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August 4, 2014
Imam Fatty

Imam Fatty



Am seriously worried about the deliberate abuse of power and the shameful disregard of the constitutional rights of Gambian Muslims to practice their faith by evil Jammeh. Equally worrying, is the attempt by the overzealous and fundamentalist Islamic scholars led by State House Imam Fatty to impose their own and imported brand of Islam on Gambian Muslims without their consent. Imam Fatty in conjunction with President Jammeh, who apparently cannot even read Arabic, much more the Quran, decided to issue an irrelevant and baseless “fatwa” and use security agents to enforce it on Gambians. This directly contravenes our constitution which guarantees everyone within the jurisdiction of The Gambia, whether citizen or non-citizen the inalienable right to worship without any interference from either Yaya Jammeh or the over excited bunch of frustrated Islamic scholars with the sole aim of turning The Gambia into a sharia state. Let me enlighten you, Mr imam Fatty and your conspirator, Yaya Jammeh, that turning The Gambia into Islamic theocracy will remain a figment of your imagination and fantasy  and will never happen in your sorry life time.

The Gambia constitution clearly describes and states that, the country is a democracy and shall be govern by the will of the people. It guarantees Gambians the freedom to worship without undue interference from state. This simply means ,president Jammeh or imam fatty and the money hungry supreme Islamic council have no right to tell Gambians when, how and where to celebrate EID .They should not force Gambians to celebrate  EID on same day or else forfeit their celebration. This stupid “fatwa” by imam fatty and the supreme Islamic council clearly borders on extremism and is an insult to the intelligence of millions of Gambian Muslims. Gambians are perfectly capable of knowing when they want to celebrate  their EID and did not want any nanny state to tell them which day to celebrate .It’s the right of Gambian Muslims whether in kombo or In the provinces to choose  Eid day  without any form of intimidation and threat from demented president Jammeh and corrupt supreme Islamic council. This fantasy of celebrating EID on same day is not only boring and unappealing, but it’s an outright violation of our rights to practice our faith in the way, we want. Not how president Jammeh or jihadist imam fatty dreams of.

I was fuming with anger and at same time feeling sad, when I heard imam Fatty saying he issue a “fatwa”, as our homeland, a once shining example of democracy is sinking into abyss of insignificant, since a no body like Imam fatty can issue a ” fatwa” and the paramilitary police are send to enforce that by arresting and detaining religious leaders. This is the lowest of the low. This fragrant abuse of our rights should be a waking call to Gambians, to smell the coffee and stand up against the Jammeh administration to our assert their rights. If Yaya Jammeh and imam fatty get away with this, we don’t know what kind of madness, they are coming with next time around. I am not in way insinuating violence in The Gambia but we should take a leave from Arab uprising and give two fingers to president Jammeh and his enablers like imam Fatty, telling them enough is enough. Imam fatty, a word of caution.  Yaya Jammeh is the most disloyal and unreliable human being, God have created on planet earth. He will surely humiliate you soon and send you to Mile two. Yaya is paranoid about losing power and will kill his own mother, if that will mean he will remain in power. For this reason, we should be very resolute, patient and determine to dislodge Jammeh from office and all options should be on the table. The diaspora Gambian community, keen on removing Jammeh should channel their energy, resources and finance to local oppositions on the ground by empowering them with means to grab Jammeh’s prime asset, POWER. We should be well discipline in our effort to get rid of president Jammeh and stop the petty squabbling on minor and personality issues in our struggle to confront Jammeh. United Gambian diaspora struggle will be the catalyst for the downfall and end of the Jammeh’s impunity. Amen.

Lamin Camara



July 23, 2014
The GCC Logo

The GCC Logo

Condolence for the passing away of the late Alhagie Ebrima Momodou Mbenga.

On the occasion of the passing away of Ousainou Mbenga’s father, Alhagie Ebrima Momodou Mbenga, members of the GCC wish to extend their heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy to you and your family for this great loss of your father. GCC is further saddened by the fact that due to your activities in fighting for the cause of justice in the Gambia, you will, by virtue of the political climate at home, be unable to participate in sending your beloved father to his eternal place of rest.

GCC is further mindful of the enormous sacrifices that you, your family and your DUGA family have made, and are continuing to make, which has created this unfortunate for you, which no son or daughter, would wish to experience. But driven by your deep commitment to your country and fellow citizens, it is a sacrifice you and your family have seen fit to make. We applaud you for your courage of conviction as you mourn your beloved father. We are convinced that in life, he was proud of your commitment to justice in yours and his land of birth.

May Allah Subhanahu Wataa’la accept Alhagie Ebrima Momodou Mbenga to a high place in Jannatul-Firdaus.

Signed GCC


July 2, 2014
fgm 27.11.12

Author condemns FGM as Satanic

By Br. Robert Munyui Kamunyu

When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he circumcised all the male children and he was circumcised. The message was direct and in plain language. GENESIS 17: 1-27. The agreement was strategically initiated and the male child grew beholding daily his agreement with God at every call of nature throughout his married life.. The covenant of the flesh for a man is with ease to behold with no ill feelings or regrets without medication required afterwards in life.

When God told Moses that the Children of Israel should not circumcise their girls, the message was given in a spiritual language and bore two warnings. The Israelis parents shall not sexually mutilate their daughters and fathers were commanded not have carnal knowledge (incest) of their daughters making them prostitutes. FGM is a satanic sacrifice for a woman of secrecy with miseries and constrains of disgrace to behold accompanied by many cases of traumatic child delivery requiring medication.

Girls who face the evil cut become prostitutes on alter of Satan sadly without their consent which pollutes the land. The evil cutting is done in honour of the dead. Leviticus 19:28-29. This type of prostitution cannot be cleansed by marriage. She bought her prostitution with her flesh, bone and blood on alter of Satan while still In her flower age when facing all forces of evils under her parental care. Unless she gets
saved (call upon the blood of CHRIST to cleanse her. John 3:16-18, Isaiah 1:18) she shall go to her grave a prostitute. Thus there were no sexual mutilations among the Israelis women. The Girl child was bought up in divine order leaving the petals and stay of love intact for a beloved wise husband core co-benefits. She remained a spring shut up and a blessed fountain sealed in divine state. Song of Solomon 4:12, Proverbs 5:18-19. By instinct man lands at the garden of love and joy to prop it up at Divine state. The Israelis brethren never married from alters of Satan. Israelis women remained lively and delivered goodly children easily a state known to Pharaoh. Exodus 1:1 5-22.

