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President Jammeh (left) will be forced to transfer power to President Elect Adama Barrow

Gambians calling for Jammeh to go down crowded a soldier on guard

In a telephone interview with Kibaaro News, a senior Military Officer of the Gambia National Army with the rank of Major, has disclosed that they are working on a plan which will see a Jola led military mutiny to force and ensure President Yahya Jammeh’s transfer of power to a Mandinka President – Elect, His Excellency Adama Barrow, come 19 January 2017. The Senior Officer, who requested anonymity, explained to Kibaaro that they want their actions to send a clear message to President Yahya Jammeh and bigots like him to understand that the Gambia is a one big family, which can never divided.

He said, as a Jola, he has cousins and nephews from all other tribes of the Gambia; and there are too many Jola soldiers like him in the Gambia National Army, who will do all they can to prevent Jammeh and his bunch of criminal jugulars from setting the Gambia on fire and turning it into the West African Rwanda.

The Officer asserted that he and over 50 junior and senior officers of the Gambian National Army, ranging from the ranks of Lieutenants to Colonels, have already pledged allegiance and are actively working on the plan to ensure the forceful transfer of power from President Jammeh to President Elect Adama Barrow on 19 January 2017. He disclosed that the majority of these officers are: Jolas, Mandinkas, Fulas, Sereres, Manjagoes, and Wolofs; but they all agreed for the Jolas to lead the operation, as a symbol of tribal unity in the Gambia.

The Officer explained his request for anonymity for now, as simply to avert the attention of the authorities from thwarting their plans. He has however provided his details including: his full name, rank and the military camp, stationed at, for our publication after Mid-Night of 18th January 2016; if Jammeh has not relinquished power by then. He will further be happy to conduct a live radio interview with Bamba Mass on Kibaaro Radio from 19 January 2016.

He assured the security and protection of President – Elect Adama Barrow come Mid-Night of 18 January 2016. He explained that they are currently following the constitution of the Gambia, which is why they continue to respect the presidency of President Yahya Jammeh, until 18 January 2016. He explained after Mid-Night of 18 January 2016, they will activate their operational plans and will cease to recognize the presidency of President Yahya Jammeh and will conduct an operation to arrest him and hand him over to President Elect Adama Barrow.

He further wishes to assure the Gambian public that, there will be no war between Gambia National Army and ECOMOG forces. He disclosed that they are in touch with some of the ECOMOG forces, who are likely to be deployed into the Gambia from Senegal and Nigeria, about their cooperation and assistance, should their deployment become necessary.

He assured: “we are not going to fight for Jammeh, for what, against our own votes, because we never voted for Jammeh”. He confessed that they have grown despondent with the direction of the country under Yahya Jammeh. He disclosed that even the most senior officers in the army are suffering. “Gambians think that the military are enjoying under Jammeh, but they don’t know our situation. No matter how much he pays us, our salaries cannot afford the prices of local commodities for ourselves and our extended family members, it is just as crazy for us as everyone else in this country my brother!”.

He added despite all these hardships, “everyone in the Gambia view us as being Jammeh and even worse, if you are a Jola; my brother!” 

Gambian soldier stood on guard as citizens celebrate the defeat of Jammeh!

He said the victory of Adama Barrow brought hope for them too in the Barracks, but could not express their joy, as of yet. He said soldiers would stage their own celebrations after the york of Yahya Jammeh is lifted from their necks on 19 January 2017. He expressed: “even if the coalition dissolved the army, as many of you in the Diaspora are calling for, we will still celebrate, for the new Gambia will create other jobs for all of us in the Gambia. We will also be happy in our homes without the constant fear and suspicion we work under daily in the Gambia National Army”.  

He concluded by calling on all Gambian National Army soldiers to pledge their loyalties to President Elect of the Gambia, Adama Barrow, from Mid-Night of 18 January 2017 and disobey all orders from any quarters, including the Army Head Quarters, if it is anything to do with defending or supporting Yahya Jammeh.

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  1. Kawsu Jeng says:

    Great to know that some soldiers are willing to defend their country in the most trying of times. The story brings hope to gambians fearing the risk of war but i do question if such a story should be published? The reason being that for such a plan to be executed successfully, I believe secrecy is capital. Great for the general public to be privy to such kind of information but i would rather know after it has been successfully executed.

  2. in love with Gambia says:

    Yahya Jammeh is and empty barrel rolling down the hill where there is nothing to stop him from hitting the bottom of the hill. Please let him make noise on his way down.

  3. in love with Gambia says:

    Correction. YAHYA JAMMEH is empty barrel.

  4. I find the Heading inciting and prejudicial, and at worst criminal in its subliminal message. Are we to believe that the Jola tribe that is less than 10% of the Gambian population and who knows what little percentage of the in the military? cont

    • ….Control the Gambia? What percentage of the military is Jola, Mandinka, Fullani, Wolof, Serere, Aku or Creole, Manjako?

      • This news outlet says it is against tribalism, and then turns around and submerges itself into the Cesspool of tribal profiling. Dangerous and shameful game, if we’re going through an uncharted territory full of Ordinance that can explode at any moment. Unite, not Divide with Subliminal messages

  5. Yahya must go to pave way for democracy and his peer dictators will learn the consequences says:

    Yahya must go to pave way for democracy. Enough is better than too much. His fellow dictators will learn the consequences of power greediness if he attempt to refusefor power transfer by 19 Jan 2017

  6. Yanks Sisawo says:

    This is a very disturbing headline. I am urging the editor (s) to remove this headline or the content in toto. Please, refer Adama Barrow as Gambian President; not a Mandinka. You guys aren’t helping at all. I am a Mandinka myself and I am not pleased with the insults Yaya Jammeh rained on Mandinkas, but this is not a good way to present a news headline.