Gambia Government on a Clandestine Retrenchment of Civil Servants

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Dictator Jammeh gave orders to close down MPC

Dictator Jammeh gave orders to close down MPC

Various reports reaching kibaaro indicate that there seems to be a systematic termination of employment of scores of civil servants in Gambia. Many people were given marching orders over the past months without tangible reason. It is the security services that are hard hit by this clandestine activity of the state. The most recent institution to suffer mass arrest and dismissal is the Micro-Finance Promotional Centre(MPC) under the ministry of agriculture headed by Sariyang Jobarteh. The centre has offices in Brikama-ba in the Central River Region(CRR).

According to reports the Director of the center Mr. Sariyang Jobarteh was served a letter purported to be an executive directive from the office of the president instructing him to close all offices of MPC and hand over all vehicles to the ministry of Agriculture. Following the directive, 20 members of staff of the institution were arrested detained and release on bail. No press release was issued by the regime in Banjul to this effect and therefore the reason behind arrest and dismissal of MPC staff remains a misery to the general public.

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