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March 1, 2015



Mr Lamin Jatta and Family regret to announce the unanticipated demise of a wife, sister and daughter Mrs Ndey Jawara. The late Ndey Jawara hailed from Brufut, Kombo North district and resided at Coventry, West Midlands until her demise. This heart-breaking event occurred on Saturday 28 February 2015 at the Coventry hospital.

Arrangements are been made to repatriate Ndey Jawara’s body to the Gambia for fitting funeral rites. Gambians and friends of the Gambia in both Europe and America are urged to donate generously for the repatriation. All contributions and donations which cannot be made in person can be paid into the following account number:

Account Name: Mr Sanna K. Touray

Sort Code: 30-93-54

Account Number: 19752068

Bank: Lloyds Bank

No gesture will be too small or big. May the departed soul rest in peace. Amen.


February 5, 2015


Karamo Sanneh, a 37-year-old Gambian, resident of Tallinding in the Kanifing Municipality is in dire need of urgent financial help to go for an overseas medical treatment. According to a medical report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), Karamo was referred from Medical Research Council (MRC) in May 2012 with diagnosis of membrane-proliferative-glomerulonephritis type I, with active microangiopathic and tubular atrophy. In other words, he is a known chronic renal disease patient who immediately needs medical attention to save his life. He is being followed up

He is being followed up at the Nephrology Unit since then.  Recently, he started experiencing abdominal distension, bilateral pedal oedema, general weakness and occasional dizziness. Sanneh is a family man who depends only on him for their sustenance and there is nobody to take care of his family. Please for the sake of goodness and kindness help Karamo get the medical attention he urgently needs. No penny or pound will be small. Donate generously to safe Karamo and his family.

In this regard, he appeals to the government, NGOs, philanthropists, private sector and individuals both home and abroad to come to his aid. Please…please…please help Karamo Sanneh. Anyone willing to help Karamo Sanneh can contact him on the following numbers: (+220) 9921225/9119983.


January 28, 2015


From Allah we are from, to Him we shall return. Nyaw Nying has gone into blissful eternal sleep. The Gambian music industry on 27th January 2015 lost a great musical talent in Nyaw Nying. Momodou Nying fondly revered as Nyaw is widely regarded as one the greatest and talented drummers in Gambia’s history. Son to a famous Wolof Griot drummer, Mam Samba Nying, Nyaw broke tradition by stepping into contemporary music. He became a formidable band member of the famous Ifang Bondi, one of Africa’s first bands to combine pop music with African roots.  His two songs, “Taalibe” and “Sunyu Metit” are featured on Ifang Bondi album “Sanjo”. Nyaw served with distinction as he not only served as a drummer extraordinaire but also a percussionist and a great vocalist.

Nyaw was one of the founding members of the defunct Karantaba Jazz Band which was founded and managed by the legendary Bai Janha, one of the finest guitar players ever to come out of Africa. Bai and Nyaw were as close as his sister Sirra Bigay Nying, also a drummer, is married to Bai Janha. Nyaw is reported to have played a pivotal role in helping Karantaba band win a prestigious prize in an African festival organized by former President of Libya, Col Muamar Gadhafi. Following the defunct of Karantaba, Nyaw went on to join Jaliba Kuyateh, Gambia’s crowned king of Kora and became the Kumareh Band’s drum kit master until his untimely demise.

He extensively travelled around the world with Jaliba Kuyateh and the Kumareh Band performing at musical jamborees in France, the Netherlands, UK, USA, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Guinea Bissau, Senegal etc. He was a major force at the Kumareh Band recollects Lamin Jassey, Jaliba Kuyateh’s promoter in the UK. “The demise of Nyaw Nying is a great loss to the Kumareh band, the Gambia music industry and the fans of Jaliba music. The man was a very dedicated, discipline and hardworking member of the band. He is also a man of few words who does not even hurt a fly, much more his fellow human being. I can confess that He was very much admired by Jaliba for his outstanding skills and distinguished good character”, Jassey narrated.

Nyaw was happily married with two wives and survived by children. One of his sons, Samba Nying is said to be an excellent drum kit master just like his late father. Recently at a music festival in Venezuela, he captivated the hearts and minds of his audience with the way he played the drum kit at such a young age. Many believed it is all not lost with the demise of Nyaw as his son is set to keep the legacy of his father alive. The former Kumareh band drummer will be laid to rest today at 5.00pm Gambian time in New Jeshwang. May his soul rest in perfect peace.



