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By Sainey MK Marenah

More than dozens of Gambian immigrants currently detained in the Libyan city of Misrata Jail have urgently call for emergency support from the Gambia government and international bodies for their release and subsequent repatriation from the war-torn country of Libya. Scores of Gambians were arrested by the Libyan militia two months ago and thrown into poorly ventilated prison cells. The correspondent who had a rare contact with some of the detainees does not know the reason for their incarceration.

The young men aged between 20 and 35 have been in Misrata jail without access to legal or diplomatic representation for months. They are complaining that condition in prisons are worsening and therefore call for the Gambia government’s intervention. Most of the detainees are on their way to Italian city of Lampedusa where they hope to seek greener pasture.

“I have just been contacted by a group of Gambians in Misrata jail. According to them, they have been languishing in prison for the past two months without representation. The young Gambian men and women are in a very serious and dire condition requesting for help as soon as possible. Could you push the list forwarded to the authorities and/or write a newspaper article to get the attention of the authorities concerned. I have email it to the ministry of foreign affairs two days ago but no reply yet”, a family member of some the detainees told our correspondent vie email, requesting anonymity.

For the benefit of the public and government, here is the list of detainees, their dates of birth and addresses:

Sally Susohoko-Sukuru, 1982; Ebrima Faye-Bakau, 1986; Ousman Kanteh-Banjul, 1988; Foday Jabbie-Jarra Sutukung, 1988; Lamin Keita-Santato, 1988; Sulayman Jabbie-Mballykuta,  1994; Lamin Jagne-Jarreng, 1992; Alpha Ganno-Wellingara,1984; Kawsu Jabbie-Jarra Sutukung, 1981; Madi Jabbie-Libras, 1996; Jammeh Keita-Tankung Kunda, 1988; Bubacarr Kanteh-Bakau, 1972; Momodou Joof-Wellingara, 1994; Sajar Ceesay-Samea Pachunky, 1994; Lamin Saidy-Madiana, 1989; Muhammed Camara-Bundung, 1985; Musa Diko-Gambissara, 1988; Alieu Lowe-Nema Kunku, 1989; Sankung Ceesay-Dampha Kunda, 1990; Babucarr Touray-Cha Kunda, 1981; Lamin Bah-Brikama, 1993; Lamin Dahaba-Niani Banni, 1986; Korka Jallow-Foni Bondally, 1986 Amadou Jallow-Banjul, 1992; Yusupha Jabbie-Librass, 1986 Sheikh Tijan Sillah-Banjul, 1987; Bafoday Saidy-Busumbala, 1990; Ousman Jarju-Bakau, 1986; Nuha Sanneh-Kiang, 1996;  Muhammed Saidy-Bundung, 1988;  Ebrima Jabbie-Basse, 1986;  Yamadou Jawla-Basse, 1985;  Lamin Ceesay-Badibou, 1981;  Kebba Saidy-Tanjeh, 1980; Yankuba Gagigo-Brikama, 1985; Ousman Manku-Faji Kunda, 1987;  Mamadi Gabbidon-Banjul, 1981 and Assan Jallow-Banjul, 1992.

African Immigrants protest for Better Lives in Italy

Meanwhile, scores of illegal immigrants including Gambians on Monday protested to Italian authorities at the Isola Camp in Calabaria region of Italy over poor living conditions at the camp and slow process of seeking asylum. The protest was peaceful but riot police were seen mounting strategic location at the protest site with riots gears. The immigrants are complaining about the worsening health conditions at the camp and high rate of refusal of permit to stay in Italy.

Sources at the Protest site say after a closed- door meeting between representatives of the Protestors with Immigration police Commander of Calabria Region, the immigrants halt the protest but threaten to continue if their demands are not met.

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