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Fire outbreak has left 20 families homeless without food and clothes in the Jimara District of Bakadaji village in The Gambian provincial region of Upper River Region. The fire has burnt to ashes farm produce, clothing, household utensils and cash amounting to D5000.

“The causes of the fire are yet to be confirmed”, officials in the region told Kibaaro News. The head of the affected families Alhagie Drammeh said “the fire has destroyed all their livelihoods and has made them homeless”.

Mr Drammeh made a personal appeal for relief assistant from government, NGOs, and other philanthropists. Similar appeal was also made by Basiru Krubally, the ward councillor, who visited the scene of the fire disaster. He also called on the people to be always careful of such disasters.

Meanwhile the Jimara District Tribunal has fine 5 people to a total sum US$400 in default to serve one year imprisonment. Musa Sankano, Jonkunda Sowe, Simbara Touray and Bubacarr Sowe of Sotuma village and Musa Jawara of Kossemarr were found guilty of violating Forest Act 1998.

They were arranged before the District Tribunal of Chief Alhagie Banta Tunkara accused of illegal clearing of forest land for convergent into farm land and orchard without following legal procedures through the forestry department.

After delivering his judgment Chief Tunkara warned people to reframe from such an illegal act, he underscored the important of forestation.

The Regional Forestry Officer, Kebba Jammeh, expressed concerns of destruction of valuable timber and forest pieces. According to Mr Jammeh, “village heads and their communities should do more efforts to fight against such acts that are destroying the country’s natural resources. The people of the area should do more to address such issues since herd men and shepherds are not making any efforts to save the forest”.