Gambian Diaspora Open Discussion on the Way forward for Gambia

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The Gambia Diaspora

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September 6th 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,

As disenfranchise Stakeholders and custodians of an important platform on Gambia’s national discourse, the Gambian Diaspora media is providing a platform in the form of a conference call inviting major stakeholders of the Gambian Diaspora to discuss the WAY FORWARD FOR GAMBIA. The conference is designed to bring interest groups and individuals together to discuss how to work together more effectively to harness the synergy of various groups and individual expertise to address the political nightmare in Gambia. 

Individual experts/citizens will speak on and give ideas on how the Diaspora struggle can exploit:

Working relationship with the political opposition on the ground
Engage our international partners; such as the UN, AU, EU, ECOWAS & RIGHTS GROUPS for political reform in Gambia
The effectiveness and the need for resistance in the form of demonstrations
The role of the Diaspora online Media in the struggle and how their platforms can be fully utilized for positive change
The importance of women engagement and leadership in the struggle
The importance of religious leaders in the struggle
The need for national fundraising to empower Diaspora Gambians to fight against disenfranchisement
Strategic ways and means of engaging Gambian security apparatus to protect the rights of citizens
Ways and means of forging a united front for the Diaspora and the opposition on the ground

This conference is being scheduled to coincide with upcoming one year anniversary since The Gambia withdrew itself from the Commonwealth of Nations.

Date and time: Saturday, October the 11th 2014
Time: 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time, 5:00pm UK Time.
Program is via Conference Call: number +1 619 326 2772 access code number 256-0536.

The theme of this event which will be a live online radio program is “DIASPORA UNITY AND THE WAY FORWARD”. This great event the first of its kind will be moderated by Omar Bah and will be carried live by online media networks.

Each of these hosts will have the honour to take turns and pose a question, and panellists will each have five minutes maximum to respond. The wisdom behind this Round-Table -Talks, is to continue the national conversation around the need for unity in the struggle.

Disclosure: The public is hereby informed that the initial letter that was sent out was sent in error and that the idea of this conference is to create a platform where Gambian Diaspora leaders and stake holders can come together and discuss about the way forward. Our apology for any confusion this may have created.


Salieu Njie

“Be the change you want to see in the Gambia”