That knowledge on the difference between a circumcised woman and a woman who had not faced the evil cut was exploited by the Hebrew Midwives, Shiphrah and Puah as their reason for saving the men children alive contrary to the King of Egypt instructions for their ultimate death at birth for they were easily delivered for the Israeli women were lively. Pharaoh was aware that the Egyptians women went through Pharaonic circumcision or infibulations and the difficulties they faced in delivering children were known to him thus he agreed with the midwives’ answer. God has promised our beloved sisters save child delivery in their divine active lively state. 1Timothy 2: 15. Girls who have the evil cut cannot pass the threshold of Divine virginity since they sacrificed their fresh, soft bones and to demonic world. Their virginity in marriage is according to satanic standards since they have been defiled with humanity demonic practices. God has never described virginity for a girl child under the knife. All traditional women mutilator die poor since Satan keep them poor to their trade. The girl child holds no battlefield of faith in her defiled crippled sexual state. She is sexually excavated, sexually muted and sexually crippled. Girls who face the evil cut are leftovers from the alter of Satan and for a man marrying her is equal to sharing a wife with Satan unless she get saved. Man takes the marriage supper the left over from the alter of Satan us the dictate of demonic cultures. FGM is a form of partial castration for womanhood. Man is commanded by GOD to give his wife her conjugal rights and also the woman to the same for its a shared joy. 1Corithians 1:1-4. FGM is the undeserved and the unnecessary worst evil committed on a girl child by her own parents when her fleshy coals are sacrificed to Satan .How can a sexually mutilated woman deliver joy in Divine state to her husband while sexual joy was denied and removed from her in FGM.

Circumcision in man does not destroy his body integrity and his sexual ability remains unaltered. In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the evil cut, the parents having given the devil the first sacrifice should not be ashamed to remove the blanket of etiquette and prepare their daughters to play wives (incest) to their husbands to give the devil a complete sacrifice. It is not a greater evil than the first sacrifice. FGM is an insult and assault to womanhood. Let them pride themselves in complete evil. The petals and stay of love are left strewn at alters of Satan. The sparkles of love cannot be rekindles. In natural world a door is provided for knocking before entering and an aerial is provided for effective communication so is the same for a girl child. Prostitutes made by parents in FGM are honoured. Us no man can miss the mouth even when eating in total darkness, so shall man falter in search of the marital coals removed in sexual mutilation how foolish he is. FGM keeps man out natural way of life in marriage. Song of Solomon 2:6-7. Parents who perform FGM are sources of families’ instabilities and of great evils to the land. FGM lay social foundations for unstable marital live. Parents are highly entrenched in prostitution with their girl child. When in demonic world parents say FGM make a girl child clean, God says she defiled and made a prostitute. Ironically these parents are active in the Church who shoulder burdens for the church but with continuous unresolved marital problems a dilemma to the clergy. They are workers of Satan who have camouflaged as believers in the Church of Christ. How do they differ from magicians and witches? FGM is the parental satanic sexual sacrifice, assault, insult and abuse to a girl child sexual integrity.

They pollute the land in prostitution and the land becomes full of all evils. How can a father be obsessed with the sexual organ of his daughter as a bearer of holiness in mutilated state? It is hypocritical for him to be in a place where GOD is worshiped. Why should parents be obsessed to place the family uprightness and the country holiness in the mutilated sex organ of their girl child? After FGM is done, the girl child is highly esteemed and it is a demonic cover up of the plight of evils done. Can a girl child with stolen childhood and womanhood find love in her parents in subjecting her to unjust FGM?. It all boils down to social rottenness that requires Divine spiritual intervention. Clergy ought teach and preach the truth and hold parents accountable to irresponsible injustice committed against their daughter in FGM. It is awkward that laws are enacted to stop parents from performing FGM. Men and women of upright minds come together to stop atrocities done to a girls child by her very own parents, Un issue parents would have abandoned on learning the suffering girls go through in FGM and after FGM. Instead of her finding parental love and care, she is ushered into brutality against her very womanhood. FGM has been used as an instrument disciplined measure against women by sexually crippling them against perceived climes they have never committed. If FGM install holiness in women as paramount foundation for a holy life before marriage and in marriage, then there would never be any divorce in marriages where women have undergone FGM. This notion stipulates the mutilated sex organ of a woman as centre of holiness and un-institution of worship since in it mutilated state chastity can be delivered. It would mean men loosing self-holiness in God and having secondary holiness in God received from mutilated sex organ of a woman they’re by making the sex of a woman a centre of worship.

This is demonic way of thinking and practice in life. FGM has zero benefit for a man and a woman. FGM suppresses the libido for which can never be regained in marriage .She is not adventurous in sexual relationship and the man takes the marriage supper under dark rules set to hind her shortcoming in dreaded love affairs. She cannot be Eve in Garden of Eden for the man. The husband remains an instrument of torture in her married life. FGM increases incidences of caesarean and fistula complications at birth. Marital freedom is denied .It makes a woman a land without fence and a well without a cover. FGM opens without mercy hell on earth for a girl child which is a wakeup call for all brave and wise men to fight FGM. FGM belittle wisdom. It is a barbaric culture imposed on womanhood by parents and the society at large. Song of Solomon 4:12 It is evident FGM put God at faults for providing a girl child with an active sexual organ. They view the active sexual organ of a girl child in its Divine active state as evil and a source of immorality. Redemption and salvation for themselves is crafted by sexually crippling the girl child in FGM whereby they sacrifice the girl child sexual organ to Satan in the name of morality for God. Leviticus 19:28-29. By uplifting the sexual organ of a girl child as pillar of morality in defiled mutilated state shift the blame game to the sexual organ of a girl child as a source of immorality in a community hence all brutalities direct against the girl child in all forms of FGM. The blame game is directed against God for providing her with un active sexual organ thus they chop her sexual organ to their taste to make her a sexual mute. She live with stolen childhood and womanhood the lest of her lifetime.

This defeats any sense of humanity in them. It is cruelty on a girl child at alter of family and community social holiness from demonic world. FGM was authored in Egypt by Pharaoh as Satanic sacrifice to increase pain and wailing in childbirth as a satanic sacrifice. The fleshy sexual coals are excavated leaving her frigid and rocky thus denying her for live time Divine marital gift which she requires in marriage for a lively marital relationship with her husband. How stupid a man may be, by instinct a man will falter in search of the fleshy coals removed in FMG thus leaving him at moral loose for unfulfilled marital achievement. The fleshy coals are provided for the benefit of marriage life. 1Corithians7: 9. The fleshy coals help a woman in marriage to lock in emotionally with her husband in a cordial marital relationship. It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege and ready to sacrifice their daughters to FGM at demonic alter of cultures for community social acceptance but they are an eye sore before God for performing this type of prostitution. FGM is more of rottenness of mans’ morals as the head of the family. How would parents commit their daughters to FGM so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How could someone say it was done in honour of religion where God is mentioned and the clergy exist? How will girls ever be compensated after the evil trade of forced FGM is abandoned? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated sex organs remain and the wounded soul and spirit cry to God Almighty. Many parents are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of

Godly worship. Even from time of old women can perform all types of evils counting on their husbands’ support. Israelis women in the Bible told Jeremiah the Prophet that the sacrifices they offered to queen of heaven they did so with the support and knowledge of their husbands. Jeremiah 44:19 Even today women who force their daughters to undergo FGM count on their husbands full support. They confirm their husbands are part of Satanic sacrifice performed on their daughters in FGM when they disregard Godly advice and truth concerning FGM. It is the time parental love and care are non-existent as the girl child is raised on alter of Satan for FGM for demonic morality chastity with full parental honour and the pleas by young girls for justice fall to deaf ears. The coveted cultural benefits and rights in FGM are left with the parents as the girl child is merchandized at the altar of Satan leaving her empty handed bearing all adverse severe effects and defects in her body and spirit for a life time. For how long will parents hold this form of prostitution dear to their bosom for earthly respect, honour and social acceptance? Is it that before God our beloved parents are not aware they are in prostitution with their daughters in FGM or they are stiff necked? The earth is drenched in pollution with the innocent blood of young girls and the seed of terror of evils is planted and established.

Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of demonic cultures with love and care? FGM is in the bosoms of parents and the community at large. It all boils down to communities social rottenness. The battle fields of double faiths range in their hearts and they fail terribly to test of faith in God. GOD is not a respecter of persons and you cannot modify evils committed by parents to less evil to look upright. No form of FGM is acceptable. To think you can subject girls to less invasive form of FGM is spiritually not acceptable. Where Men circumcision involves removal of a fold of the fore skin, FGM involves massive dense muscles with high concentration of sensitive network of nerves and soft bone removal. Her bone is left in the air to dry like dead wood. This is not circumcision. It is Sexual excavation. Circumcision involves cutting round a fore skin in man. Which man would ever leave part of his bone cut to dry in the air like dead wood? After FGM there are no bows left for man to hold. Song of Solomon 7:8 .NO blood should be spilt in FGM.

Leviticus 19:28-29. God purposed a woman to enjoy sex in marriage. No human being should play God to her life. Song of Solomon 2:2-5. Sexual joy is Divine given to her and parents have no rights in sexually crippling her in FGM. Do not give parents a soft landing ground in their evils adventures by making them acceptable social criminals. The youths of today face great moral social battle against FGM which is a must win goal since they are blessed and enlightened with abundant interactive active knowledge concerning ills of FGM. They must not allow themselves to be engulfed in a cocoon of suffering.

FGM is a cultural faith moral issue. It is the deadly beastly yoke of Satan on womanhood. Satan activities have camouflaged themselves as Godly believers among believers telling them they assist them in holiness in FGM. FGM is the annual mass sacrifice done by parents to Satan for his glorification. In demonic world they claim FGM make a girl child clean but God says she defiled and made a prostitute sadly without her consent. Can parents take heed to Godly advice and do away with generation-to-generation prostitution in FGM? If we have to stop FGM it cannot be based only on negative side effects inherited by FGM. Since it is a faith issue one can decide to live bearing all sufferings that come with FGM? It is known even clinically trained personnel perform FGM with full background first-hand knowledge of all sufferings and shortcoming associated with FGM. They are well paid by those who hunger and thirst to satisfy they cultural based faith attachment in FGM even contrary to moral standards of Godly believers. When FGM is involved, God is of secondary important to them. It is the time Satan is Supreme in their lives when all demonic forces raise against the girl child. The clergy have more work to do in preaching having to bring parents and young men on board to the full knowledge of the Word of God. Young men know God told Moses in Spiritual language that FGM is a Satanic sacrifice for non believers hidden and preserved in parenthood for acceptance.

Leviticus 19:28-29. Young men if you are presented with a virgin sexually mutilated without the sparkle of love and a virgin who has her divine splendour of her sex organ intact, who would you choose a wife having stood the test of faith in Godly manner? The clergy cannot live as though no Satanic sacrifices are performed on the girl child in FGM. In FGM the marriage bed is defiled. Young men have full reality faith in Godly that you share a wife with Satan in FGM. You cannot serve God and demons together. The choice is in your heart. Choose wisely.

In Church of Christ, let fathers not exercise the terror of silence and stand up for the divine rights of their daughters in marriage. Parents owe their sons in laws lifetime gratitude for agreeing to marry their daughters whom they sexually assaulted and sexually crippled. God has never asked parents to sexually cripple their daughters so as to remain virgins and holly. Is holiness attained by sexually crippling a girl child acceptable to God’s purposes for her live destiny entity? No. There is holiness that pertains to children of God. FGM is direct assault and insult to her real womanhood. The sex organ of a girl child cannot be manipulated through sexual mutilations as a gateway for man to heaven. Parents owe their daughters a lifetime apology for their inhuman acts which robbed them their divine marital gifts. Parents who force their daughters to undergo FGM exercise the most Dignified Unreserved Beastly Cultural Atrocities on the girl child with man-child at the receiving end as beneficially. FGM remain the most horrible evil coveted by some parents with full support of some grandparents and aunts. Proverbs14:1-2.

A foolish woman destroys her own house with her own hands. Let parents face the truth and know they have evil thoughts against their girl child in FGM and they are terribly wrong .In the spirit world parents spy their daughters and are envious of their marital bed thus they raid the marriage court in FGM acts. They view their daughters as sexually wild and immoral children who have to be tamed to gain moral control over their bodies in FGM where God has never subjected mankind holiness under the Knife. But who is weak? Men or women. Is the immorality one sided based on women among themselves only? Is the girl child sexually immoral to herself? Who is fooling who? FGM is the highest unjust sacrifice involving blood, flesh and bone to Satan, which tie parents more to demonic world. In FGM, parents are a curse to a nation. In FGM parents’ craft and draw holiness for themselves and for the whole family together with the community from FGM thus they cleanse and protect themselves from immoralities in the blood of their daughters. The burden of family and the community holiness is pegged and delivered from the mutilated sex organ of a girl child .It is a demonic way of life. This pertain more to human sacrifice to Satan than many would like not to believe they are submerged in demonic practices.

It is hypocritical and mockery for parents in Church of Christ to spend their early marriage life in double standards life to perpetuate FGM and live in their twilight years as devoted loving caring parents having soiled their hands with the blood of their daughters in a well intended time staged managed shedding of blood and flesh of their daughters in FGM in early marriage life as she wade through the jungle of life for demonic chastity sacrifice acceptance . Parents pride themselves in FGM for tearing down the defense and fences of the marriage court a sacrifice to Satan. They do not pride and delight themselves in God. But GOD can never be mocked. Some men force their daughters to undergo FGM under their mothers’ pressure forgetting there are no curses for those in Christ Jesus. Galatians3:10-14, Proverb 26:1-2. It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege and ready to sacrifice their daughters to FGM at alter of demonic cultures for community social acceptance.FGM is the historical prostitution and plunder of womanhood bound in cultural respect and honour. Evil committed by parents cannot be justified by existent of time done or by existent of once faith to do it. Can a man kneel before God and support FGM. It is awkward to hear men say what is good for a woman and not say what God say is good for a woman and him. It seems some men want to craft a way of life from the sex organ of women for themselves in name of purity for God. When God told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to FGM in honour of the dead or have sex with them, He did not leave any form of FGM for a girl child. To suggest there can be mild form of FGM is not acceptable before God. Leviticus 19:28-29.

