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Late Numo Kujabi former DG - picture courtesy of Freedomnewspaper

Late Numo Kujabi former NIA DG 

The sudden and untimely death of the former Managing Director of the Gambia’s notorious and nefarious National Intelligence Agency, Numo Kujabi, had bewildered his family and love ones into crying foul play for his death. Numo Kujabi died yesterday morning, 8 April 2014, just as he was dressing up to go to work.

His family members explained to Kibaaro News that he was healthier yesterday than he had ever been. They said he did not even had a hiccup much more a heart problem.

However, for some unexplained reasons, he just dropped and died whilst he was dressing up to go to work at the Gambia Police headquarters in Banjul. All efforts and wailings couldn’t bring him back. They confirmed that he died at his home in Serrekunda.

His sudden death had bewildered his family members to suspect poisoning, by way of secret assassination, as one possible cause of his death. A family member who spoke to Kibaaro News explained that Numo was sacked as NIA Director, but had since remained very close to President Jammeh. They said not long ago he was posted at the Police Headquarters at a position that none of them in the family had any clue of He interacts with President Jammeh, as if he had never been sacked from the NIA.

However, his closeness to the President, despite his dismissal from the NIA, is what aroused the family’s suspicion of foul play into his death. They suspected that he may have been poisoned by President Jammeh during his last visit of him over the weekend at Kanilai.

Furthermore, their suspicion is not assisted by the fact that “he was quickly taken to Foni for burial without any postmortem carried out to establish the cause of his death” one family member explained to Kibaaro.

Numo Kujabi was the commanding officer of the Gambia Police Force’s Interpol Unit, before he was appointed as the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) on 10 August 2009. He served as NIA Director from that date until his removal on 13 March 2013.

His tenure as Director of the NIA witnessed a continuation of the brutal legacy of the agency against innocent Gambians. He oversaw numerous arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detentions, tortures and other inhumane treatments of innocent Gambians, such as: Imam Bakawsu Fofana, Imam Baba Leigh, former Police IG Essa Badjie (Jesus), Lang Tombong Tamba and many others.

Numo was a native of Kalimu Village in the Foni Bondali District, where he was also interred yesterday, 8 April 2014. He was enlisted into the Gambia Police Force in 1991. He later left the police force, but in 1996 was re-enlisted and later promoted by Yahya Jammeh to a Police IG from the rank of a corporal.

He died aged 44 and survived by a wife and children.


Picture – courtesy of Freedomnewspaper

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