meting out to Gambians.

April 10 & 11 2000 was the catalyst for Jammeh’s brutality with impunity on Gambians. He had tested the waters and was sure that Gambians were a bunch of selfish cowards who hide behind to cloak of Islam and Christianity without any regard for the teachings of Allah and or the fear of Allah. Soon after his successful gunning down of the students without any ramification, Jammeh started with the assassination attempt on the life of Lawyer Ousman Sillah, the assassination of Deyda Hydara, the killing of Chief Ebrima Manneh and many others, the burning of media houses, the unlawful detention and torture of many, the plundering of the economy, his phony HIV/AIDS treatments, his witch hunting exercises, self acquirement of titles such as Sheikh, Professor and Nasurudin and his near crowning of himself as king, his usurpation of the judiciary and appointment of mainly Nigerian mercenary judges, his detention and torture of Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana and Imam Baba Leigh, the public abuse and humiliation of many Gambian- the list goes on.

Why then should Jammeh change his ways? After all there is no incentive for him to change. He is Lord and King of Gambians. He controls the economy, the legislature and the Judiciary and he decides who should go to jail. He has his Army Chief in Jail, so is his former Chief Justice, Secretary General & Head of the Civil Service, Attorney General & Minister of Justice, Solicitor General, Inspector General-the lsit goes on. The Muslim Elders are under his thumb so are the chiefs and alkalos. Yahya Jammeh owns the Gambia pure and simple. Love him or hate him but it will be a fair assertion to say that in todays Gambia, he is the only one who has been man enough to dare all Gambians be it at the economic, political, military and religious level and he appears to be winning. Why should he not continue to behave the way he knows best i.e. brutalize Gambians?

Picture – courtesy of Gainako News.

Gambia Has Never Been One Man One Vote, But One Tribe One Vote

April 13, 2014
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Author warns Gambian Dissidents against use of force, if we Gambia as we know it!

Author warns Gambian dissidents against use of force, if we want the Gambia as we know it!

By Ebrima Kinteh

Our politics in The Gambia starting from the birth of the Republic has never been ‘One Man One Vote’. Rather, ours is One Tribe One Vote. Our first President, with all due respect for his democratic principles, came to power because of a tribal majority. A deliberately handpicked President for the Mandinkas and who had scant knowledge or experience in the anti-colonial struggle. His selection was a move spearheaded by Sanjali Bojang, who though illiterate, had the institutive sense that political power lies with the protectorate majority. With the extension of the voting franchise from the colony to the protectorate at the last minute and Jawara’s subsequent election, the British had skillfully neutralized the virulent and well educated groups of dissenters at the time, almost all from the colony. I speak of the likes of P.S.Njie, Reverend J.C. Fye, Garba Jahumpa, e.t.c… By extending the voting franchise to cover both colony and the protectorate as they packed their bags to leave, the British created and abrupt about turn in the political leverage of the time.

Since then, politically, the country has been on a downslide since. A deliberate sabotage from the departing colonial powers. Consider the fact that for most of the other African countries, it was this vanguard anti-colonial cadre which went on to guide their countries into independence. For us it was a handpicked cow doctor from the protectorate majority that ushered us into independence. His docility endeared him to the former colonial powers and thus the coveted title of “Sir Dawda”.  All the new state institutions that were supposed to bring us out of poverty were looted by a cabal he had little control over. So the dominant paradigm in this our model of democracy is that the tribal majority takes the vote. Again, ‘One Tribe, One Vote’. Let the truth be acknowledged if we are to go forward.

 As a Christian at the time, Jawara had to switch and become a Muslim to prepare him for the new role, and so had to divorce his Christian wife (who went crazy and never regained her mental balance). He took on a Muslim name-Dawda Jawara. Jawara was handpicked and groomed for the job by Sanjali Bojang and group. Jawara knew little of the dynamics of the anti-colonial struggle. It was the likes of men like the Reverend J C Fye, Garba Jahumpa, and P.S. Njie. And others who fought for the freedom of their people from colonialism who should have led, where one would have gradually brought the protectorate into the mainfold, were the first elections would have been limited to the colony.

You see, you so called on-line and off- line wannabe Gambian Journalists, unless the truth is told, there shall no clear path to our true freedom and liberation. To free ourselves from the past, we must acknowledge these facts within ourselves and take tangible steps to rectify them, perhaps through a ‘truth and reconciliation’ methodology.

