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Jammeh is mad with Sall for dressing like him!!!

Jammeh is mad with Sall for dressing like him!!!

The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh has started, what could be best described as, a dangerous diplomatic spat against his neighbouring President, Macky Sall of Senegal, by taunting the latter as feeble and puppet. The erratic Gambian leader made the remarks at a meeting in a major border township of Farafenni on Wednesday night, during his annual meet the people’s tour of the country.

In what could be best described as a premeditated and calculative move, the Gambian leader took advantage of the town’s large Senegalese populace to hurl his spleen at the Senegalese Presidents of past, immediate past and present leader Macky Sall. He berated President Sall as a bad leader, a hypocrite and a stooge of the west, who wants to destroy the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

The erratic Gambian leader further berated the Senegalese leadership of responsibility for the ongoing border impasse between the two countries and further accused them of engaging in subversive activities to undermine his country’s economy and security. To which, he declared a warning to his counterpart that his country is not scared of any country and is prepared to fend off any inevitable attack.

I am ready for Senegal in every way ……….., and let Macky Sall be warned that we are not afraid of any nation on the face of this earth. Whatever they are planning, they will find us here. We will deal with them mercilessly.”

The paranoid Gambian leader justified his accusations by claiming that Senegal continues to harbour his enemies. By these, one could only think of the Gambian asylum seekers in Senegal, who sought refuge in the neighbouring country from fear of his persecution of them in the Gambia. However, the Gambian leader had for long feared these refugees in Senegal and wants Senegal to hand them over to him, so he can simply exterminate them.

Jammeh further went on to disclose his personal dealings with the current, immediate past and past Senegalese leaders: Macky Sall, Ablaye Wade and Abdou Diouf respectively, to his bewildered audience, who were wondering what must have spurred the Gambian leader to expose such diplomatic dealings public.

But considering the fact that the location of his tirade was a major crossing border town, one can be forgiven for concluding that, Jammeh’s tirades were simply his way of explaining the border impasse to the masses in the town. This is because Jammeh seems to perceive the border impasse with Senegal, as a Senegalese leadership’s ploy to sabotage his country’s economy. For that reason, he explained that he is not blaming the Senegalese people, but that of their leadership from past to present.

As a result, the Gambian leader is not a fan of Senegalese Presidents, especially the current and his immediate predecessor Ablaye Wade. He derided President Sall as feeble, who is incapable of developing “a backyard much more a country”. Jammeh did not further have better words for Sall’s predecessor, Maitre Ablaye Wade, who he chided lack the ability to become responsible of a hair on his head, much more bearing the burden of the responsibility of a country. “How can someone whose head could not bear the weight of human hair be tasked with the responsibility of shouldering the affairs of a country.”

Gambians should however be warned about the dangers of Jammeh’s undiplomatic spat against a sitting President of another country, much more a country as close to the Gambia as Senegal. What Jammeh is doing is not only insensitive, childish or stupid but very dangerous.

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