Disappearance without Trace an Unending Phenomenon in Gambia

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A.J.J! where is Thomas Jarju?

A.J.J! where is Thomas Jarju?

The assertions that Gambia is heaven for peace or it is the smiling coast of Africa are very relative and equally subjective. If you are holiday maker who sojourns around the beachside or hotel area you may find meaning in these statements but to those who have suffered abduction and disappeared without trace and their families such assertions have very little meaning. The disappearance of people who matter very much in Gambian society is unending. Every now and then people occupying top positions and non alike either in the security and civil service disappear without trace. The latest to fall victim to such a cruel scenario is the Commissioner of prisons Mr. Thomas Jarju. He is reportedly missing since June 4th 2014. Mr. Jarju is said to have reported to work the day he went missing. It is now 23 days since the prison’s commissioner disappeared without trace. His family members are very worried about his wellbeing as they have not been furnished with any information on his whereabouts. Thomas Jarju is said to have a big family with lot of children, the youngest being only 2months old.

The disappearance of the commissioner of prisons is not a new phenomenon in Gambia. There are scores of people who have disappeared in thin air and are yet to be seen by their loved ones. The most notable ones are ; Chief Ebrima Manneh, Modou Lamin Nyassi, Buba Sanyang, Ndongo Mboob, Modou Sowe, Marcie Jammeh, Jasaja Kujabie, Kanyiba Kanyi etc etc just to name a few. Two naturalized American Citizens of Gambian backgrounds have also gone missing for over year. The U.S embassy in Banjul has issued press releases and sought public help to locate these two U.S citizens but on to no avail. What is certain is that sounds of gunfire are not heard in the streets of Banjul but it has the characteristics of a war zone because there is little protection of lives of citizens. If the state security machinery that is supposed to protect life and property of citizens is orchestrating malicious abduction of citizens then those who call such a country heaven for peace most be day dreaming.

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