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Author: Tha Scribbler Bah

By Tha Scribbler Bah

22 years of dictatorship has made our Motherland, the Gambia, a hell to live in. In terms of security of the people, the freedom of the people, the healthcare provision of the people, and the financial condition of the citizens became despicable. Life became very expensive due to so many anomalies in our governance. Investment was at a minimum due to the predictable unpredictably of the dictator. As such, providing for one’s family became an uphill task.

Notwithstanding all these, a few people – at the risk of their lives – stood up to the dictator. They defied the fear that paralyzed most of us and went out there to demand for change, to demand for reforms which will allow a better and fairer electoral system in order for us to have a change of government which will respect the Rule of Law and respect Human Rights. This, they envisaged, would open the space for investment and funding so that the lot of the common man will improve.

True to his nature, the dictator did not look kindly on such people. As a result, he ordered a clampdown on them. This resulted in some of them paying the ultimate price for our freedom. Mr Solo Sandeng, Lang Marong, Mr Kurumah all lost their lives to this struggle.
Remember, just like you and I, these people were also struggling to feed their families. Having gone out there, under the sun, as it were, while we were in the shade, they forfeited their ability to provide for their families. Some of them have left large families without a breadwinner. I know that one left nine children, with some very young indeed, and another left fifteen children alongwith wives.

Mr President… Are we going to leave these people to suffer want and deprivation after their breadwinners have used their sweat and blood to water our nascent democracy and freesom? What will that tell about us? What kind of future do we envisage for our country if we do that?

Mr President… I know some may say it is too soon, but some basic necessities do not take a break. For instance, the fact that they eat, dress, rent a house, go to school and so many other things on a daily basis. It will not arguer well to just go on as nothing has happened.

So, I’m suggesting the setting up of a special fund for the families of our fallen heroes. In this way, their wives and children can be taken care of, particularly, but not limited to, the education of their children. This way, our future generation would not fear to venture into national service knowing that even were they to die, their posterity will be taken care of…

And also, Mr President, can they be given a posthumous award for gallantry and national service…?
Have a Good Day Mr President…

Tha Scribbler Bah
A Sovereign Citizen!

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