Journalist breaks silence over threats

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Alieu Darboe

Alieu Darboe, a senior reporter with The Daily News on Monday decided to make public over suspected threats on his life, allegedly by an unidentified stalker.

He said the stalker was in the habit of stalking him whenever he closed from work or from visiting friends.

The Brikama-based said that someone has been stalking him for the past four months saying that whenever he closes from work, mostly in the night or busy on some of my other personal  issues.

”These latest threat became clear to me on Sunday April, 8 at  midnight when I attended a wedding and was heading home.”

He said how he has been followed by someone who keeps between 80 and 100 meters in Brikama. “He pretends to be talking on cell phone. It was the same man he used to keep a distance of 80-100 meters and pretend to be talking on his cell phone.

“But this time round, he followed me up to my compound gate. Some hours later, late in the night I was awoken by a noise at my door and saw a flashing of torchlight inside my house.

“I wanted to go out, but my wife stopped me. When I peeped through the window, I saw him climbed the fence. He was wearing a black mask covering his face whiles wearing a military combat boots.”

On Monday April 9th,  according to Alieu has reported the matter at the police station at Brikama Kabafita where his statement was taken and was given a reference number as well.

Journalist Darboe faced a similar incident in 2004 while reporting for The Independent. Shortly after the 2008 local government election, in which he was a candidate of the United Democratic Party, Mr. Darboe was attacked by armed men dressed in masks in his home. Thanks to the timely intervention of his wife who called names of family members for help, the assailants disappeared in thin air.

”As far as I am concerned, I will continue to do my work diligently and dabble in politics because the Gambia belongs to all of us.”