November 24, 2014


“Surely we belong to Allan and to Him we shall return”, reminds us of death that we all await. It is with regret that Sulayman Jadama of Bristol, UK and the entire Jadama family in the Gambia, Europe and America announce the dead of a brother, uncle and son-Bakary Jadama in Sicily, Italy. This sad event took place on Saturday 22nd November 2014.

Bakary Jadama, who was born in 2nd February 1983, hailed from Farafenni in the North Bank Region. The news is extended to all Gambians around the world. The family is kindly soliciting financial assistance to repatriate the body to the Gambia for burial and religious rites. Anyone wishing to contribute in this kind gesture can do so through the following:

Account Name-MR S JADAMA

Sort Code: 40-14-20

Account #: 51419358


Please donate generously. Every good deed will be generously rewarded by Allah (SWT).


November 4, 2014
Imam Fatty of Fired!!!!!

Imam Fatty Fired!!!!!

The most notable religious exponent of the Gambian Dictatorship, Imam Abdoulie Fatty, has fallen to the electric broom of his lord master, President Yahya AJJ Jammeh. In a terse press release read over the country’s only national broadcaster, the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GTRS) confirmed the removal of the veteran Imam with effect from 4 November 2014.

As customary, the Presidency has given no reasons for the removal of Imam Fatty, except the terse press release, which reads: ” The Office of the President wishes to inform the general public that Imam Fatty has been relieved of his services as Imam of State House mosque with effect from Tuesday, 4th November 2014.”

The release further confirm that Muhammad Lamin Touray, who is a close friend and partner in crime of Imam Fatty is his successor. Imam Touray will also double as the President of the Gambia’s Supreme Islamic Council (SIC).

The lack of reasons for the abrupt and sudden uprooting of the number 2 most powerful Imam in the country, now leaves much to public speculations.

On 3 November 2014, the controversial Imam attracted the editorial reactions of Jollofnews online newspaper under the heading: “Imam Fatty, A Threat to Internal Security“. The editorial was in reaction to a recent interview of Imam Fatty with the Standard Newspaper Gambia, where the senior Islamic cleric was quoted to have called for the expulsion of the Ahmadis and a complete ban of their teachings in the country.

In the interview, the veteran Imam described members of the Gambia’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at as non-Muslims and accused them of misleading the Muslim community in the country.

“Ahmadiyya’s are not Muslims,” Imam Fatty asserted in the interview with Standard Newspaper.

The facts that they say, ‘there is no supreme being but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger’ should not mislead any Gambian. The head of hypocrites Abdullahi Ibn Salul used to pray behind the prophet but Allah said he is in the lowest depths of hell. I mean to address our fellow Gambians who found their parents on the religion of Islam but Pakistanis have come to them and convinced them that Prophet Muhammad is not the last messenger. They have now abandoned the way they found their parents; now seeing them as non-believers. If death befalls their family member who is not an Ahmadi they do not observe funeral prayer for them. Even if it is their own father they will never pray for him.”

The Saudi Arabia educated cleric went on to attest that the Ahmadis came to the Gambia during the time of Governor Sir Farimang Singhateh, who due to his ignorance allowed them to settle in the country. Their numbers have since grown into thousands especially in the North Bank Region of the country.

The cleric added; “They have registered and got centres in this county using Islam to propagate their faith. They are using the name of Islam and we will never let that continue because we will never sit idly watching while pests destroy your farm. “Islamic propagation is our farm and we will always seek to protect it. Despite the fact that they have hospitals and schools around the country they should be banned. President Jammeh has built enough schools and hospitals which will adequately serve people without them. Even in Pakistan they are referred to as non-Muslim minority which shows they are not Muslims. These people are in pursuit of fitna (evil) anywhere they go.

In Kerr Mahmut Fana there was a big problem there involving Ahmadis and the people which we had to be mediated. You should have seen how defiant they were. Allah urges us to hold onto His rope and not be divided among ourselves but these people reject Muhammad’s conclusion of prophet-hood. Prophet Muhammad said his followers will split into 73 sects and out of that only one will go to paradise which will be the followers of his path.”

Although, we cannot state if the above comments have been the catalyst of the veteran Imam’s sudden departure, but it would not be far-fetched to deduct that it may have indeed contributed to his removal.

