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Momodou Lamin Korta
Author: Momodou Lamin Korta

By Momodou Lamin Korta

The Gambia has experience the worst moment of its history in the past 22 years since the junta regime came in to power. President Yahya Jammeh came in to power through the barrel of the Gun some two decades ago. We where very young when this man and some few un educated in experience soldiers walk in to our lives claiming to change the direction of the country to not only suit the younger generation that’s the present generation but the entire Gambian population.

I Can vividly recall most of the promises this government gave to the citizens of our beloved Gambia, First of all Yahya Jammeh promise to fight corruption in to the country. HE Claimed the former regime of sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was corrupt to the core one thing which became a slogan of the mid 90s or early days of the coup de etat was the way the former government officials were living was to fight rampant corruption and flamboyant lifestyle of the PPP government. Mr editor I want to put this message across that president Jammehs government is one of the most corrupt governments in the modern 20th century first of all we all know how Kanilai was like prior to the coup de etat but he has transform Kanilai to a commercial capital .He used the money of donor agencies, tax payers monies to enrich himself from broad day light, he has bought a house in the united states to the tune of 3.5 million dollars when the average Gambian cannot afford two meal a day , his  daughter is going to a private school of tuition fee of $75000 per annum ,he has squandered the limited resources of Gambia rendering the country bankrupt. So we were better of in the former regime than the present government. Yahya Jammeh failed Gambians he needs to handover our country.

Secondly Mr Editor, The most important issue is Yahya Jammeh and his criminal government should released all political prisoners dead or alive especially the likes of Ebrima Solo Sandeng whose faith is still not clear to both people in the Gambia and in the international arena ,whether he is dead or alive, if its really true that Solo Sandeng has been tortured killed by your junglers then this is counted as among the series of atrocities you have committed since coming in to power, Ndogoi, Fatoumatta  Jawara, Fatou Camara The daughter of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe Fanta Darboe Jawara who is a dual American citizen ,Leader of the united Democratic party and all its executives should be released. We all know it’s not constitutionally right to detain anybody after 72 hours without being charged and some of them have not been seen or heard about for 12 days now.

In march 9th of 2009 This man claiming to be the president of the Gambia sent armed police officers to my village in Sintet saying he was hunting witches in that village about 300 people were rounded up arrested make to drink medicines what kind of madness is that some few people lost their lives by drinking that poisonous medicine, I  Think Gambians have been pushed so hard now and we all leaning by  the wall this government have done one of the most heinous atrocities  of our present generations, people disappearance have been a norm now a days in Gambia. Can someone tell Yahya Jammeh being the president this is not what you promised the Gambian people when you came in to power in 1994 of July. Mr President the message is clear release Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and we need Solo Sandeng Dead or alive.

Thirdly Mr President you know The Gambians don’t like your government anymore because they are living in abject poverty, there is absolute hunger and starvation in Gambia, the country is soon to be declared a famine state. And finally Gambians have been living in fear for a very long time for 22years none can express their feelings.

There is no  freedom of speech, freedom of assembly ,no freedom of protest ,none guarantee of a secured job you hire them sack them recycle them jail them recall them mix there heads up ,basically you run the country like a home .Gambians are saying enough is enough step down before its Late Long life Gambia Long life its people.