Free Imam Leigh Immediately Or Charge Him

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Alhaji Habib Mbye

Alhaji Habib Mbye

 Imam Baba Leigh

Imam Baba Leigh












Thank you for allowing me space in your widely read paper.  I am writing to appeal with the authorities of The Gambia Government to apply due process as bestowed in the laws governing the country in the arrest and detention of the Venerable Imam Baba Leigh of the Kanifing Estate Mosque. He was arrested by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) December 3, 2012. We demand that the agency follow the prescribed protocols in the Gambian Constitution to guarantee the Imam his God given rights.

Family, friends and students of the Imam present during the unconstitutional arrest (no warrant presented) identified the arresting officers as agents of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). They were Officers Suso and Saidykhan.

On behalf of the family, friends and students of the Imam, I am demanding that the government of the Gambia without delay release the Imam immediately or make available any concocted charges so that the family can secure the services of an attorney to start preparing to apply for bail and his eventual defense.  We are a country of laws and expect government officials who are duly sworn to defend the constitution and the people to adhere to their responsibilities as civil servants as in any legitimate functioning Government.

The citizens of the Gambia and the World hold the Administration of the Gambia government, especially the two arresting NIA officers Suso and Saidykhan responsible for any harm done to the Imam.  I pray that this letter will bring a subtle and peaceful end to this nightmare so that the Imam can return to his reverend service to the Almighty ALLAH and the Muslim Community of the Kanifing Estate development.

We look forward to the immediate release of the Venerable Imam.  On behalf of the Family, Friends and his students, thank everyone for their prayers, efforts and concerns.


Alhaji Habib Mbye

Atlanta Georgia

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