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The leader of National Transitional Council of The Gambia, Sheikh Sedia Bayo, who was expel from Senegal by the Sall government for his dissident activities, has said he is in full negotiation with Senegalese authorities for his immediate return.

Speaking in an interview with Kibaaro News, Sedia, currently in France said: “Given its proximity to The Gambia, I am in full negotiations with the Senegalese authorities to reach an agreement on the conditions which would allow my immediate return to continue NTCG campaign against Yaya Jammeh. I think the Senegalese government is not candidly aware of the political tactics Yaya Jammeh is using against them. And this is what is creating all these problems of allowing Gambian opposition to conduct their activities within Senegal. Since it might be premature to further comment on this issue given the involvement of a foreign government I deem it fitting to leave matters in camera until my comeback in Senegal in near…”

Speaking to the media since he was expel from Senegal on court orders, Sedia remain strong in carrying out his activities to see that sanity is restored in The Gambia. Ask about the position of his party in the forthcoming elections, Bayo, Gambian born French citizen noted: “Well, until there are political and constitutional reforms together with a strong and formidable coalition party to contest the elections against Dictator Yaya Jammeh, my position remains that we boycott the elections. Because if the elections are held today Yaya is going to rig them as there is no level political playing field. You will agree with me that Yaya has hegemonies over the control of everything in the Country.  Nothing matters in the Gambia today other than Yaya Jammeh. All the institutions and instruments in place to carry out elections procedures and process are in his favor. Furthermore, a boycott is advisable. This is because doing election and contesting against a dictator is a means of recognizing and legitimizing his leadership. In solidarity with all forces that want to effect a change of government in the Gambia…”

He went on to add: “There is no recognizable government in the first place as far as I am concern and NTCG does not recognize Yaya Jammeh as President of the Gambia. He is a vermin who has and is continuously trampling upon the freedom and rights of the people living in The Gambia. Openly, Yaya has made injustice and lawlessness as the order of the day…. “Bayo paused. After what appeared a lost in thoughts, he asserted, “….Yaya is an accident for the Gambia. Look at his record on the violation of people’s rights. He is only qualified to win a prize on torture, enforced disappearances of many people, detention without trial,  arrest and  caving of  journalists, muzzling of the press,  executions, summary killings the list goes on and on….”

Recalling December 30 coup attempt, Bayo enunciated: “Since the December 30th, 2014 failed attack to remove him by the gallant freedom fighters, Yaya has taken into custody many innocent relatives of suspects without according them any fair trial. In fact some with zero trial including a 13 year old boy.  Unconfirmed sources reported that there are two Gambian-Americans missing in the country on top of the already disappeared Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Mr. Ebou Jobe also Native-Americans”.

While advising for unity in Diaspora, Bayo stress that: “My advice for them is a simple one. We should attempt to come up with one coalition of all the groups and other political units outside the Gambia in a planned Diaspora Conference to face Yaya Jammeh and that we should all know that the fight against Yaya cannot be won by one man. As Unity will make us to stand strong and division will always weaken us. We have a common enemy and that’s Yaya Jammeh and he is our target, objective and business.”

By Sainey MK Marena

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