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Condolence for the passing away of the late Alhagie Ebrima Momodou Mbenga.

On the occasion of the passing away of Ousainou Mbenga’s father, Alhagie Ebrima Momodou Mbenga, members of the GCC wish to extend their heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy to you and your family for this great loss of your father. GCC is further saddened by the fact that due to your activities in fighting for the cause of justice in the Gambia, you will, by virtue of the political climate at home, be unable to participate in sending your beloved father to his eternal place of rest.

GCC is further mindful of the enormous sacrifices that you, your family and your DUGA family have made, and are continuing to make, which has created this unfortunate for you, which no son or daughter, would wish to experience. But driven by your deep commitment to your country and fellow citizens, it is a sacrifice you and your family have seen fit to make. We applaud you for your courage of conviction as you mourn your beloved father. We are convinced that in life, he was proud of your commitment to justice in yours and his land of birth.

May Allah Subhanahu Wataa’la accept Alhagie Ebrima Momodou Mbenga to a high place in Jannatul-Firdaus.

Signed GCC