Fellow Gambians, it is time to stop running away from looking directly into ourselves and adjust to the fact that our bad side in both our politics and our lifestyle is the cause of our misery and not a sole dictator. Yaya Jammeh is able to do what he is doing to us because we collectively allow that to continue.  We must face ourselves, and ask, what do we continue to do wrong to warrant a dictator, and indeed many others currently in the making and on line for wanting to be President?

Let us take as an example of our dysfunctional selves,  the case of our president. Let’s examine the social tastes of our President, Jallow Kanilai as he is called. He is only exercising the persona of a typical illiterate yet successful Gambian. The quest for the so called successful Gambian is a superiority in the conquest of women, with the “lighter the berry the sweeter the juice” adage. Chasing women whilst idling away the time in dark, and dingy “Dacas” with all their monies worth, leaving their wives and children unattended at home. One is always surprised at the caliber of high ranking government workers an successful businessmen you find in these “dacas” Are they doing anything to move the nation  forward, or for that matter their own positive advancement?

Our social meetings are not to plan on what to do with the state of our nation or how to assist in self-help projects for the poor or dispossessed. Rather it is to gossip on each other’s downfall. Who has recently lost his job, whose wife is going out with who? In fact men and women alike engage in this useless and time consuming banter.

So if the President choses to reflect the same tastes for what most of us in the elite community aspire to, and has the money to go even further than ourselves, we should not be envious of him. Yes, it is envy driving much of the criticism, for if they had the opportunity to be President, they would do the same.

Now let us get to one of our most basic problems:


The Gambian psyche is limited to the smallness of the country. The nation of The Gambia is an aberration, a miniscule enclave sandwiched within Senegal, dominated by an ethnic majority that was never part of the battle for independence during the anti-colonial struggle.

An artist, poet or engineer cannot rise to his or her greatest achievement among our midst. How many geniuses have we rendered crazy, or be the cause of their premature death? The list is too long to state here. Let us take these examples: How many of you heard of the demise of PET DARBOE?, or how about the cases of Comrade Sillah, The Super Eagles (Ifangbondi)? Do we remember how the late Paps Touray was being wheeled from Ministry to Ministry by Senemi, both literally begging for alms? Was our conscience taken back with the sad and ignoble death of Pap’s Touray?

Take the case of Samba Batch Faye, a brilliant scientist who could have become our Cheik Anta Diop. Do any of you remember his demise” Think of the many highly intelligent Gambians who were brought to their untimely end by our very selves, sometimes even from the inner family. Now in contrast just look at how Senegal treats her brainy ones. Unless it is something hidden in the inner recesses of their soul, or maybe because the country is big, the Senegalese acknowledges and praises talent and genius. One can grow and prosper in Senegal if you happen to be endowed with grey matter.

In The Gambia ignorance, both culturally and education wise inhibits societal growth, and spun excessive egotism, wanton greed, self-hatred. Stories are told of “walius” learned Koranic men who fled The Gambia, and in their anger and disgust left an enteral curse on our people because of the way they were treated. Some of our greatest minds, the likes of Cheik Omar Fye left the Gambia in utter disgust, disowning themselves from what they saw as a people swimming in a sea of hypocrisy, greed, jealousy, hatred –just about all the things that the holy books forbid us to do. That fact therefore that the Muslim elders are shamefully kowtowing to the dictates of our President Dictator should come as no surprise. The fact that the Catholic Church has been also mute on all the extrajudicial killings etc. should also not come as a surprise.

It is very disheartening to see our on-line journalists go for cheap sensationalism and, in a way, aiding and abetting in this vicious cycle of enmity, vengeance, and self- mutilation, encouraging this hiding behind the curtains to throw stones at each other.  Yes going after our dictator Jallow Kanilai is a good thing, and I agree, he must be removed at all cost. But this must be done democratically. Yet, the salacious and twisted manner in which the news is dished out to the ever hungry diaspora Gambians, practicing the old age custom of self-deprecation, and self-mutilation does not advance anything meaningful or positive in our social and political life. Now, out of utter frustration in coming to realize that it will not be an easy matter removing the President, some of these same on-line papers are openly touting for a violent overthrow, and beckoning for ex-soldiers to undertake an armed struggle. I mean is this a case of severe amnesia?

Pa Nderi, you are a very able journalist. We have seen you grown and fully mature in your profession. We have seen you have a better command of the English language as time has progressed. Yet, your entertainment of ex-soldiers wanting to overthrow the government makes me wonder whether you have had a memory lapse. Wasn’t it the same thing we just went through with “soldiers with a difference” Isn’t its quite likely that in the event of an armed struggle to overthrow the president, another Yaya Jammeh, or Stalinist type personality will rise to do the same thing that our current oppressor is doing to our people?

