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  1. Idirisa says:

    Well done Bamba Mass! Well done Musa Saidykhan and Well done Kibaroo News. Your selfless efforts will never go in vain. Bamba I am proud of you and even Ba Kemba and Mba Satou will all be very proud of you.

    There are many online Gambian newspapers and radio stations operating in the diaspora with the unified focus of bringing to light the malpractices and the injustices perpetrated against hardworking and honest Gambians by the Jammeh administration. There is one silver lining between Kibaaro and the rest….Facts sustained on substantiated and undeniable evidence….as opposed to wishful thinking, uncorroborated evidence and relentless witch hunting that aims to nail down innocent men and women in and around the Jammeh administration.
    The focus is Jammeh and he alone. He is the nation’s HIV whereas the ministers and top officials in his government are the opportunistic infections. Attacking the these officials will not amount to much as long as Jammeh remains firmly anchored as the president of the republic where mediocrity and failure are richly rewarded, where hard work is compensated with humiliation and sacking, where nepotism outweighs equal opportunity, where immoral behaviour supersedes ethics and conscience, where integrity is swapped with fraudulent misrepresentation, where hypocrisy triumphs over truth and where strategy is replaced with free wheeling opportunism (or do nothing strategy)

    Your are real time professionals no matter how much battering you took from the dictator and his men, you always maintained a balanced reporting system based on substantiated facts. This is what makes you different, don’t take it for granted. Keep it up and it is part of Jihad and you shall be rewarded by Allah. Fear none but him.

    Intensify your investigations, keep up the momentum and freedom that you have long been fighting for is on its way. Fight for freedom, salvation and free us from bondage and the disgusting pangs of abject poverty brought upon us by the Jammeh Administration. Well done! May Allah support your aspirations for better live both here and hereafter. Maintain the steam and no let up. Well done.

    • bambamass says:

      Thank you,
      Sometimes in live sacrifices have to be made for progresses to be achieved. I feel I should do something positive for my country. You can do the same. You see Man is his own friend and enemy so we urge all of us to come out of our shells and confront this tyrant before many are victimized.
      Once again Kibaaro News is happy when you send your comments to us for knowing how you feel makes us a better informers.

  2. Faburama Sisay says:

    Not all of us can attent the demostration schedule for tommorrow because some of us are lately inform and we live 100s of miles away from London. Is there any alternative way of contributing to this very worthy course.

  3. Henry Jobs says:

    Kibaaro!! I must admit that your website is incomparable to any other, I like the balance news but most of all, I like the diversity of the programs on your radio and today I really liked Landing Kintehba..It was really excellent and it was ages since I heard him when I was a young boy in Gambia..Keep it up Kibaaro!!!

  4. Henry Jobs says:

    I am really interested in getting a soft copy of Landing kintehba. Is it possible to send to my email.I will be extremely grateful to Kibaaro!!!

  5. MAWUSI says:

    Dear Yanks,
    please I’m writing from Ghana and I really want to talk to you about an urgent issue.I will be expecting your mail. Thanks

  6. Balla Wally says:

    Would you guys be interest offering us a column on your News site.We will be focusing on Nation Building, current issue affecting our future leader(kids)

  7. Kanja Sanneh says:

    My condolence goes to the entire Gambian population as Shyngle lived and died for all. May his soul rest n Perfect Peace. I don’t know Mr. Nyassi in person but I am extremely touched and unhappy after hearing his death.

    Death is a necessary end that does not differentiate between individuals, groups or political parties,and therefore everyone must remember that today is Nyassi and tomorrow it could be any other person.

    May Allah reward him a perfect place in Haven alongside the faithful.

    I pray for his family and loved ones especially his party members for good health and long life.

    Kanja Sanneh

  8. Jula Dabo says:

    Pa Modou Bojang,this is Jato. I would like to have your contact so we can talk about the origin of Bojangs in Brikama because if you people come from Asombi Bojang then you are just a very recent I guess the founders of Brikama are Darbo Jula.You can reach me on 0754 683 1010.

