Court Releases Gambian Embassy Occupiers

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Kibaaro News has just been informed that the three members of the Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA) have been released from detention.

Ousainou Mbenga, Pa Samba Jow and Sohna Sallah were freed by a Superior Court Judge in the United States capital Washington D.C. The trio, who have been slapped a charge of “unlawful entry” into the Gambian Embassy in Washington, are expected back in court on October 15.

Their case was earlier delayed mainly due to the government shutdown which has put a stretch on the functions of the District of Columbia.

The two men and a lady are in high spirits at the time of their release. In fact, no sooner was Pa Samba Jow released than he started facebooking.  “We are free; The Gambia is next!” he confidently wrote on his Facebook page.

DUGA’s Operation “MBOR MBOR” [steamy operation] was a “continuation of our protest at the 68th session of the UN [United Nations] General Assembly in New York City against the repressive Jammeh regime. This escalated act of resistance against tyranny is to heighten the fighting capacity of Gambians and diminish the element of fear that has paralyzed our national consciousness against repression.“

The activist group said Gambians are now “organized and determined to take our beloved Gambia back from the clutches of tyranny and build a proud future Gambia.” Insisting that Gambian President must go, DUGA urged Gambians to join the  protest against Jammeh’s barbaric policies’ aimed at sowing seeds of tribalism.

Among the group’s demands include the “immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and immediate halt to illegal arrests, indefinite detentions without trial and torture of Gambians.”