We as Gambians in general have a pre-genetic disposition to fragmentation. “UNITY” is not in our vocabulary or psyche.  I have been trying to count the number of organizations that have been springing up like wildfire, here there and everywhere, as I parody their names. They are:

The People’s Movement for Democratic Gambia; The Committee for the Reparation of Souls in The Gambia; The Gambia Consultancy Chambers; Standing Order for Democracy and Rule of Law in The Gambia; Soul Searching Democracy Committee of The Gambia; The National Persistence of Error in The Gambia.

The list goes on. A friend of mine here in the U.S. a non-Gambian brother said to me” What is with you Gambians? A dictator is standing on your heads and your opposing voices are splintering into myriad groups of “wanabees”. Why can’t you unite under one roof to oust him?” He went on to say that Senegal, our neighbor did that, but why can’t we?

“Senegal is not a small country, that is why”, trying to give him some lame excuse. What this lack of unity shows is that a far greater problem lies below the cheap rhetoric and explanation for our oppression dished out by the on line Gambian dissident papers, and from the ever increasing opposition groups. What none of these voices of dissent refuse to acknowledge is the inter-tribal hatred that really exists in the Gambia, thwarting any attempt for national unity to oust this president, the consequences of slavery and colonialism?

I will close with the following warning to all those of you contemplating an armed uprising. I am saying to you that you are taking a path that will surely bring an end to The Gambia as we know it. Yes, The Gambia shall cease to exist as a separate nation if ever we go to war with each other again, as we did in 1981, and in 1994. The matter has been discussed in the higher echelons of political power both in Senegal and in the world governing bodies. Our neighbor Senegal has been given the tactic approval to just wade in and bring us into their fold to create a greater Senegambia. Perhaps this may the better route for our beloveth country, and would hasten African Unity, among other things. This is why, to the dismay of dissident groups in Senegal, the Government of Senegal has steadfastly refrained from meddling directly into our affairs; after all, why spoil  a good opportunity to cement once and for all the Senegambia confederation they let slip from their hands after intervening to put Jawara back in power? Moreover, how are they to finally deal with their restive region in the south of us, a situation made worse by Jammeh’s grand design for a greater Casamance encompassing The Gambia? Wake up Gambians, and stop these simplistic and sensationalist forays into politics and revolution, and certainly , as a former U.S. Gambian born soldier recently warned us, don’t start what you will be surely unable to contain. War is death and destruction.

Yaya Jammeh has brought a new twist to our political scene, and it is not going to be business as usual. Yaya Jammeh is the last President of a sovereign Gambia, mark my words. Yaya Jammeh’s last card is the Casamance, Gambia, Senegal axis. Like Sadam Hussein, he is not going to go away quietly. He is to spark off the ‘mother of all battles’. Bear that in mind when your guys speak of an armed struggle. Your myopic vision of things is making most of you on-line dissident papers fail to see the true implications of Yaya Jammeh’s policies, or his call for a greater Casamance. Already our institutions have been brought down by a flood of half-baked illiterate Bojangs, Badjies, Sonkos and the like. Both the army and security services have been infiltrated by the boys from Casamance. It is only a matter of time when The Gambia herself shall be drawn into the conflict. So, just go ahead and walk around brandishing your matches everywhere –Jammeh is more prepared for the “mother of all battles” than you are.

Besides I have never heard of an armed struggle where the cadre is going about asking donations from the poor and oppressed people. Again a bunch of rag tag, poverty stricken ex-soldiers wishing to usurp power to enrich themselves.  By the way, it seems that the in- thing now with the Gambian diaspora is to go after E.U. money in the guise of using the funds to fight the oppression in The Gambia. That milk and honey faucet will soon be closed once the EU and other donor countries catch up to our nonsense. They will.

So is this why the list of new organizations joining the anti Jammeh bandwagon continues to grow day by day? Shame on you Gambians! That you will dare use the funds made available to you by those sympathetic to your condition for your own personal use? All of you are providing the strong reason why The Gambia must cease to exist as a sovereign nation. You are unknowingly working for the demise of our beloved country. Go ahead, make Senegal’s day with an armed rebellion. Macky Sall must be muttering quietly to himself “go ahead, make my day”. For Senegal, the stakes are high. Stay tuned. If all of you are running away from bringing in sober talk to a volatile situation, then I will.
By the way, I am a Mandinka, less I be judged as a tribalist. The truth must be told. The truth shall set you free.