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President Barrow received a tumultuous welcome

President Adama Barrow returned to the Gambia from Senegal yesterday evening the  26th of January 2017 and met a tumultuous welcome in the streets of the Gambia. Mr. Barrow was hosted in Dakar by the president of Senegal following an agreement with the regional body ECOWAS that played a pivotal role in the mediation efforts in resolving the political impasse that engulfed the smallest country in mainland Africa.  Following the December presidential  elections in which Mr. Adama Barrow the opposition coalition candidate won, the incumbent president Yahya Jammeh accepted the election results only for him to take a U-turn and vehemently reject it crying foul play.  His later decision was criticized by both national and international bodies. The presidents of the regional body made two trips to Banjul to convince him to hand over power peacefully but he was adamant in calling for a fresh election. His petition to the supreme court to annul the election results and declare him the winner suffered serious setback when judges from Nigeria refused to turn up due to pressure from the regional body.  When all doors closed in front of him he decided to used the national assembly to declare a state of emergency and extend his mandate to a duration of three months.

ECOWAS leaders in their last visit to the country before the 19th of January acted strategic by flying the then president elect Mr.Adama Barrow out of the country to Mali where he attended the France- Africa summit with other African leaders and then asked Macky Sall of Senegal to host him until the political impasse is resolved.  Mr.Barrow stayed in Dakar until the 19th of January and was sworn in at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar.  It was after the swearing in of President Barrow and subsequent advancement of ECOMIG forces into Gambia that the emabattled Yahya Jammeh called upon presidents of Mauritania and Guinea Conakry to fly into Banjul and help mediate for him to step down peacefully.  Such a last minute request by Jammeh led to ECOMIG halting military advancements and after a short period of negotiations the embattled Yahya Jammeh finally flew out of Banjul on the 22nd of January to Guinea Conakry and then to Equatorial Guinea.   After the departure of the man who declared that he would rule Gambia for a billion years if God says so, the ground was set for the return of President Barrow. When ECOMIG forces cleared the ground and fixed all security matters in place President Adama Barrow flew to Banjul international Airport from Senegal amid very tight security. Gambians from all backgrounds line the streets of Gambia to welcome Mr.Barrow.  He is currently said to be resident at a private home in Greater Banjul area and not statehouse. Now that President Barrow has return home he is expected to name a cabinet this evening the 27th of January.