Falai Baldeh Vows To Sue Gambia Mission

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‘I Knock Ambassador Tangara For Spiting On Me’

Gambian activist has got an axe to grind with his country’s Ambassador to the United Nations, vowing to sue the Gambia government for the mistreatment meted out to him. Falai Baldeh said his altercation with Momodou Tangara would teach the former minister “an unforgettable lesson.”

In an interview, Mr. Faldeh said: “We will sue him and the Gambia government; our goal is to expose Tangara and his dictatorial government to the world that a diplomat is not supposed to abuse his powers. How can a diplomat of his caliber abuse me with his powers?” he asked.

Falai said the duo got into brouhaha when Mr. Tanagara spit on him. “I gave him a blow when he spit on me. He fought back. And it all started when he came to confront us outside the hotel. I told him that since Tangara and his father were born in Mali, he should not therefore interfere with our Gambian affair. This infuriated him hence the spitting. But I told him that we are sending a message to Yahya Jammeh who makes life unbearable for us, singlehandedly decides our fate in a wrong manner and refuses to meet the Gambian community in the United States. We have the right to confront a tyrannical dictator and show him our frustration about the state of affairs back home.”

It wasn’t clear whether Mr. Tangara had sustained any injuries during the melee. Falai has his buttons ripped off.

Unlike all other presidents that attended the just concluded United Nations General Assembly meeting, Mr. Jammeh was the only one who isolated his diaspora community. “Jammeh spoke only to his party supporters and ignored other Gambians. What other choice do we have other than communicating with him through confrontation? That is the only language he understands. Yahya Jammeh has definitely got our message; he could not have any escape route because Gambians were everywhere, which was why he cut short his trip.”

Mr. Baldeh said five of Jammeh’s supporters, including Mam Tamsir Njie and Gibril Fadia, came to confront them.  Fadia, a brother-in-law to Daba Marena, hauled insults at us. “But we did not care about Fadia because he lacks respect and sympathy. People like us have not had any personal squabble with Jammeh but we were concerned about the kind of injustice meted out to gambians like Koro Ceesay, Chief Ebrima Manneh and Musa Saidykhan,” he said, adding that police wanted to arrest him but Saihou Mballow insisted that both of us must be arrested. “We have detained permit from the UN to protest. So being the case, Tangara had no right to confront us.”

Baldeh was thankful to Bakary Jarju for defending him against Jammeh’s thugs. “Bakary beat the hell out of Jammeh’s driver.”

Falai’s group of protesters stormed Jammeh’s Carlton hotel at 5 A.M. and started protesting at 7: 30 A.M. “The hotel owner was concerned about that we would disturb other presidents in the hotel. But we asked him to evict Jammeh. We want him to be like Muammar Khaddafi who was forced to sleep in a park because he had no place to lodge.”

Falai was delighted that South African President and his wife waived at Gambian protesters after reading writings on their banners. “Jacob Zuma is a democrat who is different from our dictator and terrorist president. Jammeh knew he had offended Gambians, which was why he did not have the audacity to confront us.




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