‘I have one of the most difficult Jobs to do’

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Gambia’s Edward Snowden Groans In Pain


bambaThe anchor of Dialogue with the President on Kibaaro Radio has described his job as one of the most difficult jobs.

“I want to tell Gambians that the job I do is one of the most difficult jobs, as there are things I know but cannot make them public simply because it would cost another Gambian life,” said Bamba Serign Mass. “Sometimes keeping silent might also cost life. These things sometimes frustrate me badly and make me angry thus forcing me to use language I do not want to use.”

Mr. Mass said most people would have screamed aloud if they were in his shoes. “I am not sure if I am brave enough to air out some of the information I have been privy to, as some of them are sometimes hard to believe. I can never doubt my informants as most of their leaks are so risky that I do hear noise in the background. Sometimes say to myself that is it! They are caught and killed. I cannot contact them for fear of not knowing where they would be at the time of my call. They only contact me and sometimes, I do not have credit or I’m at work. I have to buy credit and keep as many with me as possible.”

Mass said the job is risky and difficult for him and his committed sources.  “But my gallant sources said it is worth the sacrifice. They cannot lie. These people are so close to the dictator that when Jammeh falls, they too would fall with him. They knew the risks involved but they took the sacrifice to make amends for so much they have done for the Dictator who betrayed them to the core. Some have just realized that Jammeh is not good for the country and they decided to act. I swore to the Quran that I will keep them safe. I must keep my side of our agreement but the truth is that I find it extremely hard to convince them to allow me to share some of their leaks with the public.”


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