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Author: Pata PJ

Author: Pata PJ

You see they're calling me a coward!

You see they’re calling me a coward!

By Pata PJ Saidykhan

It’s always the aggregation of the little, ‘unimportant’ details that we ignore that gets us in an uncontrollable inferno as a nation that watch and pray a Tsunami comes to put it out. That’s how it had/has been for the Gambia in her case against president Jammeh.


The concession of our majority voice, power and ability out of Indifference, Complacency, Fear (perceived or legitimate), Sycophancy, or even Love, to Jammeh and his regime, has groomed and emboldened him into being the all mighty figure that he is today. He’s hoarded all individual and state powers and exploited the state institutions and instruments as he conveniently and unfrighten bully and terrorize us ALL as a people.


Obviously there’s been individuals who never yielded to or allowed themselves to be cowered into silence for the lifetime of the A(F)PRC regime. But a greater bunch of us had either given an unnecessarily excessive benefit of the doubt to the regime or have been indifferent. We dismissed Jammeh’s ‘trying’ antics as ‘silly’, ‘momentary’ or ‘temporary insanity’ while he all along had been plotting to tighten his noose.


Just like all bullies, had enough of us stood up and refused to allow this regime grow so thorny, certainly, Jammeh would have understood and respect the consequences of his improper and illegitimate actions. We have laws in the country for a reason. If the country’s premiere CEO becomes the first to disrespect and contravene those laws, we all crawl to his feet and remain at his mercy.


So it is not unfathomable that Jammeh would unilaterally, verbally pronounced a SECULAR Gambia an Islamic State, follow that with a nationwide address that his pronouncement is to come through by using an arm of government (the legislature) to get him his wish. The audacity of Jammeh, an elected president to confidently declare this to the welcoming applause of a house of lawmakers IN AN ELECTION YEAR goes to validate our argument that he’s so sure that this treasonous intent to thwart the constitution, is inconsequential. The fact that in an election year when political volatility is high and the electorate have the chance to vote him out does not unsettle him, CALLING JAMMEH A COWARD would be hard to sell. If he is indeed a coward, he must be doing a hell lot of great job masking that because from his actions, he does not give a Fuck. The arrogance and lack of respect is indescribable.


We have a serious fight in our hands. The country needs to stand up to her servant and employee, and demand that he be accountable to us. We need a serious aggregation of efforts and amalgamation of our dissenting institutions (opposition, not just political) to abort this regime. We have missed so many chances, and each year Yaya reaches a new height of I-can’t-believe-he-did-that. Shariah State? If you think because we are a Muslim majority and shouldn’t be concerned, the cost you’d pay for an unprepared country under a totalitarian to dictate and implement what he’s had no clue about, you might as well sign the deadly warrant of impunity to a brute. This Shit is seriously exhausting but the power and ability reside in us to end it. How we do that is for us all to figure that out, and I hope we do SOON.

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