FGM is the annual mass satanic sacrifice done by parents. Once the blood of a girl child is shed in FGM the land is polluted and the country becomes full of all evils. If men have no respect for the complex delicate sex organ which is the sanctuary of marriage which their long for and deliver them to this world, how will they have mercy for one another even where they have common faith? When the earth is fully polluted in FGM, at a point in life ,men turn the country a slaughter house for one another and the communities at large. When the demonic world unleash calamities and atrocities on the community, images of suffering that draw waves of emotions and floods of tears are seen The seed of all evils is planted and watered by parents.FGM usher cerebration after the garden of love and joy defense and fences are scrapped out. Men can overturn the suffering girls go through in FGM over night when they are not habitually cheated on issues concerning FGM. They will take a firm stand knowing girls atrocities in FGM resulting in a flood gate of life of sufferings is not their joy and benefit by refusing sharing wives with Satan in FGM which rob her the coals of love.

Men must understand and know that FGM is a respected high order of satanic prostitution done by parents with honour when coals of love are sacrificed to Satan. No trade can exist without customers. When men have true caring love and holy concern for our beloved sisters, Satanic parental generations prostitution sacrifices in FGM will be an issue in the forgotten past. Men ought to know and understand that in FGM the devil has invaded the sanctuary of marriage and defiled the fountain. Let your fountain be blessed, cushy and the King of marriage is fully anointed. Let not your fountain be a fountain of terror and horror. Youth should enter marriage with their full bodies integrity intact as virgins of the Lord,1 Corinthians7:36. Which man would not like to have a happy and glorious wife beside him bound together in perfect true love? That bundle cannot be separated. Provebrs5:18-19. Men bear the automate change over. Amen.

How would parents commit their daughters to FGM so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How could someone say it was done in honour of religion where God is mentioned and the clergy exist? How will ever be girls compensated who are forced to FGM in their flower age after abandoning the evil trade? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated injured girls remain and the wounded souls and spirit cry to Almighty God. Many parents are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of Godly worship. Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of demonic cultures with love and care? FGM is in the bosoms of parents and the community at large. It all boils down to communities’ social rottenness. The battlefields of double faiths range in their hearts and they fail terribly to test of faith in God. Can parents be so cruel and evil minded to perform FGM in name of morality in GOD? FGM is the past generations form of prostitution on womanhood with respect, honour and rewards. Let us have fathers who can stand for God with their families when the lest rebel against God. Joshua 24:14-15.

The greatest force behind FGM are fathers and young men. It is heart breaking to hear women say if it were not of demands by fathers and young men behind the sin they will not do it. In FGM parents break the spiritual and physical integrity well being of their daughters. It is all known some men dare not speak against FGM for it propel them to political powers. The parents and the whole families political votes are dear to them thus they centre themselves us champion of FGM as a cultural heritage. Their political powers are fuelled by blood and flesh of young girls thus weakening laws passed to ban FGM. The young girls fate hang out of balance since she cannot count on rescue even from her dear brothers. Her fate is sealed by those who thirst and hunger for her flesh and blood for the injustice of the beloved parents is awful cruel. It is in the hour of need a father turns a cold shoulder to his girl child and commits her to Satan in FGM. The girl child lives with unresolved burning self reserved resentments against her parents but all they see is well to their eyes. The dark embarrassing day of losing her womanhood in FGM remains vivid to her mind. Parents will have their daughters physically but emotionally detached from them in their old age a dilemma and a surprise to them. Their silent heart acre of lack of mutual trust between their daughters will go down to their old age. A great social rift is emerging among the youth and old generation based on increased abundant interactive active knowledge on whole issues based on FGM with youth calling for social justice. Youths are on a race against time whether to subject their marriages to generations’ prostitution in FGM. Parents can socially lose their children in their old age with phenomenal of being neglected by their children becoming more apparent.

FGM condemns a girl child to a lifetime of sexual slavery. This is the misery bestowed upon her by her parents in honour of the dead. Parents pride themselves in FGM since they receive their communities’ social
recognitions and acceptance at a price of permanently sexually deforming their girls in FGM, which they can view in a mirror. Parents are in Sodom of their own even in places of worship.

Laws to ban FGM may not eliminate FGM since it can be done clinically at home. Parents require deliverance of their souls and spirit to God. In their liberated hearts they will not suffer any loose for abandoning FGM for their trust in God is paramount. God Himself told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to FGM in honor of the dead or have sex with them making them prostitutes. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is a Satanic sacrifice involving blood, soft bone and flesh and parents are more bonded to demonic world by sacrificing their girl child in FGM . The seed of evils is planted, watered and guarded by parents in joy. Let all Children of Abraham by faith face the full reality of the demands in their faith in God. God bless you all united against this demonic cultural practice called FGM, a hard nut to crack preserved and hidden in parenthood for acceptance. It is the time the promises in fgm die out and the demonic world open its’ gates wide for the girl child and closes its’ gates behind her back as she leaves the alter of Satan empty handed for the rest of her life time. Can the young men and girls muscle enough will power and do away with FGM forced down their lives by the old generation? Yes, they can since they are strong with an open mind. They have the divine provision of a happy marriage within their reach. Their marriage belong to them and not to their parents. Your obedience stays within the practices of Godly confined boundaries. God says you are strong and you can overcome the wicked one. 1 john2:14

In Church of Christ, men should stop counting their up hold to spiritual holiness in reverence to a defiled sexually mutilated sex organ of a woman. Some men say when women are sexually crippled, men and women remain faithful but to who? Which men are sexually crippled for women to remain holy? Is the sexual organ of a woman an institution of worship for men? GOD IS HOLLY. Men shouldn’t have defiled faith in God based on crippled sexual organ of a woman. Men should love God with a pure heart. The sexual organ of a woman is not a stay to his faith in his God. Should a man share a wife with the devil? FGM is ill tagged as a benefit to a man child by those who perpetuate this demonic sacrifice. Men who view their holiness in God through the mutilated sexual organ of a woman put their faith in God to demonic practices. FGM is a Satanic sacrifice imposed on womanhood by men behind the sin for selfish eroded gratification. Culturally women who had gone FGM as they passed child bearing age and hung up the ploughs, the old man would marry another young woman who had gone FGM referred to us the wife of his old age with desires to have children. No eyes blow were raised against her by the other wives since they understood their frigid sexual rocky morbid state. They were not a joy to have as wives in their old age . Love to them was like surgery awake and they acknowledged the sexually active state of their husband. It was a time their husband was like a sexual beast to them. They sexually off loaded themselves through the young wife of his old aged thus shifting the burden of the curse to the young woman. Parents who perform FGM are a curse to their children and the country not because they have pronounced a curse upon them but they are curse before God to their children and the country for the demonic act in fgm. Where uncircumcised woman is married to a polygamous marriage of circumcised women, they vehemently call for her circumcision since she is like a magnet to their husband. They need him less of her.