  9. Aib Jobe says:

    I am pleased about Kibaro carrying News in Jola among others.This is an excellent move and hope other online papers follow suit.The Gambia belongs to us all,and this is particularly poignant as the Jola(as represented by Jammeh as President)are sometimes perceived as part of the Gambian problem.This is a Myth,as they are carrying the brunt of Jammeh’s misrule just as much as all others.I hope Kibaro liaises with the new Radio outlet soon to come on air from Senegal ,whose broadcast will reach Gambia…..

  10. KEEKENDO says:

    Hello Mr Editor,

    Please allow me space in your readable and touching paper to pass this message to the Gambian people and the world at large. Am someone living in the Gambia and a real Nuiminka and would like to call on all those who believe in change and against tyranny to double up and save the integrity of the nation from sinking. When I first heard of your online paper from people and what they say and talk about your paper I was very worried and upset of news that I hear, but I attest to this today that you have created and avenue and space for dialogue and to keep the Gambian people informed.

    Bravo to you and continue to keep the Gambian people informed and aware of what is going on.It sucks that we are living in fear and have no freedom to express our grievances. The ones that should help us, the military don’t trust each other. Jammeh created a mistrust among the soldiers that are here. The ones that want to topple him trust none to talk neither are they planning to create a group that can overthrow him. A lone soldier cannot bring down Jammeh. Those that try to topple him gets the worst treatment from him.
    The Ndure Cham/Ebou Lowe case is no exception, we all knew how or what happen to the inmates like Daba and co. They were mercilessly massacred. I know not many that escaped his wrath from this excepting too Ebrima Darboe(to my knowledge) as he did abscond and out of the country before he could have been arrested. He is one of the marabouts being named by culprits. This Darboe i heard is also in Sweden. Sweden is a safe heaven that opens it’s doors to anyone that’s being oppressed or in fear of his/life from tyrants like Jammeh. Then return of this Darboe means a death sentence for him as all his comrades are brutally murdered.

    The issue of Soul Ndow and Mahawa Cham is another issue. Reading what Soul Ndow’s daughter wrote asking for the whereabouts of his father who was recently captured by the rebels of cassamance and handed over to the tyrant is a big worrie to me and his colleagues who knew his worth and good stands for them. As I flee the ferries to Banjul a lot of time I always wonder and ask if I have a look at the state house and ask myself when is this demon going to leave. Please fellow Gambians I ask for the unity of all of us not on the basis of politic or tribalism which the tyrant is trying to show in our mother land to separate us but we all to atand as one Gambian people to save our mother land.

    Long live the Gambia and long live the struggle. May the almighty god help us bring peace in the soonest and fastest possible time.

  11. Saul Badjie says:

    Hello Bamba,

    I’m a teacher at Huron Academy in Sterling Heights MI and my principal has offered to donate more than 500 text books ranging from Science to Social Studies at different elementary school grade levels for students in Gambia. We will be contacting the Gambian Embassy in DC to begin a partnership of support and the books will be directed to the students of Busura Elementary School in Kombo Busura. It is where I went to school as a young man. Providing these students with the tools they need to succeed is a fundamental responsibility to every parent. I would like to include your online paper for that press release sometime next week. Please feel free to contact me at (248) 376-1069 for details.

  12. Beatrice Gomez says:

    Dear Editor,

    Grateful if you could kindly publish this piece in your ON Line Paper.

    Thank you.


