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Late Chief Ebrima Manneh died in prison! Another victim of Jammeh dictatorship in the Gambia!!

Late Chief Ebrima Manneh died in prison! Another victim of Yahya Jammeh’s Dictatorship in the Gambia!!

According to highly unimpeachable sources working within the corridors of the Gambia Police Force, the disappeared former Daily Observer Journalist, Chief Ebrima Manneh, died in prison 2 years into his illegal and arbitrary detention at the country’s notorious Mile 2 Central prison. Our sources, who work at the Interpol Department of the GPF headquarters in Banjul, confirmed that the authorities’ claim that Mr Manneh had gone missing bore no iota of truth.  

He said Mr Manneh, who was arrested by the authorities in July 2005, succumbed to his untimely death after an illness he suffered while he was arbitrary detained at Mile Two central prison in Banjul in early 2007.

According to our investigation, Mr Manneh was said to have been taken to the Edward Frances Teaching hospital, formerly The Royal Victoria Teaching hospital, after suffering from high blood pressure. Sources revealed that as his friends and family were informed of his admission at the hospital, he was quickly moved to the military clinics in Banjul behind closed doors, despite knowing that that clinic had expertise to cater for his medical needs. As a result, the young Journalist could not survive his medical condition.

Interpol sources revealed that the information from the Inspector General of Police,  Yankuba Sonko, that Chief Manneh was last spotted in United States of America was a lie. Police sources said the press release from IGP Sonko, was an information from the joint security forces of the Gambia chaired by Dictator Yahya Jammeh.

It could be recalled that Chief Manneh was arrested by Corporal Sey and another officer from the Bakau police station in 2005. He been moved from one police station to another in different part of the country. His arrest abstracted the international community who all called on Gambian government for unconditional and immediate release of Manneh. This prompted the Media Foundation of West Africa to initiate a legal action against Yahya Jammeh’s government, who continue refuting the arrest of Chief Manneh.

The case, which was heard by Ecowas International Community Court, in Abuja, Nigeria, fined Jammeh’s government $100,000, as compensation to Manneh’s family after reaching its verdict. The Gambia government has still continued to refute Chief Manneh’s arrest even after witnesses testify before the ECOWAS court. The Gambian government’s former Attorney Generals, Edward Gomez and Marie Fridausi had all stated that Chief Manneh was somewhere, but could not confirm where.


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