Gambians Enough is Enough – The Future is in Our Hands

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By Papa Kumba Loum

As expected, the UDP [United Democratic Party] Youth wing leader Ebrima Solo Sandeng was arrested under the orders of Yahya Jammeh upon his arrival from France in order to prove that he is in control and to cow the opposition and all and sundry, especially in anticipation of the planned opposition rallies next week which is making Jammeh very uneasy and anxious.

UDP youths and Gambians in general should however keep up the momentum and do so using bigger numbers. Twelve youths visiting the NIA [National Intelligence Agency] Headquarters is too small a number to have impact. Let me tell you, if about 100 of the youths turn up and demand Solo’s release he will be released immediately. Go to the NIA HQ with your mobile phones and or your video recorders and record the scene. Believe me that the whole world is watching Yahya Jammeh. They know that he has killed Deyda Hydara and many others and that he continues to torture and kill many. In his own words Imam Baba Leigh a religious leader was kidnapped, tortured and held captive for almost six months, Fatou Camara escaped the clutches of the NIA and has now explained to the whole world how Yahya Jammeh is torturing political opponents in those dungeons at the NIA, Benedict Jammeh ran away for his dear life and although seemingly quiet, he has divulged a lot of information about Jammeh’s drug dealings etc.

Jammeh can and will only therefore resort to what he knows best and that is bully, maim and kill in order to intimidate the masses and thereby maintaining his firm grip on the people but remember he can only do this if we let him.

There is safety in numbers and it is about time we storm the NIA HQ. Remember we are the ones who allow these guys at the NIA to torment, torture and kill us while they all go home to their families every evening and enjoy nice dinners with their wives, girlfriends, and relatives. The Gambia is small and we know who these people are. Now the question is – Do they have a better birth right than us????? If not why then do we allow them to torture and kill our relatives and then drive their nice cars home every evening and even worship in the same Mosques and churches while we play hypocrite????????? How many more is Jammeh going to arrest, detain, torture and kill before we say that enough is enough????????? GAMBIANS THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS!

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