Easy Mistake: Gambian Dictator Mistaken As Zambian

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Gambia as Zambia
Gambia as Zambia

At the memorial of the great man, our African gold, Nelson Mandela, the London free newspaper, Metro like other media outlets, listed the great, the famous and world leaders who attended the memorial service in South Africa. The newspaper branded Yahya Jammeh ‘self-confessed dictator’.

However, the London Metro had a special comment for Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe and Gambian ‘self-proclaim’ dictator Yahya Jammeh. They were seen as the odd ones out. The mistake of the London Metro was easy, instead of Gambia, they referred to us as Zambia. Sarcastically, some Gambians in London took pleasure in that, since London 6 million commuters wouldn’t look at Gambians in any strange way. They will rather look out for Zambians.
Will President Jammeh be reborn after attending the Mandela memorial? Will President Jammeh stop playing victim and be bold enough to stop his tyranny and wickedness? Will he mediate over life and death and be human enough to free all political prisoners? Will President Jammeh ponder over his legacy and compare the wicked President Botha whose is largely forgotten and emulate Mandela as a Gambian senior civil servant opine to the London Metro.

‘Speaking under condition of anonymity, a top official at the Gambian Civil Service, who could not be named for fear of reprisal, said President Jammeh should emulate the leadership qualities that Mandela had shown.’ “Our president should be the first person to reflect on Mandela’s legacy,” he said.