Activists Create Pandemonium At Gambia Embassy

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Protesting invaders being led by DC police on Wednesday/Duga Pictures

The invaders of the Gambia Embassy in Washington D.C. are expected to be arraigned before DC Superior Court on charges of “unlawful entry.”

Members of the Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA) Wednesday morning invaded the Gambian mission. The invasion, which sent shock and fear among embassy staff, was mounted by Ousainou Mbenga, Pa Samba Jow and Sohna Sallah.

In a statement, DUGA explained the genesis of what it called peaceful takeover of the Gambian mission. The Operation, dubbed “MBOR MBOR”, was a “continuation of our protest at the 68th session of the UN [United Nations] General Assembly in New York City against the repressive Jammeh regime. This escalated act of resistance against tyranny is to heighten the fighting capacity of Gambians and diminish the element of fear that has paralyzed our national consciousness against repression.“

DUGA is pissed off with 19 long years of the “brutish ignorance of the Jammeh regime’s prevalence over our lives. The founding of DUGA has broken the cycle of fighting in isolation. Now we are organized and determined to take our beloved Gambia back from the clutches of tyranny and build a proud future Gambia. Join us in protest against Jammeh’s barbaric policies against homosexuals, his reactionary intent to sow trabalism and his calculated greed, while hiding behind his hypocritical religious outfits.“

The trio appears before a judge on Thursday at 9 A.M. to defend their action. Gambians have been urged to render support to the three activists who insist that Jammeh must go.

The protesting activists are making the following demands:

1. An immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscence.

2. An immediate end to the savage and brutal treatment of prisoners at the notorious mile 2 prison and other detention centers.

3. An immediate end to all illegal arrests, indefinite detentions without trial and torture of Gambians.

4. An immediate end to the senseless and illegal confiscation of individual property for Jammeh’s personal accumulation. We demand that all illegally confiscated properties be returned to their rightful owners.

5. We demand a statement and answers from the Jammeh regime about the reported capture and disappearance of Saul Ndow, Mahawa Cham and Ndure Cham.

6. We demand the rescinding of the unconstitutional arbitrary decision to withdraw the Gambia from the commonwealth

7. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Amadou Sanneh and co

8. We demand an immediate cessation of all politically motivated arrests and persecutions

9. We demand the immediate and unconditional reopening of all media houses and a grantee to unfettered freedom of speech

10. We demand unhindered independent investigation of all extra judicial killings

11. We demand a repeal of the death penalty