If a man has to be circumcised in the Church of Christ, he should join our sisters in spiritual circumcision for all that is salvation. Colossians 2: 8-12. Roman2:28-29. Can a wise man pride himself before God
counting the benefits of marrying a prostitute? In Church of Christ, only uncultured men in Godly practices, uncouth, no witty and demonic sadist will applaud sexual mutilation of young girls. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is the perennial curse for the girl child and the land. The land is polluted and all evils come to the nation. FGM defeat any Godly purpose for it . Can any clergy support FGM? Only those taught by apostles and ministers of Satan can support FGM. FGM exercise the most Dignified Unreserved Beastly Cultural Atrocities on womanhood, which is the deadly yoke of Satan hidden in parenthood for demonic chastity acceptance. Corinthians11:13-15. NO FGM WITH GOD. When faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be circumcised at 99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed
God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. It was a clear instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God instructions to the letter. GENESIS 17: 1-27.

Parents only way out of this demonic trap is to reconcile back to God together with their daughters by asking for unreserved forgiveness and get saved. Since in FGM the girl child is sacrificed in historical generation to generation prostitution and plunder on womanhood bound in cultural respect and honour for the man child evil conceived none existent concealed benefits, the man child ought to be brought in the front line to fights FGM empowered with full knowledge of all ills involved in FGM. The lifetime misery the girl child goes through in FGM is not a gift to a man-child. When the mind of the man-child is redeemed from FGM and fathers make a stand against the inherent morally disgusting and offensive FGM, it will be the natural death of FGM. Men have subjected women to cultural slavery and deprivation of marital joy in FGM as a precondition for love and marriage. This is a demonic and the most hypocritical selfish life style for a man. Men ought to inter marriage within divine order. FGM is a satanic sacrifice and no Christian should apply it in life. Christian should eliminate FGM with ability given to us by Christ our Lord and saviour. Come and be renewed at the throne of grace for Christ is full of love and mercy for your sanctification and redemption. The cradle of hope in Christ radiates the inner person who cannot be deformed. Let the abundant love of Christ prevail in your life. His unfailing grace is sufficient for your triumph future without compromise. The Church is cleansed and restored.

Love covers multitudes of sins and weakness. Jehovah God breaks the yoke of Satan in FGM at family pillars. GOD OUTLAWED FGM WHICH WAS FORBIDDEN AND WRITTEN IN SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE. Leviticus 19:28-29. The message is freely given purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.

By Br. Robert Munyui Kamunyu.


June 18, 2014

Reminding Dr.Baba Ceesay of Cairo Declaration and Rights to Freedom (Sura 3: Al-Imran: 79)

Author: Alagi Yorro Jallow

Author: Alagi Yorro Jallow

Yahya Jammeh's Dr of Islam

Yahya Jammeh’s Dr of Islam

By Alagi Yorro Jallow

Recent demagogic statements by Dr.Baba Ceesay, an Islamic Cleric in the Gambia, are not only extreme and vicious, but could incite violence in the country and endanger the lives of innocent Gambians. As such, real Muslim scholars must come forward now and refute his deceitfulness. Baba Ceesay must be countered, not by use of invective language and violence, but through a solid textual arguments and interpretations, based on the Qur’án and Hadith. Moderate Muslims scholars have a duty to challenge Dr Ceesay, expose his deception and point people to the truth.If our scholars can prove that Baba Ceesay’s hate-filled message is contrary to the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith, then his appeal, even among his followers, could be significantly undermined.

Dr Ceesay is Vice Chancellor of the new “President Yahya Jammeh Islamic University of the Gambia”, which is currently under construction in Banjulinding, Kombo North, West Coast Region. The Islamic University is being largely funded by World Islamic Heritage in Kuwait. In a controversial lecture, recently uploaded onto You Tube, on Ta’atul Amir (the rights of an Islamic leader), Dr Ceesay discussed at length, the position of Islam regarding leadership and their rights. Speaking in Mandinka, the Islamic cleric dilated on what he called the Islamic position on how Muslims should be following their leaders, in the context of Islam. In what many see as an attempt to appease President Jammeh, Dr. Baba Ceesay, in a clear language, pointed out that Islam does oppose democracy and that political opposition and demonstrations against leaders, are prohibited in Islam. He did not mince his words. It is legal in Islam to “kill” anyone attempting to destabilize a Muslim leader, so as to bring disunity in the country, he claimed. He then called upon Gambians to rally behind President Jammeh and get rid of the government’s opponents even if it meant killing them because that is what God has ordained.

Dr.Ceesay accords priority to rationalizing government repression and perpetuating traditional hierarchies in society. He clearly supports political repression in the Gambia and did not care about the fact that Gambians live under the tyranny of the Jammeh government whose human rights record range from “the mediocre to the atrocious”. Instead, he argued that democracy was incompatible and inimical to Islam. It is evident that Dr Ceesay subscribes to the “Islamic exceptionalism” thesis, when it comes to democracy. But Turkey and Indonesia are models of modern Islamic states that have continued to accommodate democratic political systems.

Therefore, let us no more hear about Islamic exceptionalism from Ceesay, as this argument does not hold water.

Whether Islam is compatible with democracy is a misleading question, Islam and democracy are two different entities although both cannot be divorced when dealing with politics in the Muslim world. If Islam does not teach either democracy or dictatorship clearly, Islamism is ready to impose ideological tenets upon Muslims (Al Makin 2011).

Islam like any other religion is an old system of belief: Democracy is a new advancement of modern political system. Each can complement the other although between the two can also occur for example the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights and Islam alternative version of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights. Evidence has shown that dictatorship is inherent in both Islamic history and text. Early Caliphs and later Caliphs in numerous Islamic dynasties ruled their people without democratic principles. They simply justified their absolute political power with religious dogma, ignoring the people’s voice. It is true that the Muslim world has provided more dictators than any other modern society ( Yogyakarta,2011).

In 1990 Muslim leaders convened in Cairo and produced an alternative Islamic version of human rights. This became known as the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights. All the countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference officially adopted it in 2000. The spirit of the Cairo Declaration is fundamentally different from that of the Universal Declaration. It firmly sets the Islamic understanding of human rights in terms of the Quran and of the Sharia. Human rights derive from the dignity conferred to Man by God’s ascription of vice-regency to Man, and Sharia is the fundamental basis for understanding and interpreting these rights (Cairo document,1990).