    Our present struggle to liberate our motherland, The Gambia, from the YahyaJammeh dictatorship and gross abuse of human rights and political freedom manifestsitsef in different forms and levels. Many of us are involved in different ways and recognition must be made of those who have contributed immensely or are still contributing to the Gambian struggle. Lest one forget also not to lose sight of those Gambians, both at home and in the Diaspora, for posterity to take account of their relentless sacrifices.
    Let it be remembered that the struggle to oust DictatorYahyaJammeh is not limited to the Diaspora alone.It goes back to November 1994 when a group of army officers led by Lieutenant Barrow and Dot Faal, felt that the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) had betrayed the 22nd July ideals (soldiers with a difference, for accountability, transparency and probity) and mounted the abortive Coup D’état of November 1994.
    Subsequent developments and activities relating to the struggle have now saturated to the point of the Diaspora involvement, thus a new level of the struggle. Invariably, the struggle can be categorised into three main actors:
    • Silent voices- those committed within but never heard
    • Vocal voices- those committed or otherwise, heard over radio or in writings.
    • Activists – committed in action, in deed or otherwise.
    In no particular order or significance, I shall attempt to identify notable actors in our struggle who cannot be ignored as of now. Perhaps recognising these gallant Gambians will serve to encourage other Gambians to join in the struggle and also to bolster the efforts of those already involved for them to know that history is behind them.
    1. Lieutenant Barrow, Dot Faal and November 1994 coup plotters. Their abortive coup was the first move to oust the YahaJammeh regime. Perhaps being soldiers, they knew YahyaJammeh better than before the public came to know the real face of YahyaJammeh.
    2. On Line Newspapers, Notably Pa NderryMbai, EssaBokarrSey and BabaaAidara. On line papers include, Hello,, The Gambia,,,,,, and lesser ones (Future of Gambia, What is on Gambia. Wa Banjul, and those not to my knowledge).