We will continue to update you on this and many other stories happening in the Gambia…

“Gambia Is Not an Islamic State-Why Gambian Muslims Being Radicalized by an Animist Idol Worshiping President Jammeh?” Demands Papa Kumba Loum

October 18, 2014




Religion like tribe and race is a very sensitive topic and at the same time has a “romantic” and idealistic appeal which has invoked and continues to invoke a lot of passion and fervour among people, groups and nationalities.  There are many who believe and also want others to believe that their religion, tribe and or race are better and superior to another. Nations and people have gone to war to propagate their religion (e.g. the crusaders, jihadist) and others have died resisting being conquered and converted into another religion or version of the same religion such as the sectarian killings between Sunni, Shiite and Sufis currently taking placed in the Middle East; and between Christian sects notably the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Religion has also been used as a unifying force to bring people of the same faith together and sharing the same ideals. Unfortunately however religion has today been increasingly used by some politicians, rulers and misguided and ambitious group of individuals to divide people for their own benefit. One only has to look at Northern Nigeria to see how Boka Haram is using the name of Islam to cause mayhem among the people of Northern Nigeria – the bombing of churches, kidnappings and the resulting revenge attacks by Christians on innocent Muslims. Similarly the Central African Republic  Christians are destroying mosques and attacking Muslims in supposed “revenge” attacks for the Muslims minority support of the former Muslim rebel government that rule the country (and oppressed Christians) albeit for a short period. The Somalian Alshabab Jihadist have also been planting bombs in churches in Kenya killing and maiming Christians who they deem as infidels. In Sudan a supposed Muslim woman who married a black Sudanese Christian man was sentenced to death for apostasy and was only released after international pressure was brought on the Khartoum Government of Bashir

Today in The Gambia, we frequently hear of pronouncements being made from many quarters daubing the country as an Islamic Muslim State and how Islam should govern our lives, how Islam is the only “complete” religion etc, etc.  But what do we really mean when we say that Gambia is an Islamic Muslim State? Perhaps we should get one thing clear to avoid confusion. Although the majority of Gambians are Muslims (about 90 % and even more according to some), The Gambia is not a Muslim/Sharia State. A State run under Sharia system is one where Sharia has been instituted as a main body of civil and criminal law. In this regard and in the avoidance of doubt and confusion, The Gambia is not governed by Sharia Islamic law and is not an Islamic State. Having said that, if someone for example is a Muslim and contacts a marriage in the Islamic tradition then that marriage is governed by Islamic law including divorce, succession/inheritance etc. But note that our criminal laws and civil laws are not governed by Islamic Sharia Law. Moreover the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia states that the Gambia is a secular state and it goes further to guarantee everyone in The Gambia the freedom to follow, join and or practice the religion of his or her choice.  So for you Muslim Jihadist and Christian Crusaders, I am sorry to shock you but our laws are clear- we are a secular state and not a Muslim or Christian State.

The Gambia has been a very “tolerant” society where the majority Muslims have lived in peace and harmony with their Christian brothers. I emphasize the word “tolerant” because it is usually construed by the majority Muslims today to mean that they are doing a “favour” out of kindness to accommodate and tolerate non-Muslims especially Christians. It should be made absolutely clear that all Gambians be it Muslims, Christians, Bahias, etc have equal rights as guaranteed under the 1977 Constitution of the Gambia. No one should be given special privileges base on religion, tribe and or ethnicity. Period Religious harmony has existed in the The Gambia for a very long time (and especially in urban Gambia which is more cosmopolitan) and it is very common for siblings within the same family to belong to different religions and for parents to have different religion to that of their children because of either marriage and or conversion to another religion other than the one they were born into. Moreover, both Muslim and Christians have been socializing and often attend each other’s ceremonies (weddings, christening, feast, parties and funerals). Christian family members have been known to contribute towards Hajj expenses of their Muslim Uncles and Aunties and Muslims have also contributed towards expenses for their Christian relatives for their pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem. This is the Gambia we know and want to preserve and not the one that has been increasingly eroded by foreign religious preachers and influences and an Animist President who plays one religion against another to suit his demented craving for divide and rule.