Dr. Baba Ceesay, in his statement, literally says that Islam opposes democracy and political parties, and that political movements and demonstrations are farfetched excuses. One could understand if Dr. Ceesay had opposed the United Nations’ Declaration on Human Rights adopted in 1948. That could make some sense because the possibility of an Islamic ‘exception’ to the evolving doctrine on human rights was hardly an issue. The entire effort paid lip service to the concerns and world views of other civilizations (Allawi,2009). But it is clear from his statement that he does not even accept the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which provides an overview of the Islamic perspective on human rights, and affirms Islamic Sharia as its source. The Cairo Declaration protects each individual from arbitrary arrest, torture, maltreatment, or indignity. It clearly does not condone abuse of power and authority, but Baba Ceesay does not buy into these things, and interestingly, he recites and quotes verses of the Quran and Hadiths to back his assertions. Yet the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam was adopted by members of the IOC, composed of eminent Islamic scholars, as an alternative to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.

Justice Brandei gave the principle its classic formulation: “that public discussion is a political duty, and should be a fundamental principle…..that order cannot be secured merely through fear of punishment for its infraction, that it is hazardous to discourage thought, hope and imagination, that fear breeds repression, that repression breeds hate, that hate menaces stable government, that the path of safety lies in the opportunity to discuss freely supposed grievances and proposed remedies, and that the fitting remedy for evil counsel is good one. Believing in the power of reason as applied through public discussion, they eschewed silence coerced by law- argument of force in its worst form. Recognizing the occasional tyrannies of governing majorities, they amended the Constitution so that free speech and assembly should be guaranteed.”

Are human rights an essentially Western construct? There is little doubt that the idea of human rights can be traced both to the Quran and Biblical sources and to the notion of natural law which would be separate from divine revelation. “The Bible talks about Man being created in the image of God, and St. Paul’s letters emphasize the equality of mankind in Christ. The natural law tradition goes back to the ancient Greeks, through the idea that human beings are endowed with inalienable rights which derive from an unwritten law or a higher principle. Then there is the Protestant Reformation, which asserted individual conscience as the foundation for an authentic faith. English common law and its concern with inheritable rights is another noted source for the ideal of human rights. The privileging of the individual over the collective is a common theme in these traditions of human rights, and it underpins the Universal Declaration”( p.190). Its preamble is replete with words such as “inalienable” and “inherent”. The French Revolution’s Declaration of the Rights of Man, the Magna Carta, writs of habeas corpus, Christian theology, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights –all have been utilized as sources for modern human rights. So in a sense human rights are indeed a product of human decency and human tradition.

“Human rights and their universal application are rightly seen as a defining challenge to the principles of Islamic life and civilization. The issue is now highly politicized, especially with the rise of Islam phobia all over the world with the imposition of Sharia and the war on terror, which wittingly or otherwise has conflated the notion of ‘Islam with violence’ in the minds of millions of people. “Human rights have become an either/or issue: either Islam accepts the universality of the rights embodied in the UN Declaration and subordinates its own ethical foundations to it, or it opts out and charts its own way of formalizing human rights in Islam”(Allawi,2009). Although the authors of the Cairo Declaration may not have realized it at the time, the formulation used in the document was very much derived from modern preconception, garbed in the language of Sharia. Rights in Islam had previously been formulated in terms of duties and obligations of people to each other: to those in authority over them, to those subordinate to them, and, above all, to God.

Whatever rights human beings have are thus the outcome of individuals and societies fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to each other. There are few rights which are explicitly recognized as such in the Quran – parental rights over children, for example, but most rights are in the nature of obligations. The rights of God over Man are met through acts of worship and devotion (Cairo, 1990) . The right to work exists because human beings have a duty to work and strive to improve their lot; the right to free expression exists because man has a duty to seek the truth and its fulfillment. Even in matters which are not on the surface contentious- such as the right to justice- the right arises in consequence of the fact that others, the state, the judiciary, or those in power- have not fulfilled their duty to provide or dispense justice.

What are the real challenges and significance of the Cairo Declaration? The declaration decries genocide, but several of the OIC member countries massacred and terrorized their populations. Article 3 of the Cairo Declaration, which sets the principles of warfare, has been flagrantly ignored in most of the wars involving OIC member countries, for example in the Somali, Syrian and Afghan civil wars and in the South of the Sudan. Articles dealing with torture and the inviolability of the individual are routinely ignored when Muslim states feel under threat. The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians by the state security apparatus in the Gambia in April 2000, resulting in the massacre of students is a case in point, as are the measures deployed by the Egyptian government to combat militant Islamism. Article 20 bans torture and arrest without due cause and process, but torture and abuse of prisoners are common practice in the authoritarian states of the OIC, which includes nearly all the Arab countries and sub-Saharan Muslim countries. Article 6 guarantees the dignity of womankind, only to see its stipulations flouted by innumerable cases where women have been treated in a degrading and cruel manner on account of local tribal or social customs. Article 7 guarantees the rights of children (Cairo declaration). Yet ’Almudoo,’ abused, abandoned and mistreated children –let alone the widespread use of child labor – are a common feature of Muslim countries. Article 8 guarantees the right to justice. However, Muslim countries have probably some of the worst judicial systems, where corrupt judges, overloaded courts, and cumbersome and unfathomable legal systems conspire to undermine one of Islamic civilization’s key props: the delivery of fair and speedy justice by incorruptible judges with real authority. The list goes on. Nearly every aspect of the Cairo Declaration is discounted in practice, there is no effective mechanism, either governmental or that generated by civil society networks, to monitor and ensure compliance with its terms.

Islam not only respects but also demands freedom of expression. “The Quranic injunction to ‘enjoin the good and shun the evil’ is impossible to act upon if human beings are not allowed to speak and act freely. But the concept of hisbah, which embodies this injunction, has been perverted over time. In an erudite and comprehensive work, Freedom of Expression in Islam, the Afghan scholar Muhammad Hashim Kamali sets out specific principles from which an entire doctrine of free speech can be derived”(Kamali,1988). These principles are derived from the fact that many actions which are deemed praiseworthy in Islam can only be undertaken if one has the ability to express oneself freely. These include the proffering of sincere advice (Nasihah), the need to consult (shura), personal reasoning, the freedom to criticize, the freedom to express an opinion, the freedom of association, and the freedom of religion. These rights are not absolute. They are constrained both morally and legally. The moral constraints on freedom of expression are found in all the great religions. They are built-in safeguards that prevent injustice, abuse and strife. Islamic literature is full of irreverent and satirical poets, who caricatured rulers and the high and mighty (Kamali,1988).