    Their contribution in awakening the Gambian public, exposing and weakening the Jammeh regime has been exceptional. They have made an unforgettable impact to the struggle.
    3. Mr Musa Sarr, first person and former soldier to my knowledge, to bell the cat over Freedom Radio on the atrocities of YahyaJammeh.Musa risked his live as an exile in Dakar and yet without any source of income but digging wells, decided to speak out against the Jammeh atrocities.
    4. Army Officer Bai Lowe who followed suit with devastating account of the horrendous atrocities of Jammeh, including killing of DeydaHydara, abductions and other killings. Bai was the first eye witness to speak out in unparalleled proportions.
    5. Account by Sgt.AlhagieCham Joof, alias Sir Jackal, an escapee of the November 1994 Coup and his startling account of their threesome (Joof, L.F Jammeh and Lieutenant AlieuBah ) daring attack on the Kartong Barracks to take State House. (appeared in The Gambia Echo on line paper of 10th July 2013.)b
    6. Account of Sheriff Guissay who also spoke over Freedom Radio on the Jammeh atrocities.
    7. Religious leaders such as Ba KawsuCamara and Imam Baba Leigh who spoke out against Jammeh government.
    8. University of The Gambia academic Gumbo Touray, who stood against corruption, nepotism, and abuse of resources in our national university was castigated and bogusly taken to court for only telling the truth.Touray stood in defiance against Jammeh who is seen to be protecting a corrupt Vice Chancellor MuhammadouKah, Gumbo is now exiled in Germany.
    9. Credible opposition parties in The Gambia and their leadership and followers who stood the test of times even though political achievements are minimal. These would include PDOIS,UDP,PPP but exclude NRP Amat Bah and Lamin Waa Juwara,regarded as traitors and GMC of Mai Fatty noted in absentia with no political significance but opportunism.
    10. Veteran Gambian academic, Prof. Abdoulaye Saine of Miami University, Ohio, published many books and articles on the Gambia. Had openly condemned YahyaJammeh’sCoup and had constantly been defiant to Jammeh’s rule.
    11. DUGA activists who stormed The Gambian Embassy in Washington namely, OusainouMbenga, SohnaSallah and Pa Samba Jaw. Not forgetting comrade FalaiBaldeh who took Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Tangara in combat.
    12. Activists who stormed the Gambian Embassy in London, UK, about 2012 including notable activists Ms TukuJallow.
    13. BB Dabo of UK and members of Campaign for Democratic Change Gambia,UK Group including Bamba Mass, Seedy Ceesay,AmadouCeesay in Scotland, etc.
    14. Veteran political activist in the UK, Mr Abdoulie Jobe. A long time and lifetime activist for progressive change in the Gambia.
    15. Journalist who had planned demonstration in The Gambia against the 9 executions including,AbubacarrSaidykhan and Baboucarr Ceesay. Others journalists abducted
    or killed including DeydaHydara, Chief Manneh,etc. Also arrested recently, January 2014, are two journalists of the VOICE Newspaper, The Gambia.
    16. The 14 students killed during student demonstrations on April 10th 2000 and journalist Omar Barrow who was killed with them.
    17. Activists in Dakar, Senegal including BubaBaldeh, businessmanDodou Jobe, journalist Musa Saidykhan, etc and Senegalese sympathisers including Alieu Tin (Raddho) and others.
    18. Notable Dr Sedat Jobe, a former desertee of the Jammeh government has sacrificed to join the struggle and spoke out well on Freedom Radio,
    19. All members of the Raleigh Group Committee (Democracy Action Group) who organised the important international Gambian Conference that set the stage for Diaspora organised political stand against the Jammeh regime.Delegates who attended also deserve commendation.
    20. Dr Amadou Janneh and his organisation, Coalition for Change-The Gambia who printed TShirts in The Gambia and set to demonstrate for change. Even though many consider his action was blatantly not clever enough and risky in Jammeh’s Kingdom, he paid the price of humiliation and imprisonment .His initiative is a clear defiance to Jammeh’s rule. Others include NdeyTaphaSosseh , Banka Manneh, Mathew Baldeh , etc.
    21. Saul Ndow and Ma Hawa Cham, said to have been in action to oust Jammeh but now abducted and may have been killed.
    22. Euro based activists who have organised demonstrations at the European Union ,Dutch Ministry, France etcetc to include but not limited to SillabaSamateh, brave DembaNgangeNjie who was battered in sacrifice, SediaBayoand all those who attended, etc.
    23. Veteran activist and European friend of the Gambia, Michael Scales. Michael has never wavered in his support for the struggle and condemnation of Jammeh in most on Line papers. His support must be recognised and appreciated.
    24. MbaAsombi Bojang (nick name) the woman who defiantly gave a stunning interview over Freedom Radio recently on deteriorating conditions in the Gambia deserves congratulation for her bravery.
    25. Sister FatouCamara who although was an accomplish to the Jammeh corrupt regime, has joined the struggle after her dramatic escape and so far appears committed to the struggle.
    26. Many “ pen activists” who constantly write in On line Newspapers, some to draw personal attention but some on genuine wisdom. While their contributions may be impotent to actual change, they may be contributing, at least, towards enlightening the readership.
    27. Notable Senegalese in the Diaspora who have always sympathised with the struggle to include but not limited to Grand Dienge, Karim, Abdala, lawyer AssanDiomaNdiaye, BaabaAidara etc.
    28. Amnesty international London (Paul Dillane)and the Dakar Office for their support including Lisa Sherman, SeydouGassama and others.
    29. General Ndure Cham with loyal army officers and Mr TamsirJassey who planned a failed takeover in 2006. Even though General Cham is considered captured but nonetheless, their action is commendable and seen as a significant step to topple the dictatorship.
    30. Comrade Kukoi Samba Sanyang. While some may disown and consider him controversial given his abortive 1981 coup D’etat, geared to stamp out corruption and injustice of the Jawara government, late Kukoi was adamant to get rid offJammeh. He joined the struggle, apologised for the 1981 Coup mistakes and spoke out on Freedom Radio. Only for ill fate and untimely death he would have been Commander in Chief of the arm wing of the struggle to remove Jammeh. He is remembered with his loyal assistant AliCamara and journalist Tamba. May his soul rest in peace.
    31. Lawyer Assan Martin sacrificed time and professional wisdom to join the struggle as a defender of Human rights. Spoke out over Freedom Radio and is committed to the struggle.
    32. Sergeant MomodouLamin Bah, formerly of the Military police of the Gambian Army spoke out recently on Freedom Radio after his exit from The Gambia. He has made astonishing revelations and bravely has sacrificed.
    33. The SOLDIER. Whoever he or she is, the soldier’s in-depth knowledge of the political situation in The Gambia, his or her infiltration into state secretes and general exposition cannot be done without enormous risks. His or her writing is satirical and informative. The Soldier deserves commendation for his or her commitment and for a job well done.
    34. In effect, there are several organisations involved in the struggle, perhaps the greaterneed to form a united organisation. Since it is not possible listing out individual names, it is fair to make mention of these organisations:
    Committee for Restoration of Democracy Gambia ( CORDEG), Raleigh Group
    Gambia Consultative Committee (GCC)
    Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA)
    Campaign for Democratic Change Gambia (CDCG) U.K.
    Senegambia Human Rights (SGHR) UK
    Campaign for Human Rights in The Gambia (CHRG)
    Civil Society Associations Gambia (CSAG)
    Coalition for Change- The Gambia (CCG)

