Gambia Army Pledge Support To NTCG of Sidia Bayo

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These Men Want to Guard Sidia Bayo as Their President and Not Dictator Jammeh

By Little Kondorong in Banjul

A senior military officer of the Gambian Army, who was speaking under the condition of anonymity, discloses to our Banjul based Kibaaro News correspondent that members of the Gambian Armed Forces welcome the formation of the National Transitional Council of Monsieur Sidia Bayo.

The soldier explained that they have seen Monsieur Bayo’s press conferences and TV interviews on several Senegalese TV stations and that  they welcome his initiative.

I think the Military and other sister forces will not hesitate to support the NTCG, as that was how Ghadafi was overthrown and once we have the opportunity to work with them, we will collaborate,” a senior army officer told our reporter.

The senior officer further warned that it is only a matter of time before their members in the Gambia Armed Forces overthrow the dictatorial regime of Yahya Jammeh. “He will soon go, we are going to dislodge him and nothing will stop that!” he assured.

The officer further assured Gambians that not all the military are in support of Jammehbecause we know what he is up to as he has been betraying many of us and now it is time for us to end his regime, if we want to live in peace and harmony in the Gambia, because the only problem here is Jammeh.”