Speech or action which encourages fitna (sedition and conspiracy) against legally constituted authority is a punishable offence. It would be no different from sanctioning those who conspire to overturn or undermine the legal order in any democratic state. The modern Muslim state has ignored the wide latitude given in Islam to exercise freedom of expression. But this has more to do with the structures of authoritarian states and governments than with Islam as such. Most Muslim governments attained power in a way which the Sharia would condemn: military coup d’état or assassinations and killings. Most of the world sees Muslims and Muslim rulers who flagrantly violate universal standards of human rights and freedoms, but does not pause to consider whether these violations are in any way allowed or tolerated by Islam. It is automatically assumed that because they are perpetrated by Muslim dictators they must have the sanction of the religion in whose names these violations are often committed or justified. But those who denigrate Islam’s commitment to freedom of expression appear to have a strong case in the very special and limited issue of the Islamic position on apostasy and blasphemy (p.203). This is typical of the clash between the values of a secular modernity and a religiously inspired world, one which has been relegated to the past in most liberal democracies.

The defense of an Islamic norm for human rights is often hypocritical. The rhetoric of an Islamic basis for human rights frequently camouflages a cavalier disregard for every Islamic value that the countries in question purport to promote. Muslims’ confidence in their own capacity to address the issue of human rights would be immeasurably boosted if the human rights record of the Islamic world were to live up to Islam’s own codes of practice (p.196). It is hopeless for Muslim countries to rail against a Western conspiracy to undermine Islam by imposing Western standards of human rights, if the human rights record in Muslim countries is dreadful. Muslims must denounce abuses, demand the abandonment of unacceptable conduct, and confront governments with their human rights record-framed, where possible, within the ethical norms of Islam. Islamic scholars will then find it more difficult to disguise their abusive behavior by using cultural norms or traditional customs as their justification; they will be unable to reject criticism with a blanket condemnation of human rights codes as Western invention.

A valid and effective Islamic version of human rights would not only serve the interest of Muslims, but might introduce a needed balance to the global human rights movement as well.


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March 8, 2014
The Late Karang Mbemba

The Late Karang Mbemba

“INNA LILLAH WA INNA ELAIHI RADHIOUN” Kibaaro News hereby announced the sudden death of the Caliph General of Jarra Barrow Kunda; Suwareh Kunda. Grand Marabout Alagie Karang Mbemba Suwareh (Commonly known as Karangba Suwareh). This sad event took place on Thursday 6th March 2014 at Jarra Soma. The Grand Marabout died after a brief illness and was buried on Friday 7th March 2014. His burial was attended by thousands of his Talibeh, relatives and well-wishers.

Karang MBEMBA was the fifth son of late Islamist WALIEU Karang ALIEU SUWAREH who first settled in Jarra Barrow Kunda in the early 1900s with huge Talibeh following. He was blessed with 12 sons and many daughters. Since their settlement, the family prospered with huge Islamic Dawah and teachings of thousands of Talibeh throughout West Africa. After Karang Alieu’s demised, his eldest son Karang MADI HAWA SUWAREH (Called TAMFA) took over the Caliphate and it was during Karang Madi Hawa’s caliphate, the Town of Jarra Barrow Kunda really boomed with Talibeh everywhere. He died in the 1980s and Karang ALHAGIE SEEDIA SUWAREH succeeded him but he also died few years after in the early.  Even before Karang Seedia died, his young brother who was next to succeeding him, AlHAGIE SAIKOU SUWAREH (Called Saikou Jan-ngo “Tall Saikou”) died before him. That was why after Karang Sedia died, the Caliphate was taken over by Karang AlHAGIE SUWAREHBA SUWAREH, who was then inline. He died in 2000.

It was when the late Karang Mbemba took over from 2000 to 2014. Exactly 10 years as Caliph General. Karang Mbemba was known for his charismatic friendliness and everyone loves him. He welcomed even the kids into his chambers and people are always seen around him. He promoted the teachings of Islamic studies and respect for all. He would be greatly missed.

The next in line to become caliph is ALHAGIE KARANG NFANSUMANA SUWAREH a younger brother.

The sad news is extended to all Jahankahs in Gambia, Senegal Guinea Bissau, and entire Muslim Ummah, Talibehs and all who knew him around the world. May his gentle soul rest in the best of Jannahs. Amen!


March 3, 2014
Minister, Fatou Lamin Faye

Minister, Fatou Lamin Faye

Students attending a class

Students attending a class

The Minister

Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education

Willy Thorpe Building


The Principal

Deeper Life Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School

Dear Honourable Minister and Principal,


I write to you jointly as I believe my request requires urgent action from both of you. I am driven and motivated by genuine concerns as a father to solicit your intervention as per captioned. My children and that of others continued to be stranded at home for more than a week as the gates of their schools remain closed. Albeit I was not asked by any of the hundreds of parents who continually wait in limbo to see what the future holds for their children’s education, I have no iota of doubt that my concerns and fears echo theirs too.

I understood that the Ministry of Education closed Deeper Life schools due to lack of compliance. Common sense teaches that for any business to prosper and realise its goals, it must operate within the ambits of law-a private school is no exception.

True, the Principal, according to the information I gathered, was repeatedly warned and requested by the ministry to roll up his sleeve to comply with government and the Ministry’s regulations and requirements. What actually led to the unceremonious closure of the schools was the failure of the Principal to permit the teaching of religious education particularly Islamic studies. This regulation has been around for as long as I can remember as a little boy. As a child, I went to Catholic schools and I had the benefit of been taught my religion despite the fact that the schools were largely financed by Catholic Mission. Coming from a village, I have seen what this single law had done to change provincial Gambians perception of education. Parents who were initially suspicious and reluctant to send their kids to ‘’the white man’s school’’ began allowing them to be educated in “the White man schools” because it availed them the opportunity of learning Islam. Granted that it is now in history, I wonder if there is any parent in the Gambia today whose choice of sending his/her child to school is motivated by the fact that they can learn Islam in school or by the quality of Islamic teaching in the school. Suffice it to say, parents make other arrangements to compliment efforts of formal schools to augment the religious education of their children.

Mr Principal, four children from my family are going to your school. We believed making that choice for our children was one of the best we did for them. Their performance is very good and we appreciate the quality of teaching in your school. However, if you are guilty as charged that you stubbornly refused to comply with the Ministry’s regulation, you not only let your students and their parents down but also tarnished the teaching profession. Furthermore, you have not made any attempt to engage parents and inform them of the issues surrounding your schools closure or better still what steps have you taken to resolve the dilemma.

It is gratifying to note my position here is to neither apportion blame nor articulate for the teaching of Islam in schools but to find an amicable solution which foster the interest of the innocent students caught up in the crossfire.

Honourable Minister, I am a strong believer of just and fair crises management. I agreed that Deeper Life administration/management deserves to be punished for lack of compliance; however, I have reservation on the choice of punishment and its timing in particular.  As a parent, I feel the closure of the school punishes the students instead of its administration. A school fails to comply with a law/standard for over a decade and as a punishment the kids get denied their education. I am aware that this may not have been the intention but the consequence is so obvious that it could not have been missed when the decision was made.