Although it is accepted that it is the duty of religious teachers and leaders e.g. Imams, Ustas, Pastors, Catchiest, Clergy etc to propagate their own faiths and to win converts, one should also be mindful of the way it is done. There is today a lot of incitement and provocation both overtly and covertly to encourage followers of a particular religion to  hate, criticize, castigate and demean people of other faiths. Unfortunately there is a growing trend of Gambian Muslims especially with and Islamist agenda whose main aim is to sow discord among Gambians by their words and actions to utter negative remarks and discriminate against non-Muslims. Likewise a new breed of Bible bashing Christians has emerged who perceive their own version of Christianity as the only way to eternal salvation. Unfortunately many Gambians are increasing falling prey to these forces of religious bigotry whose only agenda is to bring division amongst Gambians.

The interesting thing about religion is that we have seen people who even profess to be in the same religion killing each other based on sectarianism. Muslims are killing each other in the name of the Islamic faith. A recent example is ISIS who consider other Muslims (Shiite, Sufis and other Muslim denominations) as apostate and infidel and deserving death and decree that the  wives and daughters of these “infidels” can be violated- a common occurrence in the Middle East.  Likewise Christian seatrain killings in Northern Island with Catholics and Protestants killing each other all in the name of one and supposedly common prophet and all in the name of one God. What makes anyone to arrogantly believe that their religion and or version of their religion is the correct one? Religion is based on faith and belief and most of us are either Muslims or Christians in The Gambia because we were born into it i.e. our parents introduce us to our religion. If we were born in Asia we were likely to be Hindus or Buddhist.

Unfortunately in the Gambia today, we have an Animist President who believes in divide and rule and in fanning the flames of tribal and religious hatred.  When he suits him, he sings praises to the Christians for being honest and upright compared to their Muslim brothers. He has even repeated that there are few Christians in Gambian prisons compared to Muslims to substantiate his ludicrous claim. Needless to say the Christian minority are usually flattered and proud of themselves when such statements are made. Some even proudly say that it is they the Catholics that brought him up- mind you they have not been saying this openly these days for obvious reasons. On the other hand, Jammeh intermittently instil fear in the same Christians that he praises by his frequent ranting and threats of turning The Gambia into an Islamic Sharia Sate and making other disparaging remarks about drinking alcohol and eating pork.

Gambians should tone down on their religious fervour and concentrate more on respecting and tolerating each other, speak the truth, work hard, avoid corruption and try to be less tribalist. Most of the development aid we get comes from Christian West; most of our Medical Doctors are Cubans who are neither Muslim nor Christians. Most of our Children will rather live and study in the Christian West than live in Sharia Islamic Countries. The overtly religious rituals and rhetoric that is publicly displayed today appears to be a mere facade. Being seen and perceive by others as a practicing Muslim or Christian does not necessarily make you a good person. It is ones deeds and actions and how we treat our fellow human beings that bring us closer to Allah. Gambia would have been far ahead in terms of development if we were the “true” Muslims or Christians we portray ourselves to be. On the contrary, as we appear to step up on our religious rituals publicly, there has been an increase in the level of corruption, dishonesty, greed, untruthfulness and treachery in our so called Islamic country. Just look at what is happening around us.

I would like to end this piece with a quotation from Nelson Mandela who in my personal view has done much for black people than any religious bigot out there preaching disunity among Africans using tribe and religion. “Religion, especially belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, has always been a controversial subject that splits nations and even families. But it is always best to treat the relationship between a man and his god as a purely personal affair, a question of faith and not of logic. No one has the right to prescribe to others what they should or should not believe in.” ~ Mandela from a letter to Mrs. Deborah Opitz, written in Victor Verster Prison, Paarl , South Africa, 10 May 1989 


October 15, 2014


The Mass Family, Karamo Mass and family, Nene Binta Mass and family  and Sarjo Mass and family all of the United Kingdom, Jainaba Mass and the rest of the Mass family in the United States of America, Sainey Mass and Family of Germany, regret to announce the sudden,  unexpected and untimely death of their son and nephew, Momodou Lamin Mass who died yesterday 14th October 2014 at Plaistow, London, United kingdom. This sad news is also extended to all Gambians home and abroad.

Late Muhammad Lamin Mass is the son of elder brother Lamin Mass of the Gambia. The family intend to repatriate the corpse to the Gambia for burial at home.  All those who wish to contribute towards this goodwill gesture can contribute into the account  below:

Mr. K.  Mass

Barclays Bank Plc

Account Number: 53907325

Sort Code number: 20-40-73

Please it would help if you put in reference so that it would be easy for the family.  Anonymous donors are also welcome.  Help the mass family to repatriate young Mohammad Lamin back to the Gambia for burial. May Allah grant him Jannah.