Ex-Gambian Finance Minister Detained

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Former Finance Minister Mambury Njie

Former Finance Minister Mambury Njie

Former Gambian Minister of Finance, who is standing trial for willfully neglecting his duties, has been re-arrested and detained by the Gambia Police Force, barely minutes after he was granted  court bail.

Mr Njie is alleged to have willfully neglected his office duties by failing to give appropriate advice to President  Yahya Jammeh in his approval of a license issued to an Australian mining company, Carnegie Minerals.

Mr Njie, 51, is an economist and international affairs specialist with over two decades of experience. He was arrested on Tuesday at the Banjul Magistrates Courts, where he appeared earlier to answer to neglect of office charges.
No reasons are given for his re-arrest.
Mr Njie was booted out of President Yahya Jammeh’s cabinet in August 2012 after he reportedly opposed the execution of death row inmates of the Gambia’s notorious Mile Two Central Prison in 2012.
He was later arrested and detained incommunicado for few months before being charged with ‘recklessly and intentionally’ committing undisclosed acts between 2006 and 2010 that are detrimental to the economy of the Gambia.
He later spent many weeks at the remand wings of the Gambia’s notorious Mile Two Central Prison in Banjul, as he was unable to meet a 15 million Dalasis bail bond.

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