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Bertil Harding Highway 


Kanifing Municipality

The Gambia

Monday, 2nd October 2017

The Founding Board of Change Agents The Gambia (CAG) announces the formation of Change Agents The Gambia.


Our mission is to work as agents of change, to cause a greater and more informed participation of all people in civic matters and to promote democracy and youth development.

We seek to do this through civic education, civic action, training and mentoring.


We are guided by a vision of The Gambia where:


  • Citizens make informed decisions, to elect political leaders, not on the basis of tribe, religion, gender or other discriminatory basis, but on the basis of competence and integrity.
  • The rights and freedoms of peoples are respected and upheld and people speak out against injustice.
  • Political leaders and representatives and public servants are held accountable.
  • Laws, policies and decision of political leaders and Government officials are transparent, free from bias and promote the common good.
  • Our diverse people live in peace, unity and mutual respect, working together towards a better life for all.
  • The Gambia plays her rightful role within regional and global communities and collaborates meaningfully with her development partners.



As Change Agents, we believe in:


1 Accountability We are servant leaders. We believe that to lead is to serve and to serve is to be accountable. We will hold ourselves, our leaders, and all others accountable.
2 Brotherhood United by our belief in the brotherhood of man, and the legacy we seek to leave in common to future generations, we cherish our diversity,  will work for the good of all, and treat one another with respect  and courtesy.
3 Equality


We believe in equal opportunity and equal treatment of all people. We reject discrimination on any basis.
4 Justice and Human Rights We believe in the fundamental human rights and liberties and in justice. In our quest for peace and prosperity, we strive to stand up for what is right, seeking justice and fair treatment for all, in the firm belief that without justice there can be no peace.
5 Integrity We believe in honesty, fair play and trustworthiness. We will not put our individual interest above the common interest and will strive to be free from conflicts of interest.
6 Excellence We believe in excellence. We strive to continually improve our skills and competencies. We will be disciplined and diligent in all we do.
7 Humility We recognise that people are differently gifted. We will develop and use our God-given talents for the good of all. We will also recognise and value the talents of others, encouraging them to develop and use those talents for the common good so that in union we may build a prosperous nation.


The Gambia is a constitutional democracy. It operates under a constitution which limits the powers of government and guarantees fundamental rights to all people. The fundamental elements of constitutional government are majority rule, individual and minority rights, and the rule of law. The founding board of directors firmly believes that civic education, coupled with the crucial empowerment of our youth, by arming them with the competencies they need to be productive members of society and tomorrow’s leaders, will greatly enhance the democratisation process and contribute to national development.

Founding Members of the Board of Directors


  1. Mr. Philip Saine – Chairperson
  2. Rev. Fr. Peter Lopez – Vice Chairperson
  3. Yadi Njie Eribo
  4. Pastor John Njie
  5. Anna Jones
  6. Imam Baba Leigh
  7. Mr. Harona Drammeh
  8. Mr. Gaye Sowe
  9. Margaret Keita – Founder and Executive Director


Margaret Keita

Founder and Executive Director