Did Jammeh’s Junglers Kill Lance Corporal Ceesay?

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Sulayman Keita: Lance Corporal Ceesay Needs Justice!
Lance Corporal Ceesa Died Mysteriouslyy/Credit ASN!










By Sulayman Keita In UK

First of all, I am extending my condolences to the family and friends of Lance Corporal Matarr Ceesay, an active Gambian soldier who died in mysterious circumstance. May his soul rest in eternal bliss! 

Mr. Ceesay was reported to have committed suicide and then set himself on fire. Every mature person with all their five common senses intact knew the story was a mere fabrication. Since his horrible death, both the army chiefs and government authorities remained silent, perhaps, to allow the case to melt in the air. What they cannot surely control is the leakages that have started emerging fast. Sources said Mutarr had had his hopes of taking an “oath to protect the Gambia’s territorial integrity” dashed when he was enlisted in the Jungler/Black Black Squad. Unhappiness and insecurity became his permanent friends since the day he was briefed to join the killer squad.  His only choice was to accept the offer without raising eyebrows. The killer squad members were tasked with monitoring everything about the disturbed soldier, including the change of his mood, so they could hack him to death if he planned to follow the footsteps of Bai Lowe and Musa Sarr who have emptied the squad’s dirty laundry to the public. This is why his mysterious murder will never be investigated, let alone bring suspects to book.

It is indeed so sad and traumatizing for any family to lose not only a loved one but also the one that brings food on the table. Though he is gone to meet his ancestors in unclear circumstance, Mutarr Ceesay will forever be remembered for his undivided loyalty to the Gambia and her citizens. You could have save your own life by joining the killing squad quietly and start wreaking havoc on innocent citizens. We will forever have you in our thoughts, prayers and memories.

I want all my fellow country people to understand that Yahya Jammeh stole power for his selfish interest. Here is a guy who blamed the ousted People’s Progressive Party (PPP) of Dawda Jawara for perpetuating rampant corruption and flamboyant lifestyle. The former soldier-turned-civilian president questioned why PPP ministers would drive Mercedes Benz at the expense of the State, which he considered as far-reaching waste of resources. He said his military ruling country was a “military with a difference.” Evidently, President was only a loyal and honest soldier until he laid his hands on the national cake. Once tasted the honey pot, he did not only become corrupt but work tirelessly to entrench corruption and in so doing, bulldozed anyone that stood on the way. One wonders why the Jammeh regime is going after anyone for being corrupt when President Jammeh publicly manifests corruption. The first ladder of corruption starts with abuse and manipulation of official powers, which is visible everywhere.

Today, President Jammeh is driving cars that are ten times more luxurious and resource consuming than those of the PPP ministers’ Mercedes Benz. It is foolhardy for Jammeh to be jealous of Mercedes Benz driving ministers while he flirts with limousines. Between Banjul and Kanilai, each of Jammeh’s presidential convoy limousines burn out 30 litters of petrol. Mr. President, calculate the cost of fuel your heavy convoy burn out each time you leave State House or Kanilai. We are talking about huge amounts of money derived from the backs of ordinary struggling taxpaying Gambians. You do the math and see whether your madness of wastage is compared to the Jawara regime.

In essence, Jammeh is so inundated with corruption that he is doing everything, including human sacrifice, to stay in power because losing control over power means the end of his self-enrichment. If you think you are not corrupt, then tell us how you have become richer than the Gambia and even turned Kanilai [your birthplace] into a sophisticated city, the only place in the Gambia with stable power supply. A failure to come clean on how you acquire wealth and become richer than the Gambia disqualifies you from championing the corruption agenda.

Ironically, the very Gambians whose future goals were splashed by Jammeh and his thugs, blindly run, clap and dance for the man who creates artificial starvation for them. This is a very disgusting and disturbing trend that should be halted.