The schools have been closed for over a week and to this day I am not aware that the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education have made any attempt to help place the children in other schools. I am rather confused and appalled by this miscalculated decision on your part as a Ministry. On the one hand, the Ministry cares about the children’s Islamic education so much  that you have to close the school for its failure to comply with regulation while on the other you failed short in providing the same children you so much care about means to continue their education without hitch. Efforts should be made to place these innocent children in other schools to continue their education until a viable and permanent solution is reached between you and the school administration.

It is my fervent believe that you are alert and conscious of the fact that some of the children that are currently deprived from going to school are sitting to Grade 9 exams in just about three months’ time – my child being one of them. While I have not consulted any parent in my shoes before writing this, I am sure each of them is extremely anxious with the passing of each day that their child is missing classes as their exams draw closer.

I, therefore, urge both of you to do your part to urgently open the gates of the schools so that the children of our nation can get back to the classroom. We need full and immediate commitment from Deeper Life and the Ministry to allow the school to reopen immediately. As a Gambian parent, I would find it a lot more acceptable if the final warning was given to the school at the end of an academic year and parents informed that the school will not be allowed to operate after the summer while it remains noncompliant.

The current situation is grossly unacceptable and requires immediate remedy! It is not the enforcement of compliance that I have an issue with but the way the crisis has been handled. The ministry has a duty to enforce compliance…. However, it is fair for any Gambian parent and child to expect that in enforcing that compliance every step is taken to ensure that the education of tomorrow’s leaders is not compromised by those of today.

While counting on your immediate and amicable resolution of this disturbing circumstance, please accept my highest consideration.

Yours truly,

Momodou P Bah

Religious Leaders Sensitised On FGM

February 28, 2014
Gambian Religious Leaders meeting with Gamcotrap

Gambian Religious Leaders meeting with Gamcotrap

The global campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation “FGM” has been going on for three decades and it is all geared towards raising awareness about the harmful effects and practice on innocent girls and women.

In the Gambia despite all the conventions signed and policies in place to protect women and girl-children, the debate has been dominated by misconceptions about FGM and Religion, resulting to communities subjecting their children to FGM. However, over the years through awareness creation, 900 communities and 128 circumcisers have been empowered to protect girls from this harmful traditional practice which affects the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls as well as undermines the dignity of women. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a violation of human rights and a form of violence against women and girls.

The convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) called on state parties to eliminate such a harmful traditional practices. The African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa, explicitly calls on states to prohibit and condemn FGM through awareness creation and enacting of laws in order to eliminate the practice. The Gambia has ratified these treaties over the years, members of relevant ministries, parliamentarians and civil society actors have dedicated attention to discussions on measures to be undertaken to fulfil these obligations. “The advocacy and social mobilisation of the population has been very effective and we are seeing phenomenal changes in perceptions and families protecting their children against such practices” the released stated.

The released indicates that effective national legislation is a vital component of efforts to accelerate the elimination of FGM. The enactment and implementation of legislation against FGM demonstrates a formal, explicit and lasting commitment by public authorities to turning the tide of social norms that perpetuate the practice and are detrimental to women and girls.  Furthermore, the law can also provide the legal tools to legitimise and facilitate the work of anti-FGM activists and women’s right groups, and to protect women and girls willing to challenge the social convention by refusing to undergo FGM.  Conversely, an absence of legislation contributes to the perception of FGM as “acceptable” and further exposes girls and women to the high risk of FGM weakens the legitimacy and impact of government’s policies.

It is observed that achieving substantive equality for the girl-child and creating a protective environment with regards to certain HTPs and shrouded in religious misconceptions making the debate difficult for anti-FGM advocates. FGM has been wrongly associated with Islam in the Gambia and this misconception is strongly held by some religious scholars who have used their privilege positions to influence the debate negatively and sending the wrong signals that undermines government efforts. The legislators hide behind these misconceptions reneging their constitutional responsibility to women in the Gambia. In the light of the great progress registered over the years it is always a suggestion from communities that GAMCOTRAP should invite other Muslim countries to share their knowledge on FGM and Islam.

To further these developments, Save The Children and the Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP) will organize a two day National Dialogue Workshop from the 27-28 February 2014 bringing together religious scholars and academics from Mauritania, Senegal and La Guinea to The Gambia.

At the national level,  representatives of Imams and Religious Scholars from different regions, The supreme Islam Council, Chiefs, women and youth leaders, relevant government ministries and the coalition of NGOs against FGM to engage in dialogue regarding the religious perspectives on FGM and Islam. The workshop on knowledge-sharing is intended to address misconceptions about Islam and FGM and the need to facilitate for enactment of national legislation, and to encourage wider knowledge sharing and discussions among religious scholars and all the relevant stakeholders.

The Gambia has ratified almost all the international and regional conventions/instruments regarding women and children’s rights thus showing the political will and commitment to advance the strategic interest and human rights of women and girl-children.

Thus the environment is positive for reform of laws or enactment of new laws to protect women and girl-children from harmful traditional practices that are inimical to their health and wellbeing. Currently the Children’s Act 2005 and other new laws promoting women’s rights are in place but do not specifically prohibit FGM because of the lack of a clear religious position on FGM, thus allowing innocent girls and women to be abused in the name of culture and religion.

It is expected that after a constructive debate, and sensitisation on the effects of FGM on women and children’s sexual and reproductive health rights, religious leaders will come to consensus that FGM is not a religious obligation, government will pass a specific law to protect girls from FGM and empower more people to protect girls.

Founded in 1984, The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP) is one of the leading Women’s Rights NGOs in The Gambia, focusing its work on the rights of women and children with a particular campaign against harmful traditional practices affecting the health of women and children, especially FGM and child marriage.  Among the activities undertaken has been the organisation of training workshops on the rights of the child and on sexual and reproductive health for the policy makers, different target groups as well as other advocacy aimed at the full ratification of the various relevant international human rights treaties and their subsequent implementation. The organisation has engaged in grassroots activism to end HTP in particular FGM.

Save the Children (SC) Female Genital Mutilation Program works towards a political, legal and social environment that challenges attitudes and behaviours on FGM and promotes its elimination, in the context of the promotion and protection of the rights of children. Over the years, SC has supported local initiatives all over the world and organised numerous conferences, seminars and workshops aimed at raising awareness and stimulating political commitment within institutions and among decision makers and politicians. Similarly, community and opinion leaders able to influence and promote policy-making and legislation, fostering trans-national and regional cooperation and coordination, as positive and lasting tools for social change, in order to help to turn the tide of social norms against FGM as well as create a protective environment for children. Save the Children has over the years committed both financial and technical support to promote the rights of children and influencing child friendly policies.