    In general, organisations and names identified are just my personal thoughts, but by no means is the list exhaustive or complete. Other names or groups may not have come to my reading or attention. Thus, let’s make this dossier up to date where possible while I take no offence with apologies for any shortfall. It may also be not perfect but certainly an attempt to give credit where it is due.

    Beyond any doubt, what we need now is unity to the highest level. All mushroom organisations and splinter groups in the struggle need to come to gether. I am glad to learn that the Raleigh Group has mounted this platform in the name of CORDEG with Professor AbdoulayeSaine as a good and unifying choice of leadership. There cannot be a better choice but some will grumble, criticise or fall out. Yes, it is still part of the game but we must go forward than be reversing the clock. If you don’t want to be lead, then you cannot be a leader.

    Above all, we now need a unity of purpose, to stop bickering and flimsy infighting. We need to forge ahead and fight a single enemy, no other person than Dictator YahyaJammeh. Following a united front, the next step is to set up a united Fund for the struggle, diplomatic lobby and to be always prepared for the fact that elections can never remove Jammeh from the scene. Ultimately, I would reasonably agree with Pa NderryMbai that a necessary but undesirable consequence to remove Jammeh would be an armed invasion comprising all renegade soldiers and those ones in the Diaspora ready for sacrifice and change.


  13. Ade Awoniyi says:


    Hope you are well. My name is Ade Awoniyi. I run the website: Our aim is to promote Africans and an African narrative on matters that affects us all. I interview people in the Diaspora that I feel are not only positive representations of Africa but also inspirational figures that young Africans should be proud.

    I have just done a series of Gambia related with Abdulai Jobe, Ebrima Chongan and B B Darboe that I hope will be of interest to you and the Gambian community at large in the struggle for democratic change in the country.

    The videos are on my website: http// and some are on my Youtube Channel: AfricansenseTV hope you find them interesting and please link to them to help spread the message.

    As you will see from the videos, we do a very high quality professional work and would be interested in doing some video interview work for your news organisation. I would also appreciate your recommendations on other inspirational Gambians that I can interview.

    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon,

    Best Regards,

    Ade Awoniyi

  14. Alfonse Mendy says:

    Dear Mr. Mass,
    I really like the Kibaro programmes especially your islaminc programmes and N’ko programme. Today, I was lucky to listen to your “history programme” called “N’na tariko”
    I was listening to your programme “N’na tariko-The history of Brikama”, presented by Bamba Sering Mass. Precisely, I listened to it between 14:30 to 15:00 South East Asian time( that’s 8 hours ahead of GMT. Generally, this time corresponds with the time of day that those of use in SE Asia are busy with the day’s activity.
    I would like to know whether there is a repeat broadcast of “N’na tariko” programmes in Kibaro radio. Please let me know if there is a repeat broadcast?


    Alfonse Mendy

  15. Fatoumatta says:

    I am listening with interest, I train my kids just the way i was trained back home in a humble fula society and am proud of it. The eldest is 22 and the last one 10. It is very important to train the child at an early stage. I have no regrets and they respect each other and knows how to act in the public.

  16. M.ceesay says:

    I am realy interested in haven imam seedi ali jannehs CDs
    If you can send me hes phone number ore email.
    All the best to your grate kibaaro radio
    Ala abarika baake baake banko dinkendoolu.

  17. M. Besidi says:

    Hello Kibaaro,
    Wuyeh Foday Mansally Not Mansareh

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