Dialogue Getting Into President Jammeh’s Skin

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Bamba Mass Becomes Gambia’s Edward Snowden


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Shortly before leaving for South Africa, Gambian president has reportedly had an emergency session with his spy agents, tasking them “to leave no stone unturned” in their efforts to uncover anyone providing his (Jammeh’s) secrets to Kibaaro News/Radio.

Fuming with uncontrollable rage, the Kanilai dictator ordered the National Intelligence Agents (NIA) to launch a thorough investigation on “anyone within his Kanilai inner circle divulging” his well-kept secrets to Kibaaro News/Radio, particularly Bamba Serign Mass, the anchor of Kibaaro Radio’s weekly Dialogue with the President.

President Jammeh wondered why the “unpatriotic bastards” would disclose his never-told secrets to Kibaaro.

A source told Kibaaro News that the battle lines for finger pointing have already been drawn in Kanilai, Jammeh’s birthplace. “Soon Oga’s Kanilai inner circle will have its share of his wrath,” our source said, adding that the president was so worried that “he is ready to do anything to get rid of any suspects.”

Mr. Mass, whose programme content is making Jammeh sleepless, describes himself as a cockroach that is found everywhere.  “Gambians will be surprised about who his real sources are,” Mr. Mass said. For ethical and security reasons, Kibaaro News/Radio will, for whatever reasons, protect its sources. We will even do all it takes to keep putting the Jammeh team in darkness, which is why we cooperate with our sources to avoid providing clues to the NIA.

Perhaps what the NIA agents do not know is the amount of President Jammeh’s dirty secrets we have in stock.  Let them keep biting the dust because the damage has already been done. Bamba Serign Mass is the Gambia’s Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. Hello Mr. President! Tell your agents to press ahead with their fruitless mission.



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