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Gambia's Useless MPs debating!!!
Gambia’s useless MPs on the debate!!!

They said wonders shall never end! Despite the gross and flagrant human rights abuses taking place, just a stone throw away at the NIA Headquarters; The Gambia’s National Assembly members, on Friday May 29, had nothing better to do than tabling, debating and passing a motion declaring the 18 century slave trade and colonialism crimes against humanity and genocide, whilst forgetting their own master’s slavery of themselves. 

This was in a bid to please their own slave master Yahya Jammeh, as they have nothing better to do in the Assembly, of recent, since there is not much they can talk about on the current Gambian crises without attracting his adverse attention to their building. An enslavement, which Bob Marley famously sang as Mental Slavery, but yet unseen to the eyes and brains of the Gambian law makers!!!

The motion, which god knows it’s intended purposes and benefit for average Gambians, was debated all day Friday and bulldozed all of GRTS’s Saturday evening and night time programs. Apart from its impact on the GRTS TV programs, and utter failure to state anything about the Yahya Jammeh’s slavery of Gambians in the 21st century; there was nothing extra-ordinary about it. Furthermore, the assembly members had stated nothing new than recounting their High School recollections of their history lessons.

This was the case, despite grabbing headlines of it being an extra ordinary event.

Although, none would dispute that slavery amounts to crimes against humanity due to its cruel barbarity, but such cannot be limited to centuries old white men slave trade, when their own black magician juju prophet is engaged in contemporary modern slavery of similar magnitude to themselves.

The 18th century slave trade could be best described as a complete and utter disregard of human rights of human beings, when men were traded to other men as nothing other than commodities fleeced from all rights of human beings. Jammeh was not an 18th century slave trader, but operates in the 21st century Gambia like an 18th century slave master. Coercing people to hard labour at his Kanilai farms, raping women, arresting and torturing subjects, killing, electrocuting, etc.

Though, not on the mass scale as the numbers involved in the 17th, 18th century slave trade, but the pain and sufferings inflicted could be paralleled. And this is, by no means trying to underestimate or diminish the magnitude of the grotesque nature of the evil slave trade of Africans; but compared to some former slave masters Jammeh is even worse. He may not have a whip to whip but Jammeh has arbitrarily killed many of his subjects in ways that would have left many former slave masters, of 18 century, gasping.

Some former slave masters, at least, had the decency to dispose off the copses of their dead slaves, despite how brutal they may have plunged them to their death. They knew that dead deserved burial into the ground. Jammeh on the other hand has kept bodies of his dead victims for months without any forms of burial; others he dumped in latrines for maggots to feed, and others he sacrificed to idols, while others given to wild animals to devour as meals!!!

Jammeh has further arbitrarily arrested and detained his victims incommunicado detentions for years with impunity! Even children are not spared, so long as their parents committed crimes against him. The same fate is shared for the elderly. He banished many of his perceived foes from their mother land for eternity! And seized all rights to freedom of expression of his subjects.

The question therefore is not only, what authority does the Jammeh mouthpiece National Assembly has to  indict the centuries old slave traders, whilst acting under the dictates of a contemporary slave master, who won’t be charged for similar crimes; but is it the crimes of the past that should matter, when the same is being committed again by Yahya Jammeh in the country?

They said those who live in glass houses should not be quick